Chandra Nandni 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bharti with padmanand waiting for Chanakyas reply and says now I shall kill her since I have no answer and then they will understand that padmanand doesn’t just talk ,padmanand about to kill her,Amartya says maharaj please stop,padmanand says Amartya this is last time I’m letting you go or else will behead you,amartya says maharaj,Chandragupta treats Chanakyas as his god and if you kill his daughter,Nandini will be danger and so treat Bharti as you want Nandini to be treated, this is for nandinis good.

Roopa gets poison and says Sunanda ma when someone has it the person doesn’t stay alive and now I should go there as Nandini and Chaya will be dead,and once Chaya will be dead I will take nandinis place,Sunanda says no Roopa it’s dangerous for you to go there,Roopa

says no one can stop me and if Chaya wakes up we all be dead and pushes Sunanda and leaves.chandra searches nandinis books to find something to save Chaya,Chandra sees Roopa and says Nandini come with me and takes her to room,and says you are very intelligent tell me which book has medicine knowledge we will use it to save Chaya.roopa thinks god I am uneducated.

Roopa says may be this book,Chandra says this is literature,Roopa says there is no such book Chandra,Chandra says there must be something check this book please,Roopa opens it,and says may be this one,Chandra says no Nandini not this one what’s wrong,Nandini says I’m so worried about Chaya I cant concentrate may be I should be with her and not here and leaves.

Sunanda pulls Roopa and says be careful come I will help you. Nandini says mora ma you go rest we are here with Chaya,mora says I will not leave my daughter, poor girl she is not waking up even when her mother is calling her,Vaidya says rajmata no medicine is working on Chaya, maliketu says please save her, Vaidya says only trishulvatti can save her but I don’t know the procedure,Nandini says ok and goes to her room and pushes Chandra and starts looking for her books,Chandra asks what are you up to,Nandini says Vaidya wants trishulvatti I have the procedure in my book find it that way ,it has tulsi plant pic on it ,both start looking for the book.

Nandini finds it and says Chandra look this is the procedure let’s make the medicine and both prepare it,Chandra leaves as mora has called him,Sunanda says Nandini I’m so scared save Chaya,and distracts Nandini,slowly Roopa adds poison to it,Roopa thinks now Chaya will die and no one will know the truth and next Nandini will die and I will be the ruling queen. Helina walks away and says oh I should rest this drama,Helina hears crying noise and says this is from durdharas room and she wasn’t with Chaya too and goes to check her and sees the room full dark and calls out durdhara and sees her hiding and scared and asks what’s wrong.

Durdhara says go away don’t come near me and my baby,helina says calm down what’s wrong with you,durdhara says helina she pushed Chaya and killed her baby and will kill my baby too and hugs helina and says save my baby,Helina asks who did what,durdhara says Nandini killed Chaya and her baby, I saw her she pushed Chaya,please save me and my baby,helina says calm down I’m with you.

Chanakya with soldiers following information that padmanand is hiding near the river side,Chanakya says to finish the travel we will need 2 days and it’s my battle I will travel alone here after please leave now,soldiers says acharya all alone in this jungle,Chanakya says there is no place for fear in me and so take the fire away too,

Nandini says Vaidya here is trishulvatti,Vaidya says good now give this to Chaya.roopa hiding and watching,helina says stop dont give the medicine and walks in with durdhara. Helina says you want to kill Chaya right so that no one gets to know what you did,what is in this cup,is there poison in it. Sunanda thinks how does she know. Helina says yes Chandra ,Nandini pushes Chaya from stairs,Chandra says helina don’t forget you are questioning ruling queen,Helina says look at durdhara how scared she is ,tell them the truth durdhara, durdhara says yes I saw Nandini pushing Chaya from stair case.

Nandini says durdhara what’s wrong,durdhara hides behind mora and says ma save me from her,she will kill my baby too,Maliektu says Nandini why did you do this,Sunanda thinks god this shouldn’t be happening,Chandra says what everyone,durdhara look at me tell me where were you was it your misunderstanding,Helina says but Chandra,Chandra shouts no one speaks in between,durdhara tell me,durdhara says yes Chandra I saw Nandini pushing,Nandini has poison in her hand to kill Chaya,Chandra says how can you all question Nandini who always helps everyone ,and who treated dadi too,I trust Nandini and as proof I shall drink the medicine and drinks it. Roopa gets shocked.

Sunanda thinks oh god what will happen now,Chandra says Nandini can never do this and his mouth starts bleeding and he falls down.

Pre cap : mora says Nandini because of you both children of mine are in danger and I order to jail Nandini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. After taking poison unwillingly life of Chandra is in danger. Chaya is also struggling with her life, entire family including Nandini is in problem.
    Too sad to watch.

  2. ishqbz kam nehi tha ki DBO tapak pare…chandini ka 10.30 wala repeat telecast hi gayab kr dia:-/

    1. don’t you like ishqbaaz??

      1. not at all….i love shivika but i don’t think omkara aur rudy ke love life ko dikhane ke liye ek naya show ki jarurat hai…again DBO ne chandini ka time v replace kiya so….sry if my words hurt your emotions:-)

  3. I’m worried about Chandra.please anyone read spoilers and write.please …..

    1. nothing will happen to Chandra don’t worry
      by killing the lead role how will them continue this story…

      1. Right

  4. Feeling vry bad fr nandini .. Now nandini s helpless So sad to watch … precap ????????

  5. This serial is all about chandra nandini.
    y would chandra or nandini die? Seriously!!moreover its a frictional drama ..dont compare it with history..its another angle given to history..the writter has all freedom to twist according to the imagination..the most interesting part is irrespective of various feelings..we still watch the serial just to get the glimpse of chandra n nandini n ther chemistry.

    I guess next week roopa’s story would end and chandra already strted getting doubt..i guess it might be the master plan of chandra to save nandini…

    1. Whether situation automatically reveal Roopa s truth or Chandra s intelligence will bring out her truth is unknown. If Nandini gets death sentence Roopa s dream will also die she will not have any option to live in the palace.
      I wish Chandra s intelligence should be shown and Helena her mother and Sunanda should also be exposed by Chandra.

    2. y comment without watching the full scene????!!!

      First see what happens in the next episode, and then comment…??????

      Pehle dekho toh sahi, k kya hoga iske baad, pehle se na dekh ke ulte pulte comments de rahe ho??!!!??????

  6. What the hell is this???????? Today was the worst episode…..i knew that nothing good could be shown in this serial and i stopped watching it from last month….now i only read telly updates. I am commenting after a long time as i could not stop my anger today…….God knows what is Ekta upto…..what does she want from people..shal we believe in all the rubbish being shown by her??? How foolish all those are who watch it….we should stop watching the serial and when the TRP will be very low then automatically Ekta’s mind will start working properly

    1. I am totally agree with you

    2. I just want to see u, foolish pupil’s faces when u watch 28th Feb episode…..???????
      …..when all ur foolish assumption will ho to vain…..and again it will b proved, y Ekta is “Ekta” and u people r “just” public…..?????????

  7. I also stopped watching this serial from last month
    irritating story
    negative characters wins every time
    they are experimenting viewers patience
    now I only follow written updates
    when these problems get solved then i will start watching it again

    1. Totally agreed… Me too… Upsetting and irritated to see these negative characters win everytime

  8. Chandra nandini shud hav more show timings….as in repeat telecasts. Only a few are there. :/
    It used to be at 11.30 and nw its been delayed by another half an hour. This has becm a lot inconvenient. I hereby request to the makers to give more appropriate show timings. Please!

    1. Agree, more convenient repeat telecast


    I think soon Roopa truth will be out and might be all this is planning of dhuradhara and chandra to find what actually happening with nandini.. but I hope they do not drag it tooooo much

  10. Wat non sense is showing in d serial
    everything is going in a -ve way

  11. indera sanichara

    Writers why don’t you kill everyone out and you and Roopa act in it. What an insane plot. Why do these actors do these insane roles, I am speachless full of crap.

  12. How Acharya Chanakya will face Nanda alone and save his daughter may be next track.
    Chandra is struggling with his life and Acharya is also not in palace how the problem will solve, is interesting to watch.

  13. Will Chandra expose Roopa

  14. OMG…… howlong, they r dragging this roopa story… Its really too much, now a days i didn’t feel this as historic fiction, its like a common one…. Very sad yaar

  15. Patience friends. Everything happens for the good. There are positive and negative roles in a story. No story will be good without negative characters. We will wait for only positive things to happen very soon, after all these confusions.

    1. Totally agree

  16. Yeah……sree is right.hope the dramas will end soon…….

  17. So curious to know about the next episode.. ChandraNandini is the best serial ever after Mahabharat.

    1. Like.

  18. Always nandini in trouble.

  19. Pranil mungekar

    Feeling sad for chandra. ????????????.now it is becoming more and more dangerous for chandra and nandini ‘s relation . ????Dadi was also present over there what would she think ? What if c haaya dies ? If you want answers then some check spoilers or tell me what to search to get spoilers I will tell you. Felling bad for chandra. ????

  20. Liked Chandra Nandini’s plan ……..
    Nice episode ?????
    Loved it……????
    Love you”Chandra Nandini”??
    and Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update…..??

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