Chandra Nandni 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says here Nandini I’m begging you dint elave this mahal my son needs you,Nandini says you can’t stop me,Chandra says you are a dasi here and who gave you the permission to leave,mora walks in and says I asked her to leave,Chandra says ma if I ask her to stay you will leave and if I don’t I will loose bindusara now you help me what will I do,I don’t want to loose anyone of you,I was brought up without you and now I can’t live without you,but if you want Nandini to give,she will leave,Mora says wait Chandra,Nandini for bindusara I allow you to stay,take this as a opportunity and remember the day bindusara gets better you shall leave the mahal and only one relation we halal have and that I hatred and leaves,Nandini hugs bindusara.

Chanakya calls few members

,and says there is important work for which I need your help,I made Chandragupta king and now I shall dethrone him and I need your help for this,I shall show him how pride takes to destruction,mantris ask but why should we help you,Chanakya shows them gold,Chanakya says if you help me you shall have your share and I shall teach you how to act against Chandra, he was my student and so his defeat is definite so it’s your decision now,everyone agree to join Chanakya.

Megasenis says maharaj Chanakya is meeting our enemies and training them against us, so I have a plan to trap him,our informers have noted him these areas,Helina says these are different places, megasenis says this is my worry too so we shall send troops on all places,Apma says this is a trap to divert us,Chandra says you are correct and where was we first found I shall go there and other places send troops,Helina takes guards with you,Chandra say sthat shall alert him I will go alone in disguise,I shall use his teachings against him.

Chandra gets dressed in disguise,he picks bindusara, Nandini walks in and sees an unknown man, unaware of its Chandra says I won’t allow anyone to abduct bindusara and removes her Payal and pulls bindusara and attacks on Chandra and says you can’t harm my son,who sent you here,Chandra thinks she didn’t guess it’s me, Nandini attacks in him and both get into a fight,s as if he is going to reach out to bindusara, Nandini attacks him again , in attack, nanidnis dupatta comes of but she puts sword on Chandras neck,and asks who are you and removes his cover from face and says Chandra I was fighting with you,Chandra says you passed your test you are my correct selection,Nandini says I can give my life for him,Chandra says till now I have seen you kill anyways I’m late and leaves,Nandini says you have so much hatred for me.

Chanakya counting coins,Chandra walks in with his sword and says I knew I shall find you here, and puts sword in his feet and takes blessings,Chanakya says my blessings are always with you,our plans working, even padmanand wants to meet me,thanks to Apma act.

( Chandra informs Chanakya about Nandini and explains his side and the reason behind getting Nandini in mahal as bindusaras nanny,Chandra says I accept your punishment as I didn’t take your permission before taking this decision,Chanakya says Chandra a king never lets anyone down,I see a king who is down to earth you have never failed me,you are right bindusara to rule Magad he needs to be alive and you have taken the right decision ,chandra says thank you Acharya,Chanakya says Apma is your mother in law but is a terrorist, I have seen her meeting Sunanda ,Chandra says Acharya but she is doing this to find Nand,Chanakya says this is not as it is seen now we have to turn enemies, this way they will become carefree and we shall find the people who are informers )

Chanakya says Apma will help us in her own trap and will be trapped too,Chandra says but I’m sorry Acharya,Chanakya says but it was a act and people have believed in it,Chandra says but Acharya Nandini still believes in you,Chanakya says but she still will be a terrorist, anyways you have to go now and we have to continue our act.

Pre cap : Chandra has durdharas letter in hand and says Helina I want to know who killed durdhara. Nandinis mangalsutra get stuck in Chandras dress.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    It’s nice that Acharya and Chandra are planning to trap Apama and separated for the reason but their target is Nand not Durdhara’s murderer and Acharya still believes Nandini as culprit. Thanks to Chandra that after fight with Nandini he started to rethink about dd murder case as per precap. Nandini’s nice behaviour with all will surely bring truth some day. Awesome fight scene between Chandra and Nandini.

  2. Chandinikrishna

    The episode was superb. Now both mother daughter is trapped. The precap is also nice.
    Guys go and vote for chandra and nandini as they are nominated for favorite pati and patni at spa. The link is

    1. Jayani

      Cn is nt dere in d nominations at all!!! ???

      1. Chandinikrishna

        They are there in the nomination favorite patni and pati check out the link

  3. Nyc episode…

  4. Nandini has faith on Chanakya as told to him by Chandra, but Chanakya doesn’t want to listen any thing about her. Intelligent Chanakya fails here because if Nandini not murdered Durdhara the culprit can also harm Bindusar, Chanakya must have aware of that. It is difficult to understand, why Acharya is reluctant to the fact.

    1. NR8

      He does not want to believe Nandini is good because he does not want Chandra to fall in love again and believing Nandini is guilty suits his agenda perfectly! That is why he quickly brushes off when Chandra mentions her and changes the topic

      1. Jayani

        Nyc dp… Luv it!!!

      2. NR8

        Thank you, Jayani! It is from the anklet flashback scene that I really love 🙂

      3. Jayani

        Dat scene where she says ? 2 put d anklets wid his hands itself right??? Ur welcum di

  5. i like this serial most

  6. I dont knw why Nandini is insulted so much? Now chandra will knw the truth n fall in love with nadini n poor she has to accept the love bloom or boom is based on chandra? So Nadini should accept him anyways?.. i guess nadini shouldn’t accept anyone and should remain calm n leave Mahal.Even Durdhara is a big time saddist..she will force nandini to take care of her son but she will not tell to anyone abt helena till her death..why is Moora over-reacting? Where was she where durdhara was on her last days? Why no one paid attention? So, it means womens were humilated n disrespected even in Chandra Gupt muryan empire..the way he said to Nandini that she is a dasi n he wont leave her..i guess he is forgetting that he took her to Palace seeking Permission on Nandini. It was her who agreed to come to protect Bindushar. Why is Chandra over reacting? Dint he get any clue abt roopa’s death? If Apama met sunanda..n helped Roopa..that means they master planned to get rid of Nandini? Even Roopa gave a hint of venom ladies in mahal who wanted to kill nandini…ecen helena wanted chandra to make nandini out of mahal..cant he understand the knot and unplot the plan of apama n nadini..Shame on chandra gupt..he should be ashamed to call him the king..the king who cant protect his own wives

    1. Some typo mistake..unplot the plan of apama n helena…i am fed up with chandra..i see him as villian rather than a hero..who will love such an idiot who dont respect his wife n keep tonting her..saddist.

      1. all story hero protect and save heroine from all conspiracy but here hero is the main villan always blaming,torturing,insulting her…i cannot bare whenever he call her as dasi,nanny..

    2. NR8

      True…what would he have done if Nandini refused to come to Magadh? Even though she fights and protects Bindusar, instead of showing gratitude, all he does is give her evil looks and insult her more. All of them behave like they did her a big favor by asking her to come back to Magadh and be a dasi! Like she should be thankful to them for keeping her as a dasi.

      Nandini is also to blame too. She was really strong before when she first got married, but after she falls in love with Chandra she has become very weak. Being strong does not mean just being good at sword fighting, Also need being mentally strong and able to stand up for yourself.

      1. i agree wit u nowadays i didnt like nandi just she is playing wit bindu nd passing the time she knows who s killer nd nt tryong to trap them hereafter she dont want to long to get trust from chandu…she have to prove herself nd cure bindu nd leave the mahal before that give speech like draupadi

      2. Jayani

        I guess ?’s wuds hav cum true… Luv makes ppl weak… But d same luv makes ppl strong also… Y r dey showing as if luv makes ppl weak??? Fail 2 understand dis lady… Useless

    3. Jayani

      It’s nt dd’s aathma itself… Its just nandu’s conscience which is reflecting as dd

  7. chandra loved nandu for her good character but now how he can hate this much..even once he didnt think abt time he spent wit her…basic of love is trust..if chandra gets trust on nandu from proof and evidence there is no value for love

  8. Hey yaar! Hai. Okay so ik something abt that vishkanya. She was sent by amartya to kill cgm. Her name is dakshita. After cgm was given the crown, chanakya used to give small doses of poison to cgm to make him immune to poison. Chanakya uses his brain to divert her and kill parvatak, the father of malai. Malai then comes to throne. On knowing that amartya sent her, cgm and chanakya tries to trap him. Cgm shews off chanakya and makes amartya as the mukya manthri. Malai becomes furious on hearing this. Chanakya sends a person to his court nd he slowly persuades his mind that if cgm has made him as a munister, he is really more intelligent than chanakya. He becomes more furious and kills the allies of amartya and finally he kills amartya. But i am not sure abt who will kill amartya. Is it malai or cgm? And there are instances that dakshita falls in love with cgm and helps him. I am not quite sure abt this.


    I hope chndra soon trap helina too and find that it was helina who killed dhurdhara not nandini..
    But awsome fight nandini..

  10. Dear tellyupdate,
    I only watch Chandra nandini serial but right now I m unhappy with the same Helena track since long and after watching it’s promo I m losing my interest in Chandra nandini serial. Please give our request to ekta mam to stop triangle track always. Wish bhar dia really hate this track. There can be more track to show in this serial like Chandra nandini united and work on social issues like in Jodha Akbar movie.
    Try to utilize the base of this serial other than showing same thing again n again..
    Ekta mam love stories are good till they don’t fall in love after than like kaisa ye pyar h, kitni mohabbat h all have same concept.. 3rd person in the story.
    Try to add some war and chanakya teachings also as other upcoming stories but please don’t try to make it flop like kyph n kmh after lead couple unite

    1. NR8

      We really want C & N to become united, but unfortunately almost all serials become boring after the lead pair get together. That is why they keep adding problems and stretch it so much.

  11. Today episode is okay kind. But pre cap is worst. Idiot Chandra is always showing his hard face to Nandhini. Really hate his character in this role. When this letter reading scene will come . Always showing in pre cap but not in real episode.will the letter reading give any clue to Chandra that Nandhini is innocent or still he will remain with his remarkable character – Brainless.

  12. satya sarathi sarkar


  13. satya sarathi sarkar


  14. wow fight was amazing only nandu has gut to fight and win wit ths brainless king..he was stunned…

  15. anyone say abt tht letter scene i dont hindi..while reading helena first closed her eyes and opened why she shocked…this letter was already used on dd deathday ny chankya then why again using ths evidence anyhave no name indicated

    1. NR8

      All that Chandra read in DD’s letter was – “I want to tell you something I am afraid that those people will kill me, especially that……” He stops there when Helena opens her eyes, because she is waiting for the name (or the word ‘souten’) that will come next. Souten means husband’s another wife.
      Also in the pre-cap they say ‘this week’, so all the things they show in the pre-cap can happen anytime this week, not just tomorrow.

      1. thank u vry much for ur reply nd anothr doubt they used ths letter already as evidence while chankya reading letter chandra was present now why he is reading d letter

      2. NR8

        It could be that Chandra was in so much grief when DD died and wasn’t really thinking well and paying much attention to the letter. So now that he has doubt that Nandu might be innocent, maybe he wants to read it thoroughly to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

      3. Jayani

        Mayb s… I agree wid u di

  16. I can’t wait to watch how they resolve these issue of dd murder, I know chandra believes now in nandani, I hope chanakya will help in the matter, though he acts aloft I believe he too as started suspecting but they have to act intelligently otherwise the risk the life of the future king

    1. even i can believe chandra bec he hating nandu only due to dd death but chankya he is sooo idiotic person if he knows the truth also he wil hate her

  17. Valerie Wright

    Me too not happy with the writers ,please give C and N a chance to love each other and make a child together be husband and wife ,why does he asways trust the Greek always .?

  18. NR8

    I don’t know if anyone noticed – During the sword fight all the jumps and flips in the air by Nandini are done by a man (duplicate ). Only when they show the front, it is Shwetha Basu herself.

    Also the new baby Bindusar is so cute!!! He looks so adoringly when the others are talking. No crying at all 🙂

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      your dp is really nice.It reminds me happy moments when chandra nandini united.

    2. NR8

      Yes, it is from one of the best scenes in CN, the flashback payal scene <3 <3 I wish they could go back to being happy soon! ,although looks like Chandra will hate her more after seeing the false DD letter 🙁

      1. satya sarathi sarkar

        lets hope for more payal scenes.But makers do not listen our appeal,they continue to increase chandra’s hate for nandu more day by day.

  19. Now again a new villan is gonna come named vishkanya

  20. Hope nandu will get a better place in next episode….

  21. The upcoming episodes of Chandra Nandini are going to showcase Chandra finally exposing the real killer of Durdhara as he and Chanakya together hatch out their plan to expose Helena and Apama.

    Viewers get to see a big rift developing between Chandra and Chanakya as Chanakya walks out of Chandra’s palace and gives up his post as the chief minister. However, it gets revealed that Chandra and Chanakya were just doing a drama as Chanakya has come to know about Apama being a betrayer. Chandra and Chanakya plan that they will act to be enemies so that they can expose their real enemies. However, Chanakya is still against Nandini and agrees to allow her to live in the palace only for Bindusar’s sake.

    Viewers will now get to see that Nandini will soon come to know about Chandra and Chanakya’s plan to catch the traitors in the palace. Nandini will try to win over Chanakya’s trust so that he gets convinced that she is innocent in Durdhara’s murder case. Nandini knows that once Chanakya is convinced of her innocence, he will do anything to find the real culprit and free her from the false allegations. Moreover, Chandra will start having doubts about Apama and Helena’s involvement in Durdhara’s murder.
    – See more at:

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      chandra and chanyaka playing drama to expose their enemies but why they cannot play a drama to expose drudhara’s killer??if nandini can convince chanyka her innocence that will be her great achievement.

      1. ya really achieving chankyas trust is veryyyyy tough if she won nobody can harm her even chandu

  22. Hi guys, since we all love Chandra & Nanthini especially being an historic mixed with fictional story line serial I suggest that you guys watch Bahubali 2, The Conclusion as well, which was sooo good with the same historic and fantasy touch.. I loved it.

    1. NR8

      Yes, truly fabulous movie!!! I think the writers of CN need to take a few tips from Bahubali2. Especially Devasena’s character! She is so strong inspite of being a woman. She does not need a man to help her or take care of her. I wish we could see more fire like that in Nandini and try to prove herself innocent instead of waiting for Chandra or Chanakya to trust her or help her.

  23. if i can i will kill this evil helena and apama …those grrrrrrrr shit

  24. Now a days gng toobore to c brainless king and braveless queen gng too worst too c like this king

  25. Pls don’t show chandra as such a brainless king. Its annoying he is such a big emperor samrat but he doesn’t have any secret persons to know what’s happening in the mahal.

  26. please update the episode fastly

  27. Nice episode ????

    Loved it!!! ????

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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