Chandra Nandni 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina says I told you all Nandini is a here just for revenge,Durdhara says see she killed my Chandra too,mora says Nandini I always stood for you but why did you do this,today you proved you are nands daughter and as rajmata I order to jail you,Nandini says ma I did nothing,don’t take me away from Chandra,dadi says at least listen to her,mora says no dadi not today,helina and everyone take Chandra to his room and Nandini is taken away to jail and she keeps saying that she is innocent,Nandini tries to escape and rushes to Chandra ,and says I won’t leave you I didn’t do this trust me,mora says take her away.

Chandra is taken to his room,head Vaidya arrives,and says everyone please stay out and don’t let the news of maharaj unwell break out as even acharya isn’t

here and closes the door and starts treating Chandra. Nandini says I didn’t do this,I made medicine in front of him,Helina enters and attacks her and says how dare you attack Chandra I love him the most and if something happens to him I won’t leave you,Nandini says trust me I didn’t kill him,I had so many chances when I could kill him and he is my husband too and as you love him even I and stops.

Helina thinks if Nandini didn’t try kill Chandra, I hope it’s not Roopa and leaves,Nandini prays lord please save my Chandra. Roopa says Sunanda ma I wanted to kill Chaya and durdhara saw me too now how will I get thrown and my Chandra,Sunanda says now it’s not good for you to roam out too as Nandini is jailed too,Helina mother walks in and says now Nandini and Roopa both are out of our way,good job Roopa,you moved Nandini out of my nandinis way but because of your plan Chandra is injured and helina is very angry and to save yourself from Chandra and helinas anger leave as soon as possible because even me as well as Sunanda cant help you in this matter, right Sunanda as you know Helina and her anger as after what Roopa has done with Chandra I can’t stop Helina from killing you.

Nandini praying lord please save my Chandra.chandra is being treated. Vaidya sees Chandra has no effect and so tries different remedies. Dasi gets good for Nandini,Nandini asks how is maharaj,dasi says maharaj is still unconscious ,Nandini says I won’t have food until maharaj is all well. Four days past Chandra is being treated and Nandini fasts for Chandras health. The medicines start showing effect,the water in which Chandra was put so that he gets well turns green and Vaidya says maharaj is now out of danger,Nandini faints.

Everyone near Chandra,Chandra gains conscious,Vaidya says maharaj please keep resting,Chandra asks where is Nandini,Helina says you are in this state because of Nandini and Chaya is in danger because of her and lost her baby too and do we all don’t matter that you are asking for Nandini do you take her innocent,Chandra asks where is Nandini,Helina says she is jailed,Chandra says dasi call her in Sabha and gets up,dadi says rest Chandra,Chandra says dadi today I shall take the final decision.

In Sabha,Nandini arrives wearing crown and seeing Chandra thinks I’m not worried about the accusations But happy to see you out of danger,Nandini to take her thrown,Chandra says stop Nandini you will be questioned so you won’t be on thrown,Chandra says let’s begin,durdhara tells what did she see,mora says I saw Nandini get the medicine and Chandra drank it and we all saw the rest,Chandra says Nandini all the proofs are against you and I have faced consequences of trusting you but still you get a chance to keep your side,Nandini says Sunanda ma please tell the truth we can’t hide the secret, Nandini says Chandra I’m having a neurological issues and I may have done all this under its influence Sunanda ma please tell them,Sunanda says maharaj I don’t know what she is talking about she is all fine,Nandini says ma why are you doing this.

Chandra says Nandini enough all the proofs are against you and so you will be trapped in wall alive,all are shocked to hear the punishment.

Pre cap : dadi says Chandra you are making big mistake, Nandini can never do this. The process of Nandini being trapped inside wall begins.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Except experienced dadi maa no one is in support of poor Nandini. If Chandra will apply his heart and brain he can know the truth. Will he do something or Chaya s coming to sense will reveal the truth has to watch.

  2. Exact promo scene is not shown in the serial.

  3. Will nandhini die ..?????….

  4. can anyone pls tell me what is going to happen next will nandini die or sent to prison

  5. Pranil mungekar

    I hate Roopa a lot ????Beacause of her nandini has to suffer a lot ??I know that c haaya will wake up when nandini was just dying then chandra will cry a lot ?????But nandini would not die ?????and Roopa would die ????????☺??

  6. Pranil mungekar

    Someone read spoilers yanar….. please ???

  7. Hi am a silent reader…am from tamilnadu… I don’t think they will end roopa’s stry..coz its edka’s serial.may be there is a rule don’t u guys remember that if the ruling queen is been punished then the king too has to be not sure about d may be they can do it in tat way juz my instinct

  8. After the request of Dadi Chandra may do internal enquiry to find the truth. For showing others he may trap Nandini inside wall but she may be sent to safe place .
    It may be good if Roopa s truth come out Chandra should send him to Nand by the name of Nandini and exchange of Chanakya s daughter, so that Nand and Roopa can decide their fate and others can live in peace.

    1. Mona146

      who is Chanakya s daughter? I believe he never had a family.

      1. Chanakya has wrote a lot about nari, wife family etc I think without experience it is difficult to express.

      2. NABANITA626

        Yeah chanakya was a bramhachari… how can he had a daughter???????
        Nonsense ideas of EKTA KAPOOR.

  9. So sad nandini..

  10. No,Nandini will not die.if she dies,how the serial will continue ? But ,to my mind ,nandini should die because she’s not related to Maurya dynasty. And i want to tell you guys durdhara was the daughter of dhananand and chandragupts mother ws a concubine of him.

    1. AparnaPrasad

      But in this dhananand ws shown as nandinis brother son of padmanand..recently killed by chandra….

  11. I read in telly story YouTube updates that it is Chandra’s plan to bury nandini on wall to find the truth behind all this. Not sure if same thing is going to happen, but definitely nandini will be alive

  12. Guys nandhini is nothing but the durdhara nandhini and durdhara are same person

  13. No one believes NANDINI ?????

  14. MrIkrarkhan 88786888

    I think chandra ko sab pehle se pata h or wo nandni ki jagah roopa ko punish karega

  15. AparnaPrasad

    Guys. Its chandras plan. He knws smthnh abt roopa and to find out abt her truth nly he is gonna order death sentence to nandini. If nandini is dead roopa cannot cm out forever. So he knws roopa wl cm to nandini… and so he can find put abt roopa

  16. anuradha Mungekar

    hey all I have read the spoilers. chandra would rescue
    nandini and then roopa will be angry. chandra will be knowing that nandini is so innocent

  17. I think… chaya would regain her conscious and would tell chandra d truth.. but this would happen after the wall had been built … on knowing this… chandra wil rush to rescue Nandhini…

  18. At d same time ,nand would come up with an evil plan that may lead to d separation of our chandra nandhini ….

    1. AparnaPrasad

      I too think the same padhu

  19. o goshhh! what happened to chandra. he is suspecting nandini without any further enquiries. and this blo*dy hell roopa i hate her soooooooooooooooo much. may her truth come out to chandra.

  20. Bad episode having no logic….

  21. It’s like a suspense thriller only…No history..No war….

  22. Hahaha.,.100 episode ho gaye or abhitak roopa ka hi matter chal raha hai…..kya yar,director….chandra ko thoda mature banao or khatam kar do ye matter…kuch or dhikhao bhai …kya ye pakau familly drama dikha rahe ho….its boaring…


  24. Chandra will find about Roopa’s conspiracy against Nandiniin the upcoming episode of historical drama ChandraNandini.Chandra gets angry on Nandini when he finds that all the proofs are against her andshe is the real culprit.Chandra punishes her for getting buried in the wall alive.But later somehow Chandra gets toknow that Nandini is innocent infact all this was done by Roopa.Chandra getsto know that Nandini is innocentHe gets to know that Roopa planned all this and trapped Nandini in her plan so that shedies and Roopacan take her place.Chandra saves Nandini from getting buried in the wall.Now it will be interesting to see that what Chandra will dowith Roopa post knowing about her evil plan. I copied it frm a spoiler.

  25. NABANITA626

    Chandra will save NANDINI,for sure….

  26. Chandra brings Roopa and Nandini together in frontof family in Chandra NandiniThe upcoming episode of Star Plus historical love saga Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra (Raja Tokas) gets Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) buried in wall believing as Nandini attempt to kill Chhaya and Chandra.Dadi tells Chandra not to take any decision in hurry but Chandra refuse to change his decision.However, Chandra manages to find as Nandini is innocence and someone behind all misshapen that happened in palace.Roopa takes Nandini’s place again and Chandra prepares getting married with Roopa.Chandra and Nandini’s love story get startedpost Roopa’s truth outDuring the wedding, Chandra finally gets successful exposing Roopa’s evil truth to everyone and everyoneget shocked seeing Roopa and Nandini together.Chandra then brings Nandini to wedding mandap and gets married with Nandini.

  27. ???????
    Love you”Chandra Nandini”
    and Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update

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