Chandra Nandni 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini says bindusara time to sleep then we will go to Malti masi,the disguised man walks in slowly,Nandini says bindusara go to sleep and puts him on bed,the man hits Nandini on her head,and covers her mouth,Nandini faints,he puts a cushion near Nandini to make it look like she is sleeping with bindusara and,he picks up bindusara and leaves.

Chandra walks to Maltis room,the man escapes Chandras sight and leaves,Chandra sees neither bindusara nor Malti and calls her,Malti says Nandini took bindusara,Chandra says okay let me check and goes to Nandini room and thinks she seriously can’t sleep without him and leaves thinking they both are asleep.

Malayketu says you said your man will get kid where he is,Amartya says surely he will get the kid,the man walks in and hands bindusara

to Amartya,Amartya says you can leave we shall meet soon and says malayketu let’s escape from the secret way I know one.

Next morning Nandini wakes up and remembers what happened with her she checks its pillow beside her and calls mora dadi and Chandra,Chandra rushes to her,with Chanakya,Nandini says bindusara and tells what happened last night and starts crying. Mora dadi and Helina present too. Nandini says this is my mistake why Did I get bindusara from Malti,Helina says Nandini you let the Yuvraj of mourya be kidnapped,you should have shouted but all this why would you do because bindusara he isn’t your son,dadi says Helina this isn’t time to fight and accuse anyone,Chanakya calls guards and asks to seal all exists and not let the news spread.

Chandra thinks Magad was happy after so long but my son was taken away who it must be. Nandini about to stumble Chandra takes care of her and says don’t do this to yourself,Nandini says I couldn’t take care of my son,this is all my fault,I got him from maltis room,I was trying to put him asleep and I lost him, Chandra says we haven’t lost him but instead we have to think of getting him back,Nandini says I’m not worth to be called his mother,here sword kill me I lost my son and gets helpless,Chandra throws the sword and hugs her and says don’t do this to yourself, guards says maharaj Acharya has called you,Chandra says may be we have bindusaras news,Nandini take care of yourself I have to go,Nandini says I will come too,Chandra says stay here and pray for our son,Chandra leaves.

Chanakya says here’s letter from kidnappers,Nandini hiding and listening,Chanakya says they want to see you alone and only then they will keep bindusara alive,Chandra says ok I shall go then,Chanakya says no you are a king you can’t go alone,Chandra says I’m a father first,Chanakya says then I shall come with you.chandra says it’s dangerous,for bindusara and so let me go alone,and leaves. Nandini says Im the reason behind all this I can’t let Chandra face the danger alone.

Nandini gets dressed as warrior and says son your parents will soon get you back home safe. Chandra reaches the location stated,and finds no one and says was Acharya misguided but Chandra soon is surrounded by soldiers,malayketu and Amartya with face covered walks to him,Chandra says where’s my son,you will get anything you want,and if I dont see him right away I won’t leave you all,Amartya signs and bindusara is brought in,chandra is stopped from going to bindusara,Amartya says one step ahead and your son will be killed.

Amartya says today we shall punish you for every single deeds of your,and if you attack us back your son will be killed,Chandra says I won’t but let my son go,Amartya says sure we will leave him,but first let us kill you. Malayketu starts hitting Chandra,Amartya starts attacking too,Chandra falls down his mouth starts bleeding,everyone starts laughing on Chandra. Chanakya guides few soldiers and says once you see that Yuvraj is safe go Help maharaj but remember I want one person alive to find who it is behind bindusaras kidnap.

Nandini jumps in from behind and fights two soldiers and gets bindusara in her hand and throws sword at Chandra saying get up our son is safe ,malayketu thinks how did Nandini arrive here,Chandra says now no one can beat me and starts attacking and fight every soldier,Nandini ties bindusara behind her pulls the goddesses trishul and starts fighting.magad soldiers arrive too,Amartya says malayketu we can’t fight them Chanakya again tricked us come let’s go,Chandra holds Amartya but malayketu escapes,Chandra sees amartyas face but he escapes.Chandra rushes to Nandini and bindusara to make sure they are fine.

Pre cap….Chandra says Acharya there’s someone in mahal who is informing them about us.
Nandini says pandugan bhaiya this is bindusara your nephew,pandugan gets very happy.
Pandugan later alone (he is all fine ) says only I shall rule on Magad and bindusara I will kill you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    At last Bindusar is safe with his father and mother Nandini. Amartya is identified as main conspirator. In last precap Malayketu was shown as attempting to near kill Bindusar that scene was missing. Nandini’s brother might help to abduct Bindusar as in precap he is shown healthy and planning to destroy Chandra and his family. Now only Acharya’s brain can reveal his plan.

  2. अरुण

    Helena always try to demoralize Nandini and feels all are supporting her. Very cunning ….

    1. wats ur name

      1. अरुण


  3. Ohhh my Bindu…… last he s save……..
    I knew dat Pandugrath is all well & 2day only i was talking about it wid my frinds……….& m sure dat Pandugrath kidnapped Bindu frm N bcoz he was d only person who will b able 2 know abt d plan dat Chankya, C & N made………

    For d last few days I was missing dis grp a lot…….so 2day after having my lessons i got some time 2 comment here……….
    pls guys don’t think dat i hav forgot abt u all………still i remember all of u……..
    #Satya da, #Nabanita di, #Roopa di, #Padmini, #Aditi, #Jai, #Jayani, #Vany, #Behi, #Arun, #Aparna di, #Shree, #Nandini,………..etc. Pls gys forgive me, i know dat i hav missed out many names of dis grp (as i think i m nt a CPU) 😉 😉 ………

    1. Yes our Bindu is saved :))))

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      your nabanita di forgot about our group, may be she is too busy wid her “ISHQBAAZ” group, even she not wrote love shot of chandra and nandini.

    3. Missed your comments, Nick.Glad you’re back.

    4. Tnq for remembering yaar… i missed ur comments here…

    5. Nice to see you back Nick ! Yesterday`s epi was awesome !!!! Loved the beautiful family of C, N and Bindu…..Hell will never change….she uses every opportunity to insult Nandini. I think in the future….N is the one who is going to kill her brother….

    6. Jayani

      It’s k bhaiya…. V havn’t forgotten u… Even I was talking 2 my sis abt Pandugrath… Dat guy who was shown spying into malti’s room itself luked lyk pandu

    7. Thanks guys……..

  4. superbbbb epi…..its nice to see both father nd mothr effort to bring back their son…shockg sight f amatya nd malai ,cn while nandus entry were awesome nd hr fight by trishul really she looks lke goddess ,asusual bindu so cute….it wil be nice nosecut fr helu if she comes to know abt tat nandu saved both f thm

  5. satya sarathi sarkar

    the episode was grand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!but the precap made me sad, I am wanting that pandugrat is good as like his sister nandini, but now as precap it will not possible, he is like his father nand!!! now I think may be in future he can create problem in the trust relation between chandra and nandini.

    1. OMG !!!!!!!!! Pls bhayia don’t say like dis bcoz d relationship of dem had undergone many problems as far………& now I just don’t want any rust in their relation………

  6. satya sarathi sarkar

    the latest promo of chandra and nandini is awesome!!! actually it indicating what will happen in future, pandu is sitting on a singhasan and chandra is giving his crown to him that make nandini so happy, but chanyka warned about pandu and his promise, now I really feeling bad about chnadra. When he is trying to do some good but all things going wrong.

    1. I think it will be nandini who will kill her brother.

    2. Jayani

      Is it dis promo bhaiya??? Coz it said dat it was posted on 2nd July

      1. Thanks Jayani for d link as i was not being able 2 see CN nowadays………

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Yess this is that promo

  7. Weldon nandani, Helena will never change….cant wait for her real face to be rrviewed

  8. satya sarathi sarkar

    it looks like vishkanya part-2 , but here the heroine is changed, pandugrath!!!!!!he is more dangerous than vishkanya bcoz in vishkanya case atleast nandini had doubt on her, but in case of pandugrah not a single person has doubt on him. And the I should appreciate amartya rakhas, bcoz he is sooo talented, he can train vishkanya and also cure a mental patient and use them so wisely against chandra!!!! CHANDRA should fire chanyka and hire amartya rakhas.

    1. Jayani

      True bhaiya… If cgm himself has brains den amrtya is no less… Cgm used his brains nd used Chhaya so y can’t Amartya use Pandu??? Chanakya is just SELFISH!!! Completely selfish!!! Atleast Amartya helps nand nd dusn’t use him but Chanakya just uses cgm for himsepf nd ? has no other option other dan dat coz he was bought buy Chanakya… He’s always in a dilemma… Whether 2 follow his luv or fulfill his promise


  10. Good Morning my dear freinds, tks to Jayani n Nick for remembering all of us in this group.
    Tks to Tanaya for her updates. Read all my updates in Sri Lanka n just came back yesterday.

    Wonderful episode, Rajat ,Sweta n Bindu superb acting n disqusting Helena, every reday to find fault on Nandini.
    Fantastic sword fighting , Nandini KALI Avartar, the way she jump like Mission Impossibe.
    Finally both parents save Bindu.
    Now, new villian Pandugrath is all well, actually i want him to support Nandini n Chandra, look like he is more dangerous.
    I saw the latest promo n it is not good for Chandra, Waiting for today episode

    1. How was your vacation, Padmini?

      1. Tks Roopa, enjoyed my holiday n Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country

    2. U r welcome…….bt again same ques how was ur vacation ??????

      1. Hai Nick, lovely holiday n Sri Lanka is a beautiful country,visited historical temple n beaches

  11. Hi everyone. Latest promo of CN.

  12. Superb… nandini ur great mother… finally bindusar got saved… sword fight was awesome.. i already told na pandugrat is culprit… he s very dangerous… poor chandra n nandu when they try to come closer situation make them enemy… so sad!!! I thnk acharya s ryt in dis decision…

  13. Today episode was superb .Nandini emotions and fight scene was very awesome.Helena was very evil she is trying to use all situations against nandini.This time chandra and nandini parent nature is revealed.

    In precap chandra started to doubt someone in helping so surely chankya wil come out with a plan and catch pandugar soon .so wil understand the situation and wil support chandra

  14. today episode was nice. Nandini and chandra’s parent nature is revealed .
    Im happy that dadi made helena shut her mouth ,in all situtation moora and dadi wil be kept crying they wont support nandini in front of everyone but today they did it.
    i hope pandugar wil be soon caught and nandini wil definetly support chandra .

  15. who wil find the real face f pandu?cn r nandu watevr upcoming track wil be vry interesg to watch

    1. May b Chanakya………

  16. It’s really nice to have most of you back commenting here.

    1. Nowadays Behi is missing Haaah………

      1. & also Nabanita di……..

  17. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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