Chandra Nandni 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra meets dadi,dadi says many days passed we haven’t talked,you are getting married and I don’t even know are you happy or not,Chandra says dadi My son is getting mother why won’t I be happy,dadi says and what about what about love,Chandra says dadi I know Nandini has asked you to do this,and Vishakha is waiting for me and leaves.

Amartya tells padmanand tonight Vishakha will finish her work and soon Magad will be yours,padmanand says I’m so happy,he is informed Nandini is here,Nand says get her in quick,Nandini walks in and hugs him,padmanand says I was waiting for you, look at you what Chandra has done to you,I will kill him,Nandini thinks don’t react,Nandini says pitahamaharaj first Chandra threw me out of mahal and then look he used me as dasi,you were right

Chandra doesn’t deserve to be king,I wanted to see you and lost all hopes but see I’m here in front of you,but today I’m here to tell you,Gautami bhabhi has delivered a baby they were with me in Kaling and when I went to see them again,they weren’t in Kaling, i miss them,and you are a grandfather now,padmanand says do you want to see your bhabhi come with me and takes her to them,Nandini says I’m so happy to see you both,Nand says it’s a happy day,I will go make arrangements of celebrations and leaves.

Nandini says bhabhi I have to take Vishakha with me,Chandra is in danger. Amartya says maharaj,how did Nandini find this place and how did she go against Chandra,I find this all fishy,nand says Amartya my Nandini I know her,she is back to her father,it’s a happy day for me,don’t spoil it,don’t doubt on her come with me let me take you to her. Nand sees Nandini isn’t in tent and asks,Gautami where is Nandini,Gautami says you won’t reach her ever , I beg if you let her go,Nand says Gautami how dare you help Nandini,guards find Nandini and Vishakha but take care Nandini shouldn’t be injured in any case.

Vishakha says like this night there will be darkness in your life too. Nandini and Vishakha on the run,guards chasing them,Vishakha says we won’t reach Magad,Nandini says quickly run,don’t give up, soldiers get them,Nandini says you will have to attack me before Vishakha,a guard attacks Nandini and injures her hand,other says fool if maharaj Nand learns about this he will kill us,Nandini puts soil into their eyes,snatches sword and fights them,Nandini kills all of the guards,Vishakha says you are so brave, I would never do this,Nandini says when your loved ones are in danger you will do anything for them,Nandini injures her head too,Vishakha says Nandini you are very injured let me get help,Nandini says we are short of time also we can trust no one here,both get on the horse and leave for Magad.

Chandra walks into Vishakhas room,Vishakha has put off all lights,Vishakha hugs him and says I waited for this moment so long,and now we have it and I won’t let it go so easily,and injures his back,Chandra falls down due to the poison in his body.Vishakha starts laughing and says you are dead after all and takes a lamp in her hand says rajmata and Helina look at my fate,before my wedding I’m a widow, What will I do and lights all the lamps and starts laughing.

Helina and apma walk to mora and says we are here for something important,apma says dadi is doing something really wrong.helina says ma dadi helped Nandini sneak out,who knows what Nandinis motives are,mora says why is ma doing this,Helina says ma if you don’t trust us come let’s check Nandini room,dadi already in Nandinis room,dadi says she is unwell since morning don’t wake her up,mora pulls the blanket, mora says ma what are you trying to do,you are making huge mistake,where is Nandini,dadi says she is doing everything for Chandra,mora says we saw how she helped durdhara,dadi says please take it as my request and wait for Nandini don’t tell Chandra,Mora says I have to and leaves.

Nandini and Vishakha arrive Magad. Mora asks where is maharaj,dasi says he is with Vishakha,mora walks to their room,Vishakha says I have to leave soon,Nandini and Vishakha arrive too and about to open door,mora says have you lost your mind,cant you knock,Nandini says if we keep waiting we will lose Chandra forever ma please don’t stop me today,Nandini rushes in and so do all,Vishakha hides and sees them unaware and leaves,everyone sees Chandra dead on floor.

Pre cap: apma says Helina,history will be repeated again,like durdhara even Nandini is slow poisoned and she has o die. Nandini with bindusara and starts feeling dizzy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. satya sarathi sarkar

    but if nandini will consume poison then this time who will be accused or trapped by helena and apama????? moora or dadima may be ha ha.

    1. Not moora… surely dadima.. bcoz she only supports nandini all d time…

      1. chandra he hates her… taking revenge f dd…… hahaha

      2. Jayani

        Either of dis wud happen:

        – Either wud save nandu.
        – Or he will just leave her 2 die coz he thinks dat d r8 punishment for her for killing dd

  2. i think the person who died was Parvathak, he is always wearing that kind of costumes, Chandra cames to see Vishakha suddenly he ,may seen some one going to meet her and then he hides himself and watches their conversation. or Chandra suddenly changes his plan to go her rooom and he goes somewhere and at that time Parvathak may came to discuss any plan with Vishakha and it causes his death. after knowing his death news Vishakha may came back and act liike she was out to the mahal and marriage ceremony again get started..

    1. I agree with u… but wat abt real vishaka??? Hw can she (vishakha) prove her original identity in front of chandra.. hw can vishkanya get back to mahal..?? After all dis..

      1. The promo reveals their intention, Chandra on the mandir waiting to get married to Vishaka, Vishaka as a bride saying that she will marry Chandra and Nanthini challenging that she will not even allow Vishaka to get to the wedding stage! I guess..

      2. ya vani just thy represented the storyline

    2. No Vishaka cannot come back because the real Vishaka is brought back…

      1. Thn wat about d marriage promo..

      2. Now everything is confusing……until we get the next episode we will not be able to determine clearly, because the marriage promo and the last precap didn’t left any absolute clue.

    3. Jayani

      After all dis, I hav no idea of wat is going 2 happen… Is ? going 2 believe d real vishkha or vk??? Is deir marriage going 2 happen??? Idk nd IDC??

  3. when apama and helena will give the same poison to Nandini,then they will caught.And the person died by Vishkanya was not Chandra for sure.But why Nandini still wearing the dress of dasi in precap?I hope she can prove her innocence.

    1. thy wil not give same poison apu is brainy evil so thy may try diffrnt now….

    2. Jayani

      Apu wud giv a different poison coz she has 2 frame in sum1 in such a way dat dey r nt involved in dat

  4. satya sarathi sarkar

    now I am concerned about real vishakha. after catching vishkanya if chandra again start to tease nandini, and start filrting wid real vishakha then ???? chandra now became india’s biggest ladkibaaz. when ever any lady character came in the serial she falls in love wid chandra. only if nandini will say that chandra i luv u then only she can stop chandra.

    1. ya if nandu accepted his love alone cn wil stop his game

    2. Sathya, u are right . Nandini must warn the real Vishaka

  5. AparnaPrasad

    Ok guys.. we hav got sm clues and guess as to we knw dr s a spy nd chandra s gtng info updats and al jst we r not sure who it iss.. one thing also we r sure.. evn tho we want nandini to gt d hell out f dat mahal and b away frm dos creeps we knw she wl frgiv alll… aftr al nand putri mothr india tho hai.. iam thnkng for a MEMORY LOSS…. nandini had dat poison whch apama prepares ryt… it shud affct her brain and frgt chandra nd others.. it wud b dn gud to watch as to see chandras effrt to mak her remembr…m fed up of des repets unsolvd dd death same old villains helena apama,bride swap..yewwww.. red dasi dress …. aaarrrhhh

  6. AparnaPrasad

    I wish i ws nands daughter…???????? i wud kill chandra a 100 tyms fr him…

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      for that u have to marry chandra first, then like all ladies in the serial u also fall in love wid chandra, ha ha ha.

      1. sure..anyone wil fall n love wit him

      2. He looked great when he was in PRC and in Dharam Veer. Now he looks like white monkey (quote from Nandini ‘bannar’) with brown hair and moustache. 😉

      3. Jayani

        @satya, v can giv poison for ? 2 die just lyk dd… So v will nt fall in luv wid dat ?… V hav 2 do all dis asap… ???

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      ur expression is similar to ur dp’s nandini’s expression.

    3. Jayani

      I will do dat first

  7. Most of us guessing it is Paravatak, what happen if the script had changed. It could be Chandra but he will survive as his body is been trained from young to accept poison. Archarya, is giving poison to him n that’s is the reason Archarya is very cool.
    Hope it is Paravatak.

    1. AparnaPrasad

      Ya Padmini it was sed day chanakya use to feed him wd poison… Dat may be sm odr Chandra nt ds one.. how many tyms he has been attacked by poison? First kaalakuda poison, dn poison given to chaya by Roopa it didn’t seem like he is an antidote…

      1. maybe afterwards he start to feed…..

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      no this is not chandra, and if u watch carefully the episode then u will see that the face (not clearly but u can understand that was not chandra) of the person in the vk’s mirror,

  8. satya sarathi sarkar

    i want to ask that Is nandini aware of that chandra already know that nandini is not married to other person and the child is not of her ?????

    1. nandu herself forgot the drama

    2. He was angry with Nandini n he knows that she lied but he never ask her. Why????

      1. he thought it s useless to ask aftr knowing truth…..maybe he wil tease her later…

    3. satya sarathi sarkar

      yeah there was no scene where chandra told nandini that he knew that she not marry anyone and the child was not her, this is another mistake of makers.

    4. NR8

      Actually he did tell when they were leaving Kaling, in the forest when N saved Bindusar. When he asked her to come back to Magadh, he told her he is doing it for Bindusar. But he will watch her always and not let her make a fool of him again like the way made a fool of him when she acted like she had a son. He did not directly confront her about it, but he did tell her that she was acting.

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        yess now i have got it. but do not u think this scene must more cleared???? only one line ???? silly mistake by maker.

  9. satya sarathi sarkar

    today i am excited to watch chandra nandini act in star parivaar awards. in promo they looking hot,

    1. Not only hot bro…..this time Nandini was looking awesome in stage than Chandra and their performance was superb. I am just waiting for them. Today is a special day for me and i think this will be my best gift for today.

      1. Yeah the way she opened the curtain in SPA promo is graceful .I agree she may not be a great dancer but she is very beautiful

      2. abstly rt no words to describe her entry …hair style,constume awesome…..

  10. Chandra Nandni: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) ends Vishakha’s (Pooja Banerjee) game, Nandini happy finding Chandra safe The upcoming episode of Star Plushistorical show Chandra Nandni willshow a mellow dramatic twist.Chandra is fascinated towards Vishakha while Nandini fears that Vishakha will kill Chandra and thus wants to prove truth.Nandini fights against her own father to bring real Vishakha to Magadh to prove herself and to save Chandra.While Nandini reaches Magadh and finds that Chandra had already been attacked and cries out in pain.While Chandra is still alive and is after Vishakha to find Padmanand whom he was chasing from long time.It was all Chandra and Chanakya’s master game trap tocatch Padmanand and to captivate him.Chandra ends Vishakha’s gameChandra’s plan gets successful althoughamid all this while Nandini’s love for Chandra had been proved.Chandra and Nandini’s union is expected post Vishakha’s end, at least Chandra has developed soft corner for Nandini.I copoed ot from a spoiler.

    1. Jayani

      I can’t wait for dis 2 happen??

    2. Thanks Yasmin for update earlier

  11. I m so excited for toms epi…

  12. satya sarathi sarkar

    After so many days Nandini will be in royal rani avatar too excited.

    1. iam also so excited nd waiting fr tat….

    2. Earlier everyone interested in only Chandra because of RT but of late all r interested to see Nandini wat a change ?

      1. NR8

        because RT’s character in this serial has become completely distasteful and villainous.

      2. This is because not only RT but also SBP acts well. And the main thing she looks awesome! 😉

  13. I m too satya bhaiya

  14. Jayani

    Dat’s so nyc of u both jai akka nd shree di… Missing dat bgm a lot

  15. Where has nandinis mother,malti nd her other relatives gone??Have they also left the mahl after nandini…

    1. Yes.. chandra ordered them to leave d mahal after nandhini left..

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      they go to haridwar or kedarnath dham . any day they can be come back when ever makers want them to be back. ha ha ha.

  16. Wow wow wow??… nandhini looking so so so gorgeous?? in SPA..

    1. Not only gorgeous bro…..she was looking awesome, superb, beautiful, fabulous……….etc etc. I got stumbled when I saw her in SPA :0 :0 ………….she just looks great yaar!
      Chandra was also looking cool. There performance was fantastic and I think it was dramatic dance and the both did well. And was good to see rather than the last year’s performance of Ram and Sita (from Siya ke Ram) which was really a boring dramatic dance performed by them.

      1. Yes ur absolutely ryt.. fantastic fabulous? n especially nandini’s entry, i mean when she opened d curtains.. i enjoyed a lot?.. one correction yaar.. am a girls?..

      2. Oh I am extremely sorry yaar I thought………actually your name was indicating a boy 😉

      3. Thats okie.. dont ask sorry for dis small thng.. everybody thought like u.. its my short name..

  17. I just loved chadra and nandinis chemistry while they were dancing…shweta mam wa looking so so so beautiful…they both rocked the stage…chandras entry was also vry nice…

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      rajat is the king of television, he is so much talented, today when he is entering in the stage it looked like really he is chandragupta maurya. the audience totally gone mad ,they cheered loudly, this shows how much fans he has. shweta looked beautiful but when she dancing alone i felt she little nervous may be but when rajat joined wid her then they nailed it. it is the best performance of the star parivaar award tonight.

  18. I saw the new promo whre chandra is apologising nandini…nd he will now make efforts to win her heart back…cant wait for monday…nd gud ni8 to all chndra nandini fans…

    1. is it ? tq fr good news

  19. There s new promo drs.. but i cant understand hindi.. so plz translate.. nandhini in new look n chandra also wearing new hat..

  20. I m so happy to see nandini back in maharanis attire today…i m watching SPA now…nd i m enjoying it vry much…

  21. satya sarathi sarkar

    hey did watch latest promo of chandra nandini????? plz watch it. u will be jumping after see the promo.

  22. satya sarathi sarkar

    in the promo chandra told nandini “plz forgive me nandini”, Nandini Said “u always doubted in me .when I want to save magadh and bindusar then also u hurt me. I cannot forgive u anymore.” chnadra then opened his sword and fell down to nandini’s feet and said ” now again I Shall win your love nandini.” IN Background ,”NOW the immortal love story of cHANDRA AND NANDINI begins.”

    1. Tnq so much for d update satya.. am excited a lot.. n also nandini s back with royal attire dat was amazing.. she looks great… the way of chandra asking forgiveness s nyc n heart melting.. but she shouldn’t forgive him anymore.. very good morning to all my dears..

    2. tq u f good news….

    3. Omg what a great news!……oh satya bro thank you soooooooo much for the update. Love you CHANDRA-NANDINI.:) 🙂

    4. Jayani

      Can u send d link of d new promo pl

    5. Jayani

      Can u send d link of d new promo satya?????

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        in you find it.

  23. satya sarathi sarkar

    OHHH MY GOOOOOD WHAT A PROMO. this means all the blames on nandini will remove and after vishkanya , helu and apama also be caught, then what we all want chandra will suffer for nandini’s love. now as the promo says the love story begins.

    1. where u watched i canot get it….

      1. i got it awesome promo she s so beautiful..nice she didnt forgive him

  24. satya sarathi sarkar

    actually in the new promo chandra and nandini both wear same dress what they wearing in their dance performance in the star parivaar award, they both looked awesome in the promo. specially when nandini said ” i cannot forgive u maharaj” and chandra told ” when I gave u pain then i should win ur love.” love the promo.

    1. atlast d moment came fr wat we waited……

      1. I thnk we should wait 4 to 5 episode for dat??..

  25. satya sarathi sarkar

    I really appreciated the songs chosen for chandra nandini and the choreographer also. both are fabulously done their job. and also dress designer. why they not wear these dress to them in the serial? the night’s best performance award goes to the chandra nandini act. simple, stunning, royal, hot.

    1. yeah! about the songs and choreography i also agree with you. I was thinking though jodha akbar was also a romance,they never performed like this in any awards function,rajat used to do a lot of stunts and dance used to be very less.

    2. rt sathya chogry was awesome eventhough it s nt thy have done a great job…. super song selection nd entry f nandu nd finishing oh goddd i was stunned

  26. Can someone copy the direct link to the latest Promo please and how can I watch the performance we do not have live statplus channel here 🙁

    1. Vany you can watch it on if they do not delete it due to copyright issues.

      1. Thank you but it is deleted.

  27. Did u all watch the star Pararvira caward in TV . I am trying to watch on utube,unable to watch. I need the latest Promo n also the performance of Rajat n Sweta.

  28. nandu please dont forgive moora dont call her maa please……..

  29. I just watched the Promo it was superb but I do not want Nandini to forgive Chandra that easily. I want to see his suffering now, at least a few esposide, than he can understand how she felt when she lost everything n the way he insulted n also romancing with Vishakanya.

    1. I feel d same n i wish…

    2. hii.. Can you please share the link of the promo ???

    3. ya i also want tat…please bring any rajkumar loving nandu….cn should die in jealous…

      1. Yes I wish though!

  30. AparnaPrasad

    Guys is it available on youtube? Pls share d link of promo fast plsss

    1. see at instagram

  31. I m so happy that our comments crossed 200…i think this is the first time that it had happened…so congratulations to all…I m so excited for todays epi…

  32. Can anyone pls share the link of promo..?? fast please…..

  33. satya sarathi sarkar

    SORRY for being late u can watch it chanadra nandini instagram.

  34. satya sarathi sarkar

    sorry, I could not write comments in morning. today is a special day for the chandra nandini fans, i think today we are all excited to watch today’s episode. after their performance in star parivar and after watching the latest promo the excitement made me crazy now, all day i thinking about chandra nandini.

    1. wow u r sooo happy fr c&n…iam also sooo excited nd waiting fr todays epi …want to see cn reaction nd nandu reaction on seeing cn alive

    2. We r all gone mad actually.. we always thnking abt chandra nandhini??… we deeply attached with dis dat s d reason.. am i ryt??? am excited a lotttt… no words to xplain my feelings?? for todays episode..

  35. satya sarathi sarkar

    and i want to congratulate to all my friends here when we are all united and sharing our comments that helped to overcome the hard time of chandra nandini when all are losing interest from show, now as in promo nandini will get justice that is special gift for viewer and the way chandra want forgiveness and get back nandini’s love that will make the show more interesting,

  36. satya sarathi sarkar

    also i want to congratulate all for surpass 200 comments,now i want to see what chandra did for getting back nandini’s love, till now he only saw the love of nandini and now he will see the “ANGER” of WARRIOR PRINCESS NANDINI. now the payback time. but I don’t think Nandini will romance wid another man to feel jealous chandra bcoz these cheap and characterless drama only suits chandra not nandini. she is pure in heart and character. now chandra should attempt to suicide for getting back nandini’s love.

    1. rt satya nandu wil not do anythg cheap tats not her character she s so devoted…iam not saying tat nandu should act to make jeal f cn i just want somebody to love nandu it wil make cn possessive nd angry(it wil show his love towards nandu)………….we have seen nly jealous f nandu towards cn..we havent seen cn jealous ofcourse in malai case but tats diffrt bec nandu as culprit in view f cn as he s hus f chaya now situation s diffrt

  37. Good work Ekta di….keep your works on….
    all critics will shut up on their own…..

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…..

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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