Chandra Nandni 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avantika says Nandini nand isn’t doing this because he loves you but is using you for magad thrown,Nandini says ma please I can’t here anything against pitahamaharaj,Avantika says Nandini Chandra is a good man in all sense, even after knowing we are his enemies we are safe here,his acharya is his everything, even after you being his enemy you are ruling queen here and now focus on your married life and not on political issues.

Chandra feels bad about Missbehaving with Nandini. Avantika says Nandini I’m you mother and want you to be happy in your married life and my experience says Chandra is right person for you ,think on it an leaves,Nandini says ma is right I should think as wife first,Chandra is good man I should talk to him.chandra says I should say sorry to Nandini,

Nandini says I should say sorry to Chandra. Sunanda asks Roopa what did you tell Chaya will she keep this secrete, Roopa says Chaya will be quite for ever now,Sunanda says what do you mean, Roopa says Chaya wasn’t listening to me and so I pushed her from stairs and she is dead lying there,Sunanda says stupid I shouldn’t have asked you to go and now if Chaya is alive and tells about our truth oh no,get up let’s go.

Chandra and Nandini walking to meet each other and thinking about the time spent during Pooja,both dash each other,Chandra says Nandini I was coming to see you,Nandini says me first,Chandra says no I will,Nandini says no,Chandra says ok let’s say together, both say sorry ,Nandini says this letter is for pitahamaharaj and I have requested him to leave Bharti,Chandra says I shouldn’t have mis behaved with you,Nandini says I should have stood with you and I’m so worried for Bharti,Chandra asks why is it,Nandini asks meaning,dasi informs them Chaya is lying unconscious.

Chandra and Nandini go to Chaya and see her all covered in blood, Sunanda and Roopa hide,Sunanda says Roopa you go back to your room. Chaya talks in unconscious Chandra no Nandini,dadi and mora see Chaya, dadi goes sick,Nandini helps her,dadi says my granddaughter poor girl how many hardships she has to go through,mora says oh god is pain only written in her fate,Helina says how did this happen,Nandini says may be she slipped,maliketu walks in and says Chaya how did this happen,Vaidya says everyone please leave us alone baby and mother are in serious state.

Sunanda sees Chaya and says oh no she is alive and if she tells the truth it’s not good for us, I should tell Roopa about it. Sunanda says Roopa Chaya is alive and now Chandra will sentence us to death, Roopa smoking and says how is this possible,Sunanda says yes and she is being treated and we should run away now,Roopa says no one will leave castle and my Chandra,Sunanda says enough Roopa,Roopa say is tried hard to kill her but,Helina mother asks who are you talking about,Sunanda says about Nandini because nand has kidnapped Bharti Chanakyas daughter and so Roopa is angry,Helina says I was just here to confirm is Roopa still with us,Roopa says yes I am,Helina mother leaves,Sunanda says I request you please stay here until I ask you to come out.

Chaya is being treated, Vaidya says maharaj I’m sorry we couldn’t save the baby and mother is serious too she has gone in state of unconsciousness,Chandra says i beg you please save my sister,Vaidya says I’m trying my best, maliketu says oh no no my baby and my Chaya too,why god why.

Durdhara in closed room scared says Chayas baby is dead oh no, I will not let my baby happen anything,I will take care of you my child don’t worry. Chandra walks to his room upset and remembers Chaya saying I’m so proud to have you has my brother,Nandini sees Chandra upset and sits beside him and says Chandra don’t loose hope,Chandra says I’m magad king has thrown, good expensive clothes but how they help me see I couldn’t help my sister how helpless I am,a kings responsibility is to take care of his family and people and I could save my sisters baby and she is lying there in mouth of death , I will give any thing to get her happiness back any war anything but what can I do nothing I’m so helpless king, I don’t want to be such king.

Nandini hugs Chandra, and says cry your pain out Chandra you are a human too before a king, you are brother look at me it’s a brothers feelings and not Kings and cry this pain out or else this pain will burn you out, Chandra hugs Nandini and cries in pain and says Nandini I don’t want to loose Chaya,Nandini is in tears too. Chandra says Nandini you go near Chaya she needs you,Nandini sees Chandras tears in her hand and thinks this is the proof that you are a man with feelings and a heart too Chandra and leaves,chandra thinks I cried today what is this happening to me is this that I have feelings and a heart too.

Pre cap : Durdhara hiding behind mora and says Chandra Nandini tried killing Chaya and will kill my baby too and this in her hand is not medicine but poison to kill Chaya, Chandra says why are you all so suspicious about Nandini, I trust her and drinks the poison,Roopa hiding dressed as dasi is shocked,Chandra says I know it’s not poison and soon his mouth starts bleeding.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Chaya the only witness that can prove about Nandini s innocence is struggling her life. Roopa s plot to kill Chaya has not only made the life of Maharaj in danger but also made Nandini a conspirator.
    Nandini will have to pay for that.

  2. This is sooooo saaaddd :((((( can some one tell me is durdhara’s baby is chandra’s or not? I missed the 1st part of the show 🙁

    1. Durdhara is the second wife of Chandra. In previous episode it was shown that the newly married couple spent some nights just after marriage for heir, Acharya also advised Chandra to go for physical relation with her Indian wife.
      As per History Durdhara’s son Bimbisar will be the future king of Maurya dynasty.

    2. Ofcourse it is chandra gupta mourya’s

  3. Yes its chandra’s baby

  4. Yes its chandra’s baby

  5. yes it is chandra’s baby

  6. @aish durdhara is pregnant with chandra’s child..

  7. Thanks for written update. HOPE THIS LAST section of atrocities inflicted by rupa on innocent hapless NANDINI. LET CHANDRA rise from ashes and BE SAMRAT CHANDRA GUPTA MOURYA. RAJAT TOKAS AND SHWETA CHANDRA NANDINI ROCKS

  8. Really these things happened in history, first I didn’t see Nandini name as Chandragupt Maurya’s wife only 2 Helena and Durdhara are showing so no idea how all these fictitious characters Roopa and all other things are coming, this looks typical Ekta Kapoor drama, it looks king is every time home and around women. This drama should be named something else instead of ChandraNandini it should be something which starts with K, Kitni biwi meri.

  9. Is nanthini has an children

    1. As per History Bimbisar is the only child of Chandra and Durdhara. In one episode Durdhara took promise form Nandini that if some mishap occurs she will take care of her child, possibly Nandini will keep her promise and not go for her baby despite lovely relation with her husband.

  10. Feeling bad for CHAYA?
    Without any fault now NANDINI hav to pay
    wish CHAYA regain her concious n reveal all d truth

    Felt bad when CHANDRA cried ?

  11. Hei anybody tell is nandhini has an children


    Uffffff yeh kya ho rraha hai… itna emotional episode and itna emotional precap…
    I hope Roopa truth come out soon..

  13. Oh god save Nandini …. feeling vry bad fr nandini.. precap ?????

  14. pavan.n.holker

    are yar hw could u tell dat chanakya was married i.e., he was bhramachari men

  15. If Nandini will get death penalty, what will happen to Roopa? Will she commit sucide due to not getting Chandra. Is this Chandra plan to bring out the real culprit. Will Helena her mother and Sunanda s truth come out…all are questions.

  16. There is no such story in history so its all bogus and boring to watch it. Please change the concept.

  17. Har roz tension badtha jaraha hain…bahut hogaya hein..abto kuch toofani hona chahiye. Pata nahin is roopa ki asli roop kab dikhega saare logon….bahut kar chuki hein ye roopa. Abto iska sab kuch band honi chahiye.

  18. Bakwas serial.the worst I have ever watched.For God sake it would end soon.Hate all the characters except durdara and chanakya.R the writers are trying to figure out Chandra Gupta mouriyar is stupid and brainless and Nandini is multitalented.but I don’t even heard a nandhini’s name in mouriyar’s dynasty.hate Nandini to the core.Just go to hell.

  19. I’m sorry to say Arun vaiya that Chandragupta maurya’s son was Bindusar. Bimvisar was the son of king Ajatshatru.He killed his father to capture the throne .

    1. yes u r right but bindusara was the son of chandragupta maurya and bhimsara’s son’s name was ajatshatru . he captured his father bhimbisara and bindhusara’s son was the great ashoka

  20. Who is Nandini ?she is nothing in history . they only know how to spoil history . Chandragupta was a good king and married helena in his forty years .

    1. yes chandragupta maurya had only on wife that is dhurdhara and loved her dearly , after dhurdara died also he did not marry anybody and only some years before his death he married helena and died within five years

    2. Do u people think that Great director Ekta Kapoor is mad????
      …..listen, if u idiotic people don’t like to watch it…then, y u people r spoiling the mind of us, the fans????
      Get out of here…and go to sleep!!!??????

      and REMEMBER, that’s why u people are audiences and she’s a director who is appreciated by lacs of Indians….

  21. Friends, we should accept chandra nandini only as a fictitious serial which has nothing to do with history. It should be viewed only as a romance/drama serial, who is willing to. The great samrat chandra gupta maurya was a very intelligent king who extended his empire vastly, but Ekta’s chandra gupta maurya is brainless & stupid 🙂 :). We should accept as is

    1. U know, that’s her credit that she is a Director and u, an illogical public, despite criticizing her, watching her show!!!…. That’s y, she’s great ??????

      1. Subham I agree that Ekta is a good director and am not against her. What I want to explain is that this is not history its only fiction which we have to accept and watch. Don’t over react plss………….

  22. why durdhara behaviour is so scared? hope she seen nandini(roopa) through chaya on stairs.

  23. Nice episode…nicely re-written the history….????????Loved it….????….
    Long live “Chandra Nandini”!!!!
    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the update ?????

  24. It seems durdhara might have seen Rupa pushing chaya she scared and suspicious on nandhini

  25. Thank you Varshini didi to correct my error . u are right .

  26. Pranil mungekar

    Durdhara son is bindusara. I cried a lot when chandra drank the poison soneone help chaya to tell him .God please don’t kill chandra . Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please ????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. Pranil mungekar

    Someone read spoilers and tell .??????????????????????????????????????????????

  28. Nice episode ?????
    Loved it……????
    Love you”Chandra Nandini”??
    and Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update…..??

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