Chandra Nandni 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says this snake is behind Nandini she is unaware I have to do something,Chandra with his arrow,kills the snake,the man gets shocked,and says who aimed at it, this means Nandini is here with security no worries she won’t come alive every time.chandra says these footsteps have brought peace happiness and love in my life,you have always helped me and my family out of danger and now it’s my turn to help you and I won’t let these footsteps stop.

Pandugan approaches Malti and bindusara from behind,guards walk in and pandugan acts as if mentally ill again,Malti is surprised,guards are accompanied by Chanakya,Chanakya addresses all guards and says you have to be here 24*7, pandugan starts playing with bindusara, Malti greets Chanakya and asks what’s the reason behind

his visit, Chanakya says bindusara isn’t safe in mahal as well,and so we need to be protective and so you too do alert us if you find something fishy,pandugan thinks this Brahman is very intelligent smells the danger before hand,Malti says pandugan bhaiya how come you are here, when did you come,he says I’m here to play with bindusara and will protect him,see I have weapon too and shows a stick,Malti starts laughing and says with this,pandugan says yes I used it a lot and won many wars,Chanakya says we don’t need your help, I’m here and no one can harm bindusara till I’m here and leaves,pandugan thinks and with my presence mourya vasnh will finish for sure.

Pandugan in his room,thinking of solution to get rid of guards,and remembers Amartyas lesson that no one can stand upto Chanakyas intelligence, he is master in every field,like he can cure any allergies,pandugan says Amartya guru had told me Chanakya has many medicinal herbs and so I can’t get those from his room and unconscious all the guards and before Nandini comes bindusara will be dead.

Nandini continues with her path,she about to step on rough path,Chandra puts his hand and she steps on it,Nandini pauses for a minute. Chanakya sees someone entering mahal and says I have to find it may be it’s related to bindusara and follows,pandugan enters his room as soon as he leaves,he starts looking for the medicine,he searches every container and corner,Chanakya following the other man covered in blanket,and finds he is following the secrete way and thinks how does he know it something is really big and fishy,pandugan gets frustrated looking for it all over and remembers a scene when Chanakya was poisoned and he pointed at karaoke and asked him to get the medicine from his bag,pandugan starts looking into Chanakyas bag.

Chanakya says whoever you may be you cant escape me, soon I will find you.pandugan finds the medicine,Chanakya comes back to his room and sees pandugan covered in blanket unaware that it’s him and asks who it is,pandugan runs away,Chanakya gets back to the room and sees it’s all messed,Chanakya says this is happening in absence of king and Queen which means the enemy is alert of it and has started working on his plan I have to rush to bindusara. Chandra looks at Nandini,Nandini says you here,Chandra says keep walking don’t stop,see I didn’t want to leave my friend alone,and when she is so beautiful,Nandini says I’m so thankful to have a friend like you,Chandra says keep smiling like this and finish the pooja,Nandini says so you are here as my saviour,Chandra says no,she says then friend,Chandra says no,she asks then what,he says someone you need the most right now,I’m here as your husband,like you always stand with me my family Magad and you always have performed all your duties as a wife.

Chandra says it’s also a mans duty to guard his wife and why is it that always a wife should support her husband a husband should also be supportive. Pandugan makes smoke inside the room and all guards faint,Malti faints too,pandugan enters the room and sees bindusara isn’t in cradle,and says who must have done this has anyone learnt about my plans but for now I need to escape,and gets out and hides seeing Chanakya. Chanakya walk into the room he covers his face and says this means I was right,Chanakya sees someone running and follows him and asks guards to chase him.

Chandra sees tribal people behind Nandini,Nandini asks what’s wrong,Chandra says all good just don’t stop I’m with you,the man sees Nandini walking alone,and sees tribals and says these are maneater tribals and you can never escape them maharani Nandini,the tribe about to attack Nandini,Chandra steps In and fights them all.nandini keeps moving ahead.

Helina Apma and mora together,Helina says yes ma I’m not lying Nandini handed binudsara to Malti as she trusts her but look someone now has abducted him,Apma says Nandini could have handed bindusara to you but she gave it to Malti,dadi is more important but for Nandini it’s Malti,mora says who is behind my grandson come let’s look for bindusara. Chanakya orders guards to look for bindusara. Malayketu walks to him and asks may I help you,Chanakya says first answer me where were you,when bindusara was abducted,malayketu says I knew I will be questioned,Chaya walks in and says you are mistaken him he was with me all the time and he has appologised before so please stop doubting him.

Pandugan in his room says there’s someone I guess who wants to kill bindusara as well,who it is who took him away before me,bindusara in cradle,Chanakya walks to him and says Yuvraj how could I leave the future of Magad in hands of few soldiers and hugs him,you are safe son.

The man says I was told maharani Nandini is alone,who is this guarding her and now this is my last try and no one can save her from this,the man hits Nandini in her calf,Nandini injured but remembers Panditji say she has to finish this for glory and peace,Nandini says no I can’t stop,Chandra and ma have trust and belief on me I can’t give up.

Pre cap….Apma says rajmata what will you do,you have to perform pooja of that Nandini whose father killed your husband.
Chandra says Nandini look the water has lot of force don’t go in just fill in from here,Nandini says no Chandra i will do as per the procedure,Nandini gets in and is pulled down.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode full of conspiracy… Chandra saved Nandini a lot but at the end her wound of arrow may take her life. Chandra is watching her, no doubt he will save her. In another game of conspiracy Chanakya’s brain this time saved Bindusar. The child escaped from Pandugrath but how long, Pandugrath is still undoubted. Who was the covered person to whom Acharya saw at the secret way? Apama and Helena are making Moora the villain no 1.

  2. Only Acharya knows that Bindusar is safe. All think that Bindusar is abducted. Chanakya may planning something else. Malayketu is in doubt. Will Malayketu expose Pandugrath to prove his innocence and loyalty ?

  3. Seeing Moora’s reaction irritating. So dumb listening to Apama and Helena. How could she be easily provoked by evilness. She forgotten she was Maharani once and how important to think wisely as a first lady of Magadh.

    I hope Moora should confront Chandra and Nandini. As a result, CN should leave mahal with Bindusar. Before CN leave mahal, Nandini should safe Chandra from her brother Pandugarath by killing him. Moora should then realise and regret over the real character of Nandini and beg for her forgiveness.

    After leave the mahal, CN should stay in Patalipura and live a simple and happy life. Moora and Chhaya should be treated badly by Malaikethu. Then only Chandra should plan something together with Chanakya or Amartya to get rid of Malaikethu. Then Moora should go and bring CN back to mahal.

    Hoping for Apama and Helena evil work revealing also… too long this two ladies escaping….

  4. Today’s episode was very nice and I liked how chandra is Protecting his wife nandini from danger this shows how much he loves her, with all the incident what happened in the jungle chandra might reveal this to chanakya so after what happened in palace and in the jungle they might come to a conclusion that it’s all pre planned so chanakya and Chandra might have all their eyes on the accused no one and two that is Apama and Malayketu still pandu is not in doubt list of chanakya might be might not.
    Now the second half Apama and Helena are pouring lot of acid into the head of rajmata against nandini which I think might be a foolish work of the two dum head ladies and did any one noticed when rajmata was worried regarding her grandson missing and said who’s bad eyes has fallen on my family all bad thing are happening in the palace and at that time Apama and Helena’ s face expression was worth to watch who’s it might be other
    than these two ladies evils eyes. If chanakya explains what exactly happened in the palace to rajmata what would be her reaction she might accuse malti for not taking proper care of her grandson which will be very annoying to watch these two ladies are now back of rajmata don’t know is she acting or she really angry with nandini
    According to my opinion there might be a plan by chanakya with a team of rajmata, chaya to catch the culprits red-handed if we all know when nandini went and meet her guru chaya followed her so after nandini got a proof against Malayketu and left chaya went in the direction of the guru who was house arrested what I am trying to say is chaya might have went and asked the guru regarding what conspiracy nandini and the guru are planing so he would have told her the truth about Malayketu’s reality his true intentions so she would have told this to her mother it might be a plan or my opinion might be wrong don’t know what the makers are up to it might be to catch accused no two malaykatu red handed.
    Hear after chanakya will 24*7 will keep an eye on the players in the mahal it’s so rediclouse to see the culprits roaming and planing there next plot when chandra and nandini get back there will be a team work by chanakya, chandra and nandini for sure they might even include malti and her husband for some help it will be interesting to watch I am 100% sure chanakya will catch that person in the blanket it is Malayketu he is try to confuse chanakya but after all malayketu is digging his own grave we hat a fool so with this chanakya can turn the table towards Malay and blackmail him to help him in exposing Apama and her daughter now that’s what I say checkmate for her she said right she is the best player in chess game using human as pawns so if thousands of chanakya can’t think what type of game is she playing but for her just one single chanakya is enough to checkmate her never in her life she would have thought that such a situation would come even her daughter will be
    helpless so in this case chandra might come to know the true face of Helena who was behind DD murder and all the dirty games she was playing along with her mother. It’s better to take back the post which she is holding that is the important queen post from her and hand it over to the right person nandini who really deserves it and the right person to wear it also Helena is just for name sake she is important queen that that’s all no use what she has done till now let it in palace or out side the palace nothing she just wants to impress chandra that’s all she doesn’t have a queen’s quality after all she was before a ministers daughter and was not born as a royal princess but nandini is from magad she was born in to a royal Nand dynasty so even in future Helena can’t be a queen or rule because she form foreign land so she can’t sit as a queen nest to the king if DD would have been alive even she would have the right now DD is dead so it come to nandini only not Helena

    1. i lke ur comment …..abt chaya nd moora plan …

    2. Salini, Well said n I like yr comment

    3. I too agree with Shalini`s comments….Hell doesn`t deserve to be the mukya maharani…..Nandini should get the title back. What has Hell done for Magath…..nothing. In fact, she conspired against Magath with her mother and father. I get annoyed seeing her walk around with the crown…

  5. Wining mens trust wil make any wife lead happy life throughout. Nandini is blessed..touchwood.
    why chanakya not doubting apama? Why moora not doubting apama who killed dd..
    will moora forgive anyone if they killed her own daughter chaya? Then wat kind of justice did she give for DD? Hw did she forgive apama n accept her suggestion n comment? First of all..moora look so ugly witg her over makeup especially her raisedeye brows..we were bearing it becuz once upon she was her makeup speak volume…yak..poor dadi doesnt have any role to perform or mind ..chankaya ..really used his tactics..

  6. chandra said he protectg hr as husband not as friend sooo cute …
    thy coming close to eachothr….aftr C&N return main story going to start….makers going to drag ths lke vk track wich we always tried to predict wat next…maybe till end f climax thy wil keep mooras role as secret…

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I am really worried about what will happen after CN back in mahal. I think if something will happen wrong with Nandini due to Moora then Chandra should protest about that and support Nandini. Apma again starting talk with Moora this is rubbish!!!! Moora said she never forgive for whom DD died and bindusaar suffering in pain and now she listening Apma’s advice???? Truely this Moora can do everything what we never guess.

      1. I`m also worried for Nandini….don`t know what this evil Mora will do when CN get back to the mahal….she`ll definitely create a scene….

      2. i too want tat cn should support nandu directly,he knows moora s wrong but she is in position f mother so he s in a delimma but whoever he should not support d crime…..

  7. now malti wil get scold from moora….aftr return f cn whthr chank wil reveal truth abt safe f bindu to nandu r he wil play alone….apu thkg tat she s so intelligent she didnt remember how cn catched hr in dd case…

  8. Good episode but this moora and Chaya stupidity is getting too much and on EVERYONE nerves.only saving grace is INTELLIGENT CHANAKYA and brave CHANDRA we live show despite some misgivings but please don’t make it SAAS BAHU DRAMA AND DON’T WASTE TALENT OF RAJAT TOKAS IN IT WE LOVE HIM VERY MUCH.

  9. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Yesterday’s episode was really good. I agree that concept was taken from Bahubali but makers also add some good twists with it. Specially the greenish and saviour Chandra. After so long time I have seen his fighting scenes. Now in every episode the plus point is Chandra Nandini love track. But I am really disturbed by the misunderstanding track of moora and nandini. I think after the Vishkanya track the story was going superbly but then suddenly we saw the track of Misunderstanding between Moora and Nandini came. When there were already villain in mahal then there is no need again bring back Malayketu forcefully in the story.

  10. Yesterday’s episode is only okay, as usual the makers trick us with the precap. Look like this track will be dragging .
    Chandra, is so loving husband who care of his wife safety. I like the part where Nandini is walking , her feet almost got pricked by thorns but Chandra save her by putting his hands.
    I don’t seems to understand this Moora, what she is thinking. Does she trust Apama n Helena?
    Once CN back to Mahal, there will be big earthquake in Mahal, lets wait n see,how Chandra is going to solve this issue.
    Chanakya part was so good,he was chasing two person in veil but disappointed not one is caught. Luckily he save Bindu.
    Nandini is very determined n strong person, no matter what ever happen to her she will able to do the pooja, with the help of Chandra.
    Honestly, the story line is out. Makers pls concentrate on Chandra n Nandini rather than importance given to villians.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      The best part is First time I saw how Chandra thanked Nandini. As we every time complained about it now he done it and also gave his identity as Nandini’s husband. But I have a doubt if there was some goats or donkey in jungle then how chandra save nandini???? Goats might eat all leaves from Chandra’s dress.???

      1. Satya, My guess it is mango leaves, i am not sure whether goat like this leaves. Very funny Satya, u always makes us laugh.

      2. Lol, Satya, that was a funny comment. I was also very happy to see Chandra finally thank Nandini,,,,,,I was waiting for this for SO long…..I just love the way C and N love each other…..How can Mora even talk to Apama, let alone listen to her advice. Mora looks and behaves like a devil…..she is an ungrateful woman…I think Mora won`t allow Nandini to perform the pooja but the priest will say that only Nandini should perform it because she is the one who went and got the water. That`s my prediction, let`s wait and see…

      3. so funny….

  11. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I liked the hide and seek game between Chanayka and Pandugrath. I think it’s first time when Bindusaar is saved by anyone except Nandini. The way Chanyka saved Bindu was really good and now chanayka start using his brain.

  12. Rajmata might show her aggressive towards malti for being careless regarding bindusar who is provoked by those two evil Ladies.Chanaky might be a silent spectator and watch he might even question rajmata that who told her bindusar is missing, for course the two ladies night accompany mother magad so this time chanakya might come to a conclusion that these were the two ladies who are back this conspiracy happening in the palace this my point of view actually don’t know what the makers are up too

    1. no he wil not quest, whole magad knows bindu s kidnapped i too dont know wat chankus nxt move…

  13. Moora character is changed to baahubali shivagami ? Saah bahu story?

    1. well said…

  14. Showing moora a puppet in hands of helena and apma is something not acceptable.

  15. Anyboday saw latest promo… in dat mother india moora handcuffed… dis two evil ladies provoked her badly n showed her lyk she only tired to kill nandu at jungle.. chandra believed dat n also handcuffed her in shaba… she s dumb but i feel bad for her, nw she s in same position lyk nandini wen she accused for dd’s murderer… dont knw wat will happen… this two cats escaped!!!!

  16. Anyone saw the latest promo guys Moora is arrested and nandini stops chandra

    1. Please share link?

  17. Apama not only wants to destroy nandini but the hole Maurya dynasty, we can see the way she manipulates her own daughter for her own gain she has big plan her head and that is to take control of Magad from the Maurya’s, she won’t hesitate to kill chandra she wants her stupid daughter to control chandra like a puppet so that she can make her husband to rule magad, even if Malayketu’s job is done she will for sure do some trick and send him back from where he belongs and she is capable of that.
    Now is the time where chanakya should show his intelligence to this Lady giving her a proper payback for what and all she had done in the past and is doing
    After seeing the promo it seems that it’s all a game chandra and chanakya ate playing to bring the real culprits out I think chanakya might be knowing who is the real accused is so the stage is set for the payback I think this time the punishment will be given by chanakya for Apama it’s my point of view makes might have other surprise in store for us may be,may be not

  18. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    @jai and Nandini , thank u for sharing this great news!!!!! I don’t know the makers would take my words so seriously. Yesterday I wished that Chandra should put Moora in jail like Nand did. Now the new promo chandra announced punishment for Moora. Moora deserve that. Earlier when Apama tried to murder Nandini by poison then also Apama tried to trap Moora as Nandini’s murderer but then Chandra knew who was actual culprit and trusted Moora. But Moora again was provoked by Apama and Helena and insulted Nandini. Now this dumb lady should feel Nandini’s pain. U said Nandini as a step mother now ur own son giving punishment to u.

  19. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Another thing is Shree may be bought some acid , so she also will get chance to pour acid in to Moora’s mouth now.??☠☠

  20. No one is following the rules Chandra had informed that Apama should not talk to anyone but here shes is interacting with everyone and even with Rajamatha. Chandra and chanayaka failed to rule their kingdom. They don’t have proper staff to check in all these matters. Pandugan is in room arrest but he roams freely without any guard and conspires killing Bindusara. Chanayaka is taking care of pandugan he is giving medician to him to cure his problem but he is not checking whether any improvement has happened.

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