Chandra Nandni 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chaya says Nandini I have seen your true colours now,before I loose my clam leave right away,Roopa thinks poor Nandini lost one more relation,Roopa dances in joy. Maliketu says Chaya I’m very shameful,I couldn’t stop Nandini after all,she is maharani, i tried stopping her but she never does,and now I have one solution I should leave magad,Chaya says please don’t it’s not your mistake,she will have to repay for her mistakes,I will talk to Chandra we will leave magad,Maliektu hugs her and says no Chaya it’s not good for your health and don’t tell Chandra,Chaya says he has to know and leaves.

Chandra in his room looking at sketch says Nandini even when I know you don’t love me and can’t see tears in your eyes and you are my enemies daughter,Chaya

comes in,Chandra says Chaya please sit why you look so restless,Chaya says Chandra I need your decision,first my husband was killed by nandinis brother now she is trying to snatch Maliektu from me,before I didn’t but now I really love Maliektu,why is she eyeing my happiness,Maliektu comes and says Chaya why did you come here lets leave as soon as possible and you need rest too.

Chandra says you two will go no where , dasi call Nandini,Nandini comes and sees Chaya and says what’s wrong why are you so restless,Chaya says Nandini stop acting,Chandra says Nandini, you called me a emotionless man but your emotions are everywhere I guess and you a characterless and heartless women,Chaya saw you forcing on Maliektu , Maliektu say something,Maliektu says yes maharaj she always tries to come closer to me,and I didn’t want this matter to be out as she is maharani and so I shall leave magad for its betterment,Chandra says Nandini will leave magad as soon as dadi ma leaves, and walks away.maliektu says Chaya come lets go. Nandini thinks Chandra why did you say I’m Heartless.

Helina mother says helina it’s our time now,Chandra will be yours forever now,helina says why is that so, even after nandinis presence that too,Helina mother says yes it’s your right,helina says ma Nandini is so weird these days and when she doesn’t like Maliektu why Is she doing this anyways her dids are advantaging my plans,,Helina mother says helina think about how you will vow Chandra,dasi get the new jewellery and dresses,perfumes I got for helina.

Chandra tells durdhara about the Chaya seeing Nandini and maliketu,durdhara says jr Chandra tell me do you think your Nandini ma will ever do this,see even he think she will never do it,Chandra says you are innocent,durdhara says I dont think so, and till dadi is here,think about here decision as Nandini can never do such think,she doesn’t have Maliektu in her heart. Chandra thinks about time spent with Nandini and thinks is it really that Nandini has Maliektu in her Heart or it’s just everyone’s misunderstanding,Chandra remembers Chanakya not asking to think by Herat and be emotional,Chandra gets angry and impatient and shouts.

Roopa comes from behind,Chandra feels a hand and pulls it and holds,Nandini (Roopa) says is this the way you get romantic their are other ways too,Chandra says durdhara says you weren’t with maliketu what would you say on that,Roopa says nothing,actually it’s true I was with maliketu ,I hate you , i can’t bare your presence it’s suffocating, you married me forcefully and once dadi will leave I will be relived and I can’t expect anything good from you after all you are a farmers son and me a princess.chandra holds her hand tight and says I promise you won’t have to see my face again and leaves,Roopa says oh Chandra your touch I wish I didn’t have to act or else would trap you in Roopas love mesh.

Helina mother makes cigar for Roopa and says I’m so happy,after today’s act Chandra would hate Nandini till his last breath, few hours now and Nandini will be out, ask any amount you want and it will be yours,Roopa says I have told you before not to show your money this I’m doing for my revenge and it’s just helping you, so Sunanda ma should we tell her why I hate Nandini,Sunanda says she is Nandinis twin sister no one knows about it not even padmanand and Avantika,Roopa says look at nandinis life lived a princess life but I lived a lonely life.

Sunanda says this all started with when Avantika was pregnant for 10th time and jyothish said maharaj padmanand your kundali says your wife will have twin babies and the second child with a spot on body will be reason for maharaj destroy. Sunanda says I didn’t take it seriously until, Avantika really gave birth to twins, after birth of twins I asked Vaidya to keep the news of twins a secrete and announce that Avantika gave birth to just one daughter but nand instead of being happy for daughter killed jyotish,so later I took the second daughter to Nand and says look your twin ,nand says but Avantika gave birth to one child,nand says oh no but she has to die or else she will destroy my kingdom,nand about to kill her Avantika calls him and so I took her aware in assurance to kill her.

Sunanda says nand and left me for Avantika and was a cheat and so I decided to raise her as my daughter instead of killing her and use her at right time,Roopa says my ma gave me a life and Nandini got luxuries and now I will snatch all that from her even her pitahamaharaj who wanted to kill me.

Pre cap : Chandra trying to catch Nandini, he falls on bed ,Nandini sees him and starts laughing heartily and says you truly are monkey ,Chandra thinks why do I feel so good see her laugh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. अरुण

    Bad day for Nandini, twin sister Roopa is not leaving any scope to cheer Nandini however amazing precap is showing good moments of Chandra and Nandini.

    1. Hope the precap is not a dream of nanthini or chandra

  2. Today it was height of irritation. When chandra n durdara discuss abt each n everything. Y dint durdara update chandra that it was helana who asked nandini to make a mukut? Cant chandra understand the difference of roopa n nandini by the body language. Disguisting…stupid episode altogether..

  3. Nivu99

    finally roopa’s identity came out…. malaiketu nd his drama is too much to bear…. chandra keeps on blaming and nandini simply listens to it…. durdhara is only one person who always supports nandini….. by this time chandra would have got doubt but still he is confused.
    precap is intresting

  4. Priya9876

    Why the makers are just dragging this Rupa’s track….my god getting bored….
    Common its hight time to reveal the truth….

    And plz give new clothes to Helena….
    Poor Pathrani always wear same old 3-4 dresses….

    1. Jayani

      5 clothes priya di nd 1 indian dress

    seems nandini will confess her love out of anger..

  6. NABANITA626

    Which sunanda has told today,I mean which roopa know about herself and nandini’s difference reason… that true?
    Or it is told by sunanda to roopa for just brainwashing roopa and use her in her evil work…………….
    Because sunanda is not So good lady that she brought her sautan’s baby with love and sympathy……..even after knowing that she will be the reason of nanda’s destroy…..
    #do you anyone agree with me?

  7. OMG what is happening ?????? Will Chandra ever find the truth

    1. NABANITA626

      Hope so………………but when don’t know….

  8. Chandra is not a good ruler and husband. He is not understand about the trueth till now.once I like this serial very much. But now it’s boaring me very well. I luv nandini and my heart broken when adding her tears. Really is it true story?

  9. Did Avantika really not know that she herself gave birth to a second twin child? OOOPPS! so strange!
    Why is Nandini not getting angry when Malayketu blames her and strongly argues in the presence of Chaya & Malayketu that she hates Malayketu? What is stopping her?
    Why cant Nandini justify that she was not in Chaya – Malay room but she was somewhere else or with somebody else maybe Dadi. Ma or her own mother. Queens are always safeguarded by their servants / guards. Maybe this Chandra Nandini serial is a low budgeted series and therefore they could not hire more characters to act as Dasis and Sainiks (guards) in the palace or outside. We hardly get to see anyone in such big Magadh. Anyone can attack Magadh easily. Oh! its a Modern Magadh.
    STORY WRITER, we understand you want to extend the series duration for atleast two years but it does not mean that imaginations and ideas are unrealistic and not logical. Fiction often captures the hearts of viewers but when fiction is made up absolutely baseless, it does not have any meaning.
    Secondly, many viewers view serials also because they are fans of actors who played characters of Chandra and Nandini that is Rajat and Shweta, and therefore if the serial story is already in a pathetic & boring state then those viewers who are actually watching serials ONLY because they are fans of Rajat and Shweta, will be forced to leave watching both the actors. Because whatever you eat has to be digested even if it is your favourite dish. Else you loose taste on food even if it is your most favorite one. So please ensure that viewers are able to digest Chandra Nandini serial with great pleasure.

  10. Very boring …. Seriously hate roopa character .. Wrost episode with lots of boring aspects…

  11. Subham (

    Nice episode….
    Thanks for the nice update Tanaya di??

    and nice precap…..????

  12. Dr malar Muthiah

    I m a fan of chandra nanthini bcox of historical facts. But after watching quite sometime i find it more to usual dramas. From begining i thought nanthini is very brave n strong, has her own opinion on ruling the kingdom but it all change now. She is more like crying baby……. dont tell me chandra cant differentiate the real nanthini and roopa…… surprisingly until now he didnt ….

    1. Ya. Nandini is warrior prince fight to all wrong situation, but now she is only cry. i m hurt when she cry.

  13. True Dr. Malar, Chandra being such a great samrat isn’t he able to differentiate between his wife & a stranger. Roopa has many time come across Chandra and till now is unable to find out the difference. Also, I did not understand the fact that if at all roopa is nandini’s twin sister, why should roopa has grudge on nandini and she was not at all in any way responsible for anything that happened to roopa.

  14. hi, the episode was ok, but waiting for today episode, i hope it will not a dream.

    1. NABANITA626

      No it is not dream…….for sure…..
      Don’t get tension….

  15. Chandra and chanakya knows everything about Roopa.

    1. NABANITA626

      What?is it assumption or you know that from somewhere?

  16. I did nt understand what u said afzal Bro.Wherefrom u came to know about it???.Can u give me the link ??????

  17. Hi all. Everyone is telling the CVS are showing Chandra has tarnished history by showing Chandra as dumb. Yes Chandra was a great king in history. But there was a another great person during that period that was chanakya. Remember when someone tried to kill Chandra unborn child even Chandra believed nandini might have done it. But chanakya said to Chandra that just because nandini is his biggest enemy daughter doesn’t need to be a culprit. Similarly chanakya warned Chandra that there is another enemy in the kingdom. In another incident Chanakya told Chandra not to decide by heart but to decide by brain. The thing is Chandra is using his heart more than his brain when it comes to nandini. Maybe that’s why he can’t figure out nandini dual behaviour. Once chanakya comes back. Chandra will figure out

    1. NABANITA626

      May be you are telling right….but do you not think that chandras charecture is so much depending on chanakya?

    2. Hi Raghu,Well said, it so comprehensible, i agree with your points.

  18. Very bored Chandra is very talent guy but he don’t know who is nadhni and roopa very fun and discussed in historcal drama dont make fact things so much its really bad not interested in drama pls stop this stupid episodes and make clear story interested

  19. Very bored Chandra is very talent guy but he don’t know who is nadhni and roopa very fun and discussed in historcal drama dont make fact things so much its really bad not interested in drama pls stop this stupid episodes and make clear story interested

  20. AparnaPrasad

    Y is nandini not commiting suicide? Hw wl blame she takes frm chandra..its too much sometimes still in the next episode both behave lik nothing happened before…new problm come chandra humiliates nandini nd she cries.. next day same… how unrealistic and idiotic is ds… definitly d writer nd director hs no sense of creativity, positivity infact no sense of anything.

  21. Chandra Nandni: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini (Shewta Basu Prasad) visits Chandra’s village, relives childhood memories The upcoming episode of Star Plushistorical series Chandra Nandni willshowcase some love moments amid Chandra and Nandini.Much confusion and hatred is going on amid Chandra and Nandini because of Roopa’s interference in their life.Roopa is creating differences amid Chandra and Nandini, Chandra and Nandini’s developing love is turning hatred.Nandini and Chandra now has togo to Chandra’s childhood village forsome work, Chandra decides to live simple life like other villagers.Chandra and Nandini’s closeness Chandra snd Nandini thus take up simple life like other villagers and does all works by themselves, Chandra teases Nandini as she has never lived such life.Nandini struggles milking the cow, while Chandra makes fun and teases Nandini over it.I copied it frm a spoiler.I amexcited for this track .

    1. i want see childhood naughtyness in between chandra nandini. thanks for update. I hope in village no any interfare in C-N life.

    2. I just read.. iam so excited Yasmin… Maybe it will be shown in second next week

    3. Jayani

      Di I found an even longer 1… Dis is it

      Happy tym for ? nd nandini

      Chandra and Nandini reach the village, where Chandra has grown up. Chandra shares his childhood experiences with her. He feeds the cows and spends good time. He gets angry seeing a couple fighting. The man asks his wife to leave from his house, while the wife stays adamant to stay with him. The man complains to Chandra.

      Chandra and Nandini imagine themselves and relate their chemistry. The scene gets funny, when Chandra tries to kick her out and she refuses to leave. Later, Nandini goes to draw milk from the cow, but gets tensed thinking the cow will hit her. Chandra sees whether Nandini can do it. Nandini was raised in palace and does not know to do day to day household work. Chandra makes fun of her and says I did not know milk is drawn this way, I think person should sit and draw milk. Nandini says I know it, I was doing the work now. He teases her. Nandini manages to draw the milk. Nandini gets to know many new things, which are part of village life.

      Dis is wat I got in detail…

    4. NABANITA626

      So excited………

      1. Jayani

        Ur welcum naba di

  22. NABANITA626

    Aab to writers ne chanakya ke ek LALCHI PATNI? AUR EK UNMARRIAD BETI??

  23. so sad that Chandra and Nandini has so many enemies surrounding them. when will Chandra ever find out about Roopa… I cant wait for that moment and for him to realise that Nandini loves him a lot!! Sigh!!!

  24. NABANITA626

    #sorry for typo?
    I mean digest nehi kar payi

  25. Agree with u nabanita di…hahaha

    1. NABANITA626

      Btw why don’t you registered in this page yet?

  26. I’m starting to hate this serial….oh God that roopa is such an ass**** …how I wish chandra and nandini understand their love for each other n the writer can make helena bad and not nandini…. I’ll start to watch when roopa s chapter will be over..till then tellyupdates ki jai ho

  27. Nabanita626. In Mahabharata to destroy the kauravas pandavas took Krishna’s help. Similarly is chanakya to Chandra. That doesn’t mean Chandra is dependent on chanakya. It means a person could think in a different way. Afzal you said chanakya and Chandra knows roopa. Maybe ur right but I feel that might have happened only after drinking incident and dancing with Malay. When somebody drinks there would be Snell. When nandini was asleep Chandra came to confront nandini could he not figure it out

    1. NABANITA626

      Thanks for explaining……..your points are very gòod…

    2. I agree with you. We are more expectation from him because he his king, great ruler. we want to personaly study situation & then blame with punish. He is always yell on Nandini.

  28. Wlcm swati di…

  29. Jayani

    D epi was gud but bad day for nandini… Dd was soooo cute… Waiting for d precap…

    Jai Siya Ram

  30. I also think that aparna di.

  31. Oh jayani that is making me even more excited.Thanks for sharing dear.

    1. Jayani

      Ur welcum yasmin di

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