Chandra Nandni 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini thinking about Chandra and dadi walks in and says are you thinking about Chandra,Nandini says yes dadi,dadi asks and what is it.
Nandini says no I meant Chandra nothing,I was reading this book,dadi says yes what does this book has about Chandra,don’t worry it happens in love,Nandini says no dadi,Chandra walks in,dadi says Chandra you know Nandini was reading book backwards and also not eating well these days.Chandra says let’s call doctor,dadi says what if his treatment doesn’t work,Nandini says nothing no need of doctor,dadi is here to talk about tomorrow’s Janmashtami arrangements,dadi says yes and I was also here to talk about bindusara I think he should have a brother or sister ,Nandini and Chandra blush,dadi says you are husband and wife why this shyness

and so tomorrow Nandini you perform the pooja so that you will have the blessings and dadi leaves.

Chandra asks what was dadi saying about disease,Nandini says nothing and leaves. Pandugan says with this I shall kill you Chandra and Magad will be mine,Malayketu walks in,pandugan asks what are you doing here,he says I know you are angry let’s get back together and focus on chandras death, I have no interest on this throne,but chandras death is my aim,pandugan says good this throne is mine,padmanands son pandugans.

Malayketu says after pooja,I will send Chandra to Sabha house ,you kill him there,pandugan says I was waiting for this day,Malayketu says come let’s begin with this friendship and hugs pandugan.and thinks with Chandras death you will be imprisoned and Magads throne will be mine.

Nandini thinking why am I always thinking about Chandra,Chandra walks in and says let me help you,Nandini drops flowers when Chandra touches her hand and says you go other way I will manage myself here and thinks why did I feel this when Chandra touched me,Chandra thinks what’s wrong with her,Nandini thinks control your emotions,Helina sees them together and gets angry and leaves.

Helina says mora ma,look I got you a gift,and sits beside her near her feet and says I feel so good near you, I need your blessings too,mora says you are my daughter too you don’t have to sit on my feet,Helina says ma look Balkrishna for you, mora says this is given when you Want a women to expect a baby,Helina says this means I should be gifted it, ma binudsara is my son too but even I want to be a mother,mora says I understand your emotions,it’s a women’s biggest happiness,Helina says ma but when will I have these feelings because Chandra loves Nandini and I have nothing when she is the subject,mora says this isn’t so,you are the mukhyarani here you can do anything what’s the hurdle,Helina says anyways ma I have arranged pooja today I want you to be there and perform the Aarti I hope with your blessings I will have a baby next year,mora says yes I will perform the Aarti,Helina hugs mora.

Chaya says how beautiful is this arrangement,Chandra says your bhabhi did it,Chaya says Helina very nice,Chandra says no I meant Nandini,where is ma,Helina says she is unwell and resting she won’t come let’s begin with pooja,Panditji says let’s begin if rajmata won’t participate,Nandini steps and begins with pooja,Nandini calls Chandra to join him,mora walking towards pooja,Helina walks to her and says ma sorry I tried stopping but Nandini and Chandra didn’t want to delay pooja,I’m very upset too ma,I couldn’t see the insult,Nandini should have understood but look.

Mora walks to see Chandra and Nandini performing pooja together and is very angry,Malayketu says today our mission shall be completed . In bedroom,Nandini feels the current again,Chandra asks what’s wrong,Nandini says what’s in your hand I know you are up to a prank and why are you smiling,I feel current when you touch,Chandra asks where did I touch tell me,Nandini says nothing,Chandra says no let me and touches Nandinis cheek and she says see i felt again,Chandra says see you touch me,Nandini touches him and feels It,Chandra says this is in your mind,dasi informs security minister is waiting for him its urgent,Chandra says I’m leaving now but I shall continue later.

Mora says Chandra for you your mother isn’t important any more,the words of insult still prick me,Helina says ma Chandra isn’t at fault its Nandini,Chandra has been turned into puppet, she targets you me Chaya, it’s her game for this throne,for now I’m worried if it’s not bindusara next,mora says Helina what do you mean,Helina says I saw last Night pandugan say only Nandinis son will be next king of Magad ,for now it’s fine what will happen when Nandini will have a baby,mora says first father now his daughter I won’t let anything harm Chandra now and now see what rajmata does.

Minister says maharaj Amartya has been found and he is up to his new army and on his go to attack Magad,its only acharya Chanakya who can deal with this problem,Chandra says I’m acharyas student and it will be as a thank you to him when I stand on his teachings and find Amartya ,Chandra leaves.

Malayketu gives minster money and says remember no one should learn that it’s me behind you,minister says but I shall always remember you and come back when I need you,Malayketu gets angry and kill him and says no one dare trick malayketu and he doesn’t leave any signs behind.

Nandini says dadi was right I’m unwell, I hear music I see Chandra everywhere.chandra enters the room.Nandini says lOok Chandra, it’s so hot here,Chandra says no it’s so pleasant here,and what’s wrong why are you behaving so wired,and when Chandra touches her Nandini feels the current,Chandra picks her up and puts her in bed but slips,both looks at eachother ,Nandini thinks today I don’t want you to go,Chandra says I’m sorry my leg slipped I hope you are fine,and I have to go and leaves,Nandini thinks am I really in love.

Pre cap : Nandini says you aren’t rajmata but a murderer,Chandra says ma you murdered an innocent and so you will also be punished.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Helena’s trick to convince Rajamata against Chandra is getting successful, Malayketu and Pandugrath are also dangerous for Chandra. Nice love scenes of CN. Why Nandini is blaming Rajamata for the murder of Pandugrath as per precap, has Nandini seen him or is a conspiracy, is worth to watch.

  2. Looks bad time for Rajmata .

    1. Agree bad time for Rajamata, yesterday’s planetary movement of Ragu n Ketu god. Yesterday’s i was in the temple for this prayers.

      I am not sure whether it is Drama of Rajamata or she killed Pandu, I don’t understand why is she listening to Helina, why can’t she ask Chandra about the pooja ceremony. Always listen to one side this is what it create problems n she did not understand Nandini character.

      1. Rt padu many prblms in ths serial s listening one side and not confirmg ….not communication btw thm

  3. Helena’s dirty way of tricking foolish rajmata against chandra and nandini is worst, did you notice now she is aiming to become a mother and wants to have a child with chandra dirty witch now we can come to know her aim is to seduce chandra with the help of Macedonia’s wine that’s what she is going to do she is so cheap character
    Definitely Moora is going to trap nandini she is just acting if you all noticed when Helena was sharing her dream of becoming a mother that time Moora’s expression was like shocking I might be wrong hear
    Moora is acting to be the killer of pandu it’s her plan to trap nandini and send her out of the mahal I am 100% sure it’s her trap for nandini
    I feel sad for nandini who she thought as her mother that same mother in law is going to stab her back

    After 10 years when Moora comes to know that she was brainwashed by Helena and her witch mother she won’t be able to face nandini or chandra
    I am speechless right now because it’s really hard to take it, the serial has one of the best actor and actress who’s talent is wasted there energy is wasted, it’s really hard to realize that the story line is becoming bad to baddest
    Swetha and Rajat’s talents are remarkable bit the makers are running it and wasting their time energy ect
    I know it’s historical cum frictional story writers have to know how to balance the story with positive and negative we as viewers don’t want all the time negative there should be some logic you people shoe one thing later it is not included then why you show it, what you people lag is that you as writers never finish the plot completely it’s like cocktail all jumbled
    Makers mistake is that bringing all the villains in one roof what a blunder
    When chandra banished Apama after three of four episodes she is back in the mahal and again plotting rediclouse we as viewers have no words the show started with a bang later lost its glory because of giving importance to villains and nandini because cry baby and chandra a dum king
    Chandra Gupta Maurya wouldn’t have been a dum king in real life
    No justice of DD’S death no justice for nandini who tried to poison her she is back and plotting wow makers this shows how the trp has come today it’s sad
    We are sad for Swetha and Rajat

    1. Behi

      I agree with you about wasting Rajat and Shweta’s talent in this show, they are too much for this illogical drama
      But I think Mora has a plan to catch apama and Helena, Chanakya & Mora had a plan bcoz Chanakya warned apama that this time he doesn’t let her to win and also Mora is not that much stupid to believe Helena and Apama, she didn’t forgive Nandini bcoz she thought that she is murderer of DD, now she doesn’t have any reaction to Apama, it is not Mora’s style, maybe she is annoying sometimes but she is not a dumb, even she trusted Nandini and let her to cure Chandra long time ago.
      One time she doubted on Nandini and misbehave her, she didn’t make that mistake again. She was sorry on that time.
      On the other hand, Chanakya had promised to save bindusar, and to catch Apama. Chandra would never misbehave his guru, he always talks to him respectfully and politely, he never yellsat his father especially infront of everyone.
      And also the producer and writers never show that Chandra fooled by those Greeks again, once he had believed Nandini is a culpirt and made that huge mistake, if he fell in that plot again, he would be the worst and dumbest king ever, it is unlike him and it’s unlike the producer’s thoughtline.

      1. Behi

        Mora had trust Nandini when she was not good on Chandra and demand her to cure Chandra. She accept her as her daughter when she was bad with Chandra, that time even Padmanand was alive and Mora didn’t get her revenge from him, now Nand is dead, Mora is comfortable bcoz she took her revenge, even she took part in her enemies funeral just bcoz of Nandini, she wasn’t sad when bindu or actually Chandra did Nand’s funeral rituals, she was not angry that time. All she does, is a plan. She is rajmata, she should show a powerful picture of being mother of king and it’s her turn to show a heroic twist. Sometimes she is so annoying but I believe that she is a powerful mother. She knows how much Chandra loves Nandini and how much important she is in his life.

      2. Behi

        Once Mora didn’t trust Nandini and blamed her, now it’s Nandini to not put trust on Mora so justice would be fulfilled.

      3. After reading ur comment I felt smewat happy…it should be wat u said …wen chankya left mahal Moora tried to stop him if it was plan why but maybe, always ths makers confuse us by showing unrelated scenes to climax….

      4. Behi

        Yeah dear Shree, don’t worry they have plan to catch Apama, no way they give another chance to villains to escape. He is great king, Chandra Guapta Maurya, once he had made a mistake and didn’t trust Nandini, and also Acharya is a great guru, he had failed infront of Apama once, if he fails again the whole history of India went under question.
        Just I am not sure that if chaya has role in this plan or not?!

      5. Well said behi dr… if chandra fails again our indian history will be questionable!!! Actually i stopped watching dis serial since monday… am fed up… they r showing maamiyar-marumahal fight n also these greek ladies r more talented than the great king chandra gupta mourya… ridiculous!!!! She has over confident… i cant tolerate dis storyline… this makers again starts their circle story… chandra nandini separation!!! Thn dis drama will start again… ufff… i dont knw wat the makers thnkng abt us…

    2. Well said Shalini,
      I pity Nandini, she was very happy girl in her parents house, everybody does not make her cry n got loved from her family members..
      The time when she get married to Chandra, a bad time came. She start crying till now, get insulted from everyone in Mahal, always someone trying to frame her,thown out of Mahal.
      The only person who support n beleive her is Dadima,
      Honestly, i am so fed up of this negativitey in this serial, it is unbelieveable, even during CGM era no women will tolerate this nonsence, it is only a certain extend.
      Chandra told to Helena mum that she only stays in her daughter room n not to get involved, but now she is every corner of the Mahal. No justice of DD death n even Nandini she tried to poison. I feel so sad for Chandra n Nandini, married more than one year, till now they unable be as married couple

  4. Savithri V Ramani

    Horrible.every one in the Mahalia showing hatred towards innocent nandini and even her ownbrither wants to kill saddening.Again and again deadly people are making the kings life miserable. Instead the writers can show how the citizens are benefitted and the young bindusara learns good sword fight and knowledge from nandini etc always under threat is really boring

  5. I have stopped watching the episodes after they started topic of bringing malayketu. Before they were dragging episodes a lot but now serial has sunk. Please save the serial for Rajat, shwetha and viewers. I think this time also chandra and nandini wont propose and there wont be intimate scenes between chandra and nandini and as somebody said there will be leap. Or they will show as nandini will be mother of chandras child and she will be thrown again out if mahal and her child will also be there in the leap. Whichever way it goes, story will take ugly turn. Very much disappointed with this serial. I watch and comment only for this serial but much disappointed.

    1. I am disappointed NOT bcoz they are dragging the serial or always evil wins. There ia NO LOGIC behind this fictional story. Even if they show evil wins over good, it should be with logical reasoning with justification. They gave ALWAYS COMPROMISED on CHARACTERIZATION. From the start, i have always felt that Rajat and Shwetha are trying their best to bring the characters alive but since there is no solid characterization potrayed in the script,their efforts became obsolete. Rajat lived akbar character bcoz of his acting as well as akbar character was defined in the scriot even that is same with Jodha. The couple could have done love or initimate scenes even better but tthere was always some void between them. Nevertheless shwetha is very good as Nandini ( no one could have done it better with worst script). I wish have taken it as original chandra gupta story rather than going for fictional atleast they would have got some sensible storyline and serial would have better and save actors life.

      1. Behi

        Absolutely agree with you and what you said about character of akbar and how Rajat acted that, Rajat made Akbar alive and lived that character and that character brought many awards, popularity and respect for Rajat, he did his best and got what he deserved, but in CN show, Rajat even acts better he tried even more than before and why not, he now has more experience and information, he is going to be more and more professional day by day but I doubted that he receives back what he deserves. and about SBP, the situation is the same, she acts very well, her fighting scences are awsome, obviously she put all her efforts on those scences. ( his fighting scenes are so much better than Jodha’s, don’t blame me plz, I love both SBP& PSh equally, no one could play Jodha better than paridhi and no one is better than SBP for Nandi) b
        The one and only problem in this show is script, it is unbelievably illogical, the scenes dont clue to each other properly, the events happen so simply and have no ceherence. Helena and Apama are gossiping freely and lie everything with no fear that someone could find about their lies, for example today Helena infront of every one says that Mora is sick and is sleeping, for God’s sake no member of this family won’t go to visit her after pooja to know about her health, ask her how is she, Y is she ill,…. Even dadi or Chaya as her daughter or Chandra as her son won’t get worried about Mora. This is a simple part and those writers, as some professional ones, didn’t write it properly. so many scenes like this exist, these problems decrease the quality of the show and waste the priceless acts and efforts of great actors (esses)

  6. Hi friends,sorry to post this.But I felt bad about the present low TRPs of CN.Makers its high time to take bold decision on show.Even Chadrakanta(colours),Meri Durga are giving good trp s.Whats wrong with RT show.?Is it a self destruction idea to degrade the show day by day.They have very good acting talent in this show whose skills are wasted.CN seens are good but again seems like these scenes are eye washing for disappointed fans.Here I am sharing my ideas about the fall of trp .Kindly share opinions about my comments:
    1.Any show should have negative and positive characters but people like to watch if positive things win.Ironically this show always show evils celebrating there continuous victory.
    2.Apama she is 100% responsible for trp drop.People want a severe punishment for her evil deeds but only she was 2-3rpisodes away from mahal and back to her daughter.
    So no justice to Durdhara.Annoying
    3.Malai character has no clearity .But the artist Chetan portrayed that role is talented -o wish he could leave the show and go to better serial
    Jodha Akbar fans unwantedly developed gruedge on Swetha because they only love Paridhi beside Rajat but what to do Ekta chose her as Paridhi(may be not suitable to the role) was pregnant then.But her fans repeatedly troll SBP even Today also I found trolls in telly news &trps facebook.
    But my opinion about the combo of RT and Swetha is good as both are of same ages.
    SBP has a bitter past but as an artist she won national award .She is a good ,beautiful artist
    5. Always limited characters,repeated conspiracies of A-H to separate C-N is quite boring
    6.Interesting concept in the track is closed early.Durdhara -Chandra-Nandini related episodes if they picturised more it would be interesting but most entertaining character DD was closed earlier.Vishkanya track would have been inserted as a separate track .It created confusion as that track was placed between so many unsolved mysteries.
    •Promotion by Star plus
    •Tough competition from 8:30 serials telecasting on other channels.
    •As the makers repeatedly making bore scenes and they are not caring for fans I wish this show will go off air and RT-SBP may choose better shows in future.I am concerned about RT as I am ardent fan of him.Also after watching this serial I love SBP as she has a hidden beauty even she is not tall,fair ,not zero sizethere is a magical beauty in her.
    All above comments are my personal opinions sorry to hurt RT fans

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I want to salute u for this comment. Ur each line is true. I liked that u share that shweta basu trolled by paridhi sharma fans. U know it was rumour that paridhi sharma might be helena . So all fans were in extreme joy, but when it’s tanu khan who acted in Role of Helena, then they started trolling Shweta basu. Just watch the ratings of Iss pyar ko kya naam doon 3 , barun sobti’s fan power also not giving good trp only 1.1 !!! Bcoz they want sanaya irani back. I personally believe Rajat looks best with Shweta and their chemistry is one of the best till now . But soo many villians and every time nandini crying are ruining their chemistry. Now the 10 years leap another step to destroy the serial more. I don’t know in future will Rajat and Shweta work together in any project but their chemistry will always remain in my heart. Also I want to share another fact that recently which historical shows going on every serial have not good trp, Peshwa bajirao 0.4, Aarambh 0.5 and Maharaja ranjit singh is going to off air soon. But Chandrakanta got 1.9, and decade’s worst show Naagin , Naagin 2 also a huge hit. Are Indian audience become soo much fond of Magical fairy tale???? And how most boring show Kumkum vagya, Yeh hain mohabatein, saathiya, sasural simar ka good trp??? Just don’t understand trp ratings.

      1. I agree with you @satya sarathi sarkar . Rajat looks best with Shweta. I have seen his previous shows and so I can say its his best pair till now . Show is not getting Trp because of too much og villains surrounding chandra and nandini again and again apama and helena conspiracy is destroying the show .helena was part of dudhara murder, roopa thing also but she was left without warning .pk helena will be there it end but what about apama ? he character needs to end now or else show will end for sure .better makers realize this and coming to CN scenes .they have such good chemistry but makers are not utilizing them .such good leads are been wasted by makers and more and more screen space is given to villains

    2. Behi

      Dear SPD, I agree with most of your opinions, no one could say that better.
      1_you are totally right, the attractive element in a show is challenging between positive and negative characters and all viewers want the victory of all goods at the end, after many problems, sad events or anything, we want to see that heros conquer the villains, the positive characters become closer and more popular, their grade go higher, ( for example, in JA after every problem, jodha went more populare, her degree went higher for everyone and all villains plans would be unsuccessful) but in this show after every problem after every drama, Nandini didn’t get anything, Helena’s situation went stable and Nandini’s went unstable day by day. According to the conservative law, Nandini’s misery doesn’t die or decreases, just change the shape. She doesn’t taste happiness or joy, even after being proved she is innocent, she didn’t have funny time, her pain bcoz of not having her husband’s trust, his father’s death,kidnapping bindu and then drama of Malay and Mora. Change the name of show to ? the passion of Nandini ?
      2- absolutely Apama is a real villain, the actoress really nailed it and his acting is awsome, but Helena& Apama’s scenes were so boring recently, I think Apama’s role expired and her story is over, the more they dragg apama’s part, the more the show loses viewers. Apama should end and Helena become the no. 1 villain with more intelligence
      3- Malay is nonsense villain, they don’t show him smart or powerful, he is nothing without help of others,once Nand and now Apama. They should end his role or add some power to him
      4- I dont think so, I am not an Indian and I don’t know about the news in India but I think SBP is so popular too, she won best patni recently and that was just bcoz people vote her. I don’t like to compare SBP and PSh (unlike chandra& akbar? I compare them two alot) bcoz their characters are so different and maybe Paridhi couldn’t be as good as Shweta.
      5- overall all characters are so limited, I don’t sense 8f I am watching a king, queen drama, the location is a palace but it doesn’t portray it truly, it seems they don’t have any other thing to do other than gossiping and challenging with each other in their family. At the beginning it was nice and they show a rayal family, a king and Queen issues very well but recently it turned to an ordinary family problems
      6- most stories left endless, they abandoned everything without ending them properly, all questions left unanswered, since when Chandra knew about the true of Vk? What happened to viskarnya? What happened to real vk? What happened to Nandini’s mother or other females of Nand’s family? Where is that greek minister?

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        U said it right , where is Megasthinis??? I also forgot about him. Instead of back Apama in Mahal if Makers shown that Helena is plotting against Nandini and Megasthinis is giving her idea then that have some logic. But CN makers loved soo much Apama, I think even after leap of 10 years Apama will be there. Is the actress in Apama gave any donation to the makers????

      2. In this serial, certain characters came out of nowhere and after some time, vanished into thin air.Has Chloe disappeared?

    3. Hai SPD, I agree with yr comments. The serial was very interesting from the start, as soon Nandini was kicked from the Mahal, all viewers was disappointed no proper investigation done. According to the markers the TRP increased due to N was out of Mahal.
      DD tract was very entertaining but they killed that track so fast.
      Apama n Helena did so many plot but they keep winning, all the issues are still hanging in the air. A lot of viewers did mentioned about too much of negativity in this serial but writers or directors ignored, of course their TRP will be reduced. But now they are saying shd give 10 years leap, TRP will be increased, it is a suscide
      I will not comment about Jodha Akbar, as i did not watched this serial. As for me Sweta is very talented ,beautiful n the best jodi in Chandra Nandini. But very disappointed that have two talented actors Rajat n Sweta, they are making them as fools.
      I am not sure look like Rajat is more fairer than Sweta, but they both suits very well in this serial.

  7. Entertainment is missing in this show .

  8. satya sarathi sarkar

    Today I have watched the TRP ratings of CHANDRA NANDINI JUST only 1.2, just shame on this makers, are they want to destroy RAJAT’S career????I never expected the show became sooo bad to watch.U r all don’t care for us nd our feedback, AFTER vishkanya track when the track of CHANDRA NANDINI romance started I was really happy, thought that now may be the makers back their sense but ALAS !!! AGAIN the evil APAMA BACK on the mahal and started plotting !!!!! from there the audience really angry with how a Murderer not get any punishment, is this possible in any kingdom???? however we tolerated this but now WHEN malayketu back in the MAHAL, and when he confessed that he was involved in Kidnap case of BINDUSAAR, Then also MOORA and CHAYA supported MALAYKETU just unbelievable !!!!!! now in every episode again the drama of insulting NANDINI started. limitless dumbness and lack of creativity harmed the trp ratings. Before vishkanya track the show was really going good but I don’t know what happened to writters they thought only some romantic scenes of CHANDRA Nandini will give them good trp, but how audience can enjoy their romance when their surroundings are filled with soo much negativity. I am feeling soo bad for RAJAT and SHWETA. They giving their 200% but could not get proper value only because poor script. Even in Gold awards not a one nomination they got, but I watched in youtube that still Rajat tokas is in TOP 5 popular face. last week he was in 2nd position, just imagine if he got some good script then he will be in Number 1.

  9. I just hope this serial storyline is all about mora, chaya, chandra and chanakya plan to catch the culprit ….if not the storyline is becoming boring. What leap all d spoiler talking about? A separation between Can and rival things? Confused

  10. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    At least in today’s episode no one insulted Nandini, I liked the scene that Nandini felt current shock, some how it was really enjoyable. Another thing I wonder how writers remember about Janmastami. When ever Dadima came in to CN’s life it brings some fresh air of relief . After 10 years may be we not see her but she always remain in our mind. Last time also Helena wanted to be mother And chandra don’t accept that, but I am really confused that this time what will happen. Malayketu looking to take the Apama’s place. He now playing game sensibly. Is there are no minister in mahal on whom Chandra can trust.

  11. why dont you all go and have a life!!! i cant believe the paragraphs of writing that is put up here, who is bothered to even read?? not me!
    This is A TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do you know the difference between entertainment and truth? gawd you all are dumb

    1. You’re right.I better spend my time sewing or embroidering rather than watching this serial but what to do we had watched it from beginning so we have to continue till the end no matter what.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Yess I am in same situation, because of Rajat and Shweta I digested all these non sense, because one of their romantic eye lock scene is antacid for me,??? but after 10 years if they start to hate each other then where I get antacid???

    2. Mia, u are enjoying reading our comments isn’t it. We are fans of Rajat n Sweta n we will support . Pls don’t says us we are Dumb.

  12. What?All this while nandhini didn’t know she was in love with chandra?Apama was supposed to be under house arrest, why is she walking freely in the mahal?Malais father was a king.After his death Malai should be the new king and rule his kingdom.Why is he still in magad?This serial used to sooth and calm our soul.Nowadays it’s giving me highBP and maybe a heart attack.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Nandini now feeling current when Chandra touched her, but if Chadra kissed Nandini then may be Chandra became a wife murderer!!!??? U said it right why Malay is here , then who is ruling his own state???? So logicless!!!! Please keep near some medicine when U watching CN.

      1. Last time when Chandra is in love, he heard someone singing n now Nandini gets electric shock. Do u noticed whenever C n N alone, they can’t even enjoy their romance, the maid or others will disturb them, so irriating.

      2. I will, Satya Thambi.Wonder where’s Padmini today.

      3. There you’re, Padmini.I just saw your comment.

      4. Last time when Chandra is in love, he heard someone singing n now Nandini gets electric shock. Do u noticed whenever C n N alone, they can’t even enjoy their romance, the maid or others will disturb them, so irritating.

        Roopa, i am back , went to temple early in the morning,came back around lunch time. From July onwards too many auspicious prayers, so got busy.
        Thank you my dear. I prayed for for all of you in this chat group freinds

  13. bore bore bore

  14. Makers need to end Apama role. She is decreasing the trp day by day . helena and apama scenes are very annoying .hope moora is acting and its plan to catch real culprits by chanakya and chandra .if not then show is gone .I feel bad for rajat and shweta .such good leads , actors are been wasted by makers .

    1. Rt apu s only reason fr cn separate and also trp

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Not only Apama I believe now Moora and Chaya also responsible for low trp.

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I saw when Apama is freely moving any where then I just couldn’t tolerate this. Please please makers remove this Apama otherwise after 10 years leap also not bring trp for u. I just pray please don’t waste the Rajat and Shweta chemistry by including meaningless drama of villians. They are the one of the best couple.

  15. I agree with all the comments.E.Kapoor should now realise to change the writer.From where she has got him.He has spoiled the serial to the maximum extend.
    By seeing the leap period N has left the
    mahal and also she is against C.For Gods shake it shouold not be.It will be hard to
    digest if N is against C.It is very much irrigating to see appalamma and hellana.
    Even if the writet dies , they won’t without
    seeing N’s death.Even H will make Bindu to
    hate as they succeeded with Moora.
    Everyone of our view is same except the
    writer and EK.

  16. Pleas read as “It irritating to see appalamma and hellana” and not irrigating

  17. i stopped watching serial, i only follow updates…i just hate Evil Apma and her plastic faced daughter Helina uuuuuuugh…..i just cant tolerate them inclusive of that so called Mora she too never learns her lessons,how she can so easily forget Nandni’s goodness and keeps on scolding her and keeping Bindusara away from her makes me furious…i just wanna go inside the Tv and bang her empty head

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