Chandra Nandni 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra walks to Nandini and bindusara and Makes some noise,Nandini says shuuu bindusara is sleeping,Chandra again makes some noise by footsteps,Nandini warms him again,Chandra removes his footwear,Chandra sees bindusara sleeping and trie stop pick him up,Nandini says he is sleeping don’t he will wake up, you still are a monkey,Chandra says what you called me a monkey again,Nandini says your ears are ringing,I said nothing,Chandra says now you will tell me when I can come close to bindusara,Nandini says look he is asleep now and if you wake him up he will be uneasy the whole day ahead,Chandra says you are talking as if he is your kid, you age him birth,Nandini feels bad.

Chandra says Nandini, nandini says yes I’m his mother, may be I didn’t give him birth but I can feel his

pain,you didn’t believe me but let me tell you again I didn’t kill durdhara, and now it’s up to you what you believe in becaus eit doesn’t matter anymore,Chandra says can you prove that you didn’t kill durdhara because all proofs were against you,Nandini says a person himself is to trust and believed and if you don’t believe in me what will you believe in the proofs,Chandra says never speak lie again because you have no proofs and you killed durdhara.

Chandra has acute pain in his back and doesn’t let Nandini help him and calls dasi,Nandini says let me take a look,Chandra says no need dais get the oil Vaidya has given me,dasi gets oil and massages on Chandras back but he has no relief, dasi goes quickly to get Vaidya, Nandini says quite tell where is the pain,and pulls his arm and Chandra has acute pain and he shouts,which awakens bindusara,Chandra says have you lost it and notices no more pain,Nandini says look what you did and picks bindusara in her arms.

Parvatak king says Acharya Chanakya I’m here on behalf of padmanand and we would like to join hands with you against Chandragupta,you made him king but,Chanakya says you are right,he is a betrayer,padmanand insulted me for his greed but Chandra I made him king and he accused me and so I won’t leave him, I have intelligence and Nand has army and now I have one aim to dethrone Chandra,parvatak says I will surely arrange a meet with padmanand,Chanakya says sure,parvatak says I will come pick you here tomorrow an sleeves,Chanakya says Nand you will be trapped soon.

Chandra thinking about the death scene of durdhara,where Nandini was accused and then Nandini saving bindusara and saying she didn’t kill durdhara,Chandra says what shall I do,what shall I trust, durdharas letter may put some light on it and leaves to find it,Helina sees him and thinks why is he going to durdharas room. Chandra remembers a past episode when durdhara was eating too many tamarinds and Nandini and Chandra walk in to her room,Chandra says look at the amount of tamarind she is eating,durdhara says this is my first tamarind,Chandra says who gets you these,durdhara looks at Nandini,Nandini says yes I do,look you won’t understand why she feels like eating tamarinds and she feels happy and happy mother means happy baby,Chandra says Nandini I don’t understand whose side you belong to mine or durdharas,Nandini says only baby’s side,and all laugh.

Chandra walks to durdhara room , he starts looking for the letter,Helina walks in,and says what are you doing here,Chandra says I’m finding the letter and want to see whether she really wrote Nandini in it ,or we misunderstood it,Helina thinks oh god,the letter says step and doesn’t specify any name,and may put me in difficulty too,Helina says Chandra you still trust Nandini,what are you upto,all know Nandini is culprit,Chandra says give me the letter I want to know the truth, Chandra reads it as Nandini my step killed me,Helina thinks how is it possible,and says Chandra don’t do this to yourself come let’s go, Nandini is culprit,Chandra walks out.

Helina shows letter to Apma and says I remember this isn’t the letter and it didn’t had Nandini name on it,Apma says Helina please come here, push this idol and removes a letter from beneath and says we’re you talking about this letter,Helina says same handwriting but with Nandini name how,Apma says Helina your mother is genius,this letter was only evidence against you, when whole mahal was mourning for durdhara I got this letter exchanged, I can copy any handwriting , i use to do this even in Greek to pass orders in your fathers name,Helina says ma your genius you saved us,Apma burns the letter.

Nandini playing with bindusara,and hears him call ma,at first she thinks she is mistaken,and then picks him up and says see it again bindusara,bindusara calls him ma, Nandini says I’m so happy you called me ma, your pitahamaharaj will be so happy too.

Parvatak king to blindfold Chanakya,Chanakya says when I’m with you why do this,parvatak says it’s padmanand order,chankaya says no issues anyways I feel very hungry during travel so I carry some peanuts,you may cheek the bag,parvatak says no issues you may carry it,parvatak king blindfolds,Chanakya,and says let’s go Acharya,Chanakya says let’s share some peanuts,Chanakya drops the shells which may inform him about the path.

Chandra in Sabha,man says maharaj please let my son stay with me I can give him all luxuries and a good life,mother says a baby needs his mother please don’t separate us, Chandra says mahamantri what’s your take,megasenis says it’s a tricky thing,mother gave birth but father can take care of him so let father take cover the baby’s custody,mother begs maharaj my baby is small let him be with me please,Nandini walks in with bindusara,Chandra says the decision shall be taken in good of the baby,Nandini says sorry maharaj but a baby to his mother is her life,Helina says now bindusara nanny will interfere in political matters,Chandra remembers reading Nandini name in letter,Chandra says Nandini you will say nothing,don’t keep repeating mistakes,first you entered Sabha then you interfered, don’t forget we are good to take decisions,this is last warning leave.

Pre cap… Nandini puts up a moustache and enacts Chandra to bindusara and says bindusara I’m your pitahamaharaj and your my son, I’m a great king ,Nandini says your father is very brave and good hearted and turns around to find Chandra looking at her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Chandra is toooo dumb and helina and apma are tooo clever… seriously poor nandini… i feel sad for her…
    But they are dragging dhurdhara incident tooooooooo much…

    1. Really….the evil one very much smart…the only proof also already been burn out….dragging to much and very soon another character coming in……wen are they going to trust nandini and she is a warrior princess…they treating her so badly


      I have a feeling that in hurry apma burned fake letter as both letter were folded..

      1. I too think the same

  2. I do no when he going to trust her.. chandra havr to finish this angry with nandhini its not gud to see..

  3. be little early please…i dont understand hindi … i am folllowing the serial only through ur updates…. anyway thanks

  4. Hai. Soo as i told earlier abt dikishita_( those who didnt read , read it in yesterdays telly update comment) , i also have more news abt her. Vishkanya means poisoning girl. So her bite makes everyone to fall sick becoz of poison. Once dikshita bites her father and he dies. She did so becoz he prevented her from doing something. Its all i got. But more info is in comments – yesterday.

  5. Seems Nandini is half cooked. Why she pokes her nose into everything?

  6. When will durdhura and nandini get justice???.And could u pls put up these updates a bit more earlier,I cant understand Hindi.

  7. Apama u r such evil. Shit the last proof they Nandini is innocent. Now how can Nandini will be proved innocent. Oh god pls Ekta mam make Nandini prove innocent.

  8. Nice episode, but I would be happy if nandani got some sun shine in her life.

  9. Chandra always misunderstands nandu…dat evil lady is so intelligent but Chandra??? He tries to find abt dd’s murderer but it s going wrong..nandhini always playing with Bindu..she knows abt Helena thn why didn’t she try to prove her innocence..she disappoints everyone…she s humiliated by everyone…i cant bear dis…makers plz end dis dd’s death track soon n also reveal Helena’s truth…

  10. CHANKAYA YOU FOOL (he does have a point) joining hands with the enemy what happened to your friendship was destroyed by Megathenes,Apama and Helena.

  11. Now, this is too much. Its like journey from my best show to the most heartbreaking one?. I sincerely hope cn don’t reunite, i love N’s selfrespect more.

  12. satya sarathi sarkar


  13. anyone say abt vishkanya entry whether chandra lover her

    1. @love her

  14. so confusion now how they wil prove nandus innocent

  15. As a king how so easily you can be deceived Chandra? When you were framed of trying to outrage a girl’s modesty, you staged a drama to prove your innocence and brought Malay to the limelight but now….. so ignorant about Nandini. Feel irritated to think that a King can be deceived so easily by women.

  16. अरुण

    Oh no ! Cunning Apama changed the original letter of Durdhara and also wrote the name of Nandini, the only clue to save Nandini is now destroyed. If Apama burnt duplicate letter in confusion than only chance of Nandini to prove her innocence.
    Chanakya is engaged to finish Nand for this he is throwing groundnut peels on the way.
    How and when Chandra will know the truth of Durdhara murder ?

  17. NR8

    They kept showing that letter in the pre-cap and I knew it would be changed! The writers were not going to make finding the truth so easy. Of course Chandra will not talk about the letter to anyone, if not someone, especially Chanakya, would say that Nandini ‘s name was not in the letter before. It’s bad Apama burned the original one too. Not sure how else the truth will come out now unless someone hears Helena and Apama talking about how they killed DD.

    And Nandini’s meek attitude irritates me! Chandra asks her to bring proof of her innocence and all she says is ‘the truth is in my eyes and it doesn’t matter to me anymore. OK…Chandra loves her and might trust her blindly. But Chanakya and others will still ask for proof, right? Rather than finding the truth herself, she is happy and content being a dasi, taking the blame and playing with Bindusar all the time! There is a saying that ‘God only helps those who help themselves’

    1. Ur dp s so nyc…i loved it???….

      1. NR8

        Thank you 🙂

  18. The drama is gng dry give some energy like season 2 its sweet to watch again again pls give some energy to the drama

  19. Nandini and Chandra are it a plan to openly keep the letter of proof ?or once the content is explained to Chanakya by Chandra he may recollect the actual matter and understand the conspiracy

    1. NR8

      Yeah, worst part is Chandra will not bring it up before Chanakya or anyone else where they can say her name was not there before. He mentioned to Nandini and she was about to say her name was not there when he asked her to shut up. And as usual she did shut up! Why can’t she still scream and say her name was not there and ask someone else too like Mora or Dadima. They were all there when the letter was read. Any normal person would be so upset after he spoke to her like that, so angry and will defend themselves…but she pretends nothing happened and later happily acting like Chandra with Bindu!
      Both of them do not have any brains that is why Helena and Apama can easily dupe them!!!

  20. Chandra Nandni: Chandra’s (Rajat Tokas) instincts guides him towards Nandini’s (Shewta Basu Prasad) innocenceThe upcoming episode of Star Plushistorical show Chandra Nandni willshow high voltage drama in Chandra and Nandini’s life.Chandra and Nandini are unknowingly coming closer to to each other for Bindusar and are recreating their old love.Chandra’s instinct makes him restless​as he is ready to believe that Nandini can kill Durdhara.Chandra is confused seeing Nandini’s love for Bindusar as of Nandini would have attempted to kill Durdhara than she must not love Bindusar.Chandra in search of Nandini’s innocenceChandra starts to doubt his own decision of punishing Nandini for Durdhara’s death and decides to find truth.Chandra will get in search of truth and will make his love attempts to prove Nandini innocent.Stay tuned for moreexciting updates of the upcoming episodes.I copied ot from a spoiler.

    1. NR8

      After the finding the letter with Nandini’s name he is actually more angry with Nandini now!

    2. Jayani

      I want him 2 make even more attempts 2 get nandu out of d thing

  21. What happened to Chaya? They just killed that character? Nandini should not succumb to Chandra’s insult. When Chandra says her name was mentioned in the letter she should have screamed and said no! At least the viewers will be satisfied. Now she is just proving to be weak !

    1. Jayani

      Kovama coma ku poita (In anger she went 2 coma) adhunaala ipodhiki varamaata (so she won’t cum for now)

      1. Jayani,
        Sorry, u said me about Siya ke Ram pg. but i couldn’t find it

  22. Nice episode ????

    Loved it!!! ????

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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