Chandra Nandni 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode started off… the Ashram where all the students were busy refreshing themselves up.. The rival of Chandra showed up once again to inform Nandini that arrangements had been made so that two people can take bath in one bathroom… He suggested Jayan (aka nandini) to come with him.. Nandini felt awkward.. She made excuses that her dress was in the room and the boy left.. A jealous Chandra told Nandini that students were not allowed to take part in any activity before having their morning bath so it would be better for her to bath with him..

He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and almost dragged her inside the bathroom.. Nandini was too nervous and resisted.. Chandra insisted, she again resisted and tried to look for excuses but finally had to give in..
Chandra literally

forced her to sit down and convinced her that he would not be looking at her.. instead he would stand at the door and keep an eye so that no one could enter.. He took away her false beard and moustache and began the 1st La La La moment of the day..
nandini took off her clothes (only some of them) and handed them over to her hubby.. the couple was highly nervous.. Chandra picked u the bucket and poured the water on Nandini..

Chandra too took off clothes.. he wanted to take his bath too along with his wife.. a super nervous Nandini felt all the more nervous..
Chandini slipped on the wet floor and chandra fell down, lying on the ground with Nandini in wet clothes over his bare chest.. . Both of them stayed like that for a few good seconds and finally got up..
Finally Chandra Nandini were done with their bathing session.

Scene shifted to the royal palace of Magadh where Helena was looking for Chandra.. A maid informed her that both Chandra Nandini were not in the palace.. Helena became furious..
Dhurdhara was passing by.. seeing Helena standing in her way, she turned back and ran away. Helena understood that Dhurdhara must be aware of Chandini’s wherabouts..
Dhurdhara came to Moora and complained that her stomach was aching badly.. Moora got worried and brought some medicinal leaves for her.. Sweet Dhurdhara innocently said that she had hidden some secrets in her stomach and so it was aching badly… She finally spilled the beans and informed Moora about Chnadini.. Moora sang praises of her son for taking care of women educational rights.. Helena overheard them

Scene shifted to Ashram where one of Nand’s men met her and told her that she did a good job by bringing Chandra out of the palace.. he asked her that when she would return with Chandra, she would have to have to take him to some XYZ mandir direction and taking advantage of the situation they will attack Chandra.. It was a golden opportunity for them to hit him for he was without any bodyguard or army around him.. The stranger left..

Exam started.. Nandini was all lost in the words of that man who wanted to kill Chandra.. The guru called Jayan Singh (nandini) to come and give the answers to his questions.. Now you all know what happened next.. Nandini, very intelligently, gave correct answers to all the questions and Chandra, standing at a distance, starting at his wife with a smiling face was totally clean bowled by her sheer brilliance..

Other students, who were jealous of Jayan, threw challenge at him (her) that she needed to prove her bravery and courage too.. One of them challenged her to visit the most dreadful graveyard in that area at night time.. the students literally forced her to accept the challenge and she accepted..

It was night time.. Nandini was planning to set out for the graveyard.. Chandra asked her to come and sleep and he himself laid down and closed his eyes.. A confused Nandini decided not to inform him about the challenge

Nandini waited for chandra to go to sleep and finally after some time she got up and went outside the room.
Nandini came to a jungle with the boy who gave her the challenge.. they were walking amidst the dense forest.. and finally reached the graveyard.. The boy asked him to think again before fulfilling the challenge of crossing the border of the cremation ground.. A terribly frightened Nandini walked forward..

She was now all alone with no one around her.. Talking small trembling steps forward she picked up a fistful of sand from the ground and put them into a handkerchief and intended to go back.. just then the fire in her hand blewt off.. and it was complete dark around her..
The other boy came in search of her.. Nandini’s head cover opened leaving her long curly hair fall down her back.. and the boy discovered that Jayan singh was actually a girl.. He smiled wickedly.. Episode froze on Nandini trying to tie her hair properly..

Precap: The wicked boy mixed something in Nandini’s drink and she gulped down the whole of it and looked at him with a strange smile on her lips.

Update Credit to: Titli

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  1. Jayani

    OMG! I can’t wait for monday!!! 2day’s epi was asum… Very gud writing skills tanaya di…? Even I can’t write dis well… D precap was lyk sooo interesting making me wanting 2 watch monday’s epi itself… Can’t wait for monaday…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. It is Titli, updated today’s episode.
      It’s wonderful, Titli

    2. yea, i am also tensed, what will happen now?

    3. Jayani

      O sry! I thot it was tanaya di… No wonder d writing methods were COMPLETELY different

  2. Titli such a wonderful.update yr ??

  3. Pls weekend also v need to watch at least for Saturday itself..

  4. who’s the boy?
    I think it is chandra. anyway awesome episode the bathing scenes were so cute.

  5. Pushpa Weerasooriya

    Thank you very much Tanya for your daily updates.If not for those, I will not be able to enjoy the show. Wishing yo all and all your loved ones, a New Year filled with good health, peace, prosperity and contentment. From Canada with love and gratitude.

    1. Pushpa Weerasooriya

      Thank you Titli for today’s update. Many blessings for the New Year to you and to all your loved ones. From Canada with love and gratitude.

  6. OMG! the disgusting boy will now disturb Nandini. But, Chandra will save her. But this incident will bring Chandra and Nandini closer……

  7. But, where is Tanaya di?????
    please, bring her back…..????

  8. Dear TITLE, your writing skill is so nice. Chandra-Nandini bathroom scene so cute. Nandini character is real voice of women.

  9. NABANITA626

    Hi title di……….so nice update….welcome in this chandra nandini family….

  10. Nice episode

  11. Wow! Very interesting show…i love it?

  12. Nice episode

  13. its very nice episode…i like it very much


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