Chandra Nandni 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Padmanand says distribute sweets my daughter is getting married,Nandini thinks see how happy ur father is,so be happy for his happiness,padmanand says Nandini I’m very happy, here is my kadha,this is my lucky kadha n now it’s urs it will protect u,n always keep my blessings with u,Nandini hugs him n says I will never part this from me,Chandra hears this.

Chandra covers himself with blanket n soldiers see him n find it fishy n follow him,Chandra feels like someone following him,Chandra keeps walking and makes birds sound,chanakya comes to him in disguise, Chandra says I have won helinas trust and here magad King and his family here,Chandra sees Greeks soldiers and acts as if he is attacking Chanakya n says he is here to create differences between us lets take him to our King

n sentence to death,so,divers grab Chanakya n Chandra kills them,Chanakya says u go back to ur tent I will take care of this.

Helina upset and hurt with maliketus marriage news and yells in pain,maliketu having alcohol n fantasying Nandini and says now even magad is under me n soon whole Bharat will be mine,maliketu sees helina walk n says helina look at urself , come in why are u so upset, helina says u are the reason behind all this,maliketu says this all happened so quickly but trust me every moment I was thinking abt u, I talked to my parents abt u but they didn’t agree and announced my wedding with Nandini,u tell me what would I do, but don’t worry we will continue being together n soon when I will be kind u will be my second queen.

Helina pushes him away n says u cheat,maliketu says how dare u shout at me,I wouldn’t have given u this treatment even if u were sikanders daughter but u are his slaves daughter n so i will never marry u and Nandini is Bhartiya and her father is magads King and a King will marry a princess and not a slave like u,I called u here to have ur support to attack magad but now magad is has walked to me with open hands and u must a cheap women unlike Bhartiya ladies, u must have slept with many like me and soon when I will be King of Bharat, I will throw u n ur inmates out of my motherland now get out and pushes helina.

Helina hurts her head,maliketu says don’t dare u stare at me and throws her out. Helina starts crying in rains,Chandra walks to her n says sorry but u shdnt be here and if any of the kings see u, they will not like it and disgrace Greeks,helina says he left me,I loved him but he threw me away, Chandra says cry as much as u can but never let ur enemies see these and this love always brings tears,helina say so trusted him more than me,Chandra says todays hatred will be ur strength tomorrow come let me drop u to ur tent and hides her with blanket n says now none will recognise u, come.

Nandini goes to helina and says look I got u traditional Bhartiya outfits u like them right n where were u yesterday during Abhishek,helina says I was unwell,Nandini says u shd have told me,helina says anyways ima slaves daughter right n u must be happy right u wanna get married to maliketu,Nandini says yes he is good man n he said that he will ,helina says that there won’t be no women after u,Nandini says u are right u were present there, helina says no these men are same and tell us are things,nandini says right take care n I will see u soon n leaves. Helina throws the outfits Nandini got.

Nandini all dressed with her family and parvatak family, Gautami says look ur husband is starring at u,this reminded me abt my wedding days and u know me n ur brother use to meet in farms and he use to come in disguise and at times even I didn’t recognise him, Panditji announces shubh dates for marriage, Gautami hugs Nandini n says congratulations, padmanand says I request u to have wedding in magad, Gautami says Nandini look ur husband is so much into u,wait I will do something and says maha padmanand there’s a lake near by and since we are beginning with such an auspicious beginning I wish to go there with Nandini and maliketu,padmanand says good, go but do come in time.

Helina walks out of her tent n calls dushant and says we have to return tomorrow start arrangements,Chandra says sure, helina says look Nandini she is the one for whom maliketu cheated me no one is worth trust here.chndars ays but I will never broke ur trust n the ones who have broken ur trust, helina says I don’t , now maliketu will see how I take revenge of my heart break n Nandini too will have to face its effects.

Pre cap : Chandra to Bhartiya soldiers look at Greek soldiers and their unity and faith towards their mother land but we for some coins have betrayed our mother land n joined them shame on us.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hi all cas friends how r u all the show is getting interesting ay by day

  2. Hi all . Now we will see the true form of helina . Poor Nandini she is marrying for the sake of father . Sooooooo saaaaaaaaaddddddd?????????

  3. Please avoid n and say and. Name should start from Capital Letter. Eg. Mallikettu. Then ony it is very easier for us to read.

  4. pavan.n.holker

    oh for godsake call miss pooja to write the updates who was the writter of cas updates.

  5. Good morning ? friends .
    Happy Diwali to all of you.??

  6. its not maliketu , its malayketu . malayketu is the right word , please change it

    1. Cynthia

      Yes, not to be rude but this the worst updater, so many mistakes, especially the tense. Why can’t someone else do the update (eg. Amena didi)

      1. yes dear , there r many mistakes . amena di is always good in her updates

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