Chandra Nandni 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina sees Nandini walk away n maliketu starring at her, she walks to maliketu n asks what are u doing here u shd be in rajyamahal,maliketu says I’m here for u,helina says Nandini was to meet me but she went away,maliketu says she will come back don’t worry u are very attractive n so I always get attracted to u, helina says n don’t forget to talk to Rajaji abt us,maliketu says sure I will don’t u worry abt it.

Nandini walks to padmanand,parvatak King smiles n walks away,nandinis asks why did her smile,padmanand Says forget him u tell me,Nandini says nothing I was to see helina n leaves. Nandini goes to helinas tent n sees a soldier(it’s Chandra with face covered using mask ) n says u are the Bhartiya soldier who saved me,Chandra remembers every meet of his

with Nandini n says no need to thank me I was there to save helina but had to save u too,Nandini says but u are Bhartiya,Chandra says only for those who serve my mother land,Nandini says thanku n leaves.

Chandra meets a Chanakya dressed as a old man n says work done n we can leave today,Chanakya says good n even I have started gathering support for u,Chandra says soon these Greeks will run away from our mother land,n this is good opportunity to attack Sikander,Chanakya says not so soon first u have to get those Bhartiya soldiers from Greeks on ur side n create differences between Greeks n Bhartiya soldiers n be very careful while doing so n also with this learn all tactics n war methods of Greeks n Chanakya leaves.

Maliketus Rajya Abhishek in progress,helina has her eyes on him but maliketus eyes on Nandini,Chandra sees maliketu n says he shd be be headed for lending mother land to Greeks,helina thinks now maliketu will announce our wedding. Raja parvatak says from today maliketu will be King of parvatak n to make it more memorable Yuvraj will be married n I would like to invite magad King padmanand before that,padmanand Walks to them n says today I announce my daughter Nandini to marry maliketu,Nandini helina and Chandra in surprise, Chandra thinks if he is marrying maliketu what was that in jungle last night.

Gautami comes out of tent n says wow nandini will marry n now be out of my way, always troubles me,Gautami sees Chandra with PAN,but ignores his face n focuses on eating PAN, Gautami remembers Chandras face n remembers Nandini saying she has killed him n his unhappy soul behind her n runs in fear.

Nandini in tears asks padmanand why did he say yes to marriage proposal, padmanand says Nandini I can’t see ur tears, I can say no but I don’t want u to be in wrong hands after me, for me u are the most imp person on this earth, n I want to see u happy and so I choose maliketu n if it’s a no I will convey ur message but try n understand ur fathers side too n this is for ur good, here in parvatak u will be treated like a daughter too, maliketu is a perfect choice for u,but if still it’s a no for u I will say no to parvatak but forever in my eyes I will have a unfulfilled wish to see u marry,but u don’t cry I can’t see u in tears, padmanand leaves.

Gautami sees dhananand n hugs him n says thank god u are here I saw ghost,he starts laughing n says Gautami why will someone scare u,Gautami says it was same man who came as maliketu see look there. Dhananand goes n cheeks n sees its someone else, Gautami says no he isn’t this man,where did that ghost go,dhananand eats PAN too n says this PAN has jadibuti n it’s that effect u imagining things.

Padmanand walks yo parvatak n says I need to talk abt maliketu n Nandini,Nandini stops him n says pitamaharaj, I accept this proposal I can’t see ur head down asking someone for forgiveness,padmanand gets very happy n is in tears.padmanand gives nandinis hand in maliketus n says she is my pride and my heart, promise me u will never hurt her n always take care of her,for a father usually son is important but for me it’s my daughter, she is my strength n my weakness,she is the reason I’m so lively,I’m going u my life,n I warn u,if I ever see single tear in her eyes I will destroy everything here.

Helina walks to maliketus tent, guards stop her but she hears Maliketu says I promise u padmanand I will keep Nandini ahead of everything pm she will be mine n no one will ever take her place,I have fallen in love with her the first time I have seen her, she will be my only queen, helina in tears.

Pre cap : padmanand gives Nandini his kadha n says it’s a symbol of my love n strength to u,Nandini hugs him n says this will never part from me,Chandra hears them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. well
    this is ekta kappor show
    so more dramatic is made
    Chandragupt history has nothing to do with this show

  2. Nice epi..Helina comes 2 know maliketu’s real face….

  3. Nice episode….

  4. Ashlesha I too feel the was axpected but still I am quite liking this show just for entertainment.

  5. Tiyasa

    This ekta kapoor !!!!!!

  6. hay! i am a silent follower of this serioul’s updates, but day by day its getting on my nurvs. badly missing imagine tv’s chandra gupt morya. ashish sharma and manish wadwa is the best chandragupt and chanakya respectively.

  7. vishnu priya

    Waiting for this episode,nice chandra is looking awesome

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