Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini in her room,drop the curtains and is pain and then thinks about moras words, Chandra walks in and says see I’m very tired and don’t expect me to look after binudsara I’m very sleepy let me talk to bindusara and ask him if he has problem if I sleep,where is he,Nandini says he will sleep with rajmata,Chandra says nice opportunity,let’s use this time,let’s play,Nandini says but you were sleepy and tried,Chandra says now I’m not,Nandini says but I’m very sleepy and tired,Chandra thinks stop her and you have to tell about how you feel about her.

Pandugan walks in and says narrate me a story and also I missed you today all day,Chandra thinks this was only thing remaining, I guess in my life I will never have the opportunity to spend quality time with

her,Nandini says I will come to your room and then narrate,pandugan says no I shall sleep with Chandra,Chandra says it’s fine,Nandini says okay once upon a time,pandugan says tell me about today,let me tell you,there was a big mahal like us and beautiful queen like Nandini and pandugan narrates today’s episode inform of story of how bindusara was in danger and then says how was it, actually this isn’t a story this happened in mahal,someone took binudsara away,Chandra says what I have to talk to acharya,pandugan says Nandini your turn,Nandini says not now,Chandra I shall go look after bindusara,pandugan thinks this will soon turn to a truth and i kill your son and you and Magad will be mine Chandra.

Pandugan with a toy and looks at mora walking in corridor and remembers how Chandra killed his father and brothers and gets very angry and throws the toy at mora,she dodges it,pandugan starts dancing mora saved oh no I wanted to harm her,Mora says son this isn’t good,anyone could be hurt,pandugan says but mora didn’t get hurt I know my father killed your husband and now I will kill you,mora says pandugan behave yourself,stop this madness,pandugan says you mad your husband mad,I know my father killed your husband and behead him and tied his head in mahal mora gets angry and slaps him,Nandini sees this and says don’t worry she didn’t meant to and says ma why did you do this he isn’t in senses, mora says he questioned my principles and made fun of my dead husband,Nandini says ma ,bhaiya isn’t in senses and I’m sorry on his behalf ,mora says I’m rajmata and I won’t tolerate anything against my husband and it’s unsafe to leave him alone,lock him in some room if you are so worried about him,pandugan says no locking,Nandini says ma please,mora says he is just the son of Nand who had torchered and harassed me and
never ever respected women,Nandini says and ma even I’m nands daughter,do you hate me too,please say something,pandugan sees Chandra and runs to him and says she slapped me bad mora punish her.

Chandra walks to mora and says ma why did you do this,mora says yes I did and I don’t regret it, if anyone misbehaves he has to go through this,and how could you forget your mothers tears,those old memories still prick me like thrones and so it’s tough to deal with all this.

Nandini in tears,Chandra says calm down,ma was angry,Nandini says Chandra I’m upset because pandugan bhaiya he said so many bad things it was ma so she took it lightly and if it was someone else and they behaved other way,let’s send bhaiya somewhere else,Chandra says Nandini he needs you,your love,and I promise I will take care of him.

Helina says dasi this is special alcohol to maharaj and get in when I ask you too,he will be very happy.Chandra says Nandini you are my friend and as promised I will take care of him now and even later,no one in mahal and outside will harm him i will fight for him,as promised I shall do this,Helina listens to all this and says if this happens Nandini and Chandra will be back to get and now I shall inform ma about this.

Chandra says Nandini stop crying, I can’t see you cry,my heart stops beating and there’s weird feeling,Nandini asks what happens,Chandra says I can’t explain,now wipe your tears,Chandra looks at her and thinks I can never see you in tears,dasi walks in and says acharya is waiting for you in Sabha and leaves,Chandra says I shall come,Nandini asks first tell me what happens,Chandra says I shall tell tonight.

Apma says really a promise,Helina says now Nandini will be back with Chandra and soon the patrani and she forgot about the lover too,Apma starts laughing,Helina says ma what,Apma says you laugh too,may be then dust in your Brain goes, this is the best news,see why does no one know about it,Helina says because Chandra told Nandini in their room,Apma says the fun begins now,no one in mahal knows about this,the difference between Chandra and mora will be widened because of Nandini,Chanakya wants to kill pandugan and mora hates him and Chandra promised to save him and now when Chandra will break his acharyas oath the whole mahal will be in mess and all because of Nandini,the mahal will be in two parts fighting and accusations and Nandini will be the reason.

Chandra was informed about the retailers,Chandra says as acharya finds good,Chanakya says okay mantriji call them tomorrow and later asks why were you so absent,Chandra says acharya ma and Nandini,their difference is widening day by day,Chanakya says never fall into women matters, they will find a way themselves,but we have a bigger problem,there’s someone in mahal behind bindusara and always attacks him,even yesterday this happened and it was good I sensed it and made plans beforehand,Chandra says yes pandugan told me some medicines from your room were stolen and used it to divert the soldiers,Chanakya says but I didn’t put the matter in front of anyone that medicines from my room are lost,is he the one,Chandra says not possible,Chanakya says find it from him and make sure he shouldn’t find it,be careful.

Pre cap : Chandra says pandugan I liked yesterday’s story where did you hear it,pandugan gets surprised.
Chandra says acharya before killing pandugan you should pass me.
Nandini and Chandra in room and hear pandugans voice and Nandini rushes out,pandugan is attacked by a man covered in blanket.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. If I anything leads to the separation of Chandra and Nandini this time then I would stop reading the updates forever.

  2. Pandugarti left clue as he told about herbs and intelligent Chanakya sent Chandra for the confirmation. In precap someone has attacked Pandugarti will he die before accepting the crime ? Will the blame go to Rajmata as shown in promo ? Who will be benefitted after Pandugarti’s murder ? A lot of questions are left.

    1. Obviously apama bhai… she only benefited i mean apama tries kill pandugrat but dat blame on moora and dis will create a big rift between moora chandra n nandini…

    2. u r rt …lot of questions ?makers giving us chance to predict it n many ways….but its not lke vk track i enjoyed tat so much,lot of suspense nd twist,but here almost we can predict the nxt ….

  3. i thk maybe malai killed pandu by insists f apu to create rift btw cn nd moora but if pandu death it wil be good news fr chankya,no rift btw cn nd chanku so it wil not be apu someone else….

    1. whthr malai know abt pandu…..thn who diverted chanku by coverg blanket wen pandu try to enterg chankus room….why apu want to kill pandu bec she knows if pandu die she canot separate cn nd chanky,maybe fr blaming nd creatg rift btw cn nd moora but how it wil create situation fr nandus exist…

  4. My god these two Greek evils are too much enough is enough it’s right time to put ? for these two evils ASAP it will be better for chandra,nandini and rest of the family members, it’s so rediclouse to see when Helena can so easily overhear what chandra and nandini are talking why can’t chanakya and chandra overhear the two Greek evils dirty plots or keep a spy

    After watching the precap it might be chanakya’s game to catch the real culprit but who was the back stabber who stabbed pandu from behind is it by the Greek witch or some one else but what I feel is that it might be by the witch she might put the blame on Moora, so more rift will be between chandra and his mother so the blame will go on nandini no she will be kicked out of the mahal I might be wrong

    Why can’t chandra doubt Helena when she tried to create false relationship between a unknown soldier and nandini why chandra has to give her explanation nandini is his wife not dasi right he loves her so why hiding and faking in front of that fool

    Just because she is important maharani it but doesn’t mean that she has two horns and a tail she took that from nandini force fully that from and that post was for nandini this jealous witch took away what ever nandini had irritating character in spite of knowing that chandra loves nandini this fool is still back of him and nandini, if any other handsome king or a prince come she will automatically will fall for him and forget chandra just like she did with Malayketu she doesn’t have the capability to rule as a queen in future all she know is to seduce chandra and make him puppet that’s all she knows what else eat get dressed up sleep plot with her mother witch
    If the makers get rid of these two evils once for all then the serial trp will go high there is souch negativity in the show and lot of importance for villains which is annoying the makers don’t know how to balance the story there should be all spices but not too much of salt the sourness will irritate

    Makers please for god sake don’t waste the leads talent with pathetic storyline and jumping to 10 years leap and if again separation between chandra and chanakya happens then it’s a good bye from me
    If you all still want to worship the Greek witches and not letting them to get caught by chandra you all are dragging your own fall first and foremost pleas take the opinions from the fans for god sake we don’t want negative over taking the positivity

    We as as viewers expected chandra nandini’s wedding anniversary celebrations, nandini and chandra proposing their love to each other but no all you people want show is those two witches all the time from the beginning same thing for the two evils no other work they have only to plot against nandini to eliminate her out of chandra which is impossible why can’t the two fools understand oh god can’t take it any more enough

    1. Shalini what a post…. Amazing and right to the point. I stopped writing any posts because it seems all the fans comments are ignored completely by the writers. UFFF….. too much of negativity like you said. I come and read and then watch the show only for RAJAT nobody else. Not even Shweta because I cannot stay her hairstyle : DOUBLE DECKER HAMBURGER over her head. looks completely artificial and it is irritating and an eyesore in addition she is always crying and it seems she is the only one who has all the insight and a good heart. The character of the king is completely dumb…. (not RAJAT).

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      One thing I agree with u that there is no need of leap for 10 years to increase trp. If the Makers remove Apama then trp will automatically increase. I don’t know why Makers so much fond with Apama. It’s obvious that if any leap will come in the show then no one will watch this serial. We still not get over from the Vishkanya track and I have no tolerance power left to see their separation.

    3. Shalini, agree with yr comments, In this serial the markers only love the Greek witches and importance given to negativve characters.
      CN love story going no where, it is one sided love, Chandra care for N and she is not bothered.
      Testing his patience,getting bored

  5. where r d soldiers outside maharaj room…..the man stabbing pandu s not women soo surely its malai…..rajat expression was cute wen pandu interfered…why nandu not accepting him now cn behaving lke a complete man thn wat she want…please nandu come out f ur fear cn wil not leave u alone in future…

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I think the all soilders went to Chandra’s public toilet as we know all in the Mahal are very fond of bathing. It’s very familiar
      scene of the serial.,??? No security outside king, Queen’s room. So any one can enter in anyone’s room and kill him. Just like in precap Pandu will be stabbed. May be Ekta Kapoor’s budget problem so she couldn’t cast enough soilders .

      1. Correct,Correct Satya I agree with u,all soldiers missing, Mahal is not a safe palace.
        The only person get caught is Nandini, Apama is the only person escapes, maybe she has Black magic to protect.

  6. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    So it is looking Pandu will be murdered. I told about that earlier. But I am not sure who will kill pandu. The suspense again back on the track. The next track will moving on the basis of Pandu’s murderer. There are in many murders in Mahal, so any one can kill pandu. But one thing I have doubt will truely Pandu’s part will end so soon?? Is pandu playing a Murder drama???

  7. Dz storyline us just going in circle
    …please helina n her mother should be exposed how would one plan for so long n none suspects…

    1. Correct Jenny. There is nothing except evil and negativity in this show and it is so draining.
      RAJAT is the only one who I am tolerating this show for. If it was not for him I would have stopped watching this show a long way back.

  8. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    This Helena always bring alcohol for chandra as her mother Apama always bring poison.What a combination of Mother daughter.?? I think Chandra Nandini both should drink Alcohol (madeera) only then they will confess their feelings for each other as they did in Tent.??

    1. hahaha….first two lines was abstly rt i also thought d same..

    2. She wants to seduce Chandra, how many times she offered him,lost count but we are not interested.

  9. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Today I saw the preparation of Another historical show coming very soon ” PORUS” . I just amazed. They are shooting now in Thailand. The scenery and lakes are soo beautiful just treat to watch. It is produced by Swastik production’s Siddarth kumar Tiwari. He researched for the serial near about 3 years. Earlier I have seen his Mahabharat and have to say that was a mind blowing show. Actually Ekta kaapor should learn how to make proper historical show from Siddarth Tiwari and set a proper budget for this type of show.

    1. Thank you Satya for sharing this news with us. I read about “PORUS” and it is going to be amazing not like our CN. Wow I cannot express my thanks to you for sharing this news. I look forward to this interesting new show soon. It sounds like a mega show.
      On another note, I really enjoy your comments here and come to read them with a lot of interest. I only have one sad concern which is that the writers, directors and Ekta Kapoor is not reading any of the posts by the fans here or facebook. If they would CN would have been a great show with our most talented RAJAT TOKAS who puts in so much towards his work.
      We watch, we comment in the hope that someone will make amendments to their mistakes but alas all our comments are going to waste. Nobody is listening or even ready to make any amendments. They keep repeating the same mistakes again and again and now I read about the leap.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Another thing is where the serial ” porus” is shooted now Hollywood film Pirates of Caribbean was also shooted there. It is the 1st serial which is shooting there. The cast of serial are traveling from one set to another set by speed boat. Sallute Siddarth tiwari for his vision. He never concentrate to how drag the story line, he only concentrate to give people good story line. Can u imagine the Mahabharat show ended in just 267 episodes. When I saw first promo of Chandra , Nandini and their marriage promo, I just thought what classic promo the show will be another great show of Rajat, but as its trp rating low and now heard the news of leap really feeling bad for Rajat. I never saw him in new dress just disgusting!!! Ekta kapoor now not wanting to spend some money on to lead actor’s costume. I really hope some day in future Rajat tokas will act in Siddarth tiwari’s any grand show, then only his talent get proper value.

  10. How long this Nandini wants to distance from Chandra, as usual she is tired,sleepy or need to take of Bindu.
    Moora attitude is changing n she is so mad with Pandu n Nandini, look she called as Nand Putri.
    Apama n Helena the most irritating characters, always plotting,maybe she could have arranged someone to kill Pandu, not sure he is killed or injured. Maybe they might blame Moora.
    Due to this problems they might create rift between Chandra,Moora,Nandini which lead 10 yrs seperation.

    What is wrong with the makers, they never read our viewer’s comments, their TRP reduce due to Apama n Helena, pls get rid of them. By separating C & N, they think their TRP will be increased, that’s the end, a lot of viewer’s will stop watching this serial.
    Precap is always puzzling

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      U know didi, I am totally depressed since I heard the news of 10 years leap.?? I just recalling the earlier moment when chandra want to propose Nandini and then chanyka called him and said that Nand and Greek Selucas attacked Magadh. Then Chandra said one line to Nandini that When u getting time then U should express Ur feelings, may be in future U not get time. Today also Chandra could not express his feelings, I have doubt whether he get time for that in future. We know chandragupta died in very early age. So I think Chandra and Nandini Will not express their feelings untill they died. They will propose each other only in Heaven. Because no one villains there to disturb them , Apama, Moora, Pandu, Nand, Malayketu , Helena all will go to Hell.

      1. Satya u make my day, I was giggling but couldn’t laugh loud because other family members around. U have good ideas to create joke. Reading in facebook comments, they are more serious n if u wrongly say,they sent u nasty comment. I only love to comment here make me happy. I am so sad n disappointed about 10 yrs leap. Maybe these devil will also follow them in heaven because their goal is not archive on earth.

  11. cant stand helina and her mum’s face!! go to the dentist and get your mouths and teeth fixed!!!!

    1. Haha Mia so u make me laugh,expecially Apama need to patch her teeth

  12. So many unsloved issues has happened, but the recent even took place when Nandini was attacked by an arrow, someone did not want her to preform her pooja, no investigation done.
    Chandra n Nandini wedding anniversary also forgotten.

  13. Why nandini is hesitating to say her feelings, we all know she loves chandra to the core, chandra is very eagerly waiting to express his feelings for her but some fools come and disturb them. He got a very good opportunity to tell his feelings for her but this pandu irritating

    This is my opinion I think chandra won’t leave nandini for the sake of his brain less mother she has mountain size ego
    Chandra is ready to move on with nandini and it shows he wants some private movement with her when he came to know that bindusar will be taken care by his mother, like a thousand wats bulb Chandra’s brain sparked wow his expression was to die for but the people in the mahal don’t have brains all ways disturbing chandra when he is with his wife nandini
    On what bases Helena all the time brings Greek wine for chandra and when ever she brings that to Chandra’s room,she again takes it back of throws it with proper nose cut
    Day by day I am getting frustrated to see the face of the two Greek witches and annoyed also the two don’t have any other work other then plot,drink,overhearing other people’s secrets then try to take other person’s life like DD and on top of that this fool is know as mukhya maharani oh can’t believe it this lady killed many people then plots against nandini try to separate them but no one have doubts on her interesting but innocent have to bear the heat like how nandini went through for DD case and brought her as a dasi wow makers bravo for your justice for character DD injustice has been done for DD, nandini and bindusar

    1. Padmini, Shalini, Satya and Shree, I’m getting inpatient with Nandini….why is she still avoiding Chandra…. she has so many excuses to avoid Chandra…..when she pulled the drapes down, I was so mad at her. If she doesn’t want to be with Chandra then, she needs to tell him that and leave Magath….Helena is ready to pounce on Chandra….if Nandini keeps avoiding Chandra then she is going to be the loser. Does she want Chandra to fall at her feet? At this point, I am not sure what she expects from Chandra…..she just wants to be a mother to Bindusar and that’s it. She only needs Chandra’s help to perform poojas…..that’s all. Why are the makers still keeping Apama around….she killed DD and poisoned Nandini….I don’t think Apama is going to leave the mahal. And, what’s the need to separate C and N….If Mora wants to leave…..I think Nandini may leave the mahal to stop Mora from leaving because Nandini is a Mahan. Why do the makers make Nandini cry in every episode. Nandini is incapable of having a normal conversation without crying….she cries and Chandra consoles her….she is a crybaby. If they separate C and N again….viewers will stop watching the show. In addition, in this serial, the negative characters are always winning that’s another’s reason for low trp….

      1. Adit, well said. Yesterday episode I got fed up with Nandini pulling down the curtain. She going to regret if Chandra finds another woman but not Helena.
        We all are so tired with the evil ladies, endless plot to separate C N N. The makers had made Chandra has dumb king

  14. I agree with Shalini’s comments.The makers are showing c as a brainless king.
    He very well knows about A & H.Instead of
    spying & catching them he just allows them to do whatever they want.He only
    knows to say “I will find the culprits and
    give them a big punishment”.He knows
    H is trying to marry N to another man.
    Which King will allow this type of things.
    If we want to watch this serial ,then we
    also have to close our brains.

  15. I would like to appreciate chanakya for his quick reaction regarding pandu wow what a brain man, it would be great if chandra tells what happened in the forest with nandini to chanakya so he might connect the dots, well he has already have a doubt what happened with bindusar in the mahal. Why pandu have to tell what happened exactly to Chandra and nandini in the mahal is he giving a clue is he trying to divert the attention of chandra and chanakya with some thing else what is his intentions and what he is exactly trying to do

    Now coming to the precap if we clearly see when nandini heard pandu screaming and she went to see what is happening that time Chandra’s reaction was different I might be wrong hear until I watch today’s episode episode bit i have a feel that it’s a plan or the Greek witch might have kept a assassin to eliminate pandu and blame Moora
    In the sabha chandra very clearly telling that he stand as a wall in between pandu who ever try to kill him they have to first face him we can assume that the two Greek witches have already reviled the secret promise to Moora or chanakya that why chanakya is pissed off but who would have told it to chanakya now in this matter chandra can try to investigate personally with the help of chanakya both can now assume that the person who ever is playing this dirty game is very cunning the person has targeted 4 persons
    1.Nandini – is first priority for the witches to eliminate from the beginning
    2.chandra- now witch no one Apama knows he loves only nandini and can’t live without her but her dumhead daughter doesn’t because she hardly have a brain
    so directly or indirectly she is taking her revenge from chandra which even Helena doesn’t know her intentions is different
    3. Moora- is just a weapon these two are using to create rift between chandra and nandini so what all is happening in the mahal it’s because of nandini now that’s what these two wants all blame her and at last chase her out matter over simple this witch is playing human chess game keeping their as pawns how evil is this lady
    4. Chanakya- she is now trying to make him fool by being intelligently playing chess game but she doesn’t know when chanakya gets a clue he goes to the roots of come what may for sure this time she is going to face writh of not one but many like for example: Chandra,Nandini,Moora,Chaya,Chanakya, magad people and for Helena chandra might get to know about her that even she was involved in DD’s death because she is the main culprit
    Chandra has to banish her from magad forever never in her life she has to keep her leg in magad, for her mother they have to kill her in such a way who ever again try to plot against the King’s family this is what the punishment will be

  16. Behi

    The show is going to be really boring? my family stopped watching it and I just inform them about updatings. No interest on watching crying Nandini, she turns to a crying baby ?, in every situation the only thing she does is crying, in VK’s track she hunted alot, she was in pain, she cried but again she did her best to protect chandra& bindu.
    The whole storyline is unreasonable, Y didn’t Chanakya set some spies to catch the culprit red handed (pandugradh) when he was trying to kidnap bindu? Y they hadn’t eyes on apama, she deos anything she want, she met a murdered, plan to kill Nandini, meets malay freely, change rajmata’s letter and many other things and for God’s sake there is no one, even a daai who is loyal to Chandra and informs him about all these, or even one of them.
    Sometimes there are some guards infromt of Chandra’s door, sometimes there are no one, what are that damn Mahal’s laws?
    Chandra has no one loyal and trustworthy other than Chanakya, how king is he? He has his brother or some freinds but they have no role in storylines except fulling around, they should have some important roles, they should envolve in all plans, plz improve the story or change the name of show to ? the passion of Nandini ? bcoz we dont see anything other than crying Nandini as a wife and a typical husband who loves or cares his wife, but they are not such great characters as Great king cgm or warrior princess Nandini, you failed to portray these characters guys (i mean writers)
    I am sure that if it was not bcoz of Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad, this show lost many viewers long time ago.

  17. I agree with you well said, just know I watched today’s episode Moora and her daughter chaya are worthless, when nandini came to see bindusar those two didn’t allow her to even Cary him what type of grandmother is she, even she is a mother right, after DD’s death grandmother never had time for her grandson how come now she is taking care of him did she wake from sleep or she was in coma rediclouse character.

    The Apama giving instructions to Malayketu to kill pandu so that chanakya and Chandra’s relations will have a big gap so when chandra questioned pandu he came to know what he really wants to know so he told chandra that chanakya only told him but later he diverted chandra by saying that he saw some one entering chanakya’s room and got the medicine but when pandu was going to his room malayketu stabbed him from back but pandu saw his face even a dasi also witnessed and alarmed went and informed chandra and nandini

    Chandra was discussing the events what is happening in the mahal with chanakya everyone are there most wanted “Crime couple” are there too watching what will happen
    Chanakya is a very intelligent person he will for sure catch the two criminals that is Greek witch the magad biggest Malayketu the idiot for sure because of him Apama is going to get caught very soon

    And for Moora it’s time she should learn some lessons she is know as rajmata thinking wise she is Senior and experienced but still she has to grow up she behaves like a child and thinks like childish grow up Lady

    100% sure what ever happened in the sabha it’s chandra and chanakya’s plan to catch the culprits I may be wrong but it’s my opinion chandra and chanakya might know who is doing all this dirty works

    I can’t believe first time Apama is scared and nervous because Malayketu email entered in to her room oh come lady do not over act, you all know she is regarding now for bringing Malayketu in side the mahal wow I would like to give advice to witch lady if she doesn’t want to get caught RUN LADY RUN this is just the beginning hear after you see u on will get sleep less nights for sure

    1. Behi

      Well said shalini, I didn’t watch today’s ep but I had read the update, I cannot tolerate bitter behavior of Mora, it has 2 possibilities :
      1_ Mora is going to be the next villain after catching up Apama, in this case, the reason of Mora’s behavior is sooo much unreasonable, she was Nandini’s Mother even if Nand was alive and he was trying to harm her son Chandra, what did happen to Mora? All of a sudden she remembered Nand’s bad behavior, after his death and getting revenge from him? Doesn’t she have a brain? For God’s sake use that gray cells dear writers? She didn’t forgive Nandini after all she did for saving Bindu or saving Chandra, just Bcoz Mora thought that Nandini was murderer of DD, She wven didn’t let him to be part of ceremony or any other rituals. What did happen this Mora listen to Apama the real murderre of DD and even Nandini ( she trid to kill Nandini, Chandra saved her) and the reason of Bindu’s illness? Y didn’t she misbehave Apama? How dare Apama came to Mora’s room and talked to her freely, just like nothing had happened?
      2- second possibility is that Mora ( with Chanakya) has a plan for Helena and Apama ( I think this one has more probability). If it is true, then Y don’t tell the plan to Nandini? Didn’t they trust Nandini? how can they watch her crying? How can they break her heart?
      Y does Mora misbehave Nandini even
      when Helena and Apama weren’t around?

      The writers have sth in their mind but they dont portray it professionally, I don’t know what is the reason? Do they think we ( viewers) are some idiots or what?

  18. I am sorry for that email thing apologies

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