Chandra Nandni 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: dharma learns it was adornus who had molested her friend.

Chandra Nandni 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nanidni walks to Chandra and thinks I shouldn’t talk that hurts him,and says you are here I was looking for you every where,and are you having and headache let me give you massage and it’s like you are behaving weird these days and so I have called doctor,Chandra says you are right,I cant take decisions also I cant get over the fact that you are Nandini or Savitri, please help me Nandini,Nandini says yes we will go to doctor and she will cure you,Chandra holds her tight and says you want to prove me mental right,this is your plan with Bheemdev but I won’t let you win and forces her out with him.

Bindusara consuming alcohol,adornus walks to him thinking what’s wrong should I tell him about pitahshree and asks bhaiya why are you drinking so much did pitahshree did something

to you,Bindusara says does he have time for me,he doesn’t care about me,do I exist or no,what gives me happiness and what not,he is so busy in his life,that he doesn’t care about me,I don’t want to be Yuvraj,adornus says what is this tell me bhaiya,Bindusara says it’s like dharma will decide whether I will be Yuvraj and not,and I don’t want her pity,and who is she to decide about me,adornus says bhaiya enough tell pitahshree it was me and not you who had misbehaved,dhrama listening to all this is shocked,Bindusara says no adornus pitahshree will punish you and I don’t want anyone’s pity,adornus says bhaiya please go rest you are drunk and leaves,dharma says why did my friend lie to me.

Chandra goes to doctor with Nandini and says tell me whether I’m fine and not,doctor says you are fine,Nandini look I’m fine and now you and Helina will make arrangements for my new wife and there will be no delays and leaves.

Chandra goes to bheemdev and says let’s exchange and now you enter Chandras body and your body will be locked in this room and keys will be with Chandra that is you. Mohini gets back in her body and Bheemdev into Chandras.

Mohini in humam,Helina says Nandini says you sure maharaj asked to do this,dasi walks to Helina and says you two have to apply this on Mohinis body it’s maharajs order,Nandini says see we have no option let’s go,Mohini says wow Helina you are so soft,looks like you have never worked before apply pressure,Helina says how about your neck,Mohini says after tonight,he will be all mine and get used to this you two will have to do this every day,Helina says Mohini stop dreaming just one night an dyiu will be taken as wife,you won’t stay here for long,Mohini says let’s see and this crown is very pretty and when you dress me out this over me,Helina says if Chandra learns about this he will kill you.

Dharma says Bindusara let me go to my room,Bindusara drunk says I’m your husband follow my orders,dharma says but I have important work,Bindusara says nothing can be more important than me,dhrama thinks if he doesn’t let me go how will I meet my friend and find the truth,Bindusara says I hate you most and for me it’s good to know that you hate me too and trust me you will see that worst of me if you dare to leave.

Chandra in his room,Helina and Nandini get Mohini in,Chandra looks at her with lust,Helina says we are done as you said so let us leave,Chandra walks to Mohini and holds her hand pulls her close and says Mohini you are so beautiful, I cant stay away from you anymore and hugs her,Mohini say so was waiting for this since so long,Nandini and Helina leaving,Chandra says I didn’t ask you to leave,today’s night is special for Mohini and me so go decorate our bed.

Nandini and Helina do start decorating,Mohini says these too helped me dressed today,Chandra says let’s award them then,Mohini asks and my award,Chandra says ask me for anything and it’s yours,Mohini says this crown is so beautiful,Chandra says Mohini this crown is of mukhya maharani,it has so many responsibilities,right Helina and takes it off and gives it to Mohini and says if you like it wear it and puts it on Mohini,and hugs her,guard walks in and says there is a letter from acharya.

Chanakya says by now Chandra must have revived my note,an informer walks in.
Informer tells Chanakya that swanand and Amartya are up to a army and soon will attack on Magad,chankaya say sthis isn’t time to find them but go Magad and find a way. Helina takes the scroll and about to read it,Chandra snatches it,Helina says what is this,Chandra says don’t you remember I gave your crown to Mohini so she will have all authorities now and be thankful that I’m happy or else,and burns the letter and says this acharya always pops at wrong timing,Nandini and Helina leave.

Nandini thinking about Chandra and is in tears,Nandini says why are you troubling me,doctor walks to Nandini and says I’m sorry to disturb, I was scared of maharaj so didn’t say a word and here is the medicine he is seriously ill.

Nandini shares the info with Helina,she says if this is the only way,I’m with you,I cant see him in this state.

Pre cap : Chandra asks guards to arrest Bindusara. Nandini to dharma,I asked maharaj to free Bindusara and in return he asked me to entertain him tonight.helina to Bindusara in jail, Helina says you have to join Greeks and attack Magad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Bhimdeo and Mohani are enjoying power of Chandra. Aacharya has known about the conspiracy of Amartya Rakshas but seems not aware about Bhimdeo. Bad time brought close to Helena and Nandini. Confusion of Dharma must be clear so that Bindusar and Dharma come close.

  2. Very sad state prevailing in Magad.I can’t bear Nandini in tears and in his full life chandra is not able to feel Nandini’s love and come closer. Some problem or other. So long i was happy that Beemdev is not mis behaving with Nandini through possessed chandra now all these i cant tolerate.

    1. Prakashnie, me too happy that Bheemdev not trying to be funny with Nandini, hope not today episode

  3. The makers are wrapping up this serial on the 30th Oct, but the Black Magic is still going on n a lot unsloved issues is still pending.
    I always thinking Dharma came to know from her freind that it is Adonius is involved in molesting her freind but she only came to know on yesterday episode. Why she need to ask her freind when Adonis already admitted, still she wants to confirm n wants to find why she lied . Nandini is so innoncent that she wants to share the Dr information to Helena that Chandra is mad, so the Dr have given medience for Chandra treatment. Will Helena will join together with Nandini to save Chandra
    Helena is still shocked when Chandra took the crown from her n gave it to Mohini. Any first night between Chandra n Mohni. Pity Nandini ,getting flashback of Chandra.
    Chanakya does not know about Bheemdev n Mohini intention. So who is going to save Chandra, is it Nandini. I don’t know how long Bheemdev will be in Chandra body, what happen if Mohini is not interested in Bheemdev, she is already having feeling for Chandra.
    Precap Cfm Bindu is behind bars

    1. Serial will last it’s last episode on 10 November.

      1. Vicky, did read in facebook n others comment that the serial will be over 10 Nov

  4. I am writing a short fan fiction of CN. Before I post it here, I would like to know if anyone would be interested. I am still writing it and it is my first time. It does not have Nandini in it only Helena and Dhurdhara with Chandra.
    Please let me know Roopa, Padmini, and the others. Should I post it or not.
    Thank you.

    1. CNFan, No problem Roopa, as long Helena is not an evil person, i am interested on your short stories.
      Nowdays our freinds are not commenting due to CN storyline.

    2. yes I am interested,plz post ur story.Infact I like the real history.This show is all fake fiction -_- History has no Nandini & so many fake characters.I request u to write the real history.thank u

      1. Dear Sadie. My story is only fiction which I am writing as a hobby. I don’t know the real history at all. In fact I don’t think anyone knows.
        My story is only my imagination but I am still writing it and it is not finished as yet. I will post it soon. Just bear with me.
        It has no negativity in it though.

    3. Pls post it. It am sure it would be interesting to read

  5. CNFan, error no problem CNfan instead of Roopa, maybe always thinking of Roopa

  6. Arpkishore

    Still dis show is currently gng in negative storyline. Thy announced final day shoot and final episode date. Thr s so many unsolved stories left in d show. Y apama left? Or thy gonna cal her for her punishment? So many ugly plots she did from d beginning of d show. Since thy announced all d unsolved stories ll be solved. So we can expect punishment for helena also? And thy said d birth of ashoka also. No signs for tat yet. In d remaining 2 weeks of time how can thy show their love to each other?. So we can expect at least 2 Maha episode’s. Dono wat thy gng 2 show in d end. So chandra ll not leave in d end as a monk. So thy ll unite chandra and nandni. It’s a gud change of decision from d maker’s. At first thy announced thy ll separate now changed. It’s gud 2 hear. Hoping for better ending

  7. I can’t see bindusara behind bars .

  8. When you spend 30mins of time after a hard day work, you expect some positivity. The pain is stretched out… Absolutely disgusting.

    Give a positive vibe the viewer… We are in 2017 not 1997 to take crap. Even the Vish kanya days were better off.

    End this current saga of Bhim and get to the act of how you expect a king to act to resolve his issues and punish the wrong.

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