Chandra Nandni 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra walks to Nandini and asks why did you do this, I mean I thought something else but you acted completely reverse,Nandini says you always take me wrong,chandra says I came here to thank you,Nandini says don’t thank me I did this for my son,chandra says but those gifts where for you,Nandini says I used it for my son,I’m his nanny after all and have to look after him,chandra stops her and asks did you forgive me,Nandini says I’m just a dasi who am I to forgive a king ,if you say laugh I will and cry I will and leaves her hand and leaves.

Dadi says Nandini did so good for bindusara.mora says yes bindusara had blessings,dadi says Nandini saved Chandras life twice and bindusara is recovering because of her and will such women kill durdhara,Nandini is waiting for you mora forgive

her,mora says ma I don’t know the truth,but the proofs are against Nandini and the day Nandini is proved innocent I will accept her and as a daughter and till then I can’t because everytime I see bindusara I see pain and leaves,dadi says bindusara has mother it’s Nandini I hope you see it before it’s late.

Chandra looking at that ladies sketch and when Nandini and bindusara walk in he switches it and there’s durdhara and Nandini picture,Nandini says missing her,don’t durdhara is with us,look at that place she use to hide there and have her tamarinds,and here in this pond once we fell In it and we use to talk so much we use to sleep while talking,in true sense durdhara looks after bindusara don’t miss her,she is in our heart,chandra hugs bindusara and thinks but I won’t forgive the one who killed my sons mother.

Bindusara pees on chandra,he says what is this,Nandini starts laughing,and says babies do this on the person they love most,chandra walks to Nandini and picks his shawl and says I shall go bathe and leaves,Nandini says what was this feeling,chandra thinks I have to find that lady.

Chandra disguised in market following that lady,the lady realises someone following her and rushes and gets lost in crowd,Chandras cover falls off and people recognise him and say how good to see maharaj between us,chandra says I’m here to thank you all for blessing bindusara.chandra thinks god where did she go.

The lady meets apma in secrete,apma asks did anyone see you,she says no,apma says I need the same poison you got me last time,she says it takes time,I need special herbs for it,apma says ok no issues but be careful,she says ok and leaves.

Nandini with bindusara in garden,she says bindusara would you like to have some fruits let me pick them from the trees and hands bindusara to dasi,chandra walks to her and aims at the fruits with stones but fails,Nandini starts laughing.Chandra says what’s so funny,why don’t you give it a try,Nandini says sure but fails too,chandra starts smiling, good aim,Nandini says I will go pick them on my own,Nandini tries to climb the tree,chandra helps her,Nandini says I use to get on the tree like this to pick fruits for pitahamaharaj and says bindusara look your mother is picking you fruits,Nandini turns to Chandra and asks how will I get down now,chandra says come I will help,Nandini jumps and Chandra holds her,Helina passing by sees them,chandra sees Helina and says Nandini what do you think by doing this I shall forget what You have done to durdhara then you are wrong,go look after bindusara,Helina smiles and leaves,chandra thinks I’m sorry Nandini but I have to show that I still hate you,so that durdharas murderer doesn’t get alert.

Helina says ma where were you I was looking for you and didn’t I tell you chandra still hates Nandini ,now I just saw Chandra hasn’t forgiven Nandini yet,apma says they are chandra Nandini,love can rise anytime,Helina says what are you up to,apma says this time we will organise a havan and Nandini will burn into it,she has to die,Helina says ma be clear,apma says Helina history will repeat,like durdhara Nandini will be slow poisoned,Helina says ma if anyone gets suspicious about us,apma says not possible like durdhara we will keep adding poison to Nandinis food.

Nandini says how does he behave with me like this very weird,the sketch falls down,Nandini sees the ladies drawing,chandra says with whose permission are you here and touching this,chandra sees Helina and apma walk in and says oh this sketch of bindusara is so good,Helina says show me too,chandra says soon I will show,now it’s not complete,apma says maharaj we are here to ask you to permit a Greek cook as we would like to organise a Greek festival in Magad, its a 7 day function and a Greek cook will look after the food arrangements,chandra says sure,Helina please talk to rajmata about it.

Apma walks to that lady and she hands her the poison,apma sees someone spying in her and follows that women,Nandini walks to Chayas room and sees she is missing .

Pre cap : apma says Helina someone is playing with us and so we shall give it a tough fight,and so what if Nandini dies it’s all fair in love and war, so it’s just a little murder.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Where did Chaya go?Anyway Nandini didn’t forgive Chandra which is a good thing.And Tanaya pls update faster

    1. The spy s chaya..

      1. this time i think Chaya is trying to reveal the truth of apama and helena. and not only that instead of chanakya this time chaya became the spy.

  2. Chandra is trying to find out the truth of DD murder. Apama wants to mix poison in Nandini’s food. The lady who is delivering poison is followed by Chandra and her image is also made by him, it indicates that Chandra is going on right track but missing of Chaya from his bed is showing another twist in the story.

    1. Yeah, because Chaya is the one spying on Apama. Thank God, she’ didn’t get caught again. Before it was Roopa, now, the Greek gang would have tried to kill her.

  3. I think the spy is chaya.
    Finally the writers have come to their senses.took them so long.
    After Chandra throws Helena out I think there will be war between Chandra and Seleucus cause according to history Chandra defeated Seleucus.

    1. I don’t think that helina will be threonine out cuz she is a main antagonist I think apma will take the blame.

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        when chaya is the spy then she clearly heard that helena said we killed dd, then if apama will try to take blame then also helena will get punishment.

    2. Jayani

      True… I agree wid u zaira

  4. Is Chaya also spying Apama …

  5. Super.. now chandra tries to find dd’s murderer n also he acts before helena.. am happy… nw only d serial going in ryt path… moora wat character ur.. shameless lady who told u to forgive nandu.. she dont want a mother like u… ur a chameleon.. ur character changing each n every minute wat s d need of ur acceptance after proof.. finally we known abt spy.. she s chaya…

  6. If Apama will be exposed Helena will also in trouble…

  7. So it our own very chaya that is the spy, great….great episode….weldon

  8. Behi

    Oh God ? again many questions, who is that spy lady? Where is chaya? What will happen to nandini after consuming poison? When that stupid mora?will die? I really want some kind of uncurable illness for her

    1. u r so angry on moora….ur question abt moora made me to laugh…nice question….but she should not die she should feel guilty fr lifelong nandu please dont forgive her

      1. Behi

        yeah dear Shree, I am so angry on her, she doesnt deserve to be raj mata, she is so stupid , its ok if she doesnt trust on nandini Bcoz of so many evidences against N but she doesnt have any right to misbehave her, whether she is culprit or not, she belongs to a noble family, she is still raj komary! why writers creat such character for mother of king, such rude and disrespectful woman, she should be more prestigious than that, what is different between her and helena or others! she is unbelievable

      2. yaa u r rt writers made a big mistake bec thy showed moora as great sacrifical person as she waited patiently fr nearly 20 yrs fr her son to come nd release her…till day she lived in soo pity condition so basically she s a good hearted person ..then how suddenly she changed believing evidence not nandus character nd she knows tat she went against her lovable father……….she s also lke a son thkng frm brain

  9. What i thought was right. The spy is chaya. Now only CN serial started slowly progressing. Chandra knows helena and apama are the culprits. Hmm… still lot more to go to find the real culprits. Then chandra will ask nandini to forgive but nandini should not so that writers can drag more episodes. In those episodes,they can show all flash back scenes and romance.

    1. Jayani

      True cnfan93

    2. iam waiting fr tat episode to see how cn wil convince nandu bec he dont know how to treat d lover…..i thk it wil be so funny

      1. Shree, me too ! I’m still confused about Chandra’s feelings for Nandini. After DD’s murder, did he start hating her or was he very angry with her and wanted to hurt her. Mora needs to die….

      2. ya aditi he was angry bec she left him alone ,hating (he thks she s killer f dd),hurting her bec he losed faith in love,nd finally making hr jealous(bec he still loves her frm heart……….

      3. both aditi…. he was angry on nandu bec she left him alone ,hating(he thks her as killer)making jealous bec he still loves her frm heart ….. my confusion s really he attracted to vk ..maybe in future episode after their reunion nandu may ask him lke just in way teasing…

  10. Nandini will soon loose her pitamaharaj. He is the only person who loved her most in all situations without anything in return… He will be happy to see nandini as a queen. Feeling happy atleast finally Chandra knows the truth. I feel Chandra s love is not true. He put her life in risk. Selfish he is. It can’t be Chandra nandini. It’s Nandini the warrior Prince. True love will be there where the trust is….

    1. Jayani

      True… Dat’s d power of a father – daughter bond… Even if d daughter is wrong, d father is always wid her… Her mother m8 shout at her, but her father will always b dere 2 save his cute daughter frm d mother’s erupting lava???… Dis happens everytym in house wid me nd my sis

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        NAND now should realize that nandini loves chandra very much, for chandra if nandini cheated him then if he killed chandra then how much pain he will give nandini, if he is a good father then his priority not be MAGAHD king but only his daughter’s happiness which are presently chandra and vindusaar.

      2. NABANITA626

        After with you both jayani and satya da….

      3. NABANITA626

        #it’s agree

    2. Rani, I agree, even I feel Chandra’ s love for Nandini is not true love.

  11. Jayani

    2day’s was asum… Wid dat scene, v can conclude dat he knows dd’s murderer… Mayb he thinks it is apu… Nd spy m sure it’s chaya coz she’s missing frm her room… I hope ? brings d culprit 2 lite asap coz den only moora will accept nandu as her daughter… It’s getting xciting day by day… So ? dus hav a soft corner for nandu… Loved nandu’s reply ven he asks her if he was forgiven… Den only such ppl will understand d real luv nd affection of a person lyk nandu… I guess dis Greek idiot is going 2 add poison in nandu’s fud everyday… Waiting for more xciting nd tom’s epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. I agree with u dr…but i dont want to moora accept nandu as her daughter.. nandu s kind hearted n also good queen, she never thought to hurt anyone even in her dream… but she (moora) s selfish n heartless idiot n always hurt nandu..

      1. Jayani

        True akka… But at least she wud hav dat luv for a daughter na??? Dat is more an enough

  12. Jayani

    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) promises Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) to expose real killer and give her justice

    The upcoming twist of Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra will start his next mission to find out the real killer of Durdhara and remove all false allegations against Nandini. After Vishaka gets exposed, Chandra thanks Nandini for saving his life and is ready to give her any gift that she asks. However, Nandini feels that Chandra has already given her enough by putting the allegations against her for being Durdhara’s killer. At this point, Chandra makes a shocking revelation as he tells Nandini that he knows she has not killed Durdhara. Nandini is shocked hearing Chandra words and asks him why he has not tried to find the real killer. Chandra does not reply to Nandini but deep down, he has already started his plan to unveil the face of the real killer. Chandra will now start his investigation and will be determined to expose the killer so that Nandini gets justice and her lost respect and dignity is returned to her. On the other hand, Apama and Helena feel insecure seeing that Nandini is once again winning the hearts of family members. Apama gets a poison from a lady and decides to use it against Nandini and kill her with the slow poison just as she had killed Durdhara. Nandini will witness Apama taking the poison from the lady and will start having a doubt on her. This will be the beginning of a new track where Apama will try to kill Nandini and Nandini will make a plan to expose Apama. Very soon, viewers will get to see that both Chandra and Nandini will find the biggest clues against Apama and will realize that she is the one who has killed Durdhara. Let’s wait and see how Chandra and Nandini are able to expose Apama. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

    – See more at:

    I copied it frm d spoilers

  13. satya sarathi sarkar

    that means our guess right is the spy is chaya, as I have doubted earlier that only for coma scenes the character of chaya is come back????? and today also see chandra insults nandini in front of helena, and now it is cleared that if the spy is chaya then all the conversations of nandini , vishkanya , apama, helena she heard that means chandra knew nandini is innocent very earlier. what a masterstroke, I am expecting that, Actually the ending of vishkanya case is not fully satisfied me, there are many missing links , but when the dd’s murder case will be solved then all the links are also revealed.

  14. satya sarathi sarkar

    and another thing plz killed the moora character by poison or any how, now when ever I saw her my mood is totally off ,i just cannot tolerate her , she said today that she not knew the truth then how she got right to blame nandini for DD’s murder????? even now she not changed her mind, i wish any one not get this type parents in their life bcoz thier life then will totally destroy. there is a limit of dumbness, moora crossed that very earlier.

    1. Behi

      I totally agree with u about killing Mora, she doesn’t deserve any thing better than death, but it shouldn’t happen softly, I was thinking about an incurable illness, so she will die gradually while suffering in pain and shame :/

  15. satya sarathi sarkar

    but today I have seen the total positive chandra after so many days,may be for months. NOW IF chandra can save nandini from poison given by helena and apama then that will be great, but i don’t understand when he told that nandu is innocent then why he not alert nandu from helu and apu ????

    1. Because he wants to trap them red-handed and he does not want them to find out that anyone knows their truth. If he tells Nandu she might do something that will ruin his plans or put her life in danger.

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        hmm u r right, nandu is so emotional that she can ruin his plan

  16. now doubt cleared spy s chaya…..apu going to trap herself in her evil plan…apu stupid ur end s near… u asking forgiveness so easily idiot chandra u didnt stolen d chocolate u snatched everythng frm her even hr selfrespect…nd today also u didnt understand abt her nd love kept on u whthr she wil get gift in retutn f saving ur life now also ur somepart f brain s not working ….

    1. forgot abt moora……….u evil mummy who told to u accept nandu as daughter..u dont want to believe after proving….. u blind moora canot even see wats happening infront f u… already ur choice f vk was proven wrong after getting nosecut also u trying to get another one……..

  17. today awesome episode especially tat eyelock scene it remembered me all d previous episode ……the way cn looked nandus hand on his shoulder wowwww wen he tried to propose nandu in before leap episode tat time also he behaved lke ths……….FINALLY OUR OLD CHANDRA BACK. ……we WANT clean shaved chandra …his little bit expressions r missing in bread face cn

    1. Yes.. our old chandra s back… i want them to fight with cute romance n i loved those expression wen both teasing each other.. nandu looking adorable?? with light makeup.. i waiting to see all dis… tamil la sollanum na “enna ponnu da”…

      1. yaaa ..she s soo pretty tat too n todays eyelock scene see her face soo light makeup……ur tamil punch really suits her….whr u frm?chennai???

      2. From vellore.. u??? Actually wat a girl is just word… but “enna ponnu da” is emotional??… crt ah???

      3. Okie dr… are u studying r working???

      4. satya sarathi sarkar

        from vellore ???? then u have not to worry about health, India’s best medical treatment done there, from our kolkata many people go there for health issue.

      5. satya sarathi sarkar

        plz say the meaning of tamil punch

      6. Yeah… ur absolutely ryt satya… lot of ppl got good treatment here n also studying from other states..

      7. iam preparing fr competitive exams…nd frm cuddalore but now residing in chennai fr studies

      8. Really… super dr.. even i complete my degree in chennai clg n i stayed at anna nagar.. nw am in native n waiting for call letter??… within one month I’ll come to chennai…

      9. wow super…iam residing at anna nagar west .wich cmpy?

      10. Oh my god… i too anna nagar west near MMM hospital.. accenture!!! but yet i didn’t receive any offer letter.. so sad..

      11. iam n thirumangalam….. o grt congrats….dont worry it wil come to u at best time….

      12. Ayyo kadavule… i am collector nagar.. i think ur in royals hostel… am i ryt???

      13. Jayani

        Nyc punch jai akka… Ur frm Vellore??? M frm Chennai… M Shree akka never knew dat u were also frm TN… Anyways, gud 2 know… Nd jai aka, don’t worry, u will get ur offer letter soon… All d best… But akka, don’t tell dat u hav wuk, so u can’t comment in dis pg… No xcuses

      14. No dr… i wont tell like dat…

    2. “What a girl she is”… this s d meaning of punch.. actually it s famous dialogue of tamil movie..

  18. Always loved it……respected it……

    Nicely re-written and showing the history……

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

  19. ????
    That’s why Ekta is “Ekta”, a great director cum writer…..

    The sign of a good work is:
    receive negative feedbacks first from critics and then, at the end, receive an honour…..

    Good work Ekta di….????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

  20. waiting for the day when those greek idiots helena and apama will be thrown out.
    it will be too funny to see seleucus fighting chandra and chandra defeating him when he’s angry about why helena was kicked out

  21. Likes yesterday’s episode, day by day getting more interesting.
    I love Nandini answered back to Chandra, i am only a Dasi n also a Puppet,what purpose i need
    this gifts but anways those gifts were distributed in the name of Bindu n he will be blessed
    by the people.
    When Nandini said about DD, Chandra was speechless n his expression says everything.
    Mora, will regret by not listening to Dadi. once proven she will accept Nandini as her daughter. Forget about it Nandini, hoping Nandini wont forgive her.
    We did predict it could be Chaya is Chandra’s masked spy.
    It will be interesting what kind of punishment will be given to Apama n Helena. Both of them has conspired against two Queens(DD N Nandini) n how much suffering that Nandini went through.
    Precap Hoping Chandra will save Nandini before she consume the poison food.
    Now the Director n writers are making this story more interesting n the viewers are eagerly waiting for the coming esposide.
    Thanks Tanaya for the updates. Yesterday’s esposide i had a lot of problems watching online due to error on recording.

  22. I am a new commer but iam a big fan of Chandra nandhini i think i remember a episode of Chandra nandhini that a man is telling Chandra that u will get nandhini if you loose every thing which u have now i think nandhini will ask Chandra to do this for the revenge an for forgiveness

    1. Jayani

      Hi sweety… Nyc 2 meet u… M Jayani nd m frm tn

  23. satya sarathi sarkar

    actually in one place chnadra have master degree is how to attract a lady, I think it is very difficult for nandini to avoid chandra and not forgive him, I know chandra surely will do something that no other option left for nandini except forgiving him. Even today in garden nandini actually cannot resist herself from chandra .

    1. ya rt sathya in todays eyelock scene she smiled seeing cn …helena evil destroyed everything stupid…

  24. satya sarathi sarkar

    but when nandini see that chaya not in the room, nandini will surely doubt, i waiting to see how chandra and chaya manage this matter!!!

  25. OMG! keya episode hai yaar. Iss bar C ko samajh mein a gaya ki N nirdosh hain. Now he wants her to forgive him but the reply of N was awesome.

    But just see that moora the most disgusting part of the serial, kitna ahangkar hai khudko samajhti keya ? this time also she didn’t listen to dadi. Always she don’t wanted to listen dadi (her mother-in-law to whom she supposed to obey and respect) then how come she thinks that everyone should listen to her? she knows that when she will accept N as her daughter again at that time N’s heart will melt and she will forgive her, but i think that this time she will not forgive her.

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      kothay chilen dada dudin????

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      Jamai sasthir invitation chilo naki????? ha ha ha

      1. Hai jamai sashti te baba r ma’r sathe mamabari giyechilam. And I am not too young bro, I am just only 15! Ha ha ha ha

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        Ooh baba tomar tahole jamai sosthir deri ache.

      3. hai dada, akhono onek deri haaaaaaa!

  26. The episodes r getting interesting day by day. When C was in the street (disguised like a common man) and following that woman, at that time when his scurf opened in front of everyone his expression was really fun to see! 😉

    But day by day apama is getting more smart and want to kill N. I just hate her words, “Itihas fer dourayengi helena, use marnahi honga helena”. If i was there na then I would tell her that,” Itihas nahi ab tum khud dourayonge Apama humse bachne ke liye kiyunki hum tumhe abhi mar dalenge Apama, tumhe marnahi honga Apama”.

  27. The spy is Chhaya…..

  28. NABANITA626

    So the spy is chaya!!!!!
    Nice twist…i like it…..

    I like nandini’s bold avatar now……..and good to see back our old chandra ☺???

  29. NABANITA626

    I also want to kill the mora….so selfish and shameless lady……..

  30. Nice episode, nandini’s igonerance and love scens of them it was so cute.

  31. I do not like Moora now however she was extremely a nice lady before DD’s death. Especially knowing that Nanthini is Nandan’s daughter she respected Nanthini and Nandan’s whole family. She was kind to Nanthini before DD’s death. She was indeed a good mother in law, I remember those episodes where she made plans with DD and Dadi ma to unit Chandra and Nanthini. After all we cannot expect everybody to trust Nanthini especially Nanthini did not fight for her rights or tried to prove her innocency but left the Mahal after the sentencing. Moora believes that Nanthini killed Durdhara hence we cannot expect her to be nice to Nanthini. We cannot compare Moora with Dadi ma and claim why Moora cannot trust Nanthini as after all people’s view and behaviours differ according to their own judgement which we see in real life. Even Chandra did not trust and believe his own lovable wife Nanthini.

    I am watching the Tamil dubbed episodes which are behind the original Hindi versions and OMG chandra is really rude to Nanthini. In yesterday’s episode he pushed Nanthini and said that Nanthini cannot be his wife and be a part on his life but to be a Dasi. Nanthini should never forgive Chandra!!!

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