Chandra Nandni 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nandini in the market and she is shopping. Gautami says I am tired and bring my handcar and I cant walk much. Suddenly a saree chunri falls on nandinis head and shopkeeper woman says that this is made for you as you are very beautiful. Woman says you are very beautiful so we keep such beautiful pieces of cloth only for u. nandini says this is beautiful and I will buy this, gautami sits and woman says I will have to make this and can u wait? Gautami says lets take her to our palace and she can take as much time she wants. Woman says where do u stay and whichc palace? Nandini says I am the princess of magad palace in pataliputra and come there. The woman and her mom dad are shocked. Woman says no I cant come as I have work. The commander behind says nandini wants you so u

have to come. Woman says I have work here and If I don’t work I will go in loss. Commander says we will give you that gold and come with us otherwise I wil have to force you. She goes.
There helina is training with a soldier. Chandra is watching this. Helina gets down and puts metal head cover on chandras head. She says u will train with me now. Helina puts on horse, she sits on her horse. they head towards each other, Chandra attacks with the spear, it misses. Helina says focus and think that u are the spear. Chandra goes back, he thinks what chanakya told him that u should be fast at everything. They go again and Chandra protects himself, helina says that I nice and u grasp fast. Helina teaches Chandra greek tactics in this way.
There a greek soldier hits an indian soldier and says do it fast and u are weak and because of u weak people this land is ruled by us. He goes. Chandra gets angry and says did u see and we should go against them. A soldier says yes and they are cruel and we work for them yet they are not good to us. Chandra says yes we can all fight and there is a man who will lead us. A greek soldier sees this and says to himself that he is cheating us and I will tell this to sikander.
There chanakya tells all soldiers that he will lead them. Soldiers say that with this force we can not go against the greeks and even maliketu has not met hands with greeks and its no use. Chanakya tells chandar is there and he will bring more soldiers and new tactics from which we will win the fight and believe me. The men say we doubt there is even a person named Chandra and we haven’t even seen him. Chanakya says yes there is and he will come back in no time with troops.
There sikander is on the bed and is ill and helinas dad says we should go from here as u are not well and our Macedonian flag is covering half the world and u are weak. We will go back home and u get well there and in no time we will take india again but not now. Sikander says no and I have takes indian and no one will dare to stand against me. Helinas dad says listen to me and taking india back is easy and we can do that again but can not compromise with your health. Two soldiers bring in Chandra. Sikander says who is this? Greek soldier says he is the one who was putting indian soldiers against us. Sikander gets up as he coughs and says I am the great alexander and u cant go against me and how dare u do that? Chandra puts his hand ahead and says look at this and we make food for u but u call us filth in return and it hurts our self respect so we had to do that. Sikander says you are filth and If u are so powerful then why couldn’t u fight against us when the time was right and I conquered half the world and why didn’t u make your moves when I attacked india? Chandra says you will be thrown out of india and that day will be when a king will rise who cares about his people and is not greedy. Sikander says no one ever dared to talk to me like this, helinas dad is angry. Sikander says I will cut your tongue and soldiers take him. They take him and tie him. There Chandra is beaten, then the soldiers go. After some time helina comes. She unties Chandra, Chandra says I have not seen an intelligent woman like u and helina says If I was a man I would have betrayed u but I am a woman and will help u. Chandra goes.
There the shopkeeper woman and her mom dad are taken to the magadh palace. As padmanand goes, dad tells woman he is the king. Woman is angry.
There Chandra goes with his horse to the lake, he washes his face. Someone by then cuts the horse’s rope, it runs away. Chandra runs behind but it goes. Somebody from behind comes and puts knife and then hand on chandras mouth. Its chanakya disguised. He says look greek soldiers. They hide behind the trees. The soldiers come and say find him and they go. Chanakya and Chandra come out, chanakya says those soldiers wont leave you easily and todays night will be tough for u and where will u go and hwo will you fight them? Chandra says I know a place where I can go.

Precap: chanakya tells all the men and soldiers that today the day has come and you will meet the man who will lead you and will make india greater with you and will give u your respectful place. It is Chandra, chanakya shows Chandra. Everyone see the Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Niharikamalhotra

    As usual..loved helena n Chandra scenes…
    N entry…

  2. Whose

  3. Hii Tanaya,its so nice update from you.But please correct some names like Helena,Malayketu instead of Helina,Maliketu.
    That commander you said who is behind Nandini is Dhananand.And that shopkeeper girl is Baishali.

    1. Who is baishali?? Any relation WD magadh??

      1. She is Chhaya,Chandragupta’s sister.Her fake name is Vaishali for not getting recognized by Padmanand who killed her father Suryagupta.

    2. She is Vaishali,Chandra’s sister

  4. Devga

    Hey so hlina is Chandra’s biggest support against Greeks and padmanand ….. looking forward for the throne of magad occupied by gud soul ….

  5. Hi friends .I really felt very bad for Helina.I think Chandr and Helina will become good friends.

  6. Angelk1

    I like both girls, but so far helen and chandra is winning my heart. Love their chemestry so far abd their duo lol

  7. When is November 2nd 2016 written update coming???

  8. Where is 2nd November 2016 written update?

  9. I really dont understand what is role of nandini…they r not showing any chemistry btween leads …and now saanvi talwar will play role of durdhara ….so who is nandini according to sources chandragupta had only 2 wives….Helena and durdhara ..Nandini role is questionable ..or either scripted by ekta madam for twist only…jodha akbar was far far better than this

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