Chandra Nandni 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In mahal mora is being questioned,minister asks queen Nandini did you see rajmata killing pandugan and also she had slapped your brother,Nandini says yes,minister says even Malayketu was present did you see too,Malayketu says maharaj but I,minster says just answer what you are asked too,Malayketu says yes, minister asks rajmata do you accept it,rajmata says yes,he says accused has accepted it,mora says but I have an information,pandugan wants Ill he had plotted all this act so that he can rule over Magad,Nandini says no ma even doctor had examined him,mora says these are the weapons pandugan had while attacking the doll thinking it’s Chandra,Nandini says ma may be he attacked it as a doll,and if you had doubt why didn’t you inform maharaj earlier.

Mora says I have answer to this

too,these are bindusara toys,which are turned to weapons,no ill man can do it,it’s all pandugans plot, Chandra says call doctor,doctor says pandugan wasn’t taking his medicines at all and he should be having seizures but nothing of it was examined,mora says I also have few letters of pandugan,here you go,Chandra reads it,mora says all those attacks in mahal where all by pandugan and we have Malayketu with few proofs,Malayketu tells everyone it was pandugan who had kidnapped bindusara,Nandini thinks my own brother cheated me kept me under such big lie.

Chandra walks to mora and says I’m sorry ma,you had to go all this because of me,and as by proofs,pandugan was here to kill me and my son,and rajmata is declared innocent,mora walks away.Nandini says ma stop but she leaves. Nandini says ma I made such big mistake,because of my brother you have faced this insult I have to go talk to ma.

Nandini to mora,says I’m sorry,mora says I don’t need anything please leave,Nandini says ma when I had no one you stood with me,please at least look at me I beg of you and falls in moras feet,and says I can accept your anger but not this,mora says only Chandra can make decisions for you,and you said I’m not illegible to be called a mother,and anyways you have decided not to listen to me so better I leave,Nandini says no ma I shall leave please stay.

Chanakya performing pooja,his students walk in,Chanakya says yes tell me,he is told pandugan is dead you can now tie your hair,he asks who killed him,student says rajmata.

Acharya Chanakyas oath was competed and the difference between Chandra and Chanakya dissolved and he got acharya back to mahal.

Soon Nandini and Chandra passed their six months gap and both came close together and Chandra was waiting for Nandinis answer,Nandini accepted Chandra love,they accepted each other as husband wife.

Eight years letter when all was going well,it was time for a new storm waiting to enter Chandranandini life.

Nandini waiting for bindusara for his practise session,bindusara makes his way to fort,Nandini says today I shall punish him,bindusara rushes to him calling her ma,Nandini asks where were you,give me your hand where were you,bindusara shows his hand which are full of tamarinds,Nandini in tears,he says I heard you say you wanted to have tamarinds so I got you,Nandini remembers she similarly use to get them for her pitahamaharaj,Nandini hugs bindusara,bindusara says nothing more than your wish not even my studies,please taste it,Nandini tastes it,and she feels nauseous and giddy.

Nandini and bindusara asleep,dadi walks to them,dadi wakes Nandini and says when will your son leave you alone,bindusara says is my ma fine,dadi says your ma will soon be a mother,bindusara but she is already my ma,dadi says now you will have a baby to play with you,bindusara says really I’m so happy I will inform everyone and leaves,dadi says now look after yourself and also Chandra is coming back and you will not go he will come to you.

Bindusara shouts and announces everyone the news,he walks to mora and says choti ma will soon be a mother and leaves,mora thinks is this a happy news or sad,she always was with bindusara will she ignore him after wards. Helina practising with her son and he is very weak ,Apma says don’t waste your time,Helina says he is my son,he has to be more stronger than bindusara,bindusara rushes in and says badi ma,and puts sweet in her mouth and says choti ma will soon be a mother I’m so Happy and leaves.helina says this can’t happen,Apma says I was worried about this.

Chandra is welcomes in mahal,bindusara rushes to him and hugs him,Chandra asks why are you so happy,bindusara says choti ma will be soon a mother,Chandra rushes with bindusara to Nandini,mora says he never did this before left my Aarti and went away,dadi says even suryagupta was like him,he ran to you when Chandra was in your own,mora blushes.

Chandra says Nandini baby is kicking,Nandini says this happens after four months,Chandra says I’m scared but I met a astrologer on my way and he said,our son he will be like his father,Nandini says Chandra you scared me,I will be so happy ti have a son like you,Chandra says but he will look like monkey,Nandini says Chandra and it’s him,Chandra says and my son will be hit by his wife too ,both share a merry time.

Pre cap Apma says Helina use the step mother weapon now. Nandini says Chandra now my most of my time will be for bindusara.bindusara asks Nandini is he her step son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Ekta really caught us off guard.I wonder how she managed to keep this secret.This is the best episode ever.Dadi is still alive.Helena has a son?

  2. Time changed fast. Young Bindusar is getting love for all especially mother Nandini. Despite all odd Helena has also become mother of Adones, further Nandini is also expecting a baby is this as per History? As per precap crooked Helena Apama have started step mother game with young Bindusar, this will be sad to watch.

    1. No because Nandini didn’t exsit inrl and The actual Helena never had any kids it alll fiction

  3. Behi

    I didn’t such nonsense indian show till now, really really unreasonable
    They didnt know anything about helena and apama’s plan for killing Nandini in jungle or even that stupid Mora didn’t understand that the villains changed her letter. My blood is boiling, I don’t expect from ekta mam, it’s really unlike her. I really want to quit and stop watching this show, but just bcoz of my mother I have to continue watching, my mom doesn’t know hindi or English so I should translate for her. I really want to stop. Recently I had heard that they are going to quit and end show soon, that’s a good news, finally Rajat and Shweta will be free.

    1. Yes Behi expecially Indian story, never seen this kind of stories. Here evil wins all the time n they never protect Hero n Heroine. This is my first serial n i love C N N serial, very disappointed n have affected everyone, wasted our time,sleep,n worring so much. Waiting for this serial to over, at least we have peace of mind.

      1. Behi

        Exactly ? what rubbish was yesterday’s ep? Really I can’t believe they did this?
        They really ruined character of the greatest king of India. I mean really what kind of king is Chandra. All villains are planning against him in his own palace and he didn’t understand. He didn’t give proper punishment to Apama. He didn’t understand that they wanted to kill Nandini in Jungle. He didn’t understand villains plan to separate him from his mother, he didn’t understand villains plan to separate his mother, sister and his wife

        And that Chanakya, what kind of guru is he, didn’t he promise rajmata to take care of bindu? Didn’t he remember that the royal family were in danger? Didn’t he alert apama to punish her so badly? Didn’t he remember he advised Chandra to keep close Malay to have eye on him and dont let him do wrong things? Didn’t he remeber there were villains in palace whom he had followed to some secret places? Didn’t he remeber he had doubt on pandu? Didn’t he remember he was the one encouraged Chandra to back Nandini bcoz she is power of Chandra. All these weren’t as important as his stupid revenge? Why didnt he solve those problems before leaving palace. What kind of minister is he, doesn’t have any loyalty to Maghad

        And that stupid Mora didn’t she remember Apama was murderer of DD and Nandini and bindu? Didn’t she remember how many times Nandini saved Chandra and bindu and Chaya? Didn’t she remember Nandini forgived her with no words and respected her all the time? Didn’t she remember helena misbehaved her before? Didn’t she remember Nandini didn’t want to be Mukay Maharani in the first place?
        What was that rubbish the producers fed us yesterday? If I didn’t know producers I would have thought that some enemies of Indian culture and history created this meaningless show to ruine portray of great king Chandra. And meaninglessness is going to be continue even. In this show apama is a superstar who does anything she want, what else she want to do? All her plans become successful except killing Nandini, but does it matter? She killed DD, she made her daughter Mukay Maharani, she separated Mora and Nandini, she poisoned relationship between Mora and Chandra, and now she is going to seperate Bindu and Nandini and she will be successful too, she deserves it bcoz she is the one and only smart person between some fools

  4. Its ridiculous!!! Till nw chandra didn’t know about helena n apama… hw s it possible… this non sense lady moora over reacting for all… i really hate dis 8yr leap… why dis makers cheating us… wat a chemistry bwt chandra nandini… AMAZING!!!??… why they ended chandra nandini’s story soon… we love their acting ryt but WHY??? Again these two ladies started their work using small boy… i feel irritating wen they shoeing apama n moora… useless ppl…

    1. Jai, Until Chandra n Nandini die also they wont know about Apama n Helena. If even 20 yrs leap, Apama is there bedridden, n still advising Helena n her grandchild Adonis.

      1. actually helenas son is justin right as shown in chakravatin ashok samrat serial

      2. Jayani

        ???… Dat’s true Padma akka

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I first time saw any Grandmother who not happy after listening of her grandchild. Sooo bad Moora.

      1. Jayani

        Atleast in Bahubali, shivgami blesses devsena though she dusn’t lyk devsena… Here also it’s d same story but moora dusn’t even lyk d unborn child!!! Unbelievable

  5. My wish fulfilled…hereafter show end also won’t affect me…please sweraj do new serial…really nandu die r bindu ploting against C&N…please end the show happy

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Yess, I couldn’t sleep for 3 nights when in precap I saw after 8 years CN are still friends. But now some how my wish fulfilled. At least after soo much hatred, misunderstandings CN lived as husband wife for 8 years it’s not bad. Also Nandini is going to be mother. But I don’t know will she able to be mother and the show will end with happy tune because channel wanting negative end.

      1. I agree with u Satya.

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Another thing is good that Dadima is still alive.

      1. Jayani

        Dat’s nt wrong at all coz even my great grandmother is alive nd m 13 yrs, she is 95 nd she is fit nd 5n… Nd in Ekta’s serial, a human can liv for more dan 100 years

  6. Makers have gone crazy . Chandra and Nandini are life of the show. People watch show for them .They just cant end their track and focus on BIndusara .Think its not Helena and Chandra son .He looks bigger than Bindusara .Think it Helena adopted son. Think Nandini is alive .Bindusara hates her .Think he will be one who pushes Nandini from cliff and Nandini will be not be able tolerate Bindusara hatred and will go far away .Hope Chandra Nandini have child of their own .If they show Nandini character dead forever then show is gone .People watch it for Rajat shweta .

  7. finally got the moment all CN fans were waiting for rajat shweta looked so hot.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      But the Chandra Nandini’s moment what we waited for so long is shown very shortly I think 50-60 sec, In Jodha akbar this moment shown at least 10- 15 minutes.

  8. Most disgusting thing is Apama is still in Mahal .This is nonsense. How can makers still keep that Aapama character.?she is one of the main cause for low fans are highly irritated with these greeks. its high time they should have ended apama character.and moora is still a idiot.cant believe they have bought moora’s character to this level.Cn story is over and now bindusara story will start . sorry but am not interested to see bindusara love story .from past so many months fans waited for CN story and now all of sudden leaps and leaps and they want sad ending to cn story !

    1. Same Seema !!! Keeping Apama`s character so long….was the death of this serial !! The makers underestimated the viewers irritation with Apama….how did Helena get her son, I hope it`s NOT Chandra`s…..

      1. @Aditi true. apama is killing the show .makers have not at realized it. dont think its helena son .he looks elder than bindusara . think its adopted son . helena and apama deserve punishment. helena was one who tortured durdhara .apama was was one who killed durdhara everyone knows it and bindusara thinks its nandini ! helena was also involved in that . with so much of negative things even leap cannot save the show. they need to kill apama, give helena punishment . give mura some brains .and give audiences chandra nandini love action scenes

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Apama is still in Mahal, but one thing I am happy her one only mission was to separate Chandra Nandini. But she not successful on that for 8 years. So now she wanting to create rift between Nandini and Bindusaar. Where is Chaya and Malayketu??? Who is this yellow haired boy??? I don’t it is chandra’s son. His name was also very funny.

  9. Hats off to makers!What a crap they were showing from the beginning!This serial is biggest example of a disasater Using talented actors .At one stage I was very happy when it entered top 5 and in SPA the lead pair performed well.What happened—nothing.They degraded the show with villains testing our patience and finally 8,20 years leap .Shame but one thing is clear that they are closing this show.Happy Bach Gaye hum from all nonsense.
    I wish RT and SBP to continue in television but choose better scripts.RT plz come out of Ekta production house it’s a humble request

  10. Today I heard one more news that Swetha left the show it it true I hope they may end the show asap

    1. What!! Shweta left the show. There goes our show completely now. I feel extremely sad for RAJAT. What a waste of his hard work and his dedication. They can continue the show with Rajat and Siddharth with Helena making Bindusar against his father as well.
      Which ever the CVS go, the show is doomed now, they is no hope for the fans and hopefully, Rajat will be able to get another show soon. We may have to wait for his come back probably for 1 year or so until he gets something better than this crap.
      We are not getting any good news but just bad news after bad news.

      1. What a bad news!!!!

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I am also watched that Shweta went to Goa and she was there at least for 4-5 days.

      1. Hi Satyaji, where do you read all these news. I read all these news here. Has Shweta signed a new film or show? Maybe she has taken a break because all her scenes would have been done so she has taken a few days off. At least when she is on holidays she will not be crying……

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        I actually saw some photos of shweta in Instagram where she is in Goa beach. May be she got some break from work. I also cannot believe that Shweta leave the show.

    3. @SPD shweta have not left the show. if she is gone then show is also gone. majority of people watch it for chandra nandini .no one are interested in leap and other children love story.

  11. No need to comment on this nonsense serial.chi

  12. Antis are celebrating today.But one thing is clear with 8:30timeslot ,lot of negativity on lead pair ,worst screenplay only Rajat had pulled this show for 10 months.Hats off RT come with a bang with a new show????

    1. @SPD .. show was running because of rajat and shweta .many fans and also those who are not in social media watch it for leads. They love shweta and rajat pairing and they carried this show with weak script .if shweta is not there then this show is gone..

      1. U r correct…..
        me too watch it only fr d lead pair of Rajat & Shweta…….

  13. This is very sad…..Bindusara killing Nandini……not interested in watching Bindusar`s love story !!! This is SO stupid ….

  14. The writers have reduced to this to a low graded show by portraying all aspects of negativity which is still not ending even after all the comments from the fans. I fail to understand which part the writers cannot comprehend.
    The FANS and viewers of this show are just TIRED and EXHAUSTED of this negativity. We have requested countless times about Helena and Apama but it seems, they are permanently glued as villians. Come on, CVS every negative character has an end after a while but here it seems that they is no light at the end of the tunnel with these two vices.
    Today’s episode, Rajat came for less than 2 ½ minutes towards the end. Why has it come down to this? I am only here for RAJAT and although the episode had to show us both the devils, it gave me no consolation about Chandra and Nandini become husband and wife and Nandini getting pregnant.
    Bindusar’s attitude changing towards Nandini is once again in contradiction of what the fans want. Even after the leap, we are not spared with some positive tracks of how Chandra with the help of Chanakya influenced Bindusar’s life for him to learn the ropes of becoming the next King. Instead we are going to see Bindusar’s hatred towards his mother Nandini and what exactly are the CVS trying to tell us. Helena telling Bindusar that Nandini is his stepmother, so what is Helena : she too is his step mother. Where is the logic behind this? Whilst growing up, not even once did Chandra talk about Dhurdhara with Bindusar? What nonsense is this?
    I would have understood that Chandra would have told Bindusar about his mother and also spoken how Nandini had cared and fought for him when he had lost his mother at child birth and this would have given him more love towards Nandini and not hatred but our writers once again cannot think in a optimistic manner but went on the wrong path to show their much loved negativity.

    1. @CNFan agree. Even i watch this show for leads and am highly annoyed with this apama and helena . so many times we had told makers to end apama .,just kill her but makers never listened to us. still they have kept her and am sure till she is in show the show is not going to get trps and what a nonsense reason for bindusara to hate nandini . chandra and everyone knows its apama who killed dudhara and who can bindusara be so silly .ok even after grown up he never comes to know its apama who killed durdhara ? makers are just pure shits .am sure this leap also will not save the show. i want shweta , rajat to leave this show.

  15. If Helena and chandra hav their own son then I’m going to cry
    But I think it’s an adopted son hopefully as he’s much older than bindusara and chandra never loved Helena so he wouldn’t want to have a child with her.
    Why can’t the makers kick stupid a apama out of the mahal
    I’m tired and sick of seeing the same old villains …
    Wonder if nsndini is going to have a girl or boy

  16. Yes, makers have gone to service their brains. Moora found guilty with all the envidence, not bad she must studied for law. Still she has not forgiven Nandini. Good news, after 6 months Nandini confess to Chandra she love him. Chandra n Nandini chemistry n their romantic moments was hot & sissling, but disappointed that could have extended their romance a few episode.
    Another good news is she got pregnant after 8 years, such a long time, Rajamata not happy ,she thinks she might not give love to Bindu.
    Helena own child or adopted child looks must bigger than Bindu, so it is not from Chandra, must be a Greek guy happened before she got married to Chandra. Who knows it could be Malai child?
    Happy that Chanakya back to Mahal. All the evils still there, shocked to see Apama.

    Precap Apama n Helena plot starts again, they might be involved in brainwashing Bindu n he is angry with his choti amma. Shocking news Nandini falling from the cliff, hope Baby n she is alright. I only hope she is not dead?.
    Last week we saw the promo where Bindu is taking a sword n try to cut Nandini photo. Feeling sad

    1. Nandini falling from the cliff?Where did u read this?After wasting 30 minutes of my time each day I just pray that there will be a happy ending.I should have listened to my son, I think I will never ever watch a serial again!

      1. Me too Roopa, we are so stressed, it does not benefit us, loss of sleep,anger,sad,irriated, unable to concentrate, waiting eagerly for the serial n do not want disturbance.
        All bad points for what. The makers create such a story that all viewers are unable to digest n they us to share our views, but end up getting disappointed.

        Roopa, are you a Malaysian

      2. No I am Indian

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I think Helena hire this child from Clovie.,???

  17. can the stupid show. so lame

  18. Apma should just f&^&* offf!!!

  19. Shocking twist!Nandini gets a son!?!Amazing!!!!!:)

  20. Shocking twist!Nandini gets a son!?!Amazing!!!!!:)I cannot wait to see Helena’s face and reaction when Nandini brings her child into the world.Apama, watch out!!!!!!!:)

    1. From where u got this news

  21. Let’s see what Helena does when Nandini gives birth to her child.What’s apama gonna think and do?????:)

  22. Not really liked yesterday’s episode. All scenes look like last minutes added forcefully. They showed CN unity just to not disappoints the viewers i guess.

    Really not in mood to see the rift between CN neither Nandini and Bindusar or Chandra and Bindusar…

    It seems Staplus and the crew having some disputes due to the story lines. That’s why all this uneven plots and leaps are happening.

    Whatever, to compensate all the viewers for their unacceptable story line, Ekta mam shall come with new serial for Rajat and Shweta combo which wont affect any histories.

    Maybe the creators can consider this tagline for their new serial…


    The creators can continue CN love story in different era with different set, not as emperor or in mahal.

    1. @Sumy agree . and those lines IF YOU ARE NOT NAND’S DAUGHTER AND IM NOT THE CHANDRA GUPTA MAURYA, WE WILL SURELY BE MADE FOR EACH OTHER – IMMORTAL LOVE” are beautiful .i wish we get to see rajat and shweta in different modern age story . they are such a sizzling pair they were magical together

      1. This is a beautiful dialouge from Chandra, i think in Season 2 during Roopa track

  23. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Thank god, The makers showed that after 6 months Nandini accepted Chandra as her husband and they confessed each other’s feelings and lived together as Husband wife. But Instead of telling that in background if they showed that scenes then it would more better for CN fans. I don’t know why they are so hurry to bring Bindusaar, because any fan not interested in Bindusaar track if bindusaar track will shorter then fans not mind it.

    1. Satya, even I felt the same. They could have shown us confessing love for each other with longer scenes. It looked like the makers were in a hurry to end CN and take a another leap of 20 years with Bindusar’s story. I want this serial to end asap. I feel cheated by the makers.,,they showed evil winning all the time. Apama’ s plots were successful…each and every one of them. I wasted my time, emotions and energy watching this serial….I’ll wait for Rajat’s next serial.,,,may be next year….,what an amazing actor..,,I watched it for C and N’s love and chemistry…,now it’s over.,,,in a way, it’s a relief that CN love story is OVER !!!! Very disappointing serial !

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        I agree with you!!! It gave pain after pain. The makers totally cheated with us and played with our emotions. Can U believe what happen yesterday??? Moora proved herself Innocent , Chandra Nandini accepted each other , bindusaar with Nandini and Nandini is pregnant. In one episode they shown one week’s story. After soo much suffering The CN fans at least deserve one episode full with romantic scene of CN where they propose each other and then the love making scene. But we saw only a 1 min romantic scene.??

  24. Smriti Barman

    Who is adones..helina’s boy..but when..he look much bigger than bindusar also..n where is justin
    .. totally fiction..

  25. My frustration in tamil (Appa saami oru valiya iluthu moodungappa indha serial ah. Inum ethuku two months wait pannanum) . Whether Nandinis character is ending soon or shweta is quitting it is good for her. But Rajat ve to be there till he become a jain monk. Will miss Rajat & Shwetha aka Chandra & Nandini and little bindusar too. Hope to see them in new serial soon. Today will be the last day of mine commenting here. Though i did not chat a lot with you all here. Will definitely miss your comments shree jai padmini sathya jayani.

    1. Hai, so u hv decided to stop watching. we all understand but the serial won’t last long, i think
      This serial had made all of us so sad. Will miss yr commetns CN fan93

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Glad to meet u and congratulations to u also!!! Now u r free from daily mental torture.

  26. Stupid serial. I have stopped watching it, was watching it only to see Chandra & Nandini unite. But that happened for barely 2 minutes yesterday and the serial took a leap of 8 years and again it may take a leap of 20 years. What nonsense!!!! We are here to see Chandra & Nandini (Rajat & Shweta) and not a new actor as Bindusar. I suggest Rajat & Sweta quit the show at the earliest. What is the fun in seeing the story of Bindusar rather than Chandra & Nandini. Hopeless makers.

  27. Error Moora found not guilty instead of guilty. Wrongly typed in my comment

  28. If makers are reading this please see the comments . Audiences want chandra nandini love story .kill apama or esle serial will shut .punish helena. give chandra nandini love story happy ending and close the serial .

  29. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Any one can tell which show will replace Chandra Nandini 8:30 p.m.???

    1. R u sure its going 2 b end of CN very soon…..

      If dis happens, den i will really miss my dear Rajat & Shweta…….& will wait fr another serial by Rajat & Shweta………

  30. I think another pt of d prcap is missing haaah……..
    D pt when bindu came running 2 C & told somthing abt N & also bindu was telling somthing infront of d mirrior, dat N have 2 pay fr somthing……….Tanaya di i think u hav missed out dis lines….
    But whatever it is, yesterdays epi was quite gud rather than d past few days…….bt really felling very bad 2 see d poor condition of Atonus………his father SURVIR YODHA, his mother MUKHYA MAHARANI & see his condition, how poor………& particularly his hair, OMG !!!! when i saw dat it made me sick and i thought,”Ek bachcha itna jaldi old kaise ho ja sakte hai…………..”, makers its really horrible……… & another thing he was looking much more older than bindu…….

    What rubbish is going on in dis serial really don’t know……

  31. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) happiness shattered as Bindusar turns against Nandini

    Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini has now gone in for an 8 year time leap which shows Chandra and Nandini’s son Bindusar as a grown up child. Bindusar loves Nandini immensely and follows her every advice perfectly.

    Nandini takes care of Bindusar in every way and also gives him knowledge of sword fighting. Bindusar does everything for Nandini and also gets tamarind for her from a far off jungle. Nandini is overwhelmed by Bindusar’s love for her. However, Nandini soon comes to know that she is pregnant and the palace gets filled with happiness knowing about Nandini’s good news. Bindusar is excited to know that Nandini will soon give him a sibling and he tells this news to Chandra when he returns from battle.

    While Chandra, Bindusar and Nandini are extremely happy, Helena fumes knowing about this news. Viewers will soon get to see that Helena and Apama will once again start making their evil plans to ensure that Bindusar goes against Nandini. Helena will instigate Bindusar saying that Nandini is not his real mother and will not love him after her baby is born. Moreover, Helena will also blame Nandini for the death of Bindusar’s real mother Durdhara. Bindusar will fall into Helena’s trap and will be convinced that Nandini is the real culprit.

    Bindusar will start to hate Nandini and will also make an attempt to kill her. How will Nandini succeed to win Bindusar’s trust once again and remove his misunderstanding? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

    1. Poor Nandini. Last time she have to win Chandra’s trust, then Chankya’s trust, then Moora’s trust… now she have to gain Bindusar’s trust…

      What a bad potray of an innocent and lovable lady. What kind of treatment she have to pass through while the evil ladies are enjoying the evilness…

      Why karma don’t attack them immediately in serials. Why need to wait until end for the devils get the punishment!!!

  32. This show is full of negativity ☁?☁☁☁☁?☁
    I feel so sad

  33. Just seen Shweta’s instagram update. A lady in blue normal saree cover the face by the handphone and written as NANDINI???

    I guess Nandini will live a normal life after fall down from cliff. She won’t return to mahal as she knows Bindusar hates her. While everyone will think that Nandini died.

    Chandra may meet her and her kid after he go as sanyasi.

    This is how it’s going to end i guess…

  34. I feel like taking a hammer and hitting the writers for messing the story,horrible we as viewers are letting out our frustrations on makers think about Rajat and Swetha what would be there situation I feel sad for them at same time i am angry on writers who are incapable of writing a story all ways giving importance to negative characters, there is no logic at all in the story.
    Ekta mam why do you hire such untalented writers and spoil your company name as well as the lead actor and actress’s name please it’s our humble request from viewers to please do another show with Rajat and Swetha with good story not historical
    It’s because of both the leads we are still watching other wise we would have left long back

    And coming to the episode I liked only when chandra and nandini come other wise not interested, I knew that both these two Greek witches will target bindusar to separate him from nandini same from jodha akbar, Rukuiya did the same thing by manipulating against his parents and it’s same wow writers one stupidest thing I ever seen pathetic it’s total garbage how come Helena’s son is taller then bindusar she is telling nandini is stepmother then who the hell is she mother she is not even capable of being or called as a mother and still we seeing that pathetic face of Apama disgusting

    Rajat and Swetha please leave the production house asap I will pray that in future you both get good projects good luck to both of them

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