Chandra Nandni 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mohini decides to kill Nandini.

Chandra Nandni 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya in corridor thinking about past behaviour of Chandra,and says this is unbelievable ,he isn’t given any medicine or drug,then what is it,I don’t see any evil forces too,he asks guard did he see anything weird past days,guard says there’s a room and I have seen maharaj go in and out many times,this way,Chanakya walks with guard,the guards break the lock,Chanakya thinks what’s in this room,that Chandra comes here,Chandra as Bheemdev looking for Mohini and arrives near the room and thinks Mohini was right acharya is very intelligent,and asks who gave you right to enter this room,Chanakya says guards saw someone enter and sorry to enter without your permission and gets in,both Chandra and Chanakya are surprised as the room is vacant,Chanakya diverts him saying he may

have ran that way but why did you stop us,Chandra says I wanted to use this room and store my things here and guards no one enters this room without my permission and leaves.

Bheemdev thinks the acharya is very intelligent,he will get to depth now,why did I yell at him and where is my body,let me talk to Mohini but where is she,Bheemdev gets off the body,and enters his body.bheemdev says Mohini why this cave,and didn’t we decide I won’t come out till we reach out mission,Mohini says because you have lost it,why did you misbehave with Chanakya,Bheemdev says you are right now what will I do,Mohini says stay here and I will go and check in mahal,Bheemdev says why you and not me,Mohini says have you completely lost it, don’t you remember youas Chandra gave order that Bheemdev shouldn’t enter Magad.

Nandini walks to Chandra and says why is sleeping like this,looks like he consumed alcohol but I have to go to him as acharya has asked me to but he must be so angry how will I handle that,Chandra wakes up and says Nandini I have an acute headache,Nandini thinks is this an act ,Chandra says please help me I cant bare this pain,Nandini thinks is this an reason to get close to me,Chandra says why don’t I don’t remember what happened last night,Nandini thinks this is an act to get close to me I very well know but he is unwell and so I have to behave well and says let me get you medicine.

Chandra says please give me head massage that may help me,Nandini says ok and does so,Chandra asks Nandini are you having medicines on time how are you feeling,Nandini thinks hear this out,he is unwell and asks whether I’m fine.
Mohini sees them and says Nandini is so close to him,I cant let that happen. Chandra thinks we were on terrace and now,let me talk to her sweetly and says what happened last night tell me I don’t remember,Nandini says I don’t know,and I know you don’t have any headache it’s your act to get close to me,Chandra thinks may be she hasn’t cured yet and is stressed,I have to talk to Acharya about this.

Panditji sees kundali and says maharaj is very well,and soon this problem will be solved ,Charumati and dharma walk in,Helina says tell me their future too,Charumatis future is predicted as she will give Bindusara his first baby,Dharmas future is predicted as,Panditji says you will give Bindusara two kids,one will be mahatma and other the king of Magad,now I shall take your leave. Charumati thinks if I will give bindusara his first baby,how will dharmas son be king. Chandra about to go see Chanakya meets dadi and Bhadra on his way and greets them,they ignore him and leave,he meets Helina,she gives him cold looks and leaves too,Chandra thinks why are they behaving so weird.

Chandra sees Chanakya and says it’s important can you spare me some time,Chandra says Nandini is behaving wired she imagines incidents and questions about them,Chanakya thinks what is this now and says but Nandini was fine when we met last,Chandra says acharya we met when you left in search for Amartya and swanand,Chanakya says okay Chandra go rest,Nandini will be fine,I will look into this matter and thinks Nandini was right something is definitely wrong with him.

Bindusara asks Charumati why are you crying,Charumati says it’s about our future,Helina ma asked Panditji about my future and it said I will give you your first baby,Bindusara says that’s good news,Charumati says but dharma will give you two kids and one of them will be Magad king,which means,like his mother he will stand against you,betray you and get his rule over Magad and which means he shall teal everything which belongs to our child now tell me how can a mother not cry.
Bindusara says no ways,till I’m alive nothing of this will happen.charumtai gives cunning smile.

Chandra says Nandini what is this happening, all were so scared of me,even you are so weird,I don’t see that trust in your eyes,Nandini says you made them behave this way,Chandra says I never did so,Nandini asks what’s the last thing you remember,Chandra says we were on terrace and you were about to say something but then I don’t remember,Nandini tells him everything that happened,Chandra says no way,I can never do this to you or anyone,Nandini says yes you did,not just me you also insulted acharya,your guru,you didn’t leave anyone,you spent a night with Mohini and if this is your truth then I’m happy to be Savitri and don’t wanna be your wife.

Mohini on a cliff says I will push Nandini from here and she will be dead,and I very well know how to get her here. Chandra thinks Nandini is still imagining things,and says Nandini I will bring everything back to normal again,Nandini says enough of it,and if you don’t believe me let’s go and ask everyone,Chandra says calm down Nandini,I trust you,Mohini enters nandinis soul,Nandini says enough I don’t wish to talk to you I’m going to my husband Bheemdev.Chandra surprised.

Pre cap : Chandra holding Nandinis hand,she is falling off a cliff,Mohini standing aside,Chandra says I cant loose you again,I will save you. Nandini has memory flashes and says I remember my past,10 years back me and Bindusara were here to hunt and then I slipped and Bindusara gave me hand but.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Bhimdeo is out of Chandra’s body, a lot of relax. Now Mohini is planning to kill Nandini but not only Chandra will save her, she will also get her memory back. It’s good that Aacharya has noticed changed behavior of Maharaj. Prediction is in favour of Dharma, Charumati’s son may die in short period, so Dharma’s son may be next king.

    1. I did not know that Charumati baby will die, thanks for the information.

      1. Padmini, he won’t die as a baby but as an adult.

      2. As per history, Dharma’s son Asoka killed all son’s of Bindu except his own bro. As like Bindu, Asoka also didn’t accept his father decision. Shahrukh Khan film Samrat Asoka shows that situation.

      3. I watched Somrat Asoka too. I liked that series. It made me understand some parts of indian history. But some made me confused too. However, Siddarth Nigam was very good actor. Therefore I followed his work to see this series. But this story is not based on history much. I was a little bit disappointed. Anyway, I want to see only his performance and his scene.

    2. Ankush Kumar Chaudhary

      Charumati’s son will be Sushim and Dharma’s son will be Ashoka and Vitashoka …Ashoka will be d king killing Sushim

  2. Why can’t someone be with Chandra and Nandini all the time and watch where is he or she going and coming to find the truth

  3. Mixed feelings today. Finally CN is ending but will miss Rajat onscreen and with a heavy heart we have to wait for his next project and pray that the next time he comes with a stronger character and positive show.
    It was so exhausting watching so much of negativity.

  4. Nice episode, Chandra is thinking Nandini is weird but he does not remember whatever he has done to
    Nandini,Archarya,Helena N others in Mahal. When Chandra walk pass Helena, she still think about the slap she got, that was funny.
    Now Mohini wants to enter Nandini body by just mediating, is it possible, earlier she sketch some kind of mantra on the floor to enter Chandra body but now different way.
    Precap interesting seen Chandra is saving Nandini from the cliff, her memory is back n she knows that Bindu did not save her, she is shocked.

  5. Savithri V Ramani


  6. Better episode compared to last week’s. Acharya is back so everything will be ok.There are only 8 episodes left yet bindu and dharmas romance hasn’t started.I think they’re rushing in to end the serial.Bringing nandini to the cliff is mohinis biggest mistake.lts nice to see nandini getting her memory back.I thought this serial will end without her regaining her memory.

  7. I liked this episode very much . I want the part 2 of chandra nandhini l want the same rajat tokas ,sweta basu Prasad and siddharth nigam .

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