Chandra Nandni 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini is hit on her calf by arrow,she thinks please help m god,give me strength to keep moving,Chandra fighting with maneaters,and fights them all and says this proves someone is being informed and is behind Nandini and doesn’t want her to complete the pooja but no one can be hurdle in her way as long as I’m ketch her,Chandra runs to Nandini and says you are injured,this is not good,wait let me get it out,it could be poisonous too,Nandini says Chandra you know it this pooja has to be completed and so I can’t stop and you can’t take this arrow off,my leg will start bleeding and I won’t be able to walk,ma has trusted me,Chandra says but your wind is deep,Nandini says I’m a women and I can bare any pain,this is nothing.

Rajmata says Malti did you wakeup,your

sister Nandini gave you responsibility of binudsara but you look what happened,if you weren’t capable you should have told me,how did this happen answer me,when you were guarded,Helina whispers ma who else other than us if behind Nandini and bindusara,Apma says even I want to know but right now this was helpful indeed.mora says answer me where is my grandson,Chanakya walks in and says he is safe,and walks in with bindusara,Mira in tears picks him up and hugs him,mora asks who took him away,I become so restless when he isn’t around me,what would I answer if he would have bee in kidnapped,Chanakya says he was with me and Malti helped me for security purpose this was all a act,he was already taken to safe place before enemy attacks.

Mora says but who is it behind my grandson,who is in mahal,Chanakya says it’s Royal family and there are endless enemy,and it’s a kings duty to keep us safe but this time the truth is it’s from some one inside the mahal,and soon I will get him, it’s my promise to our future king binudsara,allow me and leaves,pandugan says Chanakya is so smart.

Chandra helps Nandini reach the river,Chandra says see don’t go in it’s too forceful,Nandini says I need to get in it’s as per procedure and I will follow it and god will help me and protect me don’t worry,Nandini with injured feet get inside the water,Chandra thinks you are so stubborn now I have to make sure you are fine,Chandra ties a branch on his waist,and throws the other end over Nandini and fastens it and says this isn’t any prank,I need you and my love will keep pulling you near me,Nandini smiles and says sure maharaj now hold it tight.

Nandini performs the rituals and takes a dip inside,she is pulled inside,Chandra thinks she is taking too long inside and starts pulling the branch and sees it comes out without Nandini and jumps inside. Apma says Helina we have made so many attempts but someone always helps her but this time god will help us,let’s see who helps her in that forest,now she won’t enter Chandras life nor this mahal?

Guards enter Helinas room,she says how dare you enter without permission,guard says sorry maharani Acharya has ordered to check every room,Helina says this is my mothers room,Apma says let them follow the orders calm down,guards start doing their duty,pandugans room is being inspected,he starts acting and say ago away don’t touch my toys,go away I will call Chandra,Nandini will punish you,Madhav walks in and says bhaiya calm down these guards aren’t here to harm you or take away your toys,they are just following orders of acharya and Madhav leaves,pandugan says I have to control my anger.

Malayketu and chayas room being inspected,Chaya says still they don’t trust you,when I told Acharya that you were with me all the time,still this,Malayketu says Chaya calm down,if Acharya wants it,there must be some reason,Its my past record which makes them think this way and it’s all for bindusara,don’t worry,Chaya says you are so good,of you say so this means you are right.

Chandra sees Nandini stuck inside,he gets off the stones and pulls her out with the Kalash in her hand and gets her in the shore,Chandra dresses her wound,Chandra says this will stop bleeding and thinks how can I explain you the way I feel when I see you in danger,Nandini says Chandra we need to reach mahal before sunset,Chandra helps Nandini stand and both get very close to each other. Apma mora and Helina together,dasi says rajmata maharani Nandini and maharaj are here after the Kalash pooja and maharani has got the gangajal and now Helina and Apma surprised to hear Chandra is here with Nandini,apma says rajmata you have to perform Aarti of Nandini,when you wanted Helina but king Chandra wanted Nandini and now whose father killed your husband you have to let her due this sacred pooja,strange.mora leaves angry.

Apma says Helina we failed in one attempt but not this one,Nandini and mora are burning and soon Chandra will burn completely in that fire Helina smiles. Panditji calls Nandini and Chandra to perform shivlings Abhishek with gangajal,Helina very angry to see Chandra holding nandinis hand,rajmata upset too,Helina whispers ma look the result if I had accepted the letter it would be near Chandra,why do I listen to you,Apma says soon you will see what my game plots result was. Panditji says rajmata please come forward for the Aarti,mora has Nandini saying let’s give Chaya her own state with Malayketu,Panditji says this pooja won’t be completed without this Aarti,Chandra says ma please step forward,a big plate is placed and Nandini steps on it,mora washes Nandinis feet,she sees Nand killing her husband episode playing in it,Helina very angry.mora performs the Aarti,Nandini says ma thank you for trusting me,this is your trust that gave me strength to complete this pooja,I hope you are happy.

Mora says I had chosen Helina but you stepped in, you could complete this pooja just because Chandra protected you or else you would never.

Pre cap : mora slaps pandugan,Nandini sees this.
Apma says Helina this game is getting more and more interesting,Mora hates pandugath,Chanakya wants him to be killed,
Chandra says Nandini as promised I will protect pandugan.
In Sabha Chandra says acharya you have to kill me before killing pandugan.
Mora says Nandini if you want us to leave this mahal,it will happen as you wish don’t worry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nandini safely completed puja but couldn’t win the heart of Moora. Moora has become the puppet of Apama, she is hating Nandini day by day. Thanks to Chanakya that his plan saved Bindusar and Malti couldn’t blamed. Looking precap seems that Pandugarti’s secret is revealed. All are against Pandugarti only Chandra wants to spare him another big blow on Nandini next week.

  2. Saw the new promo where moora is held captive

    1. Link please

    2. Thanks

  3. It was nice and know it’s clear that Apama is planning very big a revenge type, like I said in the previous comment, that this evil lady is up to something even Helena is unaware off. The stage is set for pandu to be exposed,now chandra is adamant to protect pandu from chanakya, there might be some argument between chanakya and Chandra regarding pandu seeing the situation pandu might try to kill bindusar which nandini might witness true color of her brother that he is just pretending to be mad she might catch him red-handed and might kill him too. And what a nose cut for both Greek fools it was worth to watch now all I can say to the two evil ladies ” it’s
    just the beginning” form hear after they have to face more nose cuts. One thing I want to say is in this historical show the writers are given lot of important to negative characters

    Chandra nandini is a beautiful love story how much were those two evils try to create trouble for them both chandra and nandini will emerge victorious and stronger because they love each other unconditionally it shows how both take care of each other during ups and downs.

    It was a treat to watch Helena burning in jealous when chandra and nandini were performing the rituals together very close so this was not liked by evil no two, lot of smoke was oozing out of Helena

  4. Please I don’t want to see that apama again.. writers listen to us..
    Really irritating. I can’t able to tolerate her even a second.
    Love the scenes of cn. Rajat is so cute as loving husband..
    Also change story line like naamkaran did. Cn is my favorite serial, can’t see it in low trp.
    Apama ko nikalo please please..
    Also now moora irritates me a lot. When nandini was culprit for DD murderer case, moora taunt nandini in everything that time she had pain cuz of DD, now she is listening to apama n follow her that is fair..
    Weak story line..
    Since we don’t want cn separation track they involved moora nandini track..
    Cn is my favorite. Please writers do something n firstly remove this apama, it is including negativity for users…

  5. I want to see it on first. U have great actors n concept. U can mold it easily. Other than ghar ghar ki kahani.. you can show how nandini helped Chandra to become great King by taking some issues. Fights, war please writers..
    Already cuz of no SBS segments n spoilers n promotion, cn is less popular. SBS segments are important

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I have seen the trp ratings. I think U shouldn’t watch this trp ratings and should enjoy the recent track of Chandra Nandini. Because the serials which are in top now like Kumkum vagya, saathiya, yeh hain mohabatein have no story line. But look the serials which have Good story line like Aarambh, Behyaad not got good trp ratings. I am shocked to know about the trp ratings of Aarambh, it is well written by Bahubali writers but got too low trp ratings only 0.5 , But the spin off of Kumkum vagya , Kundali vagya got high trp ratings and placed in 4th place. So only the storyline of Chandra Nandini is not responsible for low ratings. I think the Star plus launced too many shows so they couldn’t promote well these shows. We rarely see any promo of Chandra Nandini, but in Zee tv, Colors the promo of their shows regularly shown. Star plus should learn from them how to promote historical shows Chandra Nandini, Aarambh.

      1. tqs fr news sathya….

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Another thing u said well about that SBS segments. SBS is treating Rajat as their enemy. They even didn’t mention about Rajat’s birthday and wished him. Another thing is Media is banned by Balaji Production in their serials set. That’s why we don’t see any segment of Chandra Nandini there.

  6. Behi

    Saw the precap in which mora is been arrested. I think all Mora drama is a plan of Mora and Chanakya to catch Apama. All misbehavior and bitter words of Mora is simila

    1. Behi

      By precap I mean promo?

  7. Behi

    Is similar to Chandra’s behavior in VK’s track, and also I remember that Mora was against Malay at first when Helena was trying to seduce Mora and Mora had thinking face on that scene. Such sudden change of behavior of Mora is so illogical except that she is planning a plot. Mora was the one who stayed beside Nandini in her Father’s funeral, she called N his daughter and she was helping Chandra to catch Nandini’s heart. All this drama is a plan, the writers always do that, they write blood boiling dialogues and bitter words and bad behaving then all of a sudden they show a heroic twist just like what Chandra did at VK’s drama.

    1. ya rt…me too thkg same….

    2. Behi, even I`m starting to think that this is a plot by Chanakya and Mora……Mora`s behavior is illogical and ridiculous….Now, Mora knows that Hell and Apama are working together…, when the truth comes out…. Apama will be caught and punished……Hell will loose the mukya maharani title, which she doesn`t deserve in the first place…..As you said, Chandra also behaved badly with Nandini and used some unbearable/cruel words to her, which made us all very angry with him…This also looks like a plot to me. Now, all of a sudden she hates her for her father`s action that too after C punished him by killing him….not believable to me even though Mora is unpredictable…..

      1. cn behaved rudely bec he didnt beleived nandu due to dds murder sooo …but here diffrt why she s using unbearable words lke u r nly stepmothr to bindu… … …lke vk track makers wil not justify anythg just thy wil show any flashback scenes tat we canot understand wen it happen nd we have to believe wat thy show…..

  8. Moora is not stupid she is really bad her heart is fille by poison only love chandini part

  9. THANKS for written update. MOORA is not becoming stupid but villainous also hope it’s some hidden plan of Cv as suggested by the others but moora didn’t look that much intellectual to hatch plan. SHE IS NOT CGM. RAJAT as CGM and much loving husband is fab RT looks very handsome and YOUNG almost CUTE. Hope show comes around.LOVE you RAJAT TOKAS AND CHANDRA NANDINI

  10. cn was so cute ,lookg young thn before….nice treat to see helu burning in jealous but stupid helena their romance went to nxt level u gettg angry fr silly touch soo pity helu……moora u r acting r real u r not tat much imtelligent to trap apu, frm starting onwards u believe wat u see nd hear u never used ur brain but suddenly u changed to a brainy person r again brainless…..anyhave seeing promo is very nice whthr its plan r anythg but iam happy to see u in

  11. seeing precap whthr chankya wil hate nandu fr cns behaviour….

    1. Sheer, even I’m worried about that

      1. aditi watever happen also i wont bothr cn s wit hr but chanku now nly he understood abt nandu….but i thk thy wont show anythg lke tat just btw cn nd chanku…..

      2. *I meant Shree

    2. hey shree na thirumbe vandute nu solliuda!!!!! neruppu da!!!!! 1 maasan aparam tirumbe i came hahhaahahahha hiii shree i missd u actually ma moom found in in tu….n strinctly avoided so….thts y………i didnt … im back ill try to come online like this under bed…..hww uuuu remember me???? hii

      1. Jayani

        Appa!!! Finally, u came back… Missed u a lot akka… In fact even I check tu sumtyms under d bed coz it’s nt safe wid my sis nd my family around?

  12. Thanks for update Tanya. I love yest’s episode expecially the forest track, Rajat n Sweta nailed it. Nandini was injured badly, but she did not give up, she has to will power to continue her prayers n ask god for strength to keep moving.
    Whereas Chandra is so worried, told her not to go deep as the river Ganga was rough, as a safe guard .It was such a beautiful moment, he dive in n safe her n carried her to the shore. He bandage her n help her to get back to Mahal, I did not see Chandra or Nandini pulling the arrow from her leg, I need to see the episode again?
    At the palace Moora scold malti but not taking care of Bindu, luckily Chanakya came to rescue her.
    Poor Helena n Apama all their plans failed but they are successful, added poison on Moora head.
    Helena expression on her face, boiling hot when Chandra n Nandini preforming abhishek, expecially when C holding N hand.
    Is Moora is suffering from brain dead, when she was washing Nandini feet, she is thinking about King Nanda killing her husband. She is the one was so happy when CN got married.

    I saw the new promo, Moora is chained, Satya u will be satisfied. I am wondering whether Chandra,Chanakya n Moora are planning to catch the culprit.
    Precap, Why this Moora is slapping Pandu. Chanakya will ask Chandra to kill Pandu. It will be a good idea for Moora to leave the Mahal.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      After seeing the promo I don’t think that It’s a plan of Moora, Chandra and Chanyka. When Moora slapped Pandu then a thought came in My mind , that may be In future Moora will see Pandu trying to murder Bindusaar so Moora will murder Pandu. And U saw how much Chandra caring Pandu and he promised Nandini no one can kill Pandu. May be that’s why Chandra gave death punishment to Moora.

      1. U r guess is nice satya but moora wont kill pandu because she knows to kill other person only with words
        So i think they will try to find the person who attack nandini in jungle and moora wil be accuse for trap Apma

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        @ nandini, in the promo Chandra announced a death sentence for Moora. Now u have to done a big crime like murder for get a ultimate punishment. Till now only Nand got death punishment because he was Chandra’s greatest enemy. That’s why I told Moora will do some big crime like murder. It’s totally my guess. I am very happy if it will happen. Then all problem will be solved. Chanyka’s oath, Chandra’s promise that he will not kill pandugrath, our dumbest lady Moora also get death sentence. All problem solved.???

  13. Shree and aditi i too have the same doubt.
    But when moora scold malathi did u see malathi saw pandugar i think to bring pandugar real face there will be a drama

    My only wish is chandra should not loose hope on nandy at any place

    1. Nandini you are correct also I saw the same thing MAYBE THIS COULD BE A DRAMA BETWEEN CHANDRA CHANAKYAR…….Waiting eagerly to watch the episode..!!!!

  14. Chandra today u proved ur d best… ur very protective n caring… u saved nandu as husband… u both looking very admirable… ur part always amazing… n moora, i dont knw u acting r real but ur not worth to be rajmata… apama n helena both go hell, i cant tolerate ur presence in everywhere… chanakya plz do something… precap was scary, chanakya was in full anger, n nandini u should find abt ur brother pandugrat thn kill him lyk nand… thn only chandra n chanakya’s relationship will be smooth…

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Chandra is always best husband like Nandini is the best wife. Now I think our suffering in the Vishkanya track giving results. Today whole part of water romance was too good. The scene also shooted very well by makers. Rajat and Shweta gave their hearts to shoot the scene. They both giving their best hope they will get some awards.

      1. *I meant Shree

      2. I completely agree Satya !!!! Chandra’s love for Nandini is awesome !!!! He has evolved into a very loving and protective husband. As long as Chandra loves and supports Nandini..,,I’m not worried..,,,CN’s relationship is getting stronger and stronger…..but their relationship with Mora and Chaya is getting worse day by day….That’s fine by me….mother and daughter can go to hell.

      3. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Yesterday Moora told Nandini one right thing that Nandini successful in puja only because Chandra with her. Awesome dialogue !!!! I wish in every danger Chandra will support Nandini jn this way. After getting the best Pati Award many fans questioned why Chandra got best pati award ??? Now Chandra proved why he is best pati or husband. As soon as nandini also accept that it will good for her.

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      And I just loved the expressions of Helena in jealousy. ??? U and ur mother should burn like this.

    3. hiiiii jaiiiiiiii…..i missf u sooo much ok hi…hw r uuuu………u kno i got ma results na 10th …..ok now in higher secondry 11th akka….ungalale maari i chosw eng

      1. Oii… am good… wat abt u… i missed u seriously… romba strict ah veetla… ivlo naal nee pannala!!! my god… am really happy to see ur comment… hr aft come daily…

  15. I agree with all of your opinions regarding Moora, just because nandini didn’t agree to allow malayketu to enter in the mahal but she has to behave like this for silly reason. If you all remember when pandu attacked Chandra in his room that time chanakya assured chandra that he will investigate this matter when chanakya was about to leave but he turned back he might have got some clue regarding the culprit before that he gave orders to the soldiers to check email each and every room in the mahal what I am trying to tell is that chanakya knows the culprit is pandu he is just acting so this incident happened before Malay was not in mahal so Moora wasn’t charged that time so I think it’s all plan it might be might not, I don’t think Moora is a fool to allow malayketu into the palace who was responsible kidnapping bindusar, as after all he molested and blamed Chandra for it and deframe him. She has give importance to chandra not Malay, is Apama that innocent and very good hearted that she is talking about nandini’s father, she is the one who killed DD who was pregnant she tried to kill two person one is DD and other is her unborn child bindusar and the child has gone through lot of pain because of this evil witch for her stupid daughter’s she is conspiracy against her own son in law, this is not the first time Apama tried to blame Moora in nandini’s poison case she very cunningly framed Moora by keeping the poison cup in her room.

    What I think is nandini might get to know her brother’s true identity and she might kill him knowing that he was the person who attacked Chandra in the room and he even trying kill bindusar so she will kill him and coming to Moora’s arrests it’s just an act to catch the real culprits

    1. I partially agree with u shalini… u well said abt chanakya dat he has some clue abt dat incident n even he doubted pandugrat wen he tried to abduct bindu in malti’s room, he turned n gave cool look towards pandugrat… dis may b a trap but moora invited malay only for chaya’s sake… u said she s not fool to bring back malay, she s dumb n provoked by two evil cats n also nw she thinks abt her daughter’s future so she gave a chance to malay with full hearted… its lyk “paasam kannai maraithu vittadhu”… my view..

  16. After pandugar track nandini will realize how chandra was supporting her and she accept chandra and marry, but this should happen within 250th episode

  17. Nandini u are correct i to saw the same thing and also it could be drama between chandra n chanakayar when he announces death sentence to pandugarath…Eagerly waiting to see the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Chandra and chanakya might try to do a drama regarding pandu, after viewing the precap it seems chanakya is adamant to kill pandu but chandra is not as he has promised nandini, so in this .There might be a little argument between chanakya and chandra, so this situation is like a icing on the cake for Apama,she will do what ever possible this time to create rift between chanakya and chandra for sure and for nandini it’s testing time for her she will be caught between a husband, mother in law and her brother, nandini doesn’t not want any bad name for chandra because of her, already Moora is angry on her on top that her brother pandu’ s matter still we don’t know for what sake Moora is pissed off with pandu and also slapped him but if we again watch the precap when the incident is happening in the background we can hear Apama’s voice I didn’t hear properly what she was saying, but one thing is for sure it’s all Apama’s plot

    In the precap they showed four incidents
    1. Moora slapping pandu and nandini witnessing
    2. In the sabha chandra is making it very clear that he is not letting anyone touch pandu if they do its over his dead body
    3. Chandra is assuring nandini nothing is going to happen to pandu he is there for her as he promised
    4. Moora is totally out of her mind she is accusing nandini god

    Moora wants to leave the mahal along with her daughter so she thinks that’s what nandini wish for, if this happens what will be malayketu’s reaction?
    I would like to share my point of view Moora is completely a puppet in the hands of Greek witch we don’t know whether she is acting or she’s really fallen in the pit

    Malayketu knows that pandu is completely all right then why is he quit, by now he should have informed it to Apama is he wating for a right time to expose him to get into the good books of chanakya and chandra or gain their trust there are so many questions which needs to be cleared
    by the makers

    How come when a killer enters into the mahal to visit Greek witch not even one soldier noticed it first of all the security system in the mahal is pathetic, if any incidents happens they only chanakya tighten the mahal why can’t chanakya keep spy’s as many as possible inside so that the culprits should not be alerted two – three spy’s for pandu 4 for Malay and 10 for Greek witch and her stupid daughter it’s better not to talk about this particular character she doesn’t have a brain by herself she is listening to her mother and day she is going to realize what big mistake she did and that realization will be too late
    Once chandra comes to know about true face of Helena it’s hell for her, chandra might completely avoid her she is doing her own grave deeper and deeper she will regret for what all she did

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I have doubt whether Malayketu knew about the truth of Pandugrath. I think only Acharya Rakhas knew the truth of Pandugrath Because he trained him.

      1. maybe bec in bindus kidnap pandu nly helped them

  19. Next week fully writters are going to make our heart beat increase .
    we are suspecting the scene in many ways but writers wil show someother think i guess.

    1. yes nandini,nxt week its going to be amazing….

  20. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    In the promo anyone notice the new dress of Nandini??? Earlier I talked about that dress. Till now we saw Nandini mostly in red, pink dress. But in new promo she wearing Yellow blouse, green dhoti. She is looking magical. Chandra already soo much love with Nandini, after seeing her new dress Chandra may be propose her??

  21. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Some days ago, Chandra told Nandini about their marriage anniversary. But due to Moora’s drama not only Chandra Nandini , the makers also forgot that anniversary.

    1. Haha u are right Satya,not only the makers forget CN anniversary but some of us too did not remember.

  22. Satya, the yellow blouse Nandini has use it in the earlier series n yelliw pants before she left Mahal. The green pants n green head Dupatta is new.

  23. Seriously nandini and mora are fighting over and just because of apama and pandugrat nandini is hurt
    Same in DD case also naa
    Forget that
    Helena is like makers just remove these guys and the nanda and all
    CN are an amazing couple and this is my fav show

  24. Story ahead आगे की कहानी

  25. Guys did you all see the further promo..chandra giving death sentence to his own boora mom that is Moora…hope all evidence gets against her..but y helena n apama still surviving? Irrespective of all these drama..i wanted helena to be kicked out…

    1. I want Chandra to divorce Hel and give the death penalty to Apama !!!!! Let Hel get back with Malai…..he is still interested in her….he was flirting with her in front of Apama…..Chandra changed the rule for women to get a divorce if their husbands don’t love them….there’s a reason why the makers did that……

  26. friends anyone saw latest news f cn in fb…cn going to take leap(10yrs) due to low trp…i dont lke after nandu having baby thy can brg twist why ths much soon ……..if anyone knows share ur comments…

    1. They are going to get separated again and revenge drama will start. Bindusar will be a strong character. And both c and n will be ruthless. Both want to take revenge.

      1. oh nooo if it s i wil stop watching….

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I also saw that news. But I think it’s another false rumour. Because makers knew very well that many fans are watching this serial only for hot chemistry of Rajat- Shweta jodi. Other thing There is many things has to solve like pandugrath, Apama and Malayketu. After all villians finished then only the 10 years leap possible.and even now also Nandini not forgive Chandra fully. So how it’s possible it going to take leap for 10 years???? But if this happen in future then I will not see the serial.

      1. I agree with u Satya, what leap 10 years nonsense. We all waiting for more than a year for CN love story n now this leap. Still they did not solve all the Villian story in Mahal, do not understand this makers. Very disappointed , I might stop watching this serial

      2. ya padu iam waiting fr their proposal frm long ago mainly frm nandus side but why these makers r doing lke ths…first thy can finish all d villan chapters in mahal nd show C&N s beautiful life thn can bring new villan….

      3. should be rumour

      4. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        It’s open threat to chandra nandini makers if they bring any 10 years leap in serial I not only stop watching the serial also will file a Case of cheating in high court against the makers. Enough is enough.????

  27. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Today I saw a very funny news. Kumkum vagya fans lodged a complain against serial makers in police station. They told that they feeling they are cheated by the serial’s storyline. Is this serial truely deserve no 1 serial according to trp ratings????

    1. u know once upon a time iam also a fan of tat serial,wen thy took 1yr to reveal the truth f tanus pregnancy i stopped seeing….

  28. There are so many issues to be solved like there are 4 villains in the mahal on top that Moora’s misunderstanding if these issues are not solved then why sudden 10 years leap nonsense, still chandra and nandini’s wedding anniversary celebration is pending she has not yet proposed her feelings for chandra on top of that this crap wow makers

    The makers have such a best artists with them but not utilizing their talents,makers and the production house are wasting time energy of the leads
    Writers please give importance to the leads not evils the serial name is chandra nandini not Apama Helena all the time these two no other work they have only eat sleep then plot against nandini from the beginning I am seeing, how many evil tricks these two evils up to not even once Helena think about the well being of the people. Have she ever visited any village by herself to check what is happening in the kingdom no when nandini went to do Pooja in the temple Helena and her spy changed into dasi dress and went back of nandini to spy on her when she has time for all these things why not for the people she know only one thing that is to separate nandini from chandra and later she will lead a happy life I thing she is dreaming with open eyes overconfidence and hungry for power and lust on chandra she doesn’t love him if she does she will never stoop so low she do not have a Heart like nandini she knows to use her mother’s brain very well not her’s.Nandini as person knows to uses her heart and mind very well at the right situation and never hurts anyone, she loves chandra unconditionally but she is not showing it but scared if again chandra leaves her. But after chandra assuring her that hear after he will be with in good and bad as a friend as a husband and as a king
    If really Helena love’s chandra she wouldn’t have written a letter to her father and tell him how he treats her it’s between a husband and wife no third person has the right to interfere but she did listen to her mother and expecting chandra to throw nandini out of the mahal “what an idiot”
    So Helena doesn’t love chandra she has lust on him and wants to control him like a puppet to rule magad which is impossible

    1. Shaking, I agree with your comments! C and N haven’t even lived as husband and wife….no baby yet, so how can the makers separate them again. What about Chandra’s promise to Nandini that he’ll be with her in good times and bad times….If they get separated again and if Chandra gets with Hel….I too won’t be watching this serial…..I’m still waiting for C and N’s love confessions…….The serial is about Chandra Nandini love story.,,,low trp is because of too many villains in the mahal and Apama is still plotting against CN…,They need to change the story line and not start a separation track again…If they do….I won’t be watching.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        U r very hurry to see Chandra Nandini’s baby!!! But I doubt whether we will see chandu nandu’s baby. But I think Chandra will not do same mistake again which separate them. I think the trp of the show only increase when this Apama will be out from serial. I just want that Nandini kicked Apama in a fire and Apama will burning and shouting in pain like Bhallaladeva shouting in climax of the Bahubali 2 Movie.

      2. i too waitig fr their baby….kumkum bhagya s n 1st place bec f lead pairs always togethr under one roof whthr thy love r hate….C&N fans want cn nd nandu to lead happy life…if thy took 10yr leap,dadi wil be no more ,no interest in seeing their romance at 30th age it wil be more mature we want funny,teasing,cute love btw thm…….even in instagram ,twitter fans r opposing ths leap…..makers should understand….

      3. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Actually I am not getting any clue what will happen in the serial. This week may be Saas Bahu drama will continue. But the major twist may be in next week. Now everyone now talking about the leap. It is obvious after such a hate story no one want their love story will end so soon. Actually makers did a great mistake at beginning. The revenge story i.e Nandini trying to kill Chandra this track could be extended some more episodes. But the makers started the love story very early. Now when we are wanting the love track then again they bringing the hate story. Truely don’t know what will happen .Just praying that the makers don’t again start the horrible track like Vishkanya.

  29. *sorry, I meant Shalini

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      @Aditi ,??? how Shalini become shaking??? OMG nice name !!!!

      1. Lol, Satya! It was a typo ?

  30. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) torn between Chanakya, Moora and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) amid Pandugrath’s death sentence issue
    Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will now show deeper rift developing in Chandra’s family as Moora and Chanakya will want Pandugrath to get death sentence but Chandra will oppose it. Pandugrath had entered the palace as a mentally challenged person and Nandini begged Chandra to spare him as he is innocent. Chandra had given a promise to Nandini that he will not kill Pandugrath and instead he will take care of him and will give him shelter in the palace. However, Chanakya wants to treat Pandugrath and make him better so that he can kill him and complete his revenge from Nand’s family. However, Pandugrath is not mentally retarded in reality and he is just doing a drama. Pandugrath wants to kill Bindusar as well as Chandra and become the king of Magadh. Pandugrath makes several attempts to harm Bindusar but all his attempts get failed. Viewers will now get to see that Pandugrath will be caught in one of his attempts to harm Bindusar and Moora will slap Pandugrath. Chanakya will decide to give death sentence to Pandugrath but Chandra will come forward to protect him. Chandra will go against Chanakya and Moora and will protect Nandini’s brother as he has promised her that she he will save him. This will begin another deep problem amid the family as Chandra will support Nandini while everyone will blame Chandra for being partial towards his wife. Will Chandra realize Pandugrath’s evilness and break his promise towards Nandini? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates of Chandra Nandini.

  31. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) lives to take big twist with 10 years’ time leap

    Here is some interesting news for all Chandra Nandini fans out there. The show produced by Balaji telefilms is all set to go in for a time leap very soon and the reason for this is to give a boost to its TRP ratings.

    Chandra Nandini went on air in October last year and it became an instant hit because of its periodic backdrop and unique romance. The love story of Chandragupta Maurya was loved by fans and the show managed to captivate the viewers for a very long time. The show reached its high point after Chandra’s wife Nandini gets accused of killing his first wife Durdhara. However, soon after Nandini’s innocence got proven, the show started to move downhill. Many viewers thought that the makers were only concentrating on the internal issues of Chandra’s family rather than showing the king dealing with bigger issues.

    The last couple of months have been witnessing a constant drop in the TRP rating of the show and therefore the makers have now come up with a plan to give a big boost to the show. News is that Chandra Nandini will be going in for a 10 years’ time leap and this will bring a new track in Chandra and Nandini’s lives. Chandra’s son Bindusar will be shown as a young boy whose life is in constant danger with Chandra trying to protect him.

    However, it is still not known whether Chandra and Nandini will be separated for 10 years or will they be shown leading a life together. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

  32. Let’s hope for the best

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