Chandra Nandni 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Greek mantri says queen Helina what are you saying you saw Nandini then she vanished,Helina says yes there’s something cooking between them,something big is gonna happen,Apma says are you sure this happened,is it your happiness that Nandini is leaving or are your are just scared,Helina says ma why would I lie,Apma says ok take me to that place,Helina takes her to that place,apma sees the stuck dupatta,and says you should be very observative,see this cloth,Helina asks what’s great in it,apma says this means There’s a secret way here,Helina bangs in anger and the door opens(Nandini had torn her dupatta and left) ,Apma says your anger worked,Helina says so this is Nandini and she has left mahal and dadi knows about it and is it they know that we killed durdhara ,apma says that’s

not possible,and never a word about it again,I have destroyed all proofs.

Nandini sees Chandra disguised in market,Chandra walks to her,Nandini has her face covered and he passes her,Nandini imagines disguised Chandra talking to Nandini and says you are my wife stay with me,Nandini says I can take care of myself and look these bangles are so beautiful,Chandra holds her and takes her away,Chandra says we are here with a mission,to find about our people hunk of their king,Nandini says ok let me go and find out what your people think about his king,Nandini asks how are these bangles,seller says it’s 4 bugs,Nandini says your king he makes things so expensive god,seller says I don’t want to sell you,you talk Ill about our king,every shopkeeper does it and denies Nandini goods.Nandini says see Chandra your people love you but my bangles I lost them all because of you,Chandra walks to shop keeper and buys it for Nandini.

Chandra says our relationship is bounded by our hearts I know what you want and will always take care of it,the images vanish and Nandini realises it’s just a dream and says Nandini don’t fall week go find Acharya Chanakya only he can help you.

Mora says Vishakha you are daughter to me now,Vishakha says I’m so greatful to have mother like you,Helina says ma where is Nandini,mora says good she isn’t here,Helina says I meant Nandini applies beautiful Mehndi,so how about she applies Vishakha,dadi says she can’t come,Helina says dadi she is dasi now,she will do anything we say,dadi says I heard she is unwell,Mora says good she isn’t here, I don’t want her negativity.

Nandini meets a potter and says a quote that takes to Chanakya,he looks at Nandini and says come with me,Vishakha sends Chandra a letter.Vishakha with the special snake and consumes its poison,she puts it back in the box,she severs some alcohol in a glass and then adds poison to it,Chandra walks in Vishakha sits on bed,Chandra sits beside her and says you wanted to see me,Vishakha says I wanted to show you my Mehndi it’s said that the brighter it’s colour the more your husband loves you,Chandra says your Mehndi looks so bright red,I love you most,order what you want,Vishakha says how about a drink,and yes before giving anything to maharaj the person herself should have it and drinks it and then gives to Chandra,Chandra says it tastes different,Vishakha says it’s a special one,Chandra says I have to share it with everyone then and serves alcohol in glasses and asks dasi to take it to everyone.

Vishakha says maharaj I should leave,Chandra says but you wanted to spend some time with me,Vishakha says we have whole life for it,Vishakha sees all guests drinking the alcohol and gets angry and says I have to do something and thinks if they die Chandra will surely doubt on me,Vishakha sees dasi serving another round and says let me serve and says keep that glass and have this one it’s special.

Chanakya to his informer with that letter,Chanakya says I knew it was that fake Vishakha but why does she want poison,Chanakya hears door knocked and says did anyone follow you,he says no,Chanakya says hide,Nandini walks in,Chanakya asks why are you here,Nandini says I’m here to ask your help to save Chandra,Chanakya thinks I have to use Nandini to keep my secrete intact and says Nandini I can’t help you,Nandini says please I know you have differences but he is like a son to you,Nandini says you had warned me about danger and I have found it it’s fake Vishakha she is vishkanya,Chanakya thinks so this is why Vishakha asked Amartya for poison,Chanakya says Nandini only one person can help you it’s your father,Nandini says that’s not possible,Chanakya says it is if you trick him,I will take you to him but rest you have to handle.

Pre cap: Nand asks his soldiers to go look after Nandini and real Vishakha, Nandini fights nands soldiers.
Nandini with real Vishakha and others and is in tears says I’m sorry Chandra i couldn’t save you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Chandra not drank poisonous wine, was he knowing the truth of Vishakha or it was just a chance? Helena and her mother have known that Nandini is out of palace. Chanakya is also knowing Vishakha’s truth. Now who will expose Vishakha first is worth to watch

  2. NR8

    Lot of activity in this episode! Good one!
    It is clear now that Chanakya does not trust Nandini yet. He went to the Mahal to talk to Chandra, but was shocked to see Nandini, so he just told her the information instead. But he will use her to get the real Vishakha out, because only she can convince Nand or distract him and take real Vishakha out of there.
    Also, looks like someone overheard Apama & Helena talking about DD’s death, so unless they kill that person, there is hope that DD’s truth will come out soon!
    Plus Chandra definitely knows the truth about VK and is acting. That is why he switched the poisoned glass and drank the one without the poison.

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      Exactly In one episode a lot things happened today, but the truth will reveal in next week, now the writers are getting back their senses as well as OUR CHANDU.

    2. well said. Both chandra and chanakya using nandini. Nand is better than these people in nandini case. His love towards her daughter is true….

      1. Yes..ur ryt.. they r using nandu..once their mission completed they will throw nandu out.. but nand not lyk them he shows his full love towards nandu..

      2. Yes both are selfish, Why Chandra & chankaya didnot undrestand nandini is not ues & throw peice, She is human. so sad for nandini

  3. Nice episode.But i hope they will close vishakhas case tmrw.I dont want to wait sat and sun for it.But less chances. എന്തു ചെയ്യാനാ.

    1. മലയാളി??

      1. satya sarathi sarkar


      2. is it telengu. dont understand Sreedevi

      3. Yes i am malayali

    2. I am a malayali guys

  4. Oops I really thought Chandra is disguised and he walked passing Nanthini to talk with ROOPA there near the bangle stalls… just realised after a minute that Nanthini is actually dreaming and retrieving the past memories…lool

    1. but all those incidents are not previously happens, all those are created now itself, more over chandra and nandhini are not that much close before.

  5. Its all scene happened at jodha Akbar and same at Chandra nadhni bored pls give us new and possible scene

    1. Samish

      I thought i was the only who found so….its the exact copy of JA

    2. Yes

  6. I saw someone yesterday replied that parvatak was killed by vishkanya as per wiki. Question to all…does vishkanya really exist? If so, what happened to these species? Secondly y does helena n apama always hide n watch the activity happening in the mahal.. are they doing part time security job!ah hi fi security.
    Moora was again the boora character..coming to chandra! If he exchanged the poison sarbat..then it confirms this idiot is aware of vishaka. If he wud have fallen for her then surely he must have sipped romantically…the lust was missing. My guess is ” chandra knows tge truth of vishaka. He is tempting nandini to act against and stand for her justice. He wanted to confirm abt he invited snake dance… he wanted to trap her. Also we saw a shadow which was listening to apama helena conversation..that must be chandra.. now chandra wanted to solve the puzzle using nandini whom he trust..but nandini may not be aware of those..she is still thinking chandra fallen for vishaka..”again its my guess..god knws our half boiled chandra may prove us wrong. Crazy! Yak vishska drinks her own vomit..seems plp in magad r lil retarded..

    1. Another important thing to the maker..pls dont show the romance btw chandra n nandini during unwanted situation..who will think of romance when ther mission to safegaurd their owns..if u wud have shown abt her thinking abt bindusar..then agreeable..but here every1 nut..when bindu crying..chandu wanted to go to vishakas room….when nandu wanted to knw the truth behind vishaka..she is dreaming of romance..height of i wanted anaconda to bite chsndu n nandu..really disguisting..pls dont fake out the u have enougb reason to detangle the knots..just do that..dont bring aadhi romance which they have even not confessed..bring those scene after they confess their love..after that these scene makes sense as nandu may smile dreaming abt..etc..but here even in danger zone..msker wants romance…one bite on me as well where am wasting my energy in thinking abt those stupid scene

      1. You told what i had in mind. Unecessary scenes to drag.

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        as i said our nandini have special power to see dream in day wid out sleep. now she is dreaming too much but in the dream she looked beautiful.

      3. Rightly said . @jj

      4. welk said we these scences after their reunion…makers lost their mind if thy r so much close(all flashbacks)how could cn doubt on nandu….so please avoid ths mistake before mins on climax..

      5. sry fr mistake n first line i try to say tat
        ….well said thy can show lke these scenes after…

      6. Why is nandini always having stupid flashbacks and daydreams?

      7. AparnaPrasad

        Jj, shree and satya why don’t u guys be registered members

    2. ya jj thy exist…thy r not diffrnt from us ..if u take anythg bit by bit from since ago r frm birth our body starts to adapts it…ex.if u leave cub wit a cat it wil act as cat not lion its food,charact wil resemble lke cat….iam sry if i wrong…i have seen ths concept in tamil films also thy have shown it clearly.. but we canot accept it until we see in our real life…

  7. Nice.. finally our doubt s clear.. chandra knows abt fake vishakha n he purposely mixed dat wine class.. chandra brain works some time?.. mora i will kill u.. same precap..

  8. last line s so funny…..

  9. AparnaPrasad

    It is so confirmd dat chndra purposfully exchangd d drink… nd it is nt chandra who is lying down dead.. if u aal noticd nly nandini ws crying al odrs wr jst surprisd or sad.. how funny ryt

    1. see especiall moora she s crying lke she had no relation wit dead person….

      1. @shree..did u notice onething..moora addressed vishaka as her daughter. I am laughing thinking ..whomever moora calls as her daughter are either killed or accused..vishaka be careful..moora’s tongue itself is snake ..poisoneous…btw i hav a suggestion..y is vishaka writing amartya to send vish..why she wasting her time..instead of consuming snakes venom..she can get it from moora…lol

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        moora has more poisonous tongue than vishakha, i think she is also a vishkanya. mother of all vishkanya species. ha ha

      3. jj nd sathya both r making so funny abt moora…u missed one thg jj moora called helu also as her daughter nd she is killer…her single dialogue is enough to poison everything”u r lke my daughter”

      4. Jayani

        True jj… I agree wid u???

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      exactly there are all standing like statue, except nandini no one crying loudly even real vishakha is crying more than moora and dadima.

      1. rt satya where is helu nd apu i want to see their reaction ..apu thought vk as innocent if she knows tat she is vishkanya i thk it will be nice slap f her evil brain wich makes plot against nandu nd dd…

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        helu must go to the hell. they are not in the scene bcoz vk already bite them. ha ha ha.

      3. satya sarathi sarkar

        and when helu and apama saw chandra dead then their first reaction will be “oh my god nandini killed chandra ” here also they will not miss the chance to blame nandini.

  10. AparnaPrasad

    And odr thnk evn tho nandini is being accused of killing dd no one is askng why.. wat enemity cud nandini hav on dd? If it ws bcz dd ws giving chandra frst baby nd gtng al hs luv lik helena said dn y she luvs bindusar? No one is trying to knw why nandini killed dd… so ashamed of des royal fools . Nd iam realy fed up seeing nandini in ds red dasi costume.. so irritating.

    1. I agree with u dr.. in red costume she s looking so simple but i cant tolerate dat..

    2. NR8

      I think only Vishkanya gets the best costumes! Even when Nandini was queen she had only 2-3 costumes. She wore the same one for all her 3 weddings…no change. Looks like in Magadh, the royalty was really poor 🙂 Dadi has not changed her costume or jewelry since day one!

      1. I often wonder about the same. I mean they never change the costumes unlike other serials. Helena always wear that white or maroon gown. Then dd always that horrible pink and red. The characters are given new costumes now but no offence I feel like chandra looked better in his old costume, his new costume is s*xy to be honest he looks like a fat katrina kaif ?

      2. u forgot moora same makeup same constume same dialogue….

    3. iam also thkg ths ques since dd dead….even once thy didnt ask her why …..just blaming,accusing nd colecting evidence…..while we accusing someone the first question we ask s WHY? fr what?…but here even cn didnt….

    4. Jayani

      True akka… I luv dat jhumka which she was wearing in dat flashback… N ?… He luked lyked a PERFECT बुडा only

  11. Chandra refused to drink the sarbath,so its very well known he aware of vk.
    C is planning to trap vk to reveal the truth.
    Omg let vk’s chapter end by tomorrow. Enough of crap from chandra vk and moora these days. Let truth prevail

  12. Hi i’m new here acpt me as ur frnd

    1. satya sarathi sarkar


  13. The one who overheard apama helena and the informer if chandra should be the same person. The person can be chaaya. She and chandra are playing games. She might act as if she is in coma

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      i am also think that. she is only person who heared what king parvatak planning, and nandini always gave medicine to her in time so that maay be the reason chandra realize nandu is innocent.

      Msg from Team: Kindly do not use all CAPS when commenting.

    2. satya sarathi sarkar

      except chaya there is no other person in mahal for whom so much suspense about the spy, now the everyone not interested in vishakha case but more interested who is the spy.

    3. NR8

      Oh…I never thought about that possibility! Yes, it would be nice if it is Chaya.

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        yess makers back chaya only for just coma scenes???? i have doubt that, may be she is the spy. who take our sleep right now.

    4. grt ya it can be chaaya….

    5. I’m also thinking the same.

    6. i thk the person who torned d vk page is also d same spy but how it comes to vks room

    7. Jayani

      Mayb cnfan… I agree wid u

  14. satya sarathi sarkar

    today the flash back scene is very sweet. as in this serial never mentioned that how chandra ruled his kingdom , only love and fight scenes but today the market was good. as nandini never went market to buy things so in market her happiness for getting simple red “chudi” s looked very sweet. in spite of princess she proved that how simple she is.

    1. correct today nly thy showed ruling f cn nd as king

  15. satya sarathi sarkar

    when helana and apama talking then someone heared their discussion bcoz a shadow shown and today helena told they killed dd in slip of moment, so i think that person heared the truth also. i think that person may be chandra or the spy wid black blanket wid whom chandra talked earlier. now it seems both “vishkanya” and ” dd murder case” will reveal.

    1. I think Chandra is using Sunanda as a spy to find out the truth about DD`s murder. The spy is definitely a female, that`s what I think.

  16. satya sarathi sarkar

    now show looked like mix up of saas bahu and detective name should be ” chandra nandini aur saazish”

  17. NR8

    The promo shows wedding scene, but I don’t think that will happen. Usually what they show in the promo is never shown in the actual serial.

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      as it is look now the things not going to marriage mandap now, but in the promo nandini said to vk that i will not stop u but in serial she is trying to stop vk from marry chandra.then what value of promo, why the promo made by makers only they know.

  18. satya sarathi sarkar

    as in precap and in the book if vishakha scratch slightly then also a person can die, so cannot vishakha scratch chandra earlier she got many time to do that, it is very silly. i understand that for biting a person wid teeth some time is needed but for a scratch just 2-3 secs only.

  19. satya sarathi sarkar

    in the flashback scene chandra looked SO horrible as old man, and nandini looked so graceful and young it looked like they are FATHER AND DAUGHTER IN RELATION,

    1. ya for ths horrible old man look thy can use d getup wen he went to shiv temple(especially wit tat red band he looked soo beautiful)

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        yeah in shiv temple he looked handsome or when chandra took nandini in a gurukul then his make up was not bad.

    2. yeah Nanthini looked so beautiful specially the Jimiki (hearings) she was wearing suited her! She looked like a Tamil girl 🙂

      1. ya u rt she can wear ths earing fr nanny getup also…it wil look much better

      2. satya sarathi sarkar

        chandra is very lucky to have a wife like nandini who is so graceful even in her simple get up.

      3. I agree with u Vany, i was also admiring her Jimiki earring, after such a long time we are seeing her wearing earring As a Dasi why she is not allowed to use.

      4. Jayani

        She luked sooo beautiful wid those jimikis which she wore… Just loved it???

  20. satya sarathi sarkar


  21. Can’t wait dd case to be resolved, chandra am not surprised always suspect he was acting but that mora looking for a daughter. She is annoying, Helena and apama ur case is coming.the spy who is d person would be nice if it is really chaya as everyone is suspecting cos is only her chandra can trust apart from nandani.

    1. Jenny, I am waiting for Helena to be a dasi for Chandini

      1. me too waiting fr tat moment

      2. Jayani

        Me 2 padmini

  22. NR8

    Chandra swapped the wine glasses and sent it to his guests. Wasn’t he worried, one of them would drink the poison and die instead?

    1. he know abt vk avoid suspect surely she wil stop it…

  23. Even if nandini brings the real vishaka to the mahal, how can she prove that she’s vishaka? No one will believe her and of course chandra would pretend that he didn’t believe her either.The wedding plans will go ahead and I think chandra wants to catch vishkanya red handed.At the same time, he’s testing nandinis love towards him.

    1. if nandu want to prove tat she is real vk thn vishkanya also want to prove her reality both r in same state bec no eyewitness,evidence….nly d people f their kingdom can identify real princess…if makers thought to drag upto marriage thn it can be f wat u said above……why on wedding he want to catch…….whtr he going to suprise to nandu by remarrying her just my imagntn….

  24. Vow…Nand is very nice dad. Moreover he is excellent in acting.?????

    1. i do agree Rani, i like his acting n a very loving dad. luckily, Nandini father is very young n good looking.

  25. Now the episode going forward,good sign. I just hate when the Greek minister talk in hindi or tamil , he is killing it n feel like vomiting venom. Pls director stop this!!

    This two evil cats always are suspicious of others expecially on Nandini, they hv fear if truth of DD revelead. Good to know there is spy watching n also heard them talking,could be Chandra or even Chaya i guess. Hoping soon DD n Viskanya truth will be out soon by next week. Pls do not drag.
    Nandini is always dreaming either she is standing,sitting, n sleeping n it always about her lover(Chandra). i felt so sad when she start to cry, she looks so beautiful. I am so tired of her attire the same faded colour.
    Chandra is suspicious of Vishaka, he is just putting up an act
    Good to know that Chankya is helping Nandini by taking her to her father.
    Precap: I dont see Moora or Dadima crying, maybe they know that the person is not Chandra.Nandini n the real Vishaka is crying a lot. Hoping today not much suspense, if not we hv to wait next week.

    1. iam also so sad wen nandu starts cry thkg d moment wilnot comeback (unaware f cn plan) suddenly she came out f dream,frustration,pain nd contd her duty ….grt

  26. superb episode i think that person is not a chandra whose nandu is crying at him, chandra knows all about visakha, he that him self is acting to keep turst on visakha, i hope every thing will be reveal by today episode

  27. Again the same precap. The question lies here that ki C ko pata tha ki uss drink mein poison tha aur keya use uss drink ka smell bohat acha laga isiliye woh uss drink ko sabko dene ke liye veja diya? But I think that this time Chanakya is believing N that is why he wants her to reveal the truth of Vishkanya and rescue C. The most stupid here is that Mora don’t know and just talk blindly.

  28. Nicely re-written and showing the history…… Liked it…..

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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