Chandra Nandni 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini says how dare u enter my room n attacks him but Chandra holds her mouth n pulls her close to him,padmanand is informed abt it,Chandra says bcoz of u I was sent jail n now u will help me out,padmanand says dare u hurt her, Chandra says not a step ahead or else I will kill her,Chandra says get me a horse,n drags Nandini along with him n takes her with him on horse,Chandra threatens everyone that he will kill Nandini, Chandra is hit by an arrow but still he manages to escape,Nandini pushes him n both fall of the horse.

Chandra walks to her in anger n removes her dupatta, Nandini slaps him,n then sees there was an lizard on her dupatta, Chandra holds her mouth,padmanand says go find my daughter or else I will kill everyone here,Avantika says he took my daughter away n u just kept watching,padmanand

says I will punish him,Avantika says this is ur karma which is behind my daughter,karma has given me back what I have done to my husband, n now my Nandini has to face ur karma,mora helped him run away n he took ur daughter away now tell me how will u save my daughter, u surely must have trotured his family n so he is taking revenge n my daughter has to face every hardship n this is all bcoz of u.

Nandini bites Chandras hand, Chandra pushes her n climbs on a tree,Nandini thinks what’s is he upto,Chandra sees soldiers coming n attacks them from top of tree, Nandini is stunned at his move,Chandra ties all soldiers together n gives a cold look to Nandini n sits on his horse n leaves.

Padmanand to mora bcoz of u my daughter is away from u,mora says sad u are in pain but why so painful for ur daughter or the fact that a mere boy hurt ur ego n took ur daughter away form u in front of whole magad, u must be in pain right just try n feel the pain the fathers might have faced when u took away their daughters for ur enjoyment, n now ur scared that boy shdnt repeat history n cut ur head as u did with sishupala, now don’t waste time go find ur daughter,padmanand says I will kill u if my daughter is hurt,mora says u will kill me, that will never happen, I will see every tears of urs with my eyes n before seeing that I won’t die nand.

Soldier informs padmanand that Nandini is back in castle,padmanand leaves mora n gives the soldier all his gold n runs to Nandini n hugs her,Nandini says I’m fine, no one dare touch me,padmanand says for a moment I thought I lost u, Nandini says see I was just few minutes away n u are so restless n u asking me to get married n leave u.

Bharat ma- while Nandini returned to her kingdom n Chandra left magad , he was unaware of the storm in form of maharaj Bajis attack on Takshashila.

In takshila all students are tortured by King n asks Chanakya to join hands with Sikander but acharya Denise’s to do so.

Parvatak tells Chanakya that Chandra stole his invitation n went magad ,Chandra walks in n acharya asks why did u go there Chandra n without my permission n starts aspiring Chandra n Chandra counts every slap,Chanakya says Parvatak leave the ashram right away bcoz u insulted first rule of ashram n that is not to keep an eye on ur mates so leave,Parvatak says I’m leaving but surely return for revenge.

Chandra says here is the map acharya,Chanakya smiles.gautami gives Nandini laddu n says eat it u feel better, Gautami asks did he do anything to u in forest,Nandini sees her brother n signs him n says bhabhi I killed him n now his soul is here in our castle,brother blows off the lights,Nandini says n the soul reaches the one who eats lot of sweets,n needs their blood,Gautami gets very scared,n says u killed him so why me,Nandini says u have more blood so,Gautami says I will have to go to my room n runs away.nandini says just keep in mind don’t turn behind while u walk.

Chandra explains the whole map to Chanakya,Chanakya says Amartya is very smart n he must have changed all the security arrangements.chanakya burns the Map n says now it’s in our mind n that’s enough for us.

Precap: padmanand says Nandini u are my post precious Possession.
Chanakya says Chandra go find out what is precious to padmanand n then we will attack on that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Niharikamalhotra

    @Tanaya mam…fabulous… Thank a lot..
    Well coming to episode, it was brilliant… From the storyline’s point of view…
    N tuning just stole my heart..
    Well, m glad to see moora Ji back…n khalataka is looking good as chanakya baba…
    N wow,adham u r na”joker”..only throne….no knowledge!!!
    N gautami????…m speechless..
    But the stars of the epi were moora n avantika..what a reply ladies…bravo…
    N the way bharat mata speaks,ooommmyygood..seems like a real story…(is it???)
    Well,coming to kidnapping, waah waah kya baat Hai
    ????…n that fight ooh…ha ha slappp…I was uttering, “r u guys boxers”
    Overall,a fully packed fantastic epi…
    I m waiting for its title track…. Don’t know, is it or not!!!
    Well,#rajatrocks….excellent sir,hattsoff..for yr performance…
    Sorry for long cmmt,

    1. U have a awesome dp

      1. Niharikamalhotra

        Ooo.thank uuu…hey yr one is also just bestm best…?

  2. Awesome episode very interesting hi guys my name is Trisha . Pls include me in your family . I have two accounts .

  3. Thanx 4 early updated….wow..?.kidnapping then slapping ?this is really very amazing. ….Avantika & Moora ….u r both just awesome 4 ur dialogues?
    Precap is ???❤??

  4. This is EPIC
    HI CAS friends

  5. Prettypreeti

    Good one.
    Di u write marvellous.
    Thank u.
    The update was cool.
    Loved the epi.
    Funny and fantastic.

  6. Awesome episode . Eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes . I think the person who plays the role of chanakyais trying to give life to that character . Though we have seen him as khalatak in cas we r Able to imagine him as Chanakya . Can I join u all ?

  7. Show is getting interesting day by day… episode is fab ….

  8. Awesome episode… The kidnapping scene was cool… Totay both Avantika & Moors hurted Nand’s ego.

  9. This serial brought the long awaited freshness and charm, which we were missing in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat due to the bullshit scripts and storyline there.

    I’m still feeling quite hard to accept that moron Khallatak’s face as Chanakya here. 😀 😛

    The episode and story seems very exciting so far but I just feel, that the way Nandini reacted when Chandra removed her dupatta wasn’t good enough ………..when she is being shown as a warrior, she isn’t supposed to act an abla nari there. I’m not trying to be a pervert but just that a warrior shouldn’t be ashamed of her body, she should rather have the guts to carry that. I just hope the director keeps this in mind, if he sees this comment or a similar comment anywhere whatsoever.

  10. Thank you guys for explaining me about durdhara.. and again fabulous epi.. loved the epi.. all of the characters nailed it..

  11. The episode was wonderful.The way both were fighting.There was love hidden in their fight soon it will come out.And coming to the precap it was ? ? ? .This is the best history serial I have ever seen.?

  12. Where is Edward he is the first person who used to comment.???

  13. EDWARD

    Asum episod, i loved it egarly waiting for the next episode

  14. Mona146

    Guys dont you think graphics sucks and every time they fight stunts abnormally in air. I feel even rajats performance is over serious than determined in comparison with Jodha akbar and pruthvi raj chouhan. I never like swetha basu. They could have paridhi but she is pregnant.
    Somehow i cannot accept khallatak.

  15. NABANITA626

    Thank you tanaya mam

    1. Your d.p is simply superb….but who is the lady in the d.p

  16. Asmithaa


  17. Tiyasa

    Hi CAS friends… r u all ????
    Hope u r fine……
    Missing POOJA di’s writings…..

    1. Hi tiyasa hii how r you hope you r fine and really missing pooja di writing

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