Chandra Nandni 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apma tells Malayketu about the promise Chandra gave to save pandugan and says now you just use this information to create differences between Chanakya and Chandra,do as I say , Malayketu says soon your work will be done,

Chandra whispers Nandini,Nandini asks why are you whispering,Chandra says bindusara is Asleep right,Nandini says no he is with ma,Chandra says but you can’t sleep when he isn’t around,Nandini says it’s fine I will manage,Chandra says let me get him,Nandini says Chandra I said it’s ok,Chandra says did ma something,Nandini says no no let him stay with her,she is his grandmother and needs her love too.

Pandugan thinks now I have no weapon hidden,in toys because of Chanakya now this last toy has a pointer and I will use it,and says look my horse won,Chandra

remembers Chanakya asked him to inspect pandugan and asks pandugan can you narrate the story again I liked it a lot,give me my toy now,Chandra says first story,pandugan says Acharya Chanakya told me story now give me toy, Chandra says only when you narrate me the story,pandugan narrates the story and says so that attacker when to acharyas room and stole medicines.chandra says did Acharya tell you this as well,pandugan thinks so this is the trick I have to somehow get rid of it.

Pandugan says no no I saw it some man stole that medicine from acharyas room,I don’t want that toy and runs away,Nandini says Chandra why Did you,let me go give him this toy, Chandra says pandugan saw it he isn’t involved,Acharya was suspicious because he is worried.

Nandini says bhaiya look your toy and come let me narrate you the story,pandugan says tomorrow now i will play,Nandini says okay but sleep on time,a man as soon as Nandini leaves attacks pandugan,its Malayketu,pandugan sees him, dasi doesn’t see Malayketu but sees pandugan being attacked and rushes to Chandra and Nandini and informs them.

Chandra says acharya who it is who is always behind our family even with this amount of security he can dare do this,Chanakya looks at Malayketu says yes this is surely someone from mahal or someone who acts as our own but helping enemy.
Mora says who it must be and who would advantage pandugans death,Chanakya says I think the same and Chandra we need to arrange a Sabha quickly.

Chandra thinks I will find that man who is behind my family,Nandini Walks in tears,Chandra asks how he is,Nandini says he is on painkillers and so asleep,Nandini says bhaiya was favourite amongst all us siblings, I always tied him rakhi first but now I can’t help him get rid of his pain,Chandra hugs Nandini,Chandra says I will always be with you,your friend will always be with you,Nandini says I want something from maharaj,Chandra says you are queen tell me,Nandini says send him away I can’t see him in pain,Chandra says Nandini again,I promised,Nandini says I agree but it’s a sisters request please send him away I can stay without him but not see him in pain,Chandra says I’m sorry I can’t do this,but I can do something that will relieve you.

Malayketu walks to Apma,Apma says I have told you never come meet me,Malayketu says I wanted to celebrate and shows her bottle of alcohol,Apma says I shouldn’t have got you back in mahal,Malayketu says I made you such big work,smile at times and thankme,Apma says Chandra is very smart and surely behind the culprit who attacked pandugan and with Chanakyas brains it’s difficult to get rid,but for now I hope you haven’t left any clues,and if you have and someone points at me I won’t leave you,Malayketu remembers pandugan seeing him and leaves.

Chandra says acharya in this Sabha its very serious discussion,today with pandugans attack,the security is again questionable,and the person who it is,listen to me,I have promised pandugan and he is my family and no one can harm him and attacking him is like attacking me and he will be sentenced to death,Chanakya says don’t worry until pandugan gets well no one will harm him,Chandra says I meant even after he gets well I won’t let anyone harm him,Chanakya says so maharaj has become so big hearted that he forgot his guru and his oath,you have diverted from your aim Chandra.

Chandra walks to Chanakya and says acharya you are a father figure to me but I’m sorry I have promised Nandini and a king never turns from his promise,Chanakya says for a king his country is first,I had no hatred with Nand but the fact that his thinking was a hurdle in the growth of Magad,and so I want to finish Nand and family,I’m killing the thought process,Chandra says he has no senses,try and forgive him,Chanakya says I can see the weakness in you Chandra which I had never,Chandra says what’s wrong with it and whatever may be the weakness, you will have to kill me before pandugan,Chanakya says is this your last take,Chandra says unfortunately yes,mora says Chandra says he is that persons son who had trapped your mother, killed your father,Chandra says ma pandugan has to do nothing with it.

Mora says you are doing all this because of Nandini,Chandra says keep her away,she she has nothing to do with just following acharyas principles,Chanakya says then you stand by your promise and me by my oath,I shall finish pandugan,kartikeya let’s leave,I resign by the post,here a gurus oath isn’t respected but a wives promise matters most.

Pre cap : Apma says to Helina,Chandra choose Nandini in front of Chanakya now,lets see who he chooses between mora and Nandini.
Nandini asks pandugan bhaiya have you seen the persons face who attacked you,pandugan says yes,Chandra asks who tell,I shall punish him,pandugan points at Malayketu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Apama has involved Malayketu in further conspiracy. Naming Malayketu as assailant Moora will be angary she will do anything for the support of her daughter and son in law. Confrontation between Chandra and Chanakya has made the situation more complicated, all villains are uniting while Chandra is loosing his near and dear one by one except Nandini.

  2. This time it looks Chanakya is really angary on Chandra it is not preplanned drama to save Bindusar or detain real culprit.

    1. I feel sad fr tat

  3. Will Moora kill Pandugarti to save Bindusar while attack by hm, and due to no evidence she will get death sentence by Maharaj.

    1. Maybe as per promo…but moora will not kill, someone else and put blame on hr then cn wil try to……

  4. Is Pandugarti enjoying the rift among family members or just he is behaving innocently ?

    1. He just want to save himself from doubt f cn……

  5. After watching the episode it is Cristal clear that chanakya and chandra had started they game to trap the black sheep,wow chandra the way he supported his wife was mind blowing and coming to the plane of Apama it was her stupidity to hatch a plan to kill pandu at very Wong time already chandra and chanakya have doubts on pandu on top of that Apama thinks she is better player than chanakya oh my
    All I can say is she has already diged her grave, and she started to panic with idiot like Malayketu, she is a fool but she again started to play another game this time she has involved chandra Moora and nandini
    Well over confidence is not good for health lady and on top of that she doesn’t want to leave the mahal after all what you did you expect chandra and chanakya will allow you again this time for sure death punishment for you

    How cruel this mother and daughter are not allowing nandini to see bindusar how come suddenly grandmother have so much affection on bindusar where were she when DD died, where were she when bindusar has to go through the poison effect pain
    Suddenly grandmother affection, she has taken the child to the werewolf who is awaiting for the opportunity to attack wow lady bravo

  6. Whthr its game r plan…makers will not use d same trick again so chanku s really angry but their conversation r so silly and chankya knows nandu is his strength so may be game f cn and chanku…..apu done hr good plan at wrong time usg wrong person..malai also like helu no brain…I like to slap chaya seeing hr face expression at nandu……in mahal except dadi,malti,madhav nobody knows CNS feeling fr nandu thy don’t know the place f relationship in oneslife thy just want cn to choose them(mothr,guru,sister,magad,son) over nandu(wife)….wat nonsense Moors u r irritating…..the pandu one stupid making me angry….apu,malai,helu one group and Moors,chaya and pandu poor nandu and cn struggling btw thm please bindu u growup and take care f magad so ur parents can enjoy and away from the magad……..whthr thy wil close apus chapter this time r keep hr fr long..if helu k as per history she should present but why ths apu bull….but this time she will get severe punishment by chanku….

  7. Friends ayaan going to play bindu role….whthr thy will show C &N leading happy life r thy will be separated….

    1. I was thinking that they already found an actor to play Bindu role n the maker wants 10 yrs leap. Good for them,let’s wait n see

    2. They shouldnt separate if they separate means there no logic nandini supporting pandu just he is innocent and once she realise it she will surely get back promise or she itself wil kill pandu.
      If they separate means then nandini will never come back to chandra
      And another one doubt chandra till now didnt speak about person who attack nandini in jungle

  8. Behi

    Chandra never yell at his guru, and Chanakya believes that Nandini is Chandra’s power not weakness, obviously Chandra & Chanakya are playing a game again but just like the previous one? Pretending to be separated!!! Does Apama believe their plan again? I don’t know, a fox is not taken twice in the same snare?
    Mora’s behavior is sooo irritating, I think Mora& Chanakya have another plan and that is the reason of her misbehavior to Nandini but how can they break Nandini’s heart? How they can see her crying? Why don’t they tell Nandini about the plan?

    1. Thy seeing nandu as sheep….always thy using hr…breaking g hr heart

  9. I hate this Moora, did not allow Nandini to take care of Bindu, suddenly very concern for her grandson. Chandra was surprised that Bindu is not in the cradle and Nandini did not complain that Moora did not allow, that is her beauty but it is not good,let him know not only this issue n how Helena create problems about Moora n Chaya, she likes to keep sceret to herself, let Chandra be aware what happens,
    Apama using Malai to kill pandu but Pandu knows who is the person who stab him, maybe Apama could be in danger zone.
    I only like the hugging part of C N N, soooo romantic, but it is a freindly hug from N but Chandra love her so much,so supportive n wants to protect Pandu. Pandu is another crook, Chandra is unaware that he is the person involved in the kidnapping of Bindu n he also wants Magadh throne.
    I like the dialouge between Chanakya n Chandra, this time i don’think they are acting,looks serious , so it is not good for Chandra n all of them knows Chandra has promised to Nandini that he won;t kill Pandu, as a result there is a bigger gap between Moora,Chaya n Nandini. I hate this Chaya facial expression.
    Precap Interesting n Pandu will reveal Malai who stab him

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I think someone will murder Pandu, now Nandini always saying that please send Pandugrath somewhere else, but Chandra promise Nandini that Pandugrath is safe here. But when pandugrath will be murdered then Nandini may feel as she was betrayed by Chandra. In this way may they will separate and become enemy .

  10. Is this another game of chandra and chanakya?Moora is dumber than ever.Where were she when bindusar was sick? Now that he’s cured there’s no need for Nandhini.Is it true that there will be a 10 year leap?I don’t mind if the storyline is strong but if it’s going to be stupid I will stop watching this serial.Padmini, the CURTAIN is back.Can we see another fall?The way they hug yesterday was great, it shows true love.

  11. since chanakya is going out for the second time apama is thinking she got sucess and trying separate moora and chandra.
    i think when chanakya doubt pandugar itself chandra told about his promise to chanakya and to show the real face of pandugar to nandini they r doing this game.
    chanakya has found the dead soldier some clue,he also knows on that day bindusar kidnap he was diverted by someother man now he knew something is fissy in pandugar so i think its a game only.
    if this time also evil ladies win means what the use and chanakya and chandra brain .

  12. Now moora is going to be traped ,if after this they r going to show 10 year leap means malai,apama are going to enjoy life in palace
    why selecus is single he can also come to palace then apama ,selecus,helena can enjoy their life.

  13. Oh my GOD!!! Another separation… what is going on with this show… there is nothing but Helena and Apama conspiracy to separate Chandra and Nandini and now we are headed for another separation with a 10 year leap. Seems like the 10 year leap is to end the show quicker than anticipated.
    Moora is so painful to watch now and her behaviour is so annoying. Nandini keeps crying and the evils keep increasing instead of reducing….
    The tracks keep going on and on with Apama stuck like super glue and no end to her or to Helena’s evil. They can see, hear and talk all evil and no one seems to doubt them. Nandini on the other hand, tries her best to be a good daughter-in-law and is blamed with everyone’s conspiracy… What writers we have?……..
    The show is not about the GREAT CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA and his love life but about the tortures of NANDINI……
    I like the young actor who is going to be young Bindusar. I hope to GOD that the show will be a bit better than now with Rajat acting as a father to his son and away from the Mahal without this Apama, Helena and Moora….
    I hope after the leap Nandini will stop crying and will act as a mature woman without showing her been insulted and mistreated. I wish that Moora and Apama will be shown to have died and in this way we will be spared of them.

  14. Friends, I feel that Nandini will accept Chandra only if he chooses her over Mora….because before she left Chandra she gave a long speech and said if similar situation arises again…’ll once again leave me… Chandra has to prove to her that he won’t make the same mistake again. Right now…she is scared to confess her love to him…..thinking that he may leave her again…..this fear is preventing her from accepting Chandra….we know that N has crazy love for C….

  15. Wat happens to writers after 350th episode thy can take leap why this much soon..commercial serial well doing even after 700 episode……after leap cn and nandu will get new constume fr ths reason only thy haven’t changed CNS constume till now…..u can see new bindusar in Instagram…we going to miss our cute
    Kutty bindu …the only the we have to know s whthr nandu will be out f mahal r not…..

    1. i too saw i also saw in twitter new bindusar photo and there was a information that chandra will become ruthless king and nandini will be separated and be his rival i dont understand what they mean by the word rival.

      1. Oh no, not another separation.Is it going to be like the kalinga episodes?

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      All because of trp, if trp was good then this change not occur, now I have doubt whether CN can complete 300 episodes also.

  16. How do you’ll know that Chandra and Nandini are going to be separated again ? Is this confirmed news ? I wish the makers would unite them and end the serial rather than separate them once again……they want to show Apama and Helena winning again and again…..this is SO sad…..

  17. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I saw the new bindusaar. So Akbar becomes Chandragupta and Salim become Bindusaar. I am thinking now after the leap may Jodha also will come.??

  18. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I can say the performance of Rajat and Manoj ji in the scene between Chanyka and Chandra was awesome but the matter on which they debating is ridiculous. How a king can punish an innocent person to fulfil his guru’s oath??? Chanyka has soo knowledge and loves his country but has no sympathy for a mental handicapped patient. This is just irritating to me. Makers down the character of Chanyka. However Moora, Chaya Continuing to show their dumbness. But I think the most dumb person in the serial is Malayketu. He doesn’t think twice when chanyka provoke him against Nand and now he went to kill pandu and pandu saw him. I wish when Malayketu caught then he should tell that Apama told him to kill pandu. Then Apama will throw out from Mahal.

  19. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I also heard about the news that after the leap Chandra will become a ruthless king and nandini and chandra will become each other’s enemy. But U know I think that the may work for the serial. I not like every time Nandini crying and treating as Perfect Bahu and always I am mother of Bindusaar. I want previous warrior princess who can fight with Chandra . Having so much time if she couldn’t express her love for Chandra then it’s better that they separate only then can feel their feelings. I wish if the track can return when they 1st time meet, nandini trying to kill chandra . In Vishkanya track What I hated most that Chandra always insulted Nandini and Nandini couldn’t protest and always cry. If she gave good reply to Chandra then the track not looked so painful . Now I wish if they again separate but this time Nandini will act as a warrior princess.

  20. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    After looking the Yesterday’s episode’s hugging scene between Chandra Nandini it seems like it’s the last hug scene before the leap and they bid good bye each other ” see u after 10 years”.!!!!??

  21. If the separation is the only solution for the maker fine but it’s should have some logic in the separation between chandra and nandini, and one more this separation will be a big win for the Greek witches for sure but Heart brake for chandra, already he has done one mistake once in DD’S case again if he abandons her what’s the use of promising nandini that “come what may I will be with you”

    I think nandini might choose to leave the palace by herself, because she’s not the person who will keep quiet see what is happening in the mahal and do nothing to make it normal like before
    Nandini is a person who will sacrifice anything for the sake of her loved ones so when she witnessed what happened between chanakya and chandra so mother India put the blame on nandini now that what the evils want it to be now the evils have all ready planed to eliminate nandini from the family

    What I am worried about is when nandini is not around or already left the palace, can this particular incident be advantage for Helena to seduce chandra or try to you all know what I am trying to say will chandra change after nandini leave can Helena change him can she take care of bindusa, chandra find about this two evils real face or he we a fool I don’t think so

    Chandra is a man who has some principals when Helena took advantage assuming that nandini is dead than started to cry crocodile tears in Front of chandra saying that hear after she will take care of bindusa and give him a motherly love to him that time Chandra’s reaction and reply was very sharp to her he said no need he will take care of bindusa as a mother and as father what I am trying g to say is even if nandini leave the palace chandra first priority will be bindusar he won’t give Dame importance to Helena or anyone in the mahal this is my opinion
    All his time will be for his son not any one if you all remember after DD’s death and nandini’s banish from the palace chandra was not in the mahal he was continually waging war for 1 year this might happen or he might take care of his son and teach him sword fighting horse riding etc so I don’t think he will give her importance he might ignore her not only her everybody

    Helena might do lot of tricks to win chandra but we as viewers know that will not happen and hear also witch no one will help witch no two or even try to again please note bring her famous alcohol for him which she is trying to give him but again note we should not worry because if bindusar is there he for sure not allow his lady next to his father for sure even bindusar will get irritated with these two witches I am sure when he touches nandini hands he will automatically come to know it’s his mother because the relationship between nandini and bindusar is very precious no one not even chandra will have the capability to stop his son

    This is what I think might happen but I may be wrong

    1. Me nly hope s bindusar

  22. Hi everyone it seems the leap is confirmed.Ayaan (JA fame,Salim)is playing Bindusar post leap.
    According to latest spoilers Chandra-Chanakya plan to trap Pandugrath .But Malai kill Pandugrath and the blame fall on C-Chanakya-Moora.Feeling like betrayed by Chandra ,Nandini leaves mahal

    1. Whtr nandu s tat much stupid to believe ths

  23. Moora will be killed …ths leads to separation f cn…just a rumour in fb….

  24. Nowadays this serial is very boring. Showing a talented king like a fool in his palace.

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