Chandra Nandni 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhabhi running as dog is running behind her, she comes and nandini stops her and laughs and says u got scared of a dog? And laughs. Gautami says look your love maliketu is looking at you and go and meet him as he is awaiting you. Nandini tries to change the topic and tells gautami go and check at the medic as people say that If u are bitten by dog or even scratched by the dog then u will go mad. Gautami is scared and goes for the checkup. Maliketu comes and says to nandini that u look more beautiful than the moon, nandini says thanks and then says can we postpone the wedding as I feel the marriage is too early. Maliketu says okay as u feel. Gautami comes and says I checked and I don’t have any scratch or bite so I am safe. Nandini goes and performs the ritual and prays

to god that let her marry the one whome she loves and not maliketu. Suddenly from under the water Chandra takes nandinis protective bangle that padmanand gave her. Nandini comes out of water and says oh my god I lost my raksha kavach. Gautami says don’t worry it must be in the water. Maliketu tells his men to findi it, they are not able to find it. Nandini says dad gave it to me and I shouldn’t have lost it and what will I say to my father? Maliketu says you don’t worry and go and we will find it.
There Chandra gives the raksha kavach to helina and says take this until your revenge is over. Helina says no I don’t want it, Chandra says take it and your revenge will be done and until that keep it with you.
There nandini tells gautami I lost my raksha kavach and now what will I tell my dad and father gave it to me with so much trust. Padmanand comes and says are u fine? Nandini says yes and cries and says I lost my raksha kavach. Padmanand says don’t worry and don’t cry I will give you a new one. Nandini says no and I will find that raksha kavach at all costs.
The wedding preparations are going and gautami cant fit into the dupatta. Everyone tease her as they tell her to take her stomach in and breathe. Nandinis mom comes and says my beautiful daughter is going to marry and she will wear whatever she wants. Then mom says to nandini that u can talk to me about anything you want before u get married as u cant tell everything to dad. Everyone goes out, mom tells nandini that is it that u are marrying maliketu for the happiness of ur dad and do u love him? Nandini says its exactly this and I don’t love maliketu and I am marrying him for fathers happiness. Mom says what and why did u say yes and don’t do this for your fathers happiness as you have to live your life ahead. Nandini says no I will do anything for my dad. Mom says I will tell padmananda about this and u want to marry the one whom u will love. Nandini says no don’t tell please. Mom says you must have already met the one whom you love and he must have met you a lot of times but u just don’t know about that. Nandini says I don’t know and mom says don’t marry maliketu and tell your dad. Mom goes.
There helinas dad is scolding her and tells that why did u even love maliketu and u cant do this as we are foreigners and you are not the daughter of sikander and you will not marry any indian. Helina says please wage war against them. Dad says no and I cant risk the lives of my thousands of soldiers for your love affairs in india so shut up and pack your bags and I am sending you back to Greece. Helina says no and I loved him but he cheated on me and I saved him from a tiger but he did not love me back and he should know that if helina loves someone then she can even kill someone. Helina says she will tell padmanand, dad says no and he is a king and for them the public comes first and not your petty love affairs. Dad says pack you bags and I am sending you back. Helina says no and goes out angrily.
There outside indian soldiers are around a camp fire, greek soldier comes and tells if u are done eating food then go and watch your utensils quick. As they are getting up, Chandra comes and says no wait and we are soldiers and why should we wash our utensils when the greeks utensils are washed by someone else? And we are soldiers so we will fight and join me and support me and we will bring out those differences. Soldiers say no and we don’t want to go into jails and we will do our work, they go. Chandra is disappointed, he sees helina go away angrily from the tent.
There helina goes in her tent and screams and cries and recalls what all maliketu said to her and how he insulted her. She takes knife and cuts her hand vein. Chandra comes and saves her and says what are you doing? Helina says I thought my dad would support me but no and even that maliketu insulted me and why should I live? Chandra says don’t do such stupid things and I will be the king of magad. Helina says you will be the king? Then why don’t u go marry nandini and u will be the king anyway. Chandra says I will be the king but I need support and men and we will fight and believe me I have a plan. Helina says okay I will help you but I want my revenge.

Precap: helina puts the protective metal cap on chandras head. They both sit on their horses and take their swords and spear.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Interesting enough….. grt move of story. … waiting for Mora and Chandra’s bond ….
    Ofc hatred mixed love story of chandini ( Chandra – Nandhini ) ……

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    Waiting for the tasman come fight of chandra nandini

  5. Jdomadiya

    Tashan I mean the way they are supposed to be with each other when they meet

  6. Superb episode.Waiting for today’s episode.?

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