Chandra Nandni 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

HElina starts looking for argus,she finds it arches is lost,soldiers say we think he ran away,after all it’s just a rabbit, hElina says I love him most n she finds it n says argus I love me but u were playing with other rabbits how dare u, only people who love me will stay with me n leaves argus to die, n says he left me I didn’t, I will cry on him but not save him n leaves.

Bharat ma- Chandra decided to impress helina for whom love was biggest obsession and he went with her to parvatak.

In parvatak helina is welcomed,Chandra remembers that parvatak King has seen him n so tries to not come in his eyes, Chandra abt to sneak sees padmanand n dhananand walk and on other side Gautami n Nandini,Chandra thinks whole magad is here if anyone sees me all my hard work will be in

vain,nandinis Payal falls in Chandras feet,Gautami asks to get it,Chandra covers his face n gives it to Nandini,padmanand says put it in her feet u stupid soldier,Nandini smiles n Chandra puts Payal in her feet,Nandini asks why is ur face covered,padmanand says answer her, Chandra sees a honey comb n cunningly hits it,Chandra says oh look honey bees n all rush away.

Maliketu drunk walks to jungle even after soldiers warning him that it’s dangerous, maliketu sees a tiger approaching him,he gets scared as he has no weapon to save himself,helina steps in n pushes tiger n saves him,maliketu says are u and come with me he will kill us,helina says I love u n will allow no one to hurt u and helina kills the tiger,maliketu says helina are u fine,helina says yes I am n hugs maliketu n says I hope u are fine,maliketu says u fought with a tiger for our love,helina says this is how my love is, how can I forget the day we first met.

(Flashback:Helina practising jawalin and maliketu holds it n without seeing aims it,helina walks to him n asks who are u,maliketu says I’m prince of parvatak,helina says I’m from Greek n how can u aim it so accurate,maliketu says it’s the effect of ur beauty,maliketu and he,in a fell in love. Helina says no one will accept me,maliketu says soon I will be King n u will be my queen,helina says u will go takshila n how will we meet now, maliketu says we will send each other love letters.)

Gautami at ask on food, helina walks in,everyone start gossiping abt her,every girl in tent is wishing to be maliketus wife after Rajya Abhishek. Friends ask maliketu abt why is he so happy n drinking,maliketu says I’m happy to get rid of acharya n his stupid rules,I’m King n I’m the most important here,padmanand walks in n says u are so correct,I’m impressed,padmanand asks what’s ur opinion on these Greeks,Maliketu says that are t this important we will serve them a bit n they will be in our feet,padmanand says I’m impressed n leaves.

Maliketu seeing helina n his eyes pass over Nandini,Nandini sees him n asks what are u doing here this is ladies section no one is allowed here,maliketu says I know I’m sorry I was looking for my mother,Nandini leaves n maliketu finds her very attractive.

A princess finds helinas presence negative,helina hears her comment no ays bcoz we Greeks are the most imp people on this earth unlike u, she challenges helina,helina accepts it, she says from today u will never call urself so imp, both get into Talwar Baji,helina defeats her,n says now u know why I am above all u here,Nandini walks to her n says people who call themselves as above everyone always have to look down n so will u accept my challenge.

Nandini n helina get into Talwar Baji,helina tries to cheat but Nandini takes advantage of the situation n defeats her but helina gets up n pints sword at her neck n says u shd never take ur opponent week,Nandini says look down,Nandini has pointed at her stomach,helina says u are very talented,Nandini says n ur knowledge mind blowing,helina and Nandini hug each other n offer each other hand of friendship and accepts it too.

Precap: maliketu is informed helina is being kidnapped,maliketu rushes with soldiers to save her.
Chandra fights with kidnappers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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