Chandra Nandni 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mora stops Chanakya and says Chandra has done this undear emotion,please stop,not just Nand family end but also the development of Magad is your dream.
Nandini says Chandra ,acharya can’t leave,Magad and everyone here needs him,if my promise is the problem take it back,Chandra says it’s his decision and my promise wasn’t one by a husband but by a king,and it’s a kings duty to guard and serve everyone who asks for help.

Chanakya says sorry rajmata I can’t stay here and break my oath,and I have to leave for my oath,our paths are no longer same and so it’s impossible to stay,allow me and Chanakya leaves. Nandini as Chandra stop him,Chandra says I didn’t ask him to leave,he is just emotion,let him be alone and he will be fine.chandra and Nandini in

balcony and Chanakya sees them while leaving and remembers the day he met Chandra and every teaching he has given him,Chanakyas eyes are filled with anger.

Apma says Helina this is a big game,Chandra choose Nandini and not Chanakya ,now it’s his turn to choose between Mora and Nandini,and with this decision the Mahal will be on fire and Chandra will be just yours. Nandini says Chaya I think you should right to malayketus mother and ask how she is,mora says sure she should so that you can misuse the letter and throw someone out of this mahal,you played a big game you did the impossible, you made chanakaya acharya leave mahal and created differences between Chandra and Chanakya ,who is your next target,do you want all of us to leave,we will,my son isn’t mine anymore,at least may be when we will leave,I don’t have to argue with my son,Nandini in tears and says ma please why would I do this ,mora says stop calling me ma,and stay away from my family this throne will be yours but keep my family away.

Nandini helps pandugan bandage and he wraps all the bandage around himself,Nandini smiles and says let me get you out,pandugan says look I look like that attacker I had seen him,Nandini says so will you recognise him,pandugan says yes I will.
Chandra in Sabha says I said I shall punish the person who attacked pandugan,I didn’t knew who it was but luckily,pandugan had seen his face so now justice shall happen,pandugan I shall punish the person,don’t worry I’m with you,tell me who it is amongst all of them,pandugan points at Malayketu and says he attacked me.malayketu says he is lying,Chaya trust me I didn’t,Chandra says are you sure did he attack you,pandugan walks to Malayketu and says no it isn’t him,all take a breath of relief,and walks to Madhav and says he attacked me,Madhav says what I didn’t bhaiya,Nandini says bhaiya look carefully and tell us,pandugan acts as if he is confused and points at everyone and says look pandugan made fool of you.

Mora says look Chandra pandugan made fun of you,he pointed at your family, and you trust this mad person and not us,Chandra says ma,mora says enough,Nandini says ma this is my mistake,Chandra isn’t at fault I should have first confirmed the news and then informed Chandra,mora angry and leaves.

Nandini says Chaya please try and understand ,Chaya says I know your true face now and walks away. Malayketu walks to a secret place and pandugan puts knife on his neck and starts laughing and says don’t worry I’m not here to kill you,this is what you feel when someone back stabs,Malayketu says you taking this wrong,I didn’t want to kill you,Chandra and Chanakya had doubts on you,that you have hands in bindusara kidnap and now look with this one game,we have diverted Chandras attention from you,and also our biggest hurdle Chanakya is out of mahal,and remember Apma and Helina shouldn’t know you and me are together,pandugan says you are right we have one aim Chandragupta and his families death.

malayketu says some time more and soon our aim will be in Magad,and the situation will be in my hand,pandugan says Chandra will die but by my hands unlike you who needs a women’s help to enter Magad,and remember if you taking yourself as a king of Magad forget it it’s just me,malayketu says then who will be a king a mad man who ran away from mental hospital,and how dare you challenge me now let’s me see how you succeed my next game will be a special one and leaves.

Nandini says Chandra come let’s talk to ma,Chandra says and completes Nandinis sentence : all happened because of you,ma is upset you have to do something right,Nandini says but this issue is very delicate,Chandra say see sit down,you didn’t do this on purpose,since you were worried about pandugan you were worried and just informed me and Chandra consoles Nandini and one by one removes Nandinis Jewellery,and says Nandini even I should have acted thoughtfully but reacted quickly when you told me about the attacker news,so clam down.

Chandra says if we go to ma now,she would be more upset,so let her take her time and clam down,let time console her and you are her daughter,you love her,and everyone loves you, you love everyone and you love Helina as well,Nandini asks don’t I love anyone else,Chandra gets close to Nandini,and both feel each other,Chandra says yes dadi ma you love her too,Nandini asks what,Chandra says so you don’t love her,Nandini says no I love her but can’t I love someone else,Chandra says yes the dasi who gets you food,you love her a lot,Nandini says isn’t anyone else I can love,Chandra says yes say it who else.

Nandini says yes my friend and he told me some questions shouldn’t be answered but felt and understood, I’m very sleepy good night and drops the curtain,Chandra thinks,you look so beautiful even without jewellery just like a painting, you are not just beautiful by looks but also by heart so why won’t anyone love you.

pre cap : malayketu says pandugan today we shall play this last and important game,just get Chandra in Sabha when I tell you too.
Mora says to Helina ,I shall answer Nandini,she snatched my son look what I do now.chandra says I had given pandugan abhaydan then who did murder him,get that person here,mora is brought in handcuffed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Some suspense cleared Pandugarti and Malayketu are knowing each others intention. But after meeting they also challenged each other. As per precap Pandugarti is dead and Rajmata is blamed for it, this may be the game plan of Apama. Awesome love scene of CN at the end of the episode.

  2. What could be the reason for the murder of Pandugarti, has Moora really killed her ?

    1. No she won’t she know to hurt nandu alone…

  3. Chanakya left palace, is it preplanned for Magadh oris he really angry?

    1. He s really angry but seeing CN as cool..maybe r it s plan f Chandra alone….

  4. Behi

    Good job writers, you changed the boundries of being nonsense, what the hell story is this. When Nandini known as murderer, every one blame her and she is crying, when she is a maharani, every one blame her and she is crying, she prove being innocent, under blame then crying, guilty crying, not guilty crying, we R fed up guys. For God’s sake use some creativity
    Where the hell is dadi? It is a plan of Mora or not, this behavior is so unreasonable

    1. Right Behi, Nandini is a cry baby… this is a saas bahu serial and not a historic show anymore. All the characters just disappear without knowing …… are they tired of the storyline and leaving the show. Nandini’s mother, bhabhi, sisters-in -law all left without any reason. The writers have lost the plot for the show completely. Sorry to say.
      Padmini you are also so correct in saying that CVS wants us to comment and when we do, no one listens to us. What a waste for us. I hate Moora’s makeup.

      1. Behi

        U R right, this is not a historic drama, just an ordinary show, it didn’t need to ruine the name and greatness of Great Chandra Guapta Murya. They could creat an ordinary family and follow this nonsense storyline.
        I am not an Indian, after watching Jodha Akbar (and enjoy it alot, learn Hindi a little and know about Indian rituals) I started to watch Chandra Nandini, hope that the same as Jodha Akbar, I will have so enjoyable time, but till now I was wrong? The actors are great, even better than JA’s, but the story is going to be worse day by day. This show just had headache and blood pressure for me. If it was not bcoz of Rajat Tokas, this show lost many viewers.
        Akbar was a great king and Rajat made it a memorable portray, but Chandra even may harm Rajat’s background. Really the character has so many weaknesses.

    2. This serial is heading nowhere because of stupid writers.I think they are having writers block.

      1. Very true Roopa. I support you completely. The show is going round and round like a merry go round and writers think viewers are dumb people who have lost their thinking hats like them. They cannot get the message even after reading all the comments. So you can imagine how dumb they are. Suggestions are in front of them and even then they are blind and deaf… What can we say anymore…. NOTHING!!!
        They are just playing with RAJAT’s FANs who are tolerating the show to watch him….but other than Rajat there is no story and nothing to do with history just a normal family drama which is over dramatized.

  5. Where is Nandini’s mother, aunt and other lady family members, they should also shown.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      U r right even no one mention about nandini’s mother. I am really missing Gautami bhabhi. After the death of Nand there is no information where is she and her child. This child is part of Nand dynasty also. Another thing how Nandini forgot about them???

  6. It might be preplanned because when pandu fist attacked Chandra,chanakya got a clue from the dead body of the soldier and chandra might have told chanakya that some one tried to kill nandini in the forest so they would have planned a game to trap pandu
    Chanakya leaving mahal might be to bring nandini’s guru he is the person knows about pandu’s secret so he is the only proof getting angry and leaving the mahal is a drama to make sure that the culprits in the mahal believe that there plan is working I might be wrong hear
    Now when chandra and nandini were standing near the balcony that time chanakya was leaving that movement both chanakya and chandra looked in at each other that particular screen speaks volumes, when nandini was requesting chandra to stop chanakya he was very Cooley sitting and was explaining to nandini that it was chanakya’s decision to leave the mahal so this is not the Chandra we know because if really chandra Hart chanakya he will not be relaxing very Cooley he would have tried to pacified him and tried to make him understand the situation
    So there are many questions running in my mind like
    Chanakya might get to know Malayketu’s really intentions from nandini’s guru
    And it’s definitely Apama’s plan to kill pandu and trap Moora

    Why on earth will chanakya leave the mahal when lot culprits rooming in the mahal freely so I don’t think chanakya is that fool to leave the mahal because
    Bindusar’s life is at stake
    Chandra’s life is at stake
    Nandini and Moora’s relationship is at stake
    Chanakya knows in and out what is happening so I don’t think he is a fool to leave he is the one who is investigating the case
    So when Chandra is about to give verdict he will have a shock of his life that his mother is chained and arrested this might be Moora’s plan to if you see in precap she would have deliberately done it she might ask her son who will he choose is it her or nandini this might happen my opinion

    1. Ya shalini cn will not be so cool knowing chankya leaving mahal….whthr Moora tryg to prove nandu tat CNS first priority is hr but why ths much drama…as u said he may not lke cn but bindusar future king he promised on bindu tat he will find the culprit so he doing purposely…..

  7. I think moora play an disgusting game to nandu she will force cgm to choosé btw them and nandu will leave the palace hâte moora chameleon

  8. Super CN scene …today cn made the mistake…nandu cannot avoid cn why both r not proposing,please before leap do it…wat s ths thy suddenly closed pandus chapter…who will save Moora but she deserve it, keep hr in jail fr some days we will be happy…apu r malai who killed him…

  9. I too think Mora is the one who kills Pandu to force Chandra to choose her over Nandini…and who will Chandra choose? Why are they dragging the love confessions of C and N..,,,this is making me worried…..will the makers once again let evil Apama win…….Why can’t they make C choose N and let Mora leave the mahal with Chaya and Malai….I may be the only one..,,but I think this time C is going to choose N…….Mors has become a disgusting person.

  10. Yesterday’s episode was average, I just don’t like Chanakya leaving the Mahal, look like he is serious, if it is Chanakya n Chandra plan to catch the culprit, than is a valid reason.
    For once no comment about the evils in Mahal, always plotting n the game will be won by the evil ladies.
    I only like the sizzling chemistry of Chandra n Nandini, so close to kiss but disappointed with Chandra, with his jokes, Chandra spoiled the whole scene. How romantic have our hotty Chandra removing so easily Nandini jewelleries.
    Is the curtain handle now change to Nandini side of the bed. Earlier scene it was near Chandra side.
    Precap Pandu get killed, it could be Malai,Apama maybe Moora (I don’t think she will do it).
    The 10 yrs leap is could be due to Moora where Nandini will leave the Mahal. First of all why CVS wants our opinion n ask us to share our views, when they already made their plans.Our time wasted for commenting, viewers are too disappointed instead of getting rid of this evils, they want to seperate C N N.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I agree with u didi, our comments truely have no value for The makers. I remember when the intemate scene of Chandra and Vishaka was shown then how much angry we were!!! And the only because protest of audience we saw the sudden change in Chandra’s behavior. After the Vishkanya track the romantic track Chandra trying to win Nandini’s trust was going well and viewers also liking that, but Alas again makers spoiled all the entertainment, and brought the misunderstanding track of Nandini and Moora. It’s just disgusting.

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      But I liked the Chandra nandini scene. Everytime I thought they going to kiss but everytime their noses came in the process. I think we have restricted our desire up to this nose lock only. May be Rajat’s wife not allowing for more if he do more then his wife will lock him in a room.???

      1. Yes Satya, so disappointed, their limit is up to nose process, so we need to forget about their romance, wait for 10 year.
        U are correct, Rajat will be in danger zone if that happens.

        So frustrating n disappointment for viewers, waiting for so long for their romance,and
        now CVS is killing this whole serial.
        Their main aim is to concentrate on evils ladies, maybe this Greek ladies bribe them

  11. Chandra and Nandini’s romance was SO sweet and beautiful ! Mora is disgusting, her ego is out of control……she is jealous of Chandra’s love for Nandini….

  12. Some scenes were done in a hurry.The kalinga episodes should be extended a bit and after the vishkanya episodes, they could create a fake romance between vishaka and Chandra to make nandhini jealous or they could bring in a handsome prince to woo nandhini to make chandra jealous.After leaving mahal, nandhini came back really quickly.Bringing all the villains to the mahal was the worst decision the writers made.If they had created a good storyline, there was no need for a leap.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Yess, the makers wasted the chance to create some good story line, now when they messed up all the story line they bringing the 10 years leap. What a rubbish!!! When pandugrath, Apama already in Mahal, then showing some baseless drama of Moora and Chaya they bring back Malay.

  13. yesterday chandra and nandini tired to come close but they didnt propose why they r always like this think of helena if helena had this chance she wil give wine and make chandra hers .But nandini always hesitating same thing happen before DD death

  14. After 10 years leap they should show nandini as a bold lady she should not cry.
    Then how will nandini get back to mahal last time she came for bindusar but this time how wil she enter??

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I agree with you, I am fed up with Nandini’s crying. If after leap makers can back previous Nandini then it’s good .

    2. Agree Nandini, She must be bold, strong character n i hope she don’t use back the dasi clothes again . So tired of that clothees.She must dressed up as warrior princess. Maybe she might come back again because if Bindu. See how this makers will create this storyline,they feel when Nandini leaves Mahal, the TRP will increased.

  15. yesterday nandini was wearing new dress why for two or three episodes they r giving new dress to nandini ?
    if this is chankya and chandra plan before bring amartya back itself nandini wil leave the palace i think so chandra wil again become heartless king.

  16. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Now in every episode it is a regular routine that some romantic scenes of Chandra and Nandini and rest of the episode showing nonsense drama of Moora and Chaya. I don’t know what’s is the reason Nandini go to advice Chaya. Again Moora got chance to insult Nandini. Nandini herself has some guilty for this misunderstanding. When Helena told her to give Chaya a separate kingdom how Nandini agreed on this foolish idea???? Every time she was crying. Even once again she going to be insulted but Chandra resisted her and we got a awesome romantic scene.

  17. I saw the episode again today and I think there has to be a reason why the makers are not letting C and N not propose to each other. The way the makers are not letting them to come together as husband and wife …..there has to be a reason….even the last time after showing some romance….the very next day.,,,C and N were separated and there was 1 year leap. If they separate them for 10 years…..then what’s the use of reuniting them after a decade. Bindusar will be 11 and he is going to grow up without a mother. He doesn’t need Nsndini after that. When they are not in good terms why is Nandini advising Chaya? Nandini acts more than her age…she can’t mind her own business !!!! I Instead of this stupid leap, can’t they end the serial by reuniting C and N. I can’t watch the evil Greek women winning again….

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      U know what I am worrying about Bindusaar, if Chandra Nandini again separated then Helena will surely manipulate Bindusaar against Nandini, may be Bindusaar will also insult Nandini in future. These makers only know how to insult Nandini, then also Nandini will crying.??

      1. I too think the same Satya !!!!! No one respects Nandini and after the leap because of Helena even Bindu may not respect her. After Nandini leaves the mahal……this time, I’m sure that Chandra will search for her….poor Chandra …..he loves a mahan….so, he has to suffer too. DadI will die… Nandini won’t have any more supporters in the mahal after the leap…When Chandra meets her after 10 years…. he’ll find a way to bring her back to the mahal……

  18. I think because of Moora’s decision nandini might leave the mahal, she will put chandra into a situation he will be in delima to choose between mother and wife so as we know nandini’s decision is from her heart of course her decision will be to leave the mahal,it will be very difficult situation for nandini because she has no one all she had is her husband friend chandra,her son even though he is not her biological some she took care of him like her own son mark my words
    When bindusar grows up he will for sure identify his mother nandini because both bindusar and nandini are connected with each other she has given him a motherly love to him which even Helena will not be able to give what nandini has given to bindusar, she may pretend in front of chandra but for sure bindusar will not like
    Not only chandra will miss nandini even bindusar will he might have father grandmother,aunt,uncles,stepmother,guru friends but he will miss his mother even though in the mahal there is stepmother in form a devil she can’t take the place of nandini in bindusar’s life 100%
    Helena might enjoy her life in the mahal because she was the person who wanted chandra and nandini to be separated so she achieved it, and will try to win Chandra’s trust by showing off in front of him or she might even try to seduce chandra by giving him Macedonia’s wine I hope bindusar should always interrupt her when ever she enters into the room of chandra even he should completely avoid her I ts unbearable to watch that lady with that fake face of hers all ways pretending what type of character is she always back of nandini’s life from the beginning itself

    And for Moora she is day by day killing her own son’s life biological she is Chandra’s mother but still she lags in understanding her son, she not even able to see that he loves nandini and still now she has not completely understood his needs like what he likes and dislikes what type of mother is she on top of that she says she is Chandra’s mother rediclouse character one day she is going to regret for sending nandini away from mahal she is not capable of being a good mother how she will be a good grandmother to bindusar poor child has to go through so many things in his life first he lost his biological mother DD then again he is going to lose his stepmother nandini how sad I feel pity for this child and chandra never he had peaceful life when he got it again it disappeared from his life how sad

  19. Remember, in Kalinga, a saint told Chandra that he will meet the relation he was looking for……but he will loose that relation all over again….so that’s what going to happen…..Chandra is going to loose Nandini again. The last time they separated in anger and hate…..but this time it’s going to be in love and friendship. Mora doesn’t know Chandra because she never raised him, dadI knows Chandra’s heart more than Mora. Will Chandra forgive Mora for separating him from his love. And, 10 years is a long, long time….and Helena may give Chandra alcohol and seduce him. They keep showing her coming to Chandra’s room with alcohol and one day, she may be successful in getting Chandra to do what she wants……The possibility of Chandra and Helena is depressing me…..and once again we have to see Nandini in Dasia clothes……????

  20. No this should not happen because if they show chandra and Helena no I am not able to even think or imagine that horror my god, because he will not be in his sense that time so this is know as seducing by Helena cheating how disgusting is she, if at all she do this type of work this shows that she is not from a royal blood she is a pathetic woman, Satan in form of a human

    And i even have a feeling that chandra might get busy in politics as he did before for 1 year he was waging war so he might divert into taking care of his son, bindusar for chandra his son is first priority so his attitude will change he might won’t talk with any one other than his guru chanakya, why I a feeling that chandra might get the know who was behind all these dirty works because if Apama is removed from the mahal automatically Helens brain will not work it functions only when she wants to seduce chandra

    I hope fingers crossed that chandra should not fall for this Satan then no one can save Magad first and foremost chandra and chanakya should eliminate Apama from the mahal ASAP

    We can’t tolerate these two Satans enjoying all the time rediclouse

    They should come to the exact story not showing the disgusting faves of the magad family I am sure chandra will not talk with Moora for what she has done

    Now coming to nandini we want our old Furious brave fighter nandini just like her sister Roopa who had the guts to give back Helena let and right actually she was the toughest contender wow still i can’t forget Roopa the way she slapped Helena and chased her with a knife mind blowing
    We as viewers don’t not want cry baby nandini we want nandini who can stand for her self respect give back properly who ever tires to come in her way not even Helena but rajmata too
    Now rajmata will be happy thinking that she has done very good job for her son but she has destroyed her son’s love his life his breath his heart his soul she has killed it all for her own selfish gain I pity chandra he has no peace of mind in mahal nor in his mind or heart Moora will regrate for what she has done she not only destroyed her son’s life but bindusar’s too because he list his biological mother when he was born but nandini filled that space as loving caring mother she loves him unconditionally as her own son which Even Helena can’t give bindusar

    It’s so sad for chandra,bindusar and nandini to over come this hurdles which they are going to face for 10 years without seeing each other or feel each other nandini will miss seeing bindusar growing up how sad horrible experience for a mother and chandra he loves nandini unconditionally he can’t imagine a life with out nandini but he has to overcome this hurdles but when chandra and nandini face once again what will be there situation will chandra be happy or he will be angry with her but they will for unit again were no one can separate them again

  21. Hi friends ,BARC trps for week 29 CN registered very poor trp 1.2 ☹️

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