Chandra Nandni 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandra slaps Helina.

Chandra Nandni 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Nandini moving in mahal thinking that under such great security these thugs entered the Mahal kidnapped dharma tried to kill Acharya Chanakya I have to talk to Acharya to increase the number of soldiers to protect Chandra, when she goes to his room Acharyas student tells her that he is out of state for some work and also informs Nandini that his arrival is not known.

Bheemdev enters Chandra body,Helina irritating Chandra that she won’t leave him alone in this state,Chandra slaps her,Chandra says no one listens to me,no one hears my orders and leaves,Helina says Chandra you didn’t do good by raising hand at me. Mora says Bindusara today you have to climb these steps carrying your wife dharma in arms,and take blessings,Bindusara asks why but,mora say sits

our culture,our ritual so do it for me,for your badi ma,dharma walks to Bindusara,Bindusara says if someone falls of these stairs,it’s hard to survive,dhrama says time shall tell that,Bindusara picks dhrama in his arms and starts climbing.

Dharma says having fun right,even I had fun when you made me get water from well,Bindusara says I’m doing this for my ma,or else I would tak eyou to top and throw you down,dhrama says what else can we expect from you,you just respect your mom and niece other women,Bindusara says I do except you,be seen you don’t deserve it,Bindusara slips and both fall down,dhrama holds Bindusara tight.

Charumati is informed by dasi about Bindusara and dharma,Charumati starts feeling uneasy.helina thinking Baku Chandras slap,Nandini walks to her and says sorry to disturb you but it’s very important and only you can understand this,and we are wives of Chandra so,Helina asks what is it,Nandini says actually maharaj has never misbehaved with me but now a days he is so weird like split personality and he doesn’t even remember what he has done,and it’s so hard to believe,Helina remembers the slap.

Helina says this can affect us both,Nandini says do you know about it,Helina says yes last night he slapped me,I didn’t tell anyone else thinking about Chandra and you are right Chandra isn’t doing good,and this news shouldn’t go out,as acharya isn’t in mahal,and enemies can attack us,and don’t worry I’m with you,Nandini says thank you it’s so good talking to you,nanidninleaves and Helina starts laughing and says this is right time to dethrone Chandra and throne Bindusara and then I can rule over whole Magad.

Chandra sleep talks,you are my Nandini and not Savitri,how can I prove you,Nandini thinks on one side you love me the most and on other you show the evil side,but I will find the solution to this problem, I won’t let you fall into this. Bindusara and dhrama reach temple,and take blessings,Bindusara says dhrama pray for me that I don’t have to deal with this anymore,dhrama says lady for yourself because I don’t want to be associated with you,Bindusara says I wished he listens to me,I prayed that he

Panditji says don’t leave now,it’s gonna be stormy night,Bindusara says this means I have to spend whole night in this temple,dharma says no worries you can leave,I will stay here and sleep peacefully,dhrama goes off to sleep,Bindusara finds hard to sleep,and Bindusara is irritated. Bindusara goes to sleep,dhrama wakes up to have water and sees a snake near Bindusara,dharma with her hand pushes the snake and falls over Bindusara,Bindusara wakes up,,dharma pushes him,Bindusara says you saved me so,dharma says no need of thank you,you saved me and so I did in return.

Helina walks to Charumati and asks where is Bindusara,Charumati says you sent him with dharma for pooja and for your information they haven’t returned,Helina says says stop these tantrums and use your brains because soon you will be mukhyarani,Charumati says I don’t want throne I want my husband,Helina says you have no idea how good it is to have power so focus on that.

Saunand kills the informer who informs that the two men are killed.chankaya is informed other then two men killed,saunand has also sent two other men in Magad,chankaya sends a letter for Chandra. Amartya says saunand calm down,let’s wait for more information from Mohini and Bheemdev and then we shall attack on Magad.

Pre cap : Mohini to Chandra,I want that crown,Chandra walks to Helina and Nandini and says this crown which mukhya Rani is wearing is not an ordinary one,right Helina,Helina nods yes,Chandra removes it and puts it on Mohini.
Bindusara behind the bars,Helina meets him and says now after you are free you will go join Greek army and attack Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Bindusar and Dharma are coming close may be accidentally. Despite discussion with Nandini Helena is planning something else. Is Aacharya still believing Chandra and sharing secret with him or have some doubt in his behavior will be interesting to watch.

    1. Hope next week will be much better episode

      1. Agree

  2. Gpk484

    OH my goodness !
    What the hell ?
    First of all I’ll talk about today’s episode and then the interesting precap !
    Now, firstly helena getting a tight slap !
    Was the most exciting part in today’s episode and I definitely mean it !?☺️
    Then Bindusar And Dharma
    I think both are having sympathy for each other
    But you know EGO ! Doesn’t let the two of them to settle down as much !
    Nice to see their part is improving day by day
    Then Nandini’s part is also going
    She still loves Chandra and she doesn’t let him down ! She’s still pretty much confident that she will make Chandra alright again ! … that’s way too good … Great Nandini ???
    Then Helena helping Nandini is good too !
    But she things that she can take advantage of this situation to dethrone Chandra and make bindusar the king so that she can rule over the whole Magadh ! That’s a very very bad idea Helena
    And I’m pretty much sure that you’re gonna regret it !….
    And at the last
    I think
    Saunand is getting ready to attack Chandra directly ! That’s a very bad idea too MR.SAUNAND you’re gonna also regret like Helena !….

    Now for the precap !
    The most exciting one actually I presume
    Well the first one is Chandra taking the Crown off from helena’s ahead and putting it on Mohini’s head is the most ridiculous one I mean ridiculous part of the precap
    well I already told she is going to regret it !
    She’s getting it hahahaha it’s totally enjoyable seeing Helena suffering ???????
    But poor Nandini ?
    The second pick up is the most questionable one
    that is why bindusar is in jail ? and he is going to escape that’s for sure because helena is gonna make him escape and make him join Greek Army to attack Chandra !
    That’s not expected ! Well let me try to think !
    I think possessed Chandra made him arrested
    Since Bindusar forced Chandra to dethrone and make bindusar himself as the king !
    That might be the prediction based on my analysis but it can be some other way too !
    Fingers crossed for that though ?
    I think now the episodes are going to go very very fast !
    Inspection scenes are going well !
    Time to time increase of +ve ness !… Good !
    I’m hoping for the best of makers so that
    At the end everything
    I mean all the questions are answered !
    And much awaited
    Love scene between out cute couple
    ChandraNandini ?♥️♥️♥️
    Peace off ✌️

    1. Gpk484, Enjoyed reading yr comment

    2. Gpk484, might be here ur wrong. Bindusar not s n jail helena is in jail. Since chandra takes up crown from helena and so he made her arrested. If I’m right

      1. Good guess

  3. First of all Thank you Tanaya!…the update is always well written…you give us all a wonderful update every day! without leaving a single scene unwritten! you are amazing girl! Kudooos!

    I ‘once’ loved this show dearly….but sorry, not anymore…
    It is my own individual point of view…And i don’t intend to offend anyone out there.
    I agree that the present plot is completely meant for entertainment… and the drama definitely might increase the viewers, their anxiety and love for the serial, but i feel the drama is going overboard, it is not only making fun of some great people who were admired and loved but also portraying some entirely different characters evil and cruel, for instance as the history goes, (i believe it is true) the greek wife of Chandra was a good lady, who dearly loved her husband…but in the serial the Greek wife of Chandragupta Maurya is shown as an evil and cunning lady…who plots against her own husband! common how can we insult that lady more?? Why? why? why ?
    Why completely overdo it?… a little bit of exaggeration is always understandable..after all it is a creative thing..not a documentary.. .but isn’t it a bit too much? how much more insult can we do to our ancestors??
    or is it only me who thinks that it is now becoming unnecessarily dragging…
    Sorry guys.. no offence meant… as i mentioned.. i once loved the show dearly…and i wish that it had ended long before it became this dragging….

    1. Dhanya

      I agree with you rachna

  4. I enjoyed when Helena got a tight slap from Chandra, she deserve this but she was so shocked that she did not expect this.
    Chandra n Nandini scene also good, while Chandra is sleeping, he is saying that u are my Nandini not Savithri and he love Nandini. I wish Nandini will find the solution, what is causing him to change his behaviour.
    Bindu n Dharma scene was good, both having feeling, just their ego. Charu like Helina sent a spy to check on B n D, she is not like Helena who is interested in the crown.
    Chanakya, how come he did not suspect about Chandra behaviour.
    Precap: Helena n Nandini is shocked when Chandra took the crown n placed it on Mohini . Bindu is in jail but it is the work of Bheemdev .

  5. The slap of the century!What’s more, she’s going to lose the crown.Its nice to see helenas downfall.Bhhemdev made our dreams come true.

    1. Roopa, We are the most happiest person when Helena got slap from Chandra, maybe she should get more slaps, than i am satisfied. First i thaught Helena is in jail, than i am not sure is it Bindu or Helena

      1. Yes, I thought bindu was in jail but after reading kishores comment, there’s a possibility that Helena is in jail.Why don’t that stupid helena just join hands with nandini for the betterment of magad?

    2. Right, it’s looking nice someone is there to teach lesson to cunning Helena.

  6. I agree with u Rachna..

  7. All your comments were good. I also feel that Helana should join hands with Nandini to throw all problems away. I expect only happy ending with Chandra and Nandini living happily loving ever after.

  8. But Helena is selfish she utilizes the situation for herself, by this type of behavior of hers any one can get to know that she is a harteles person, when she is even planning to dethrone her husband which is shows she only back of power, the way Chandra shaped her wow this he should have been given her long back then she would think not twice but 100 time in plotting or playing games
    2. She is giving instructions to bindusar to dethrone his father by this bindusar can see the difference between her and nandini hope bindusar thinks before he reacts or dhrama should advice him as Chanakya is not in Mahal
    3. Well we all thought that nandini straight away went to Helena and asked her help but nandini first approached Chanakya but unfortunately he went for some other work hope he comes on time when his own son tries to dethrone him by the advice of Helena as her next power is rajamath post, I might be wrong hera bindusar might get to know what is Helena’s real intentions is let’s see because when Helena was instructing him to dethrone Chandra he was shocked and his expression was like what the hell is wrong with this lady is she insane
    4. Might get to know the actual intentions of the two psychos
    5. After all the problems are solved who will Chandra believe nandini or Helena because both his wife’s are trying to solve the problem in the Mahal, nandini is slowing because she loves Chandra and believes that she is still nandini and cannot see him in this state the pain he going through, she doesn’t know what problem is he going through then too she worked for him and that’s what true love is all about but that Greek evil Helena she is doing this for her selfish gains as the situation is not good so she is taking this as an advantage so that she can dethrone Chandra, with this we can clearly see that in the first place itself she never loved Chandra she wanted only to give a first born child to him so that she can be maharani or important queen and later rajamath to rule she had only lust for Chandra not love if he would have shown Helena her actual place in the first place she wouldn’t have waged her tail
    Chandra can see the difference between nandini and Helena but will he still have doubts on nandini or still loves her let’s wait and see

  9. May I know what does the word bars mean
    I can’t understand it

  10. Is the word bars means jail

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