Chandra Nandni 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update : chandra in confusion about his behaviour

Chandra Nandni 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra is confused as to why he cannot remember meeting Chanakya. Chandra meets Nandini and thinks not to tell her anything. Mohini thinks that she cannot stay away from Chandra anymore.
Bheemdev comes and Mohini asks him where is Chandra. Bheemdev thinks that she should not know that when he was in Chandra’s body he had consumed alcohol.
Mohini thinks that Bheemdev should not come to know about her coming close to Chandra.Mohini tells him that they should end their drama soon. Bheemdev asks her whether she has any plan. Mohini asks Bheemdev to enter Chandra’s body and then she will tell her plan.
Chandra thinks that Nandini might worry for him and he should find the solution himself. Chandra tells Nandini that he had a dream that she came close to him. Chandra asks whether

his dream will come true. Nandini tells she cannot say anything. Chandra is very confused with past incidents. Chandra thinks that he is acting like two different people. Chandra wonders why he cannot remember his discussion with Chanakya. Mohini comes to Chandra’s room.
Mohini tries to seduce him. Chandra asks her how dare she came close to him. Mohini wonders why he is behaving this way. Chandra tells soldiers to take her away. Dharma falls in Bindusar’s arms. Helena comes there and asks Bindusar how come the two of them were not in the palace previous night. Bindusar says that Panditji asked them to stay back. Helena asks Dharma to leave as she has to talk to Bindusar. Helena tells Bindusar that Chandra is acting weird and he slapped her.
Bindusar is shocked hearing this and asks why he slapped her. Bindusar says she will talk to Chandra. Helena asks him not to talk to him and follow her orders. Helena tells Bindusar that they will remove Chandra from the throne. Bindusar says he cannot do such a thing. Helena gets angry and says that this is the right time. Helena says that the people of Magadh should not know about Chandra going crazy.
Bindusar says he will do anything that she says but he will not do this. Bindusar says that the people will not respect him if he overthrows his father.Helena thinks that she will make the place for another throne. Mohini asks forgiveness from Chandra and thinks that Bheemdev must not be in Chandra’s body.
Chandra tells Mohini that he will throw her in prison. Mohini begs for forgiveness. Mohini wonders why Bheemdev betrayed her. Bheemdev meets Mohini in prison and asks her why he betrayed her. Bheemdev says that he tried a lot but he could not enter Chandra’s body.Chandra thinks to talk to Nandini about this. Bheemdev falls on Chandra’s feet and asks for forgiveness. Bheemdev asks Chandra to throw him in prison too.
Chandra says that Mohini is not a good woman. Bheemdev says that he had made a vow that he will not go close to Mohini till he gets Savitri. Therefore Mohini came close to him for his sake. Chandra agrees to forgive Mohini and asks Bheemdev never to let Mohini come close to him.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Okay Bindusar And Dharma hate each other thenfall in love again the hate then love
    i mean this a real drama

  2. Just read the latest update about Chandra Nandini show that the actors are going to finish their shooting on the 30th of October and the last episode is the 10th of November.
    Rajat will be missed on screen but nevertheless I am happy this show has finally come to an end.
    Knowing the show is soon ending, I have mixed feelings but at least I am happy in the future, we will be able to see Rajat hopefully in a better show which will be able to give him justice for his hard work.
    I wish Rajat the best for the future and hope he gets a good role.

    1. CNFan, How did u know the serial is ending 30th October, now the serial is moving too fast. A lot of unsloved issues n Nandini still did not get back her memory. Good if the show ends, as storyline going crazy.

      1. The show is ending on the 10th of November my dear. 30th of October is when all the actors finish shooting.

      2. Revealed: Chandra Nandni’s off air date!
        Every show has its expiry date!
        It’s now turn for Star Plus’ Chandra Nandni to bid adieu its viewers. It’s been few months that the show taken a leap and still couldn’t climb the TRP charts.
        Hence, the channel has now decided to pull the plug on the show by next month.
        Yes, according to our sources, Balaji Telefilms’ Chandra Nandni will air its last episode on 10 November and Panorama Studios’ Ikyawann will replace the drama.
        The cast will wrap up the shoot on 30 October. Alike other shows Chandra Nandni will also have a happy ending. As we know, Chandra who is possessed by a spirit will be saved by his family members. They will organise a havan at home to free Chandra.
        We buzzed the show leads Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad but they both remained unavailable.
        Meanwhile, Ikyawann will star Namish Taneja and Prachi Tehlan in lead roles.
        We wish the cast of Chandra Nandni good luck for their future endeavours!


    2. @CN fan i read that the serial will have last episode on 10 nov and the shooting will end in 30 oct.
      i also read that the serial will be having happy ending and chandra will saved saved from black magic by performing havan by their family members.
      i got the information from

      1. Thanks for the information.

    3. I am glad it’s going to end.I hope all those commenting here will be there when new rajat tokas serial airs.

  3. Tanya, Tks for yr updates but it is incomplete. Bindu is not satifiesd with Helena as she wants him to dethrone Chandra. Dharma slips n fall on Bindu arm but I don’t see their chemistry like CN.
    Luckily Nandini tied the scared thread on Chandra wrist, it was protective shield n Bheemdev soul could not enter Chandra body.
    Precap no comments only watch the serial without understanding


    Even if any of the long running serials has many leads making all viewers wonder how they can finish the serial, the makers and the director have a supernatural capacity to bring it to a close once viewership drops. Some questions will be left unanswered leading to some debates. Best Wishes CN !

  5. Bhimdeo and Mohani couldn’t enter Chandra’s body due to sacred thread so Chandra spent day peacefully, but shortly situation will change after entering his body Bhimdeo will take harsh decisions. Let’s wait for the result.

  6. I don’t want the serial to end

  7. Seriously, I don’t want this serial to get over…It’s one of the best serials I have ever seen in my life… Hopefully it atleast gets an extension till they finish #BinduMa story… Hope this happens

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