Chandra Nandni 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone turns around hearing a lady asking to stop, the lady walks to acharya, guruji in anger says lady don’t you know women aren’t allowed here,lady says sorry but here I’m in need of help, here one of your student is my husband who has left me please help me,I have a child to look after too who is unwell too, acharya says before you proceed remember if you lie you will be in great trouble who is the man,the lady points at Jayant.chandar and Nandini are surprised,acharya says what Jayant is married,guruji get me the student registry and their information manual,and after going through it,acharya asks Jayant what is this this lady says you are married but the manual says you aren’t.

Jayant says acharya I’m unmarried,lady says I have proofs,which only a wife

can have, he has a mole on left side of his back, as him to remove his shirt, Chandra thinks someone has learnt about nandinis truth, guruji asks Jayant to remove his shirt, and ask murlidhar to help him out, murlidhar steps forward,Nandini gets scared,chandra holds murlidhars hand and says she isn’t this ladies husband but my wife, I’m Chandragupta mourya and removes his fake moustaches,acharya Chanakya gets surprised and angry at Chandras this step,Chandra says she is magads maharani Nandini,Nandini removes her wig too,acharya says maharaj you broke a rule and so Nandini won’t be allowed to take any step forward.

Chandra says sorry to cut you acharya,Nandini has come out with great marks,acharya says we respect women but we don’t educate them,Nandini says why but,Chandra says Shakuntala,maitrayye and many women who are behind Bharats strong formation are were educated then still why don’t we allow women freedom to gain knowledge and you accepted Nandinis answer about knowledge being equal amongst all then why not allow women, guruji says maharani has passed all exams and so without any discrete we request you to please give her the certification,Chanakya accepts the committee majority being in favour of Nandini and says okay and forcefully gives nandini the certificate and walks away.Chandra asks the lady so tell us who asked you to come here, the lady drinks poison.

Chandra helps Nandini climb horse on their way back,and says we should leave for magad and acharya won’t accompany us he has some work and we should go the temple way,Nandini remembers being informed to get Chandra the temple way for attacking him,Chandra says Nandini cmon lets go,both proceed.

Nandini has Chandras good deeds and kindness towards women and his helpfulness going around in her mind and thinks I can’t let this happen to Chandra I agree he killed by brothers but he came here for me,I’m a warrior and I shouldn’t attack this way but I’m a daughter first but not this attacking in betray is not the correct way.

Padmanands troop ready for attack, padmanand says remember I will attack Chandra and in this confusions you take Nandini away.chandar says Nandini where are you lost,Nandini says we shouldn’t go this way it’s not safe,Chandra says but it’s a short cut, Nandini says do you ever listen, come with me,Chandra says I never understand this girl , Nandini and Chandra go the other way, Chandra is being attacked and soldiers start attacking Chandra and Nandini, Chandra thinks now I know padmanand has changed his plan,Nandini thinks these are not pitahmaharajs soldiers.

Chandra and Nandini start battling with them,Chandra sees Nandini killing the soldiers too,and stands strong shoulder to shoulder with him defeating them,Chandra walks to Nandini in surprise and confusion, Chandra us begin injured with an poisonous arrow straight into his chest.

Nandini says oh god and pulls it out to avoid poison spread,Nandini says I have to stop posion some how.

Pre cap : Nandini gets Chandra to mahal. Helina says Nandini this is what you wanted right happy you must be now, your revenge must be completed now, soldiers put her behind the bars.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Chandra first time found the taste of love, but alas he is seriously injured due to the conspiracy of Malayketu. Seems, since beginning he was following them, the ashram lady was also his idea. Pray Chandra survive and break out the conspiracy. Acharya’s reaction after giving award was not good why the couple were in royal attire….

    1. Yea, u r correct Arun ????

  2. NABANITA626

    Nice update……….though there are….many similarities with jodha akbar,but chandra nandini rocks……
    Thank you tanaya di…….?

    1. Yea , “Chandra Nandini” rocks!!!!!

  3. OMG ? Chandra got hurt.i think Chandra will definitely understand nandni from now but if the nandini twin sis comes into play then it will be very difficult for Chandra and nandini love. Im eagerly waiting for next episode ? . Nandini in jail Chandra will definitely save her again. I believe that their friendship get stronger after this. Love u Chandra nandini

    1. Twin Sis???? What’s the matter u r talking about?????

  4. just,luv this show…
    Awesome ..after jodha akbar…

  5. Same story as of jodhaakbar… As Ruqiuia begam accused jodha. And manipulated her unfront of Akbar’s mother, helina will also take advantage of this situation.. Only nandini will be knowing the medicine for this poison due to the absence of chanakya,. And she will be thanking for that.. After this Chandra will be started feeling feelings for nandini and realizing it took….

  6. Loved the episode???….i m sure chandra is going to fine…and he ll rescue nandhini too….chadini’s bond ll become strong nw…

  7. अरुण

    First time
    Nandini touched tha hand of Chandra, at the time of riding horse
    Nandini fought to save Chandra.
    Nandini betrayed pitamaharaj.

    Love blooms…

    1. Yea ???? ofcourse, but still many problems in this path…????

  8. another jodha akbar story in the name chandra nandini… i dont find any difference… ufffff

  9. Priyashree Chakraborty

    Yes the repetition of the same plot … When Jodha had removed the bullet from Akbar’s gun and a tiger injured him badly Jodha was accused to the tee. Yes I remember how Ruqaiya manipulated the situation against Jodha and the same thing I see in Helena too. As Jodha had saved Akbar by preparing medicine lets see if Nandni also does the same or not…

    if the repetition continues then the story will be predictable…

  10. ChandraNandhini

    I liked the ferocious fight of nandhini than Chandra.. Nandhini acted well than Chandra ,her eyes and expressions while fighting were much real than that of rajat..

    It reflected GANGADHAR RAO and MANIKARNIKA fighting ( that fight when many aka ulka saving gangadhar rao), but rajat’s sword fighting was not upto level whereas nandhini stole the show.

  11. Nandini you are rock, I LOVE YOU.

  12. Single character of nandini is so nice, most of people love her. Didn’t want second character of nandini.

  13. I appreciate u……

  14. Yea ?????

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