Chandra Nandni 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: bheemdevs body burnt;Mohini killed by Chandra as Bheemdev.

Chandra Nandni 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra as Bheemdev says do you understand what have you done,you greedy women,Mohini says understand this is so that you can stay in Chandras body and then we both can rule over Magad.

Chanakya reads we need body of other person to make him leave the possessed body and says this is very difficult,Nandini walks to Chanakya and says Bheemdev is in maharaj body and bheemdevs body is burnt I have seen Mohini do that and all this so that they can rule over Magad,Chanakya says you have no idea what horrifying thing has happened because to make Bheemdev leave Chandras body we need to have bheemdevs body,Nandini says did we loose Chandra,Chanakya says it’s hard not impossible and I shall find a way and I just wish Bheemdev doesn’t make anything worst,Nandini says no he won’t

I won’t let him do that,Chanakya says Bheemdev must be angry because his body is burnt,Nandini says yes he is but we will do this for Chandra,Chanakya says here is abhimantrik Dhaga give it to everyone so that Bheemdev and Mohini can’t enter others body.

Chandra as Bheemdev very angry and shatters whole room,Nandini thinks so it was Bheemdev who made Chandra do this and hears Chandras angry vice and walks to him and thinks how should I stop him,she talks to him but he pushes her and says stop it,I’m trying to talk at you but look at you,you are a king intelligent strong but me who has no identity and see I beg of you don’t do this,I lived a simple life before but this Royal life I’m in love with it don’t send me away from this,Bheemdev thinks wow I was without any reason angry this life is what I always dreamt of,Bindusara hears all this and leaves. Chandra says no Nandini you are mine I won’t let you go and hugs her,Nandini thinks I will trap you in this and make you suffer for all the pain you gave my Chandra.

Mohini says now I just have to handle Nandini to have the throne and crown. Helina thinking why didn’t Bindusara take any steps against dharma,Mohini walks in,Helina says how dare you enter,Mohini says did you forget it’s my room now,as I’m mukhya rani now,Helina says Chandra cant do this to me,Mohini says just get out of my room,Helina leaves in anger. Dharma thinking about her future predictions,and thinks he must have predicted something wrong,me and Bindusara hard,y leave as husband and wife so kids how is that possible.

Bindusara has a cramp,dharma walks to help him but Bindusara says dare you come to me,you and your mother are just good to act,remember you said that lady is Nandini but I heard her say she will be here as dasi but she won’t go to bheemdev because she want luxuries of this kingdom and so I won’t let you and your mother stay,my father might have lost it but I haven’t,and so get lost and takes her away with him.

Helina says what have you done Chandra,you gave my position to that stupid women Mohini,I helped you be king, I’m your wife but you,Chandra walks away. Mohini eyeing on the throne,she feels it,and sits on mukhya rani throne and then walks to kings throne and sits on it,Chandra walks to her and gets very angry,and says how dare you,Mohini says I was just taking the feel ,it is so attractive,Chandra says it’s Magad Samrats throne and not for a common man like you and pushes her,Mohini says how dare you push me.

Mohini sees Helina around and says now I’m mukhrani and so why behave with me this way,Chandra says I saw greed in your eyes and so don’t forget who you are or else I will out you behind bars,Mohini says I know your secret,Chandra says who will believe you,Mohini says okay I shall go and inform all then,Chandra kills her,Helina in shock,Chandra says so my every order should be followed and no questions asked and leaves.

Bindusara drags dharma along with her,Nandini sees them,Bindusara stops,Nandini makes him leave her hand and says she is your wife don’t misbehave,Bindusara says she is my wife and I will behave as per my wish,and I know your truth so don’t try this tricks on me,Dhrama says enough you keep insulting me I can take that but she is my mother and I cant take a word against her,Bindusara says ok ask her then didn’t she say she won’t go to bheemdev and stay with maharaj,Nandini says yes I did,Bindusara says yes see how shameless,dharma says I can’t believe,Nandini says maharaj isn’t behaving well like two spilt personalities and I did this to calm him down,Bindusara says do I look fool,Nandini says why don’t you understand the truth is,Nandini remembers not to share the news but thinks Chanakya acharya I have to tell Bindusara and tells Bindusara the truth.

Bindusara starts laughing,and says wow. Chanakya meets a tantrik and tells him situation,tantrik says only one way sacrifice of love.

Pre cap : Bindusara says to Nandini, I will be near the room so that Bheemdev doesn’t miss behave.
Nandini tells Chanakya that not just Bheemdev but also Mohinis soul is in Chandras body now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Good episode. Acharya is looking for the solution to release Chandra from soul game. Mohini is killed but her soul also entered in Chandra’s body. It’s nice to see that in precap Bindusar favours Nandini.

  2. This week’s Precap makes you to wait for the Full Episode to watch.

  3. OMG….Chandra is in big trouble now…..
    Now dey will have to be very careful abt their aim…….
    Swanand is also coming to magadh to attack and capture it……

    Well can anyone tell me is Swanand Gautami’s son???

    1. Welcome back Nick, missing yr comments for a long time. Swanand is Gautami son

    2. Welcome back, Nick.How was your exams?Study hard, dear and be a good citizen of this world.

  4. I don’t understand this soul swapping. If Beemdev and Mohini’s soul enter chandra’s body where will chandra’s soul will go till then?

    1. Prakashnie, me too i don’t understand. No logic from where they get this idea.Must be getting information from Black Magic people.

  5. What did the tantrik mean by sacrifice of love?Can someone explain?

    1. Roopa, Me too I don’t understand, who love to sacrifice is it Nandini love. Why this tantrik guy also faciniated with love. No logic

      1. Arpkishore

        That means I think thy have to sacrifice nandni for saving chandra

    2. Welcome back, kishore.I hope nothing will happen to nandini and hope they’ll live happily ever after.

  6. It’s getting interesting episode.
    But only Helena evil doing none can find out. That’s the only thing, makes silly of Nandini who is strong and intelligent and brave character look ….?????
    Always miss out find the trust of Helena character.. sometimes is boring to see Nandini lose.. And Helena win her evil doing all time…??

  7. Savithri V Ramani

    Good precap

  8. Hello dearest Padmini, Roopa, Nick, Jayani and all my good friends of Chandra Nandini. I will miss each one of you after next week. We had all become close friends here and after the show ends, it will be lose of not been able to watch Rajat and continue our friendships.
    It has been a lovely journey with each one of you and although I NEVER comment online, I learned to comment and share my views with all you lovely people.
    Like myself, we all await for Rajat’s next show to come soon: no one knows when, I guess not even Rajat himself knows or maybe he is already talking about another show.
    I pray his next show will be better than this one.
    I will pray for each one of you to be happy in your life and I know that Jayani and Nick are students so I wish them a bright future. I know you had your exams and hope you pass them with good marks.
    My best wishes I leave behind with each one of my lovely friends here.

    1. CNFan, I am going to miss u n yr love story n also all my freinds in this group chat n i think we are commenting almost a year. I always like Maharajah shows, because i do admire their dressing,the gold ornaments, the decoration n very colourful. Rajat n Sweta pair chemistry is the one pull me like maganetic pole, n decided to watch this serial. The problem here is too much negativiety n other made of stories which is unbelieveable . Sorry for my spelling mistakes.
      I always enjoy chatting with all of u. I also won’t know when Rajat is acting, unless they have tamil serial. But i don;t like to watch serial as this was my first serial. I don’t mind watching Jai Hanuman,Ram n Seeta or any other spiritual shows which is knowledgeable

      1. hi Padmini,
        Here is the continued story. I am so happy you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you feel what you think of this new part I have written.

        Chandra thought of going out as a commoner dressed as an old man with Dhurdhara as his daughter and catch the culprits. Simple!!
        “WHAT??? Have you lost your mind Chandra?” Chanakya nearly screamed at Chandra and at the same time he had already got up from his seat.
        “I am your guru and you will not even think of such a silly idea Chandra” responded Chanakya having lost his mind towards Chandra who had the silliest idea according to him.
        “You going out like a commoner and the silliest idea is taking innocent Dhurdhara with you? Can’t you think of anything better Chandra? Why put Dhurdhara at risk with such pathetic goons? “
        Chandra sat there with a gleam in his eyes.
        “Dhurdhara is a good fighter and I will be there to keep her safe if need be Chanakya and she would be the perfect bait for the goons to get attracted to” spoke Chandra in a quiet and calm response to the hyped up guru.
        “NOOOO…… “came back a sharp response back at him.
        In his mind, Chandra thought this to be the best plan he could think of and if his guru did not agree with him, who he was obviously finding it hard to convince, the goons will not be caught quickly as he wanted to. He had to convince his guru quickly and in a more acceptable manner but HOW??
        The room’s atmosphere changed between the guru and the student but Chandra could not understand what the issue was about him going out as a commoner. Chanakya on the other hand was thinking about Dhurdhara and if they ever laid their eyes on her innocent soul, she would definitely become a prey and what if Chandra could not save her on time. What then?
        Chanakya, how about I take disguised soldiers with us as well and they can keep an eye on Dhurdhara all the time and in that way, even if I am not with her, then she is surrounded by our abled soldiers.
        “Which part of my sentence don’t you understand Chandra? NOooo, you will not take Dhurdhara with you?” this time his voice was raised and his harsh tone made Chandra shiver a bit.
        “Okay, how about I take Helena with me then?” Whispered Chandra this time.
        The next instance, Chanakya who had already lost his temper towards his son like student and the King of Magadh walked out of the chamber without saying another word.
        Chandra sat there a bit shaken up by his guru’s outburst of his temper towards him. What was wrong with his simple idea? Was he missing out on something that he could not see or what? Why was his Guru so stubborn? Dhurdhara and Helena would both support Chandra for the betterment of Magadh then why not Chanakya Guruji?
        Maybe it was time to speak to maa and dadimaa and request for their advice.
        Chandra took a deep breathe and sat in silence for a while, then he got up and as he was walking to his chambers, peeked into the ladies saaba. He never interfered in his wife’s day to day activities but today, it seemed like he wanted to know what went on in the saaba.
        He stood there, watching as the saaba was getting ready with all the locals slowly coming in. There were ladies as well as their husbands and most of them looked either sad or scared. This was the first time he had seen such sad women coming to the palace and it made him think of what was going on in their delicate strong minds.
        “I think Chanakya should be here with me as well,” thought Chandra and motioned a guard standing near the post.
        “Go and ask Chanakya to come here immediately”, whispered Chandra and keep it quiet.
        5 minutes and the announcer was announcing the arrival of Maharani Dhurdhara and Maharani Helena into the saaba. Both the Queens sat on their thrones and Helena welcomed all the commoners. Everyone started to chant for their queens. Faces brightened up just seeing the Queens of Samrat Chandragupt Maurya.
        Chandra stood there thinking how Dhurdhara had managed to come to the saaba but then he thought to himself that she and Helena could manage the impossible and knowing both his women they would go to any lengths for Magad.
        Helena started to address the public by saying that they had a chance to speak about their problems and they would address to it their king to improve the livelihood or solve any problems for them.
        One lady stood up and suddenly Chandra felt a presence and saw Chanakya standing next to him. Chandra nodded towards the public in front of him.
        The lady who had tarnished clothes stood up and was shaking but even with her fear, she seemed like she was gathering her courage to express her concerns.
        Maharani, my daughter was kidnapped by the goons, raped and then her body was thrown in front of our house. I have lost my dignity and have nothing to live for. Our only daughter hanged herself yesterday night and my husband also drowned in the river. I am left all by myself with nothing. The goons had threatened my husband if he told the Samrat, they would kill him but unfortunately he killed himself first. Tears were flowing from her eyes and her face was drenched with her crying. She was shaking and suddenly her legs gave in and she sat down. Another lady took hold of her and tried to console her. A few more people spoke of the same and expressed their concerns as well which were similar.
        Helena ran down the seat to the lady and hugged her and then after a while, she stood up amongst the people and addressed them.
        You all have our sympathy but the Samrat is not aware of this issue but now He will be and I and Maharani Dhurdhara assure you that this issue will be solved as soon as possible. We will both speak to Samrat today and this will be dealt with because the livelihood of Magadh is the priority for all of us.
        In the meanwhile, Chandra and Chanakya stood there listening in shock and seeing the pain of his people was making their blood boil. Chandra had an idea which he wanted to share with Chanakya and this time he thought his idea would make a difference.
        He quietly nodded to his Guru to walk away and they both walked to their private chamber once again. The guards knew a very serious matter was at hand in Magadh because the Samrat and his Guru looked so stressed and upset.
        Having entered the chamber, the guards quickly closed the huge engraved wooded doors behind them and the room felt cold and tension was surrounding the air.
        “Guruji, please take a sit.” Chandra nearly whispered, he too sat down with his hands folded in front of him.
        “Do you now understand what I was trying to tell you in the morning Guruji?” He always mentioned the word Guruji when he was trying to win the conversation and the situation with the Great talented Chanakya and this was the one time when he really needed to show his respect so he could win the circumstance.
        I have a better idea now. Keeping his fingers interlocked he prayed he would win this time without any conflict and without annoying his teacher.
        You can go as a senior father and I as your son and Dhurdhara as my wife and Helena as my sister. This way, we will all be a family and can look after each other and the soldiers would be a part of the common people. We can all be there for each other and catch them red handed.
        Chanakya’s mind was racing at a 100 miles per hour and he thought this would probably be a good scheme and he would be able to be there as well and take control of the situation if need be.
        “Okay I am ready to go by your plan.” replied Chanakya.
        Chandra had left out the most important part of mentioning the fact that Dhurdhara had fainted in the morning and he thought it was best he left it quiet otherwise Chanakya would never agree with his plan again. He considered both his wives like his beloved daughters and if he ever came to know about her health, Chandra would be in deep trouble from his Guruji.
        Well, one issue for the day had been resolved and now the part of talking to Dhurdhara and Helena was the next important step for Chandra. He had to explain what his plan was and also to let them know not to mention about Dhurdhara’s health to their strict Guruji otherwise his plan would flop once again.
        Chandra had to meet his wives first before Chanakya laid eyes on his wives so he excused himself and left. Chandra and Chanakya both decided that the saaba had to be cancelled today because of the new plan and they had to start preparations as quickly as possible.
        Chanakya went off to arrange for a strong reliable trusted group of soldiers who he could trust would not let them down if the situation became worse. He needed able soldiers and ample backup from Magadh and reliable conveyors to exchange messages, strong horses and sufficient fighting equipment as well.
        Chandra quickly walked to his private room and sent a message to the ladies saaba with the dasi to call both his wives immediately.
        In the meantime, the ladies saaba was still in session and the commoners started to feel comfortable to speak about their problems to their Queens. One man stood up and shared that the goons came and took all their food forcefully and his family was left without any meals for the last 3 days. He practically fed his two little children water and today they could not even wake up. Helena and Dhurdhara were beyond traumatized. How could all this be happening in their kingdom and no one knew about his horrifying crime.
        Suddenly, a dasi approached them and conveyed Chandra’s message to both Helena and Dhurdhara.
        They both nodded to the announcer that the saaba has to end and Helena stood up and once again addressed the public that the issues will be addressed to their King. She then helped Dhurdhara who was still weak after the morning episode.
        As they walked away listening to their names chanting of “Long live the King and Queens,” both of them could not say anything. Their hearts were so heavy and their minds were struggling to accept the reality.
        Dhurdhara felt weaker than ever, listening to their people’s grieved stories but holding on to Helena made her feel a bit stronger and gave her the support she needed. Helena meanwhile was thinking about how Chandra would fix this problem. She hated people who mistreated the innocent and seeing the pain in their people, she was wishing the goons would be in front of her. She would slay them with her sword not thinking twice about justice.
        They approached Dhurdhara’s room to find the guards were already whispering amongst themselves and found it strange.
        Chandra was already in the chamber and both his wives were not surprised that he was waiting for them already. There was a serious issue if Chandra was waiting for them. As Helena slowly made Dhurdhara lie down on her bed and gave her a glass of water she asked Chandra what the concern was that he asked them to leave the saaba half way and come to see him.
        “I overheard the issues in your saaba Helena and we have to fix this problem as soon as we can but I have another bigger problem at hand concerning Dhurdhara and Guruji.” explained Chandra.
        “WHAT!! … YOU were in our saaba, Chandra” Helena nearly shouted at him. “But why..? And what is the problem with Guruji and Dhurdhara?” she continued in one breath ….
        “Can you please calm down and let me explain.” GOD Helena, you stress so quickly without even listening to me first.” “Stop getting so hyper without knowing the situation.” Chandra was already frustrated and nearly yelled at her.
        “Sorry, I did not mean to be loud” he continued after taking a deep breath and taking her hand and making her take a seat near Dhurdhara so he could explain them what had happened.
        Feeling nervous, Chandra explained both his wives, how he had heard about the goons from his spy network and then from today saaba and how he had spoken to Guruji in the morning and then afterwards.
        Both his wives sat there looking at their husband with bewildered eyes and were shocked how he was already aware of the situation beforehand. It never surprised them that Chandra was always on top of the issues going on in the state.
        This time, round he explained he had not told Guruji about Dhurdhara and at the same time he needed both their support to end this torture towards the common people.
        Dhurdhara sat up straight and in a meek, innocent voice said,
        “I am very well and ready to pick a sword and fight those goons for my people Chandra and yes Helena and I will accompany you and Guruji to the village.” She sounded so excited and could not wait to go to her childhood memories with Helena.
        What an opportunity, she thought.
        Chandra and Helena were both worried for her but as usual Dhurdhara’s innocent baby face melted them away with a deep laugh. Chandra felt relieved his second concern had been overcome with the support of both Dhurdhara and Helena. They never let him down.
        The guard outside knocked on their door to summon Chanakya and immediately, Dhurdhara jumped out of bed and she and Helena and Chandra made the bed to look like no one had rested there a minute ago.
        The huge door was opened and Chanakya walked in, his face was still deep in thought and the stress had still not gone. The lines on his forehead told a lot was going on in his mind.
        “Greetings Guruji!” came a unison statement from both Chandra’s wives.
        Blessings my daughters and touched their heads to channel his approval.
        “Has Chandra spoken about our trip?” He questioned the trio standing in front of him.
        “Yes he has Guruji” replied the two ladies.
        Ok, so my plan is as:
        I am your father, Chandra is my son and you Dhurdhara is Chandra young sister, Helena is Chandra’s wife. You look more petite and innocent and can walk away as my daughter Dhurdhara so you will be the bait. Helena and Chandra you will protect Dhurdhara and I will be on the watchout for any problems.
        “Any questions?” he asked.
        “Yes, when are we leaving?” Dhurdhara was so excited and could not stop thinking about her time she will be visiting her home village.
        “Oh, one more problem we have to deal with Chandra.” Came a quick statement from Chanakya.
        “What problem now Guruji?” Chandra asked confused. He thought everything was cleared now. What other issue can there be now.
        Pointing towards Dhurdhara, he said “Her FATHER”
        “Oh, yes, her father” Chandra remembered putting his hand over his forehead,
        How could he forget that Dhurdhara’s father still lived in the same village and he would recognise them and word will leak out.
        “You need to arrest him because he will not come here if you invite him Chandra.” Said Chanakya.
        But for what reason, how can I arrest him? I am his son-in-law and he has not committed any crime.
        “I leave that to you but I want him here by night fall otherwise trust me our plan will fail.” He replied and walked out without saying another word.
        “Oh by the way,” whilst retrieving his steps to walk out of the room, “we leave tomorrow in the morning Dhurdhara daughter.” he had not forgotten to answer her question.
        “Remember we go out as common people, no signs of been royal. Try and look simple. Oh by the way, Helena you will be dressed with a little jewellery because you are a wife so be reasonable with your simple jewellery and try and borrow them from the dasi because we want to avoid the royal designs on the jewellery.” Explained Chanakya and then he walked out leaving the trio looking at each other with amusement and shock.
        Chandra looked at Dhurdhara and Helena with a confused look trying to think how he was going to call his father-in-law to the palace without a good enough reason. Dhurdhara immediately understood her husband mental situation and tried to be helpful.
        “I have an idea, Chandra, don’t stress, I can go and fetch him myself now. Explain why you want him here at short notice and then he can stay here whilst we go and settle the issue.”
        “No you cannot go out like that Dhurdhara because the minute you reach there, they will recognise you, especially if you go there with the royal escorts. I have learnt the goons have their spies there watching the locals every minute and conveying messages to their leader as well, so I cannot risk your safety before our plan is executed.”
        “I agree with Chandra, Dhurdhara and also your health is not good today and you will have to rest today so you feel better by tomorrow, sister” interrupted Helena with Chandra nodding his head in agreement with his wife.
        “Okay then how will we get father to come here by nightfall.” asked Dhurdhara.
        “I will send a private letter to him and explain the situation and he can come with the escort and I am sure he will understand and agree with our plan.” continued Chandra.
        “In the meantime Helena, I will leave all the arrangements of our clothing and our domestic requirements with you. Dhurdhara you need to rest today and avoid Guruji at all costs regarding your health.” Chandra left his wife to sort out their travelling arrangements and their personal requirements whilst he went on to complete the letter and arrange a trusted messenger to visit the village.
        Meanwhile, in the village, the local environment was bursting with the daily chores of women getting water from the wells, children playing and men at work in the farms. Young girls were sitting together and learning different domestic chores and hobbies from the senior ladies.
        The village was very active but an air of tension was lingering around.
        Suddenly, an old man came walking with a stick and asked for a rich tradesman in the village. A young boy directed him to a hut which had a lot of different products like pots and pans, crockery and other household items. The man slowly approached the tradesman and asked to buy some pots. After selecting 3 pots he asked for the cost and started to take out some coins. Having finished his transaction, he gave the right amount of coins and with it slipped in a piece of paper. The tradesman counted his coins and then proceeded to put them in the draw when he found the paper in between the coins. He slowly un-wrapped the paper and started to read the contents on the page.
        At the bottom of the page, it was signed CM. As he scanned the paper he realised he had to stop the old man but realised it was not the right thing to do. As he looked up, the man had forgotten the pots and he quickly grab them and rushed towards him.
        “Stop.. Stop old man” he yelled out.
        “Who are you?” he trader asked.
        “You have your answer my son and you also have your instructions. Please abide by it as soon as you can before nightfall tonight.” He whispered and quickly left him standing with the pots still in his hand.
        The trader quickly rushed to his hut again with the pots in his hand and started to close everything up. As soon as he had finished closing his hut, he rushed home and started to pack up to ride off to Magadh’s palace to meet his son-in-law, Chandragupta Maurya.
        What could be the matter, the man on the horse thought. He was Dhurdhara’s father and the Great Samrat’s father in law. He pushed his horse faster than he had ever ridden in his entire life and was worried if anything had happened to his beloved daughter Dhurdhara. He knew deep in his heart that Chandra and Dhurdhara were best friends since childhood and he trusted his daughter was in the best of hands with her husband. Her mother-in-law and everyone in the palace loved Dhurdhara more than a daughter and that could never be a concern for him to worry about his daughter’s wellbeing.
        He could see the palace in site and just within a short while he would be there. His horse seemed a bit tired but he could rest once he reached Magadh. In the interim he must reach there before nightfall.
        Chanakya and Chandra meanwhile were both busy with the arrangements of leaving the next morning. The guards were all put into groups and there were all ready to go out into the village as local common men. They had also made arrangements to hide their swords and some groups of soldiers were preparing to surround the village from all sides as beggars, dancers, farmers and others as a circus troops.
        Their plan was fool proof but Chanakya was still concerned about the Samrat and his wives. He was risking the queens which he was not happy about but at this stage, Magadh needed the support and the Samrat would go to any length to defend his people from all types of atrocities.
        Dhudhara’s father reached the palace before the sun had set and the guards went to inform the Samrat himself of his arrival.
        Chanakya and Chandra rushed off to see his father-in-law.
        “Welcome home, father” greeted Chandra and bowed down to take his blessings.
        “Bless you my son” and put his hand on his head.
        “Welcome Sir” greeted Chanakya.
        “Greetings Guruji” came back a quick reply.
        “What is the matter my son, are you, Dhurdhara, Helena and the family all okay” Why did you call me so urgently.
        “Come, and rest first and we will talk about the matter with you whilst we have dinner with the family. You need to sit and rest. My apologies for calling upon you at such a short notice and making you come here like this.
        “No, no, I am fine. The manner you sent the message tells me, something is not right and you needed me here at short notice, so please tell me is everything is fine.” asked Chandra’s father-in-law.
        “Well yes and no, the family is all well but Magadh is not safe at the moment and that is why I needed you here to be safe so we can go ahead with our plan.”
        “Tell me son, what is wrong in our peaceful Magadh.” He continued to ask. The father could not wait till dinner time and his anxiety was increasing with every second that was passing, by just looking at the concerns of Chandra and his Guruji.
        They all proceeded to the chambers and as they went, Chanakya told the guards to take his horse to the royal stable and feed horse with food and water.
        The palace was one place which the father hardly visited and today entering the interior should be a pleasure but it did not intrigue or mesmerize him because his mind was so worried. The guards paid their salutation to both their King and his Guruji and walking with him and been part of the salutation was making him feel a bit odd but he ignored the feeling and continued to follow the two great personalities until they reached their private chambers.
        The day was coming to an end and Dadimaa and Maa’s paalkhis had just returned to the palace after a long visit to the village. They were so excited to have had a good day with the people and the children had been so happy to be around their King’s mother and grandmother. They had received gifts like clothes and fruit from their royal visits and it had given them the happiness which was lacking due to the recent fear.
        Both the senior ladies were exhausted but the peace and the contentment they got from their visit was surely going to be smashed during their dinner time and no one had excepted that tomorrow would change Magadh’s history due to Chandragupta Maurya, a Samrat who lived for his people.

        To be continued……….

    2. This is the only serial I’m watching so I’ll have to fill up the vacant space pursuing my hobbies.I hope each and every one of you will continue commenting when rajats new serial airs.

  9. Nice episode, Chandra kill Mohini that was good,evil killing another evil. It was so funny when Chandra start throwing n breaking all his things in his room, exactly like Helena.
    Helena looking worried that Bindu did not to do anything to Dharma when the Pandit read Dharma palm.
    Precap , still don’t understand how come Mohini soul can enter Chandra body, normally Mohini start to do certain ritual before entering Chandra body. So now Chandra got two souls.
    Look like Bindu listening to Nandini. One more thing what happen to Nandini baby,even she can’t remember or we also have forgotten about it.

  10. Hi friends. Miss you all so much… After so long i getting in touch back with all the fans and serial as well… but too sad to know that the serial going to end…???

    As CNFan and Padmini said, it’s new to me become serial crazy and commenting. Become crazy because of Rajat and Shweta acting and chemistry as well..

    Going to miss you all. My best wishes to everyone’s future undertakings. Hope to get in touch with you all again in another new serial of Rajat and Shweta. As CNFan, i also hope for better opportunity for Rajat…

    I’m glad to know number of ppl in this comment group with similar thinking…

    Not forgotten to thanks Tananya for her wonderful updates. If not because of her we wouldn’t have the chance to know…

    All the best guys…???

    1. Welcome back, Sumy.At least we can have a reunion when rajats latest serial airs.Now, he must be planning to take a long vacation.

  11. Yesterday episodes s superb. Nandini s too brave and intelligent. Bindhusara will help Nandini in coming episodes. I think Nandini told abt the cliff incident to bindhusara. After that only he will supports her.
    I miss this show Chandra Nandini ????
    and also am happy if this show becomes happy ending. I want a scenes of bindhusara accepts dharma as a wife and Nandini as his mother and Helena will avoid jealous abt nandini and become frnds like dhurdhara and Nandini. Mora also accepts Nandini as her daughter. One more thing Apama also brilliant but she s better using her skills into gud things. Finally without Chanakya, Chandragupta Maurya will not be reach as king. Hatsoff to Chanakya.
    Chandra and Nandini again reunite with no problems……..

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  13. Can someone suggest any good drama that I could continue watching after CN???

  14. Very sad to hear cn is going to end . ????

  15. Please improve your english

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