Chandra Nandni 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chaya walks to her room in tears,looks at her decorated bed and then says sorry Satyajit I did this for our baby,maliketu walks in,Chaya goes and sits on the bed,maliketu goes to Chaya, Chaya says I actually, maliketu says I know you lost your love if you need some time I understand,Chaya says you are my husband so then,maliketu says don’t worry about others,take care of our baby and take some rest and don’t be scared of me,I won’t take advantage of you, we will proceed only when you will be ready and walks away,maliketu says foolish girl doesn’t know I have no interest in her but in her wealth.

Nandini looks at dhans Rakhi and is missing him,Chandra passing by hears Nandini mourn in pain,and thinks why is she crying now and walk to her and says stop crying why don’t

you understand what is bothering you now,Nandini says right I shouldn’t cry I should be happy, you are king here come sit maharaj,tell me how can I help you, do you need dinner, should I massage you, you did great job must be hungry should I get you some sweets,Chandra says stop it,Chandra says I came to you because you are in pain and missing your brother,everyone has his time and according to you they are innocent but by crying and troubling yourself this won’t help you and I can’t see you cry, Nandini says I won’t cry tell me how can I help you,you brought maliketu and Chaya tighter great job what now,Chandra says what’s wrong with you.

Nandini says you are great King right but remember my brothers and my father were innocent for me and you are the culprit and won’t be forgiven,Chandra walks away. Chandra says acharya what now,Chanakya says NAND ran again,he is helpless but he has Amartya,Chandra says but we have Nandini,dasi walks in and shares some secrete information with Chandra and he rushes in panic.

Durdhara is unwell and Vaidya examining her,mora asks why did she go unconscious,Vaidya says congratulations durdhara is pregnant,all get very happy,dadi and mora bless durdhara and hug her,Chandra goes in tears,mora says go distribute distributes,and today all food will cooked as per durdharas taste,and be careful now,durdhara walks to Chandra and wipes his tears and says say something,Chandra hugs her.

Helina on hearing the news says what are you saying and asks dasi to leave and walks to durdharas room and sees Chandra hugging her and thinks this is not possible,I will give Chandra first son and no one else I will not let this child be born.durdhara says Chandra I have to give this news to someone who will be very happy and leaves and goes to Nandini and tells her the news,she gets very happy,durdhara says I knew you will be very happy,but I need your help and I want my Baby to have to mothers and promise me you will also look after my child as your own baby,Nandini says promise,durdhara gets very happy and Nandini sees Chandra looking at them in surprise.

Chandra walks to durdhara and Nandini,durdhara says see Nandini is the special one to me and she is my best friend and now I will go see others,Chandra says I will come with you. Durdhara says no no and leaves. Chandra takes nandinis all books and gives it to her, and says you must be thinking why is this, actually takshila is having a big examination and you can apply for it from magad and this will be good opportunity for you and this will be a proud moment for us and you are not a dasi to me and so focus on your eduction and that will also give you a chance to think that am I really your culprit, Nandini says today you are the happiest man on earth and hope you learn what a father is and hipe your baby never has to go through what I went through.

Nandini in her room,sees maliketu in front of her,and says what are you doing here ,maliketu laughs and says I thought you needed me anyways I don’t like Chaya,I can’t stand her,Nandini says you married her then,maliketu says but I love you and goes close to Nandini,Nandini pushes him away and says how dare you,maliketu says from the day I saw you I’m in love with you and we have common enemy and its Chandragupta mourya and soon your fathers wish will be fulfilled I will kill Chandra and his baby too and then I will be King and you will be my queen and you know me as much I love you,Nandini pushes him away and runs,maliketu says see what comes next Nandini this is just the beginning.

Precap: Nandini tells about maliketu to Chandra,Chandra drags Nandini close to him and says the way you told me the truth about maliketu looks like you are in love with me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Wow!?☺ next episode will be interesting…..but malayketu is the only problem….?

  2. Mona146

    Im afraid that durdhara’s death will be shown as the result of helena’s doings. how can acharya believe on malaykethu. Chaya’s life is ruined just like in Akbars sister in Jodhaakbar. Malaikethu is pursuing Both helena and nandini and no one knows that in the palace. Suspicious.

  3. Wow!☺ next episode will be interesting…..but malayketu is the only problem….?

  4. loved the precape

  5. Nice episode.eagerly waiting for tomarrow

  6. Wow…can’t wait until Monday

  7. Excellent episode.

  8. Story going interesting. Chandra guessing is right of closeness of Nandini so he should confirm the plot of Malayketu with the help of Nandini.

  9. Todays epi was too too good . The reaction on Chandra’s face when he knew the good news was so cute . Omg , by durdaras words it is clear that she will be killed or she will . This is too bad ?. All the scenes r on Helena – Chandra or nandini – Chandra . No scenes of durdara- Chandra at all . Very sad . Hope they more chandara (chandra-durdara) scenes

  10. Superb and satisfying episode! Good to see chandra getting softer on nandini and their chemistry. Cant wait until monday for another awesome epi !!

  11. Nice episode. I’m waiting for Monday. Hope you guys all waiting like me . I’m Eagerly waiting for it…….. ? . Super pair…… Chandra & nandini

    1. me too….

  12. Dhurdhara would be die giving birth to bindusara as per to the real history as in real history also dhurdhara would die just 7 days before her delivery date but the child would be saved by chanakya

    Here you can read the whole thing about the dhurdhara’s death or we can say Bindusara’s birth

  14. Dhurdhara is loveee ??

    1. Yes she is lovely and cute ? and very good by heart

  15. Hi Tanaya.. great written update.. a humble request, pls add in dialogue translations too.. thank u.. Chaya life is ruined… precap is very interesting n can’t wait for Monday…

  16. Iin Indriyani

    Wooow thank you very much…

    You request yesterday..

    I really happy,

    One more time thanks somuch My friend Tanaya ?

  17. Iin Indriyani

    I am very happy to read this writen episode. And I get easy to translate this to be indonesian language.

    Thankss very much Tanaya, you’re the best for Indonesian Chandra Nandni lovers.

  18. itz like m watching jodha akbar again….but jhoda akbar was far better then this serial ….ekta fully copied her old serial…..but this serial can’t match jodha akbar…m watching this serial because of rajat’s fan ……

    1. history can’t be copied idiot…!!!!

  19. I really waiting for Monday i want to see chemistry in between title holder means Nandini & Chandra.

  20. Priyashree Chakraborty

    My God, Rajat is such an accomplished actor !!! The way he has reacted to the news of Durdhara’s pregnancy it seems as if he has learnt the news of his actual fatherhood in reality. Such an awesome and natural expression. Loved the episode and of course his acting… Great going !!!

  21. Waiting for monday eagerly…..LOVED <3 the precap….
    Lots of Love to Rajat and Shweta….Love u guys

  22. Helena and malaikethu will join together to revenge nandini and separate her from chandra. But malaikethu will try to pursue both de queens helena and chandra. Durdhara is very pretty character and I feel bad for her death in this drama. Helena and malaikethu will kill her….Nandini will no de truth but chandra wont believe her

  23. So dhurdhara will die and nandini will raise bindusara . But hope they show more scenes of dhurdhara and Chandra because she will die soon . Actually in Chandra nandini both Helena and even nandini r not good . Helena is always plotting against others and nandini is ready to take revenge on Chandra though she is good by heart . Dhurdhara is the only one who likes Chandra really .

    1. Jayani

      Dat’s r8 (mostly)… Since I came 2 know dat dd will die soon, I feel so bad for her… I guess helena will put poison in dd food nd she’ll die?.

    2. nonsense!!!!!???????

      1. Preethi12345

        hi subham my name is preethi
        Why r u calling everyone an idiot
        what is wrong with u?
        u have no rights to call me an idiot!!!
        nobody gave u permission for that
        and varshini akka was just expressing her thoughts and even jayani
        and the other members and whatever they have typed is right
        that is the ACTUAL HISTORY
        i think you didnt understand history very well
        so for the lack of knowledge abt history plz dont call me and the other members bad names
        since u have no rights

  24. i think malayketu will put poison in durdhara s food because malaykeytu wanted to kill chandra and his successor together.
    or prob malay and helena planed together to kill chandra s successor

    1. Jayani

      Dat may also happen di but d final result will not b good for both sides (? nd helena/malayketu) bcoz dd would hav died nd his successor will not hav died

      1. Preethi12345

        yah that is also true jayani anyway in the end dd will die
        god !! chandra is going to miss her like anything
        i am just saying tht what if chandra thinks that nandini had put poison in her food because he must have thought that since nandini is his enemy s daughter so she wants to kill chandra s successor and wants her father to take over magadh

        plz dont take this comment in a wrong way guys
        this is just a doubt!!!

      2. Jayani

        I don’t think so akka coz ? knows d relation between dd nd nandini nd most of all dd has taken a vachan saying dat if anything happens 2 her den nandini shud take care of her child so he won’t hav a shak on nandini… (I guess?) Or maybe u r r8… He may also think lyk d way u thought?… V better wait nd not make up stories or asumptions?.

        Jai Siya Ram

  25. *planned

  26. History can’t be copied idiot

    1. NABANITA626

      Who are you dear to tell anyone nonsense or idiot?
      This comment box is just for telling your opinion,I am also a chandra nandini fan,but you are so obsecced with this serial,that you are not able to hear some negative comments or opinion…………
      And what history?nandini and durdhara are same people ok…………?
      According to nanda lineage durdhara is daughter of dhananand/padmanand and later she is married with cgm……..and she is the mother of cgm one and only son bindusar……..
      And cgm never had 3 wives in his whole life…….after nandini/durdhara death many years later he married helena….he married helena 2 years before of his death………
      And I am sure that you were not the viewer of jodha akbar…….if so,then you surely can get many similarities……………………..
      And one request please,think once before you say anything to anyone……..

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