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Chandra Nandni 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand comes and hugs Nandini.He says whenever I see you I gets happy.Vaishali looks at them angrily.Dhananand says my daughter Nandini’s marriage is going to happen,I will decorate whole land with Diya,this marriage will be memorable forever.
The man who pretend to be father of Vaishali thinks- Flashback shown-When Nand was after Suryagupta and his families to kill them,he ordered his soldiers to find Mora’s brother Ballav,his wife Sudhura and her daughter Chhaya.
Ballav and Sudhura hides in a place.Ballav says we are in very long distance from Magadh,we will be safe here and Magadh people can’t find us.We should start our life with new name.Sudhhura says good thing is that we hides Chhaya in right time otherwise that demon Nand might killed her too.Ballav say

from now my name will Bhim and your name will be Manhora. Sudhhura says and Chhya name will Vaishali.(Flashback end)
Padmanand says to Nandini that every moment with you will be memorable for me.We will spend this time with happiness.

Sikander is ill and vaid treats him.Selucus ask how is the health of Sikander.Vaid says he wont recover by medicine,he need rest,Sikander should return to Unan.A indian vaid says I too agree with him,the wound by arrow doesn’t heal,it starts septic.Selucus says what the benefit of win if you can’t sit on throne.Sikander says sometimes win is most important than life.I pay heavy price to reach this place also I lost my soldiers.Selucus says these soldiers are here only for you.I am here and I will take control till you return.Sikander says ok I will go back Unan, starts preparation.
A soldier inform Selucus that that India soldier Dushant escaped.Selucus says Sikander shouldn’t know about this,he is not well.
Chandra knock someone’s door.A lady open the door.She asked you !! What are you doing here this time.Chandra says I will answer it later but first let me to meet your father and bring food for me.Chandra is eating,that lady says how much you will eat,you are eating since you come her.We met after 6 months,now tell me where you were, how and what you did.Chandra says I am hungry from last four days so please let me eat first.I was in post of yavan soldiers,you know well how they behave towards Indian.I somehow escaped from there.Then Acharya Chanakya said me to hide in a safe place that’s why i came to you.And tell me how you.That lady says I am fine,father wants me to get married.Chandra says which type husband you want.That lady I need that type person who will fulfil my every wish.I seen father beatings my mother that’s why he should obey my every ward like bhakt.Chandra says that person will be slave.It means you need a slave.That girl says yes,what’s wrong in it.If there is patiparmeswar why can’t it be patniparmeswar.So I ptniparmeswar husband.Chandra says thank you so much for food.That lady says it good that you eat before father wake up.Chandra says why don’t your father like me.Her father just wakes up and says he again comes here,he picks up a stick.Chandra says to that girl why I am not being liked by your father who eats food of 10 people.Is he think I have nothing or he think there is something between us.If this is true then its his fault as you know well that I don’t want to fall in love.Chandra says your father dream about food while sleeping.I think the way he eats and not giving anything to others,he is the only fat person in this house and the other members are thin.Her father comes from behind and beat Chandra with stick.That lady laughs.Chandra says are you angry but i was talking about you.Her father says you came here to meet me or to make fun on me.Chandra run and her father runs behind him with stick.

Selucus scold his soldiers for not getting Chandra.Helena comes in and says he isn’t a normal soldier,he wont come in your hand because I taught him Greek war tactics and informations.That’s why he knows your every plan and I helped him to escape from here.Selucus says what you did,you freed our enemy !! You betrayed with your own people.Helena says he is my weapon.He will help me to take revenge from Malayketu and Magadh.Selucus says you get mad.Helena says now Sikander is ill,you are taking control after it and you can do anything in your wish.So tell me if you will help me to take revenge,your silence telling me that you won’t help me.You can’t understand the pain I am going through but he can understand that’s why he is perfect to take my revenge.If you don’t want to help me then don’t come in my way.Selucus slap her angrily and orders to take Helena.

Nandini distributes clothes to prisnors.Chhaya is with her.Clothes falls over on Mora and Chhaya goes to bring it.She get shocked to see Mora and think my mother is alive.Nandini gives a piece of cloth to Mora but Mora doesn’t take it.A maid says Princess Nandini’s engagement has fixed so take it with happiness.Mora thinks the first meeting with Nandini in her childhood. A soldier come and starts hitting Mora.Nandini says him to stop.Chhaya says to Nandini we should go from here.
Chanakya says to people and soldiers that the wait is finally over.Now you have a person with you that he will lead you and will fight with you and here is Chandra. Chandra comes in.Everyone looks at Chandra.Chanakya says the time has come to destroy Nand dynasty.we are ready to attack on Magadh.All people and soldiers says we are ready too.

A spy inform Padmanand that Chanakya has prepared to attack on Magadh to take his revenge.His troop had thief,dacoit and soldiers from small kingdoms.They are waiting for right time to attack.Padmanand gets angry and says how dare those kings to rise sword who once bow down before me.We will attack on them before they will attack.Amartya Rakhas says no we don’t attack first.We will fight but won’t attack first.We will let them to come near territory of Magadh,once they come in then they can’t escape.Padmanand says ok then start preparation for war.

Nandini is getting ready with her armour.Chhaya says I am impressed with your bravery so please let me to help you.Nandini says then help me to tie this Kavach from behind.Chhaya takes out a dagger,she was about to attack,Padmanand calls for Nandini.Chhaya hides the dagger.Padmanand says to Nandini what I am listening.Nandini say I want to take part in this war.Someone from behind hold Chhaya’s hand and she get shocked.

Chanakya says to Chandra that too much thinking makes a person weak.It will only break your hope.Chandra says but I am not thinking about the war,you taught me how to live and die now time has come to give you gurudakshina.I am worried if I will be up to your expectations,Can I kill Padmanand or not.Chanakya says I tell you don’t think much,destiny will your answer.So only do work and let results to be decide by God.You should remember one thing,what you have learned Sikander’s camp,you only knows about it.The soldiers will get benefit by that tactics who will be with you.Tomorrow it will be cleared that the people who with us are strong enough or not.They are with us but the question is if they can fight for us or not.Because we have many varieties of people in our troop.Chandra says war is on tomorrow but you are with this question.Chanakya says because this question is important for you.Tomorrow anything can happen.But I have a plan for you.I have four flags.I will be with it where you can see me.If you see red flag then understand that I give you hint to return,if green flag then you have to move forward,in yellow flag you will turn right,in white flag you will turn left.You will fight with Nand but your eyes will be on me.Remember that a war can’t be won only by strength,it can be won by using brain.

Precap-Chandra and Padmanand gets ready for war.Nandini does aarti and tilak of Padmanand.Chanakya does tilak of Chandra.

Update Credit to: maheshbedant

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