Chandra Nandni 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nandini and Helina join hands,

Chandra Nandni 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra as Bheemdev says did you see that Helina face,Mohini says stop drinking alcohol now,Chandra says this is so fun.Nandini thinking about last night and says I have to go give Chandra medicine before it’s too late,see meets Helina and says it’s time for medicine but how we will,Helina says I’m here for same thing,Nandini says he gets angry quickly,helina remembers the slap and says you are right and say slets go quickly.

Nandini says maharaj must be with Mohini should we enter this way,Helina says you are right but for Chandra we have to,Mohini walks out and asks what are you two doing,oh are you jealous and we’re here all night,and it’s not good to be so attached,Nandini says we need to talk to maharaj,Mohini asks what is it,Nandini says he is unwell he

needs to have medicine,Mohini says no need,he is asleep as we were awake all night so give me I will give it later,Helina says don’t forget we are his wives,Mohini says dare you raise your voice I’m mukhyrani now leave,Helina looses her calm Nandini takes her away with her.

Helina says I cant stand that women,I just want to slap her,Nandini says calm down,our only mission is this Medicine,we need to keep Mohini away and we will be ok,Helina says don’t worry I will manage. Dharmas friend in mahal and dashes adornus,adornus thinks last time she was here Bindusara bhaiya was denamed as Yuvraj she is dangerous,adornus says sorry sister and leaves,dasi sees that and says for first time prince adornus called a girl sister.

Dasi knocks door,Helina and Nandini hiding,Mohini to dasi says how dare you disturb,dasi says I was here for your husband Bheemdev,Mohini thinks Bheemdev is here in Chandras body did they find his body and rushes quickly,Helina says I have done my part its your turn go in and I shall guard the door till then,Nandini gets in the room and closes the door.

Nandini sees Chandra is asleep and says I only have this opportunity,how will I, he,Ina sees Mohini coming back and stops her and says I’m sorry for last night,Mohini says ok ok leave my way,Helina says see you aren’t getting me,I’m not like Nandini,just tell maharaj not to hurt me and throw me away from mahal,and in return I can give you anything all my ornaments,Mohini says are you sure,Helina says yes I am come with me,I will show you and you can have anything you like,Nandini walks to Chandra and wakes him up,Chandra pulls her,and wakes up and says you are here then where is Mohini,Nandini says why always Mohini,don’t you know how much I like you,and keep smiling that suits you,for me it doesn’t matter if i am Nandini or Savitri what matters is we are here all alone.

Mohini says wow all these jewellery mine wow,Helina says yes Chandra will love to see you in this,Helina says this greedy women will be busy in this till Nandini is back.bheemdev thinks your fate is shining,first king then his glory then his wife too,and says come close then,Nandini says what’s the hurry you like alcohol right,Chandra says yes I do let me have it,Nandini says I will get you a drink and thinks I’m sorry for this act,and gives medicine in the glass,Chandra has it and pulls Nandini close and slowly take soft her dupatta,and falls asleep,Nandini steps back and checks on Chandra and leaves. Helina asks Nandini did you do the work,Nandini says yes I did,Mohini hears them talk and says how foolish I was and I just hope this doesn’t affect Bheemdev soul.

Friend asks dharma what was it that you called me in urgency,dharma says I need the truth please who got you here adornus or Bindusara,she says ok,Bindusara has to do nothing with my molestation,it was adornus,and Bindusara asked me to do so to save adornus,dharma thinks I was hating Bindusara for something he had never done,he went through insults and hatred because of it,I should very quickly go to maharaj and talk about this.

Nandini walks to Chandra,he is asleep and thinks now I just hope medicine is working and he gets back to life.Chandra wakes up and says Nandini,and says I was on terrace how I’m here,Nandini thinks god he remembers nothing what he did last night.

Dharma says I’m sorry to interrupt,Nandini says come in,dhrama says it’s Bindusara,Chandra says are you here to forgive him,dharma says it’s like I’m at fault,Nandini says what are you saying,Dharma says the truth is Bindusara had never molested my friend and he had been facing an punishment he shouldn’t, it was adornus and Bindusara did this to save him and he also asked my friend to keep mum and so I beg of you please give him his post back,Nandini says very good Dharma,you found the truth and informed us about it,in tomorrow’s sabha maharaj shall make announcement,Chandra nods yes,Nandini thinks thank god maharaj is doing good.

Dharma walks to Bindusara and says you didn’t have dinner have this fruits,Bindusara pushes the plate and says stop being my wife,Dharma says I’m your wife so,
Bindusara says what,Dhrama says nothing ,I did this so that I can sleep,you will wake up midnight and start practising swords and my sleep what about it,Bindusara says just keep away from me I hate you,dharma says so do I,I will have nightmares if I see you and I have informed maharaj about my decision,Bindusara says I have no interest in this.

Chandra in Sabha says today I shall announce my decision and it is Bindusara doesn’t deserve to be a Yuvraj,Nandini in tears and all other shocked,Bindusara very angry and Mohini happy.

Pre cap :Chandra in bath,Nandini says Bindusara is innocent please free him,Chandra says okay spend tonight with me and I shall. Dharma tells Bindusara about Chandra asking Nandini to spend night with him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Anyhow Nandini and Helena became successful to give medicine to Chandra, it worked for short time but Bhimdeo again started his game. Dharma is coming close to Bindusar but he is unchanged. How Nandini will tackle Bhimdeo will be interesting to watch.

  2. I felt bored yesterday episode. Nandini gave the medience to Chandra(Bheemdev) but it does not work only temporary.
    When Dharma came to informed Chandra that Bindu is not the person who molest her freind but it was Adonus but at that time it was Chandra not Bheemdev soul. The medience effect on Chandra is only temporarily but when he sat on the throne, he is back as Bheemdev.
    Hoping to see Archarya today episode.
    Precap is not interesting as Nandini as to spent a night with Chandra(bheemdev)

  3. This is a fan fiction story of Chadragupta Maurya and his two wives Dhurdhara and Helena only. It is my first time writing a story so if anyone reading this story thinks there should be some amendments please do feel to comment and I will look into it. Thank you for reading my story.

    The sun was slowly rising up on the horizon and the bright rays seeped through the curtains into the royal chambers where Dhurdhara and Chandra were both fast asleep. Dhurdhara slowly opened her eyes as her biological clock woke her up. It was time to start a new day in the Maurya Kingdom with her morning bath and her puja. She slowly lifted her husband’s hand which was over her stomach and slipped quietly out of bed not wanting to wake the Great Samrat Chandragupta Maurya : the King of Maurya Kingdom.
    In the hamam, the dasi’s were religiously waiting for her with all her bathing accessories and clothes waiting to get their Queen ready.
    After about 40mins, Dhurdhara was all dressed up, looking beautiful and fresh in her yellow dress, chunni and her hair combed up. Her jewellery was still in her bedroom and she never put it on until her puja was completed. She always believed that she should face her creator as a simple lady and as a commoner and not as a Queen.
    She quietly walked up to the tulsi plant, completed her puja, prayed for the whole family, magadh, the residents and her husband Chandra to be a Great King. Quietly she walked up to Chandra who was sleeping peacefully and although she hated to wake him up, she slowly nudged him. Slowly he woke and found Dhudhara waiting for him with the tray of puja. He never got out of her bed without her blessing and he always found it amazing how dedicated she was with this ritual. Had it not been for her, he thought to himself how his life would have been without her prayers and her unconditional love for him.
    He smiled and tried to hug her knowing very well, she would not like it but he loved her and enjoyed teasing her with his naughtiness. She eyed him with an angry look whilst completing the aarti to stop teasing her and before he could hug her she quickly stepped back and ordered him to go to the hamam and quickly made her way to the dasis outside the room and to the family members to give them their morning round of aarti.
    Chandra in the meantime, made his way to the hamam, thinking of all he had to attend to today. He had a few matters he had to attend with Chanakya in the Saaba.
    After 30 minutes Chandra stood in his room all dressed and waiting for Dhurdhara to get him dressed with his ornaments. He never liked the dasis coming to dress him regarding this because it was a special time for both Dhurdhara and Himself. Meanwhile, Dhurdhara had completed her round of aarti and as usual was waiting for him patiently. She was already all dolled up with her jewellery and looked so bright, calm, fresh and happy.
    Chandra came and stood next to her with a cheeky smile :
    “Good morning Maharani Dhurdhara” with a flicking smile on his lips knowing well she would get upset with him.
    “Good morning Chandra, and why this title Maharani? You know very well, here I am only your Dhurdhara and not your Queen but you never listen or learn, do you?” replied Dhurdhara.
    “But it is true, isn’t it and any way, if I do not address you like that then when can I tease you. You will be so indulged during the day I may not set eyes on you till night time and you do remember that today I am going to Helena,”
    He continued to move aside to her and snugged into her fresh smell of jasmine. Everyday, she smelled of different flowers depending on the season: sometimes roses, jasmine or other flowers. Today she smelled of jasmine and he felt an urge to just stand there and keep hugging her and feeling her soft baby skin but he was suddenly brought back to reality by his wife.
    “CHANDRA… “Scolded Dhurdhara, “can you please stand still while I tied this band around you. You behave like a small child you know and no one would believe me or Helena that you are a Samrat when you step out of this chamber. “
    “And, yes I know, today is Monday”. No more teasing me till Tuesday. You can tease Helena in my absence”, replied Dhurdhara smiling inside and having mixed feelings of missing him besides her at night.
    “Kya Dhurdhara, both and you Helena are so different and I have my way to tease her too but not the same way as you so calm down but I will miss you tonight” replied Chandra cutely with his eyes narrowed down and a cheeky smile flicking on his face.
    “Don’t say that, Chandra, Helena loves you equally as me and she is my sister and your wife.”
    Having completed his dressing, Dhurdhara looked at Chandra with loving eyes and they both were ready to leave their room as King and Queen.
    “Now hurry up, everyone is waiting for breakfast.”
    Chandra quickly finished up, applied the kumkum on her hair partition and kissed Dhurdhara on her forehead which was his morning ritual for both his wives and they walked out of their personal room. The guards announced the arrival of Chandra and Dhurdhara and everyone in the dinning room were happy to see them. Greetings were exchanged. Dadimaa, Moora and Helena were patiently waiting and had already seated themselves in their respective chairs. Chandra sat at the head of the table.
    Helena smiled, got up from her chair and greeted Dhurdhara with a tight hug. You look so beautiful sister she greeted. Both sat next to Chandra on each side and breakfast was served. Helena asked Dhurdhara what her plans were for the day and asked if she could join her in the ladies saaba which she had organised for the magadh ladies and Chandra thought it was indeed a very good idea. Moora and Dadi did not have any plans and thought of going out into the village which they had not visited. Chandra ordered a troop of guards for them and everyone finished off their breakfast. Dhurdhara asked what time the saaba was going to take place. Chandra stopped both of them and suggested if they could both get some time off and be with him together and both his wives looked at him with eyes that would have burned his tongue off… Before he could say another word, Helena and Dhurdara were laughing at him and he left them to think about it without another word. He knew both his wives very well and they would decide the day and let him know.

    To be continued……..
    Please let me know what you think….

    1. It’s a good start.. it would be great if u could show that original friendship between DD and Chandra as well.

      1. OK I will do that my dear. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. CN Fan, interesting story but I am thinking DD as Nandini . The way certain ritual done, I only see Nandini doing this in Chandra Nandini serial. At least here DD N Helena are good freinds or sister n both love Chandra so much . Keep up with yr work

      1. Thank you my dear Padmini. I am not writing about Nandini at all. I thought no one liked my story so I will not continue but you seem interested so I might consider. My first time to write a story though.

  4. Hey. plz keep on continuing story. i do like to know. i dont want villains. i liked your story

    1. Thank, agree to yr comment. No Villian only want postie story.

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