Chandra Nandni 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update:Chitra and Bhadraketu get mar

Chandra Nandni 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindusara walks in with his bride,adornus stops and says I want a gift too,dadi says adornus this ritual is for girls and not boys,adornus says dadi there’s no girl here and bhaiya married twice and so it’s my time now,Bindusara asks so what you want,adornus says a bride,10 horses,a mahal,Bindusara says enough enough I will get you everything you want,Helina says ok Nandini come perform the graham Pravesh ritual and then looks at Bindusara and says for the sake of me don’t loose your calm,dhrama thinks I’m sorry ma I didn’t want to do this but I had to,dhrama about to stop in,Chitra walks in with Bhadra and says dhrama.

Bindusara says Chitra then who is she,Bindusara looks and shocked to see its dhrama,all are shocked,Chitra says why did you do this and that

to save me,Helina says this is cheating,dhrama says I didn’t cheat,I wa shuts trying to solve things,chitras mother says what all is this,Chitra says I told you ma I love someone else and it’s Bhadra and I cant live with anyone else and now please bless us and accept us,Nandini slaps dhrama,Chandra says Nandini she is your daughter, don’t do this,Nandini says don’t step in today and takes dharma away,dharma while walking steps in kumkum and get footsteps are marked again.

Nandini in the room asks why did you do this,don’t you understand what marriage is,you married the person you hate the most,no one will understand that you did this for Chitra but will take this as you did this for the kingdom,dhrama says what will I do ma,I found a letter,and tells about it to Nandini,Nandini says what this means it’s a plot someone made you do this,dhrama we need to inform maharaj about it,where is the letter,Dhrama says in chitras room. Helina says look at that dhrama,Bindusara don’t ever forgive her,Charumati says yes ma is right,first she messed with your Yuvraj title and now this and what will Magad say when they will earn you married a dasi.

Nandini and dhrama looking for the letter,dharma says we won’t find it ma,because that person who plotted all this has won,Nandini says I don’t accept it,I will talk to maharaj,Dhrama says stop ma. Dasis walk in and says dharma it’s your wedding night please come to Bindusara room. Champa king,scolds Chitra,and says there will be war now and Champa will face the warship. Malayketu says wow my son Bhadra you did a great thing you snatched Bindusaras bride,Bhadra says I love her. Champa king says please Chitra go to Chandragupta and say you don’t accept this wedding,Chitra says no please,Kartikeya stops his father and says she did the right thing,she stood for her love and will fight for it.malayketu says now let’s see,who will Chandra stand for,his son or you,you have served him till now and if Chandragupta decides to go against you,don’t you worry,Chandra walks in and says that won’t be required malayketu.

Bhadra says I’m sorry,Chandra says don’t be,you are like Bindusara to me,and I’m not upset but why didn’t you tell me,and anyways come let’s go get your wife home and walks away,Malayketu says he is trying to snatch my son away from me. Chandra walks in with Bhadra to chitras room and says I would like to take my daughter in law home,Kartikeya says sorry Bindusara and Chitra won’t be one now,and I’m ok for war too,Chandra says Kartikeya I’m talking about Bhadra,and Champa king I’m forgiving you this time because in my Magad no girl will be forced to marry and will be Strictly punished.

Nandini says to Chandra,we need to align this wedding,Chandra says did dharma say this,Nandini says no she didn’t but I know they aren’t made for each other,Chandra says Nandini we were enemies and hated each other,we are live examples of how hatred can be transformed to love and only dhrama can help Bindusara.

Dharma is taken to Bindusara room and she thinks now I shall have on,y hatred in my life. Chandra says Nandini don’t worry fate will decide whether this is right or wrong,Nandini remembers baba say that dhrama has her fate in Magad. Dharma in Bindusara room says this is a dream and opens her eyes and Bindusara walks in,dharma is scared and in tears,Bindusara sits beside her and hugs her and says thank you dhrama,dharma asks why,Bindusara says you saved me and my families status by taking chitras place and don’t worry we soon will cancel this marriage,I will talk to my father,and ask me anything you want,gold diamonds land anything,dhrama says sorry I want nothing,I did this for my ma and maharaj Chandragupta,Bindusara says still thank you and I will be back let me talk to pitahshree and leaves,dhrama says one man and so many different and confusing emotions.

Nandini says look at these ornament ,Nandini wants to gift them and Chandra thinks it’s for herself and says Nandini a sore age it’s not good,Nandini says age by the way this is for gifting and I can wear them,and aren’t you aged,Chandra says I can still fight wars and marry many ladies and they are flat on me,Nandini thinks you can marry many times but what will Helina say then,Chandra says forget her but why are these two sets,Nandini says one for Bindusara and other for Bhadra wife,Chandra says only you can do this,Nandini says it was long day good night and leaves,Chandra says I have to sleep on sofa.

Pre cap : baba tells his boss that Chandra has accepted Nandini.Nandini rests her head on Chandra and says I love you and no one can separate us now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Another separation coming Aren’t we sick and tired of this?Oh please, before the show ends show some good stuff.

    1. Roopa, we all getting tired of CN separation. Only hope Chanakya gets information that Baba lied. Since the serial is finishing by Nov, they shd stopped all this nonsence n have a happy ending.

  2. Marriage time over, all have accepted the marriages. Waiting for Dharma Bindusar love story.

  3. What did I see today??? Bindusar was so cool today. I thought he would get drunk and create chaos as usual but got to see something different. What’s going on in his mind? He’s not an easy going person then what’s his motive? Or is he really cool with Dharma’s sacrifice? Or is the show coming to an end and so they’ve started showing changes in him? Lot of questions in my mind right now. I want this show to end soon but please not abruptly.

  4. Yeh! First! The most astonishing moment was Bindu thanking Dharma. OMG! Aaaahhh!!!

  5. Actually, Bindu’s sudden change of behaviour does not convince the flow of his character, it has ruined his character. Such a change should happen slowly!

  6. Bindusar is pleased with dharma..all his hatred and anger is just gone within a few moments….i loved it but i find it strange too..their love story should be more dramatic..

  7. Poor Dharma, How many times she is getting slapped from Nandini. Letter is missing, Nandini knows that is conspiracy, she want to inform the King but stops by Dharma. So look like there is no investigation.
    I was worried for Dharma, what will Bindu will do to her, surprising he hugged n thank her. He told her that he will talk to the king n break off the wedding. Is it possible, I doubt .
    Precap Interesting Chandra is asleep n Nandini lay on his chest n says I love u, when he is sleeping. I wish Chandra pretends to be sleeping.
    Two villian is seen , one is Nandini fake husband n the other King Nanda grandson. Again another separation

  8. It’s not clear what’s bindusar s intention is?Does he really sympathise with dharma? When nandini slapped dharma he looked sad as though he cared for dharma. Let’s wait and watch what’s going to happen.

    1. Arpkishore

      He s acting roopa, he use tat chance to send nandni out f mahal using dharma

      1. Maybe you are right.

  9. can someone tell the shows new timings

  10. Arpkishore

    Helena and charu manipulate bindu, he s not convinced he married to dharma. He fake fully thank dharma for saved his dignity. He knows for sake of Elis, he won’t thank truly. He s acting lik he s not angry wit dharma. Its his new trap for nandni by using dharma. Very soon everything ll get changed and thr hatred turns love and mother and son bond ll be turns as gud. Whr s chanakya didn’t shown?. Chitra didn’t do anything fishy against dharma for taking dis situation. Malay asusual poisoning bhadra mind, tis time Chandra came last time nandni. He thinks he s snatching away his son. Y moora intrigue in dis marriage against nandni? I expected this ll hppn. Let’s see bindu wants to break dis marriage maybe tat time moora ll come to torture dharma and nandni..

  11. Savithri V Ramani

    My god one more separation and when the show is coming to an end even now main character has not seen in happy mood and negative characters are winning so sad. atleast give us some happy ending and reveal the misery in the long ten years and bindu should love and respect choti ma

  12. For God’s sake it’s time to see some legit changes:

    Chandra and Nandini : They love each other so let them unite soon. We are tired of separation tracks. Nandini should recover her memories soon, she been raised as princess and warrior but never act such so for Magad’s sake she should claimed her maharani position, work together with Chandra and Chanakya to solve all the puzzles been going on.

    Helena and Apma : Why they never learnt any lesson so far? Though this claimed to be historical series yet facts been changed, hence cater story for current audience. Show us that once you do something wrong to someone you shall deserve the punishment. They killed Durhara, separated Chandra and Nandini, ruined Bindusara mind yet being in throne, making sure her children happy as well.

  13. I think bindusar is playing a game.
    My gut feeling says that he is looking to catch Helena in her own game.
    Precap highly suspicious.

  14. Gpk484

    Chandra Nandini climax track: Enemy enters to end Chandra & Nandini love forever

    Oct 02 , 2017 | | One Comments

    Chandra Nandini latest news: Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) and Chandra (Rajat Tokas) to unite completely as Nandini realizes her love
    Chandra Nandini is all set to to begin a new track where Chandra and Nandini’s love enemy will enter to create a major rift in their lives. Chandra and Nandini have united after a long time and the love between them has finally rekindled.

    Although Nandini has still not remembered her past, she realizes that she loves Chandra immensely. Nandini keeps herself away from Chandra as she feels quite shy but very soon, Nandini will forget all her shyness and will come close to Chandra. Chandra and Nandini will remove all barriers between them and will unite completely. However, Chandra and Nandini’s love will face a new setback as a past enemy will enter their lives to create havoc. Chandra and Nandini have an unknown enemy who does not want them to unite and therefore, he will come to Magadh to create some major trouble.

    This will also be the climax track of the show where Chandra and Nandini’s relationship will fall in so much trouble because of this unknown man that the two will have to part ways forever. Although Chandra and Nandini’s love will not get completed, a new love story will begin as Bindusar and Dharma will realizes their true love. Bindusar finds out that Dharam has married him in place of Chitra and instead of being angry with her, he feels happy that Dharma saved his self-respect in front of everyone.
    This is a new beginning for Bindusar and Dharma as their love story will finally start off. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Chandra Nandini.

  15. Gpk484

    They can’t do like this Chandra and Nandini should unite if they didn’t then there will be no use in watching this episode for one year and director I mean writers will never do such a thing has negative ending or climax because although some of the people are considering that Chandra and Nandini love is not at all in history then how come Helena has children this also isn’t stated in history so this show is a fictional and also will end like fictional that Chandra and Nandini will unite completely forever Happy Ending …???????

  16. CN is nearing its end. That’s why bindusar is behaving like this. When Dharma helped him to get marry he never showed even one percent gratitude. He insulted her immediately. Because of the poor storyline CN is going to end. Even Chanakya is simply moving round not able to find out what Helena and apama are doing. Nandini lived very happily enjoying the royal life when she was with cruel padmanand. From the day she married Chandra she is not all happy facing all the humiliation till now. The evils are living happily enjoying the royal life. Next time bindusar should select a serial which is jovial and fun. Otherwise his face will remain like rock. In Asoka also he was always rock faced. Because of the irritating narration we r going to miss to watch the excellent performances of Rajat and Sweta.

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