Chandra Nandni 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishakha dashes a man and finds its Chandra and says if you are here who is dead inside,Chandra hold sheer hand and takes her in,Nandini feels the body unknown and turns around and sees its king parvatak,Helina says if he is here where is Chandra,Chandra walks in with Vishakha handcuffed,Nandini says so good to see you fit and fine,mora asks what all is this happening,Nandini says Chandra I left mahal to get this real Vishakha, to save you from Vishkanya,mora says what,she is vishkanya,we all were influenced god,dadi says except Nandini.

Chandra says Nand had send parvatak and Vishakha to kill me but both didn’t know each other and I took advantage of this situation. Chandra had seen Vishakha consume snake poison and also the snake in her room and steal the snake from that artist. Chandra

to parvatak the real story is king parvatak, Vishakha is in love with you and not me she told me and now you have a chance to get love back in your life and so I would ask to once go meet Vishakha. Chandra says so this is how parvatak came here and Vishakha killed him, and so one enemy of mine is dead and other trapped.

Chandra to real Vishakha,thank you and in return you may stay with us,Vishakha says no please don’t do this, and don’t thank me ,thank Nandini,she fought her father and all ills to get me here,Chandra looks at Nandini and sees she is all injured.

Nandini in her room packing,Chandra walks to her with bindusara and asks what are you doing,Nandini says I’m leaving,Chandra says Nandini when all is clear why do you want to leave think about bindusara he needs you,Nandini olds bindusara and hugs him,Nandini says why didn’t you tell me,Chandra says the problem is you talk more then required, I wanted to catch Vishakha red handed so kept this plan secretive.

Helina says ma look what we have done,I was willingly letting my husband marry a vishkanya and all because of you,I supported you and now Chandra takes us all as fools,smart Nandini, I wanted her to leave but she is back inmahal and saved Chandra too,apma says Helina calm down I agree we failed but our next plan will be a careful one, Nandini walks in,apma says how dare you walk in,I didn’t call you,Helina says ma I called her,Nandini you saved my husbands life and would like to reward you,Nandini says I didn’t save his life because he is your husband but because he king of Magad and bindusara father,Helina says Magad king and my husband same thing.

Nandini says so you want to know costof your husbands life,then let me tell you,he is my husband too,he may have asked me to leave mahal but he still is my husband and it’s my responsibility to take care of him,apma says how dare you talk to Helina in this tone,Nandini says I need nothing in return thank you and leaves. Helina says always acts smart but thankgod atleast Chandra takes her as durdhara murderer,apma says that’s not enough we need to plan big but carefully.

Chandra in his thrown alone and man covered in blanket walks to Chandra and gives him information ,Chandra says I swear on this thrown all the injustices in the mahal will be flipped to justice, Magad and its people will always have justice and it’s their kings promise.

Vishakha short of poison and starts shivering and asking for it.chandra walks to her and asks guards to release her.Vishakha is released, she attacks Chandra but he holds her hand and says you can do nothing,your poison is over ,intact if you don’t get poison you will die, Chandra gets snake ,and says I don’t do injustice to anyone,Vishakha opens the basket and consumes poison,Vishakha says you have helped a vishkanaya and can still kill you,Chandra says but you won’t do it,because no one can kill me,Vishakha asks what do you want from me,Chandra says all that information you got with you here in Magad,amartya and nands information and from today you shall work for me,Vishakha says that’s not possible,Chandra says I no to convert impossible to possible,and guards don’t hand cuff her let her be free and leaves.

Pre cap : Nandini says to Chandra on one hand you know I didn’t kill durdhara and on other hand you didn’t even try finding who killed her.
apma says Helina,history will be repeated again,like durdhara even Nandini is slow poisoned and she has o die. Nandini with bindusara and starts feeling dizzy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Todays episode was predictive.And the precap looks interesting

  2. Vishakha’s identity revealed and Maharaj Parvatak died, despite all Chandra wants to play with vish kanya let us see how he utilise her. The nice music on the movement of vish kanya will be missing. Nandini is still lacking respect in mahal. Chandra vows to disclose all conspiracy, will he conectarte on DD murder case now ?

  3. Wat a good episode …Nandini being bold and hit it back on Apama n Helena. I was literally waiting for this episode where i wanted nandini to take bold avatar rather thsn chandra nandini union. Gals need to take their own stand rather than depending on someone to protect….
    wow, spa 2017 nandini was mindblowingly n jawstruckingly drop gorgeous when she just show her face removing the belt curtains in her dance performance. Their and cheers for each other was unique..i was completely mesmerised by their performance. No one can give this tough competition to chsndra except our very own with grace..rajat..wat a smart humourous guy..he can give bollywood heros to run for money if little tall. Ranveer or ranbir..ah nothing in front of this action reaction king Rajat…
    Also saw the promo of chandra nandini where nandini is not forgiving chandra even after he kept pleading her. Wow…
    @Arun @shree @aparna..all u guys..we were waiting for dis…cheers guys!

    1. AparnaPrasad

      Ya jj.. i ws waiting nly fr ds but i thnk it wl b nxt week or aftrwards.. anyway its worth waiting.. i luvd wen nandini says KABHI MAAF NAHI KAREGI …. ??? nandini shud b bold not to helu or apu but MOORA… she deservs no frgivness… evil lady.. chamelion…

      1. Well said aparna.
        rest of my friends..pls find the new promo in

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      i agree RAJAT AND SHWETA ARE NOT TALL, THAT’S WHY THEY LOOKED TOGETHER SO AMAZING,also they are in same age group that also working for this jodi. in jodha akbar paridhi sharma is same height of rajat tokas, so sometimes it felt in screen, but here in chandra nandini , both rajat and shweta’s height complemented each other.
      and i agree wid u their spa performance mesmerised all.

    3. exactly jj nandu was so beautiful nd their performance mindblowing ….ya cheers our longing moment came…our angry also got some relief…now also nandu s in a state to accept chandra…

  4. Wil Nandini be still live as dasi in mahal …

  5. expected episode

  6. New promo is just super . Moment finally has come . Attitude Nandini is treat to watch . Nandini should not forgive Chandra , Moora so easily . Hope this Durdhara case gets closed soon. Greek people should be sent away .

    1. Please give link

      1. at instagram , youtube

  7. Why they want to keep Vishkanya . They should have ended her character . Blanket person is women . Think it might be Nandini step mom Sunandha . Finally Chandra got to know Nandini is innocent .

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      may be it sunanda but not sure, other possibilities also possible.

    2. ya u maybe rt bec chaya,nandus mom ,malti r not tat much intelligent thn sunanda nly knows abt evil people nd she nly have talent to tackle nd hide frm thm lke how she maintained d secret f roopa nd also escaped frm cn ……just my opinion…..

      1. wen apu accused by chankya,maybe cn started to search her nd make her to work fr him

  8. Now its Nandini time . She should just stay in palace as Bindusara mother . Chandra should beg for forgiveness for all the humiliation ,man handling and also that idiot Moora .


  10. Very nyc episode… finally vishkanyas problem is over… happy for dat… anybody have idea about spy who covered by blanket..???

  11. hii everyone i m new to these,can u tell me seema how can i see new promo

  12. when durdhara killer come out.nandini always said I m not killer bt Chandra why don’t understand that.

  13. Fahmida Rahman

    Chandra Nandini is getting interesting day by day. This is more which I l to see!!!

  14. Hi , I am new here. Nice to meet you all …. New promo released.. very excited.. nandini is back on her old clothes…. Good to see her again as a rajkumari…
    What does Chandra want ? Why he needs to keep vishka???

    In the promo,nandini looks very bold.. Chandra apologies to her!!!!!

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      chnadra wanted to use vishkanya against nand. as nand send vk to kill chnadra now chandra uses the same trick against nand.

  15. Can anyone send the link of new promo?

  16. satya sarathi sarkar

    as all of us knew the man will be king parvatak, this prove malayketu’s father also characterless like like his son. at this age he thought one young lady loved him. but one thing i cannot understand if vishkanya not off the lights then what happened????? i think chandra watched that that VK switched off the lights and then he provoked king parvatak to go her room. Am I right?????

  17. satya sarathi sarkar

    but the precap is good , that means chnadra will tell nandini that “i know that u r innocent, ” and may he will request nandini to help him find out the real culprit.

    1. Chandra always knew Nandini was innocent. He sent her away to protect her.

  18. So basically Chandra was attracted to Vishaka and was flirting with her until he found her consuming the snake’s poison in the garden which happened some days later since she entered the Mahal. Chandra was staring at Vishaka when she was in the bath tub on her first or second day at the Mahal.

    1. Vany, I agree! So, Chandra was not acting in the beginning.,,he was attracted to VK and only after he found out that she was a VK, he started to act to trap her. His character is completely lost. I think that he also wanted to take revenge on Nandini and break her heart. What a characterless king !!!! So, all those intimate scenes were real and disgusting..,He kept saying that Nandini is jealous because he found someone new to replace her….what a horrible husband. And, when he told Nandini that she is not his wife any more he meant it. I can’t forgive Chandra…he is a disloyal and weak husband. So, Nandini was correct..,he fell for Vk’s beauty and was attracted to her and treated Nandini so badly in front of VK. Hope Nandini doesn’t forgive him for a long time.

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      i not think he was attarcted by vk, in the bath tube scene he has started to doubt on vk bcoz after losing her parents how could vk bath wid so happy mode, thats why he staring at her, i think he knew she is suspicious but not knew she is vishkanya thats why he used the spy from beginning for enquiry of vishakha, and today also cleared he not wanted to tell about his plan wid nandini. but many things is still not cleared, why then chandra pushed nandini on the floor???? no justification for that.

      1. k thn clear abt tat bed scene……why makers didnt justify his character..thy just done to inc trp rate nd to make us believe nd confuse us…..but acc to pres situation he was attracted to her until he saw her consumg poison…

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        look when he saw vk to consume poison that not cleared, and what he said tomorrow that he then planned to trap vk and so he proposed her for marriage, is there any need of marriage???? as i said earlier not properly justified that scenes.

      3. i thk he proposed her fr marriage to make her believe tat he fall in her beauty nd trust her nd also to makr nandu jealous but sme scenes r not justified lke u said above why he pushed nandu…….maybe he was angry tat she left him alone on dd death day….

    3. He is still attracted to VK after all this happened! Look how close he was to her today too and caressing her hair. He let her out of chains too and not treating her like prisoner. Shows that he has a soft corner for her. I wish Nandini never ever forgives him!

      1. NABANITA626

        No no ,I don’t think that….he started to close with vk to jealous nandini…….
        I don’t think that he is attracted to the vk at all..

    4. NR8, I agree with you, I was puzzled by C’s behavior with VK today ! The way he restrained her and went close to her face and then caressed her face was shocking. As if thought she is is his lover. Why is he behaving this way. May be he is still attracted to her and can’t control himself around her. I thought I was the only one who bnoticed that.

      1. Exactly, Aditi! If Nandini is around we can expect that he is trying to make her jealous. She was not here at all. So seems like he just can’t keep his hands off her! When the truth is already out, there is no more any excuse for him to touch her so intimately at all!

  19. satya sarathi sarkar

    today’s nandini’s expression is very funny, when she saw chandra is still alive, she then treated chandra as child ha ha ha, ohh chnadra u still Alive!

    1. AparnaPrasad

      Ya sathya evn i noticd dat and chandra felt lil blushy awkward… ???

  20. satya sarathi sarkar

    today i like the scene when the spy came to the chnadra and told chnadra about something(may be about helena and apama’s conversion about dd’s murder) and chnadra told that all the culprit will got their punishments and all the mistakes are will rectify. I THINK CHANDRA AND NANDINI together will act a drama to catch helu and apu. After that the real drama will begins ” THE ATTITUDE OF NANDINI. “

    1. S. Chand know nandu is innocent Becoz he went to see her after the judgement of Dd death but nandu left before that. ???

  21. Wow what a promo!!!!
    Super excited…..and what a performance of chandini in spa???????????????????????????

    Totally loved it…….
    And what a episode,it’s good that the plan of vk is revealed.but still the question alive……

    Who is the ladice spy???????????????????????
    It’s a question of lakh rupees…..

    After many days seeing nandini in royal attire,I am just mesmerized to see her…..
    Chandra also looking different in his blue dress…….

    And in the award ceremony Swethaa s yellow ethnic dress is also very impressive,and I love to see the reaction of rajat when swetha won the favourite PATNI award……
    Chandra also won the favourite PATI Award………
    They give a very tough competion to kaira and shivika…………………..

    Kaira fans are telling in many websight that chandini is given to the award because of its a EKta kappor show,so she’s plus give them award to praise EKTA KAPOOR.
    But that is not true….if she’s plus want to praise EKTA KAPPOR sosothey can give the award to Pardesh or yeh hai mahabbate….
    But that give the awards who actually deserve that……………….

    And last but not least eagerly watching to see nandini denying chandra…!!!!waiting the track from so many days…..???☺????☺????????☺????????☺????????
    Sorry if i bored you by my long comment…????????????
    And good night????????to all fans of this page……

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      kaira fans are same like kaira foolish and boring, i wonder how these serials like yeh ristha, sathiya, yeh mohabetain, NAAGIN, kumkum vagya are in the trp chart just disgusting……. actually chandra nandini is show for classic,royal and intelligent audience like us. you have to some qualities to watch this type of serials. look siya ke ram, mahabharat were excellent shows but then also they were not trp toppers. but they were classic shows and will be remain forever. kaira fans you deserve to watch that boring serial and continue to watch it,

      1. nice comment sathya i too thk same how d people seeing same story acting by diffrnt person in diffrnt show at same day nly time changes…even one day i canot see tat too kumkum bhag so boreeee tq god we escaped frm thm due to c&n

      2. AparnaPrasad

        So true satya… i realy hate dos serials.. sathiya startd wen i ws in 10th nd al d actress since den till now looks somewat same expct she is a grandmom who got 2 daughtrs who luk lik hr sistrs and all d dadis and susumaas looking younger dan dr bahus..

      3. satya sarathi sarkar

        when I AM 90YEARS OLD THEN ALSO THESE CHEAP SERIALS will NOT END. look at jodha akbar, mahabharat, siye ke ram, prithiviraj chauhan these serials only continue for 1-3 years maximum. and so these serials will remain classic. i think also these serials like saathiya, yeh ristha, destroyed the actors quality, bcoz they do same role for many years nothing new, but look at rajat tokas , in his career he played prithiviraj chauhan, dhram veer, tere liye’s rabindra, akbar and now chandra gupta. that shows his quality and potential.

      4. Yea sathia started when I was in class 7,and yrrkh started when I was in class 5……
        I think when my daughter or son will read in class 5,still then the serials will not air off…..
        And the serial kumkum bhagya,same story,same drama,no leap……
        How can the viewers of this serial watch the same story daily?

      5. satya sarathi sarkar

        and also when I see the actor and actress in kaira it feels like they both have disease of malnutrion. hey did u watch rajat’s bicep ????

      6. Jayani

        Thnx for d link chechi

    2. Behi

      I dont knw that kaira serial u had entioned but I going to say that those fans R all wrong 😛
      I am not an Indian, I dont knw hindi just some keywords to understand the overall consept of scenes, I dont even watch any other Asian serials Bcoz I believe that its waste of time (no offence, I myself am an Asian 😉 ) and finally I am Phd student of Physics and U knw how much time it takes to study PHYSICS!!!! :'(
      I said all these things to confess that if a drama make some one like to sit in front of TV every day and follow the story, absolutely it is more valuable than those soap dramas! Jodha Akbar & Chandra Nandini are dramas which are in a higher level of proficiency and thats just Bcoz of great acting of Mr Tokas aka Akbar & Chandra , Mrs Sharma aka Jodha , Mrs Basu aka Nandini and the most important person Mrs Kapoor who gathered such great team <3<3<3
      god bless them all
      so many critics we can make on these dramas but the truth is they catch the audiences attract
      in all over the world people find love, the true and pure love, in Indian movies ^_^

      1. satya sarathi sarkar


      2. Behi

        @satya sarathi sarkar =)) I M not a great student honey I just decided to continue physics 😉
        by the way good to see another physics student here, keep in touch i read updates every day Bfor watching each ep 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. Chandra is treating VK like a pet snake !!! It looks like he can’t let her go…lol Can’t wait for the episode where N rejects C !!!!

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      he want to use vk against nand, may be it is another drama, if she will try to escape then where she will go ???? surely in nand’s shelter, may be that’s what chandra want.

  23. satya sarathi sarkar

    but today rajat and shweta both nailed it by their performance, today in the whole episode RAJAT acted superbly. and shweta the way she talked wid helena is also super.

    1. Yes.. nandus attitude.. superb.. she should keep dis attitude till dd’s murder case revelation towards helena n apama…

  24. satya sarathi sarkar

    the latest promo of chandra nandini should win the best promo of the year , their dress ( the same getup of their SPA performance) , background music and rajat’s and shweta’s acting. wow oscar winning performance.!!!!!!

  25. guys whthr n today updates anythg missed n chandranandu conversation while seeing the scene was long…..anybody….i dont know hindi

    1. guys did u all saw offscreen photo f nandu in rani avatar(in cn fb)

  26. After such a long time, I did enjoyed yesterday’s esposide.
    When Dadima says that Nandini knew about Vishkanya, you can see the expression face on Mother Moora,feeling guilty.
    I am asking the same questions, if Chandra knew that is Vishkanya, why all the drama,making Nandini jealous, insulting her,see her tears,pushing her, maybe he enjoys doing that but why!
    How come he trusted Vishkanya to take care of Bindu, this does not make sense.
    The graphic snake look cute with different colours.
    Chandra and Archarya knows that Nandini is going to bring back the real Viskaya from King Nanda, but they ever realised that it is dangerous for Nandini life, is it for their own persosnal gain, isn’t it is selfish.
    Chandra need Nandini to take care of Bindu, so not allowing her to leave Mahal.
    I like Nandini avartar the way she answered Helena n the Greek gang.
    The spy is a lady, could be Sunanda or even Malti.
    Lastly Rajat,Sweta n Pooja acting was awesome

  27. satya sarathi sarkar

    after conversation when chandra left the room then nandini said in her mind that u again hurt me and not trusted me and u tell about trust???? the trust is the main piller of any husband and wife relation, and u broke that very early when u accused me for dd’s murder case,

    1. whthr cn talked abt dd r he blamed her?nd why he closed her mouth wat she abt to say….
      sry fr again questioning…..but please reply..

  28. satya sarathi sarkar

    @shree i mentioned that scene in above.

    1. tq u very much

  29. Chandra Nandni: Helena (Tanu Khan) and Apama plans to kill Nandini (Shewta Basu Prasad) like Durdhara, Chandra in mission of deciphering Durdhara’s deathtruth The upcoming episode of Star Pluspopular daily soap Chandra Nandni is up for high voltage drama.Chandra has finally catch hold of Vishkanya and thus is planning to use Vishkanya to find Padmanand and hissecrets.There Helena and Apama are insecureas Nandini has saved Chandra’s lifeand now become closer to Chandra.Helena can’t let this happen and decidesto kill Nandini in same way as Durdhara by giving slow poison to her.There Chandra is along side tries to dig in Durdhara’s death truth as Nandini has questioned him thathe didn’t tries to findtruth.Chandra and Nandini’s life seemsto come in same way again, Nandini is going through much trouble as of poison effect.Chandra reaching Nandini’s innocenceChandra will soon reach Nandini’s innocence and Helena’s slow poison will show it’seffect over Nandini.Let’s wait and watchhow will Chandra expose the real culprit that is Helena and Apama and save Nandini.I copied it from a spoiler.

    1. NABANITA626

      I think now chandra know the facts of apama and helena by the spy…..
      So how can he left nandini for dying????

      1. satya sarathi sarkar


  30. satya sarathi sarkar

    if u noticed that chandra now so ashamed he could not talk wid nandini properly eye to eye, he couldn’t look to her. so he came in to nandu’s room wid vindusaar, and said that u have to stay here bcoz vindusaar need u, chandra’s brain only work in cheap drama, why he cannot say that not vindusaar for me u have to stay, nandini also foolish she again melted in to chandra’s drama. and moora so shameless lady she even now not thanked or came to appreciate nandini.

    1. You’re correct Satya, even I noticed that. Why do you think he feels ashamed to look at N in the eyes and talk….is it because of his flirting with VK or because he didn’t believe her warnings about VK ? Their conversation made me sad. It seems that C and N are so far apart now….

  31. NABANITA626

    Maharaj parvatak is so fool???
    He think rajkumari vishakha love him..and rushed to her……
    How can he think that younger princess will love a old king?????even before seeing him one time????

    1. Very nyc dp nabanita di..

      1. NABANITA626

        Jai di,I am not elder that you…..
        You are a passed out student,but I am a first year student.

    2. satya sarathi sarkar


    3. satya sarathi sarkar

      ur dp is of shweta’s birthday party???? only rajat is missing,

  32. I agree with all the above fans’ writing on CN IS FOR CLAASIC..ARTISTIC AND HISTORICAL LOVERS … IS TRUE TO THE CORE

    1. satya sarathi sarkar


  33. Vry nice dp nabanita di…i miss chaaya (urfi javed)…

    1. NABANITA626

      Thank you yasmin sis……. ☺??

  34. Jayani

    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) decides to take Vishaka’s help to defeat his enemies and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) does not life Chandra’s plan

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show that Vishaka’s drama will not come to an end just as yet as Chandra will now plan to use Vishaka against his enemies.

    Chandra finally exposes Vishaka in front of all family members as he reveals that he had already come to know about Vishaka being a Vishkanya. Vishaka ends up killing Parvatak instead of Chandra and Chandra nabs Vishaka and makes her a captive. Nandini is relived knowing that Chandra is safe and has not been killed by Vishaka. However, Vishaka promises Chandra that he will not spare him so easily and will seek her revenge from him. Vishaka is thrown away in jail and everyone is happy with her exit.

    However, Vishaka’s chapter is not over as yet as Chandra decides to use Vishaka against his enemies. Chandra visits Vishaka in the prison and sees that her face has completely changed and she has tuned into an ugly woman. Vishaka is restless and screams for poison as the poison in her body is over. Chandra sees Vishaka craving for poison and asks soldier to give her a snake. Vishaka consumes the poison and warns Chandra that she can kill him now.

    However, Chandra tells Vishaka that she will have to work for him and give him all the information about his enemies. Chandra tells Vishaka that she will have to come on his side and work against his enemies. Vishaka refuses for it but Chandra is sure that he will make Vishaka work for him. How will Nandini react knowing that Chandra has gone back to Vishaka? Stay tuned or latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

    – See more at:

    I copied it frm d spoilers

  35. Wlcm nabanita di nd thanks jayani…

  36. Nicely re-written and showing the history…….

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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