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Chandra Nandni 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sangeet ritual which is going to start. Chaya says this is so nice and my brother is the king of Magadha. Mom says yes why wont it be nice? He is a good king. Nandini comes and sits. Sje sees the king of utkarn and remembers the time when she was learning from her brother sword fighting and then gave her sword to king of utkarn and said keep it safe and don’t give it to my brothers. Nandini tells her mom that he is the king of utkarn and he was my fathers friend and what is he doing here? King of utkarn comes and gives nandini blessings and smiles and goes. Nandini gets up and looks at the hallway, she remembers how when she was a child she used to play catch catch with her father. Nandini is in tears. Her mom comes and says I know these kings were once your fathers friends

but now they are Chandragupta friends and this is politics now and Chandra is the king not your father. Suddenly a horn is blown and some people attack the palace. Chanakya tells all soldiers to protect the royal family. Chandra is stabbed in the back with a dagger. He tells nandini to help her. Nandini is about to remove the dagger when she remembers how her brothers and father was attacked. Nandini runs away, Chandra comes and stands in front of her. Nandini is shocked, Chandra says you must be thinking how I am here? Come with me. He takes nandini where the person was stabbed with dagger, Chandra says you refused to help him because you thought it was me and he could have died. Nandini says I hoped it was you, Chandra says its not so easy to kill me. Chandra says the situation is under control now but I will find out who did this. Chanakya tells everyone that the situation is under control and lets start this ritual, Chandra tells soldiers to put the enemies in prison.
Helenas mom tells Helena that look at nandini she does not want to marry Chandra but is forced to marry him so its obvious she is not interested in Chandra. This is the right time to make your mark in chandras mind and make him your puppet. If at all Chandra falls in love with nandini then everything will be messed and you wont get your respect and power here. Helena says okay I will do that.
There nandini is taken for mehendi ritual. As the women are putting mehendi on nandinis hands, nandini feels these are scars on her hand and she will not forgte them but she has to marry Chandra. Chandras mom sits beside her and tells I understand your sorrow and even I lost my husband and you lost your dad so we are on the same page but Chandra is a good man and he will keep you happy. Mom goes. Helena goes behind and tells her nandini is the daughter of an enemy and she will become my servant. Mom says so are you and you are a greater enemy. Helena says what do you mean? Mom says I know you are the daughter of alexanders commander seleucus and Chandra and his father swore never to let foreigners in their country and nandini is still indian but you are greek but you married Chandra and so I gave you the respect of daughter, I will give the same respect to nandini. Mom smiles and goes. Helena is angry and says if you are the high queen then even I am chandras wife in this kingdom and I will make nandini my servant at all costs.
Chanakya is doing arrangements and he tells the soldiers to open the gates of kingdom and the people should be allowed in as Chandra should get all his peoples blessings. Soldier says okay and goes. Chandra says why are we doing this without looking into the matter of the attack which happened a few moments ago? Chanakya says only we know that padmanand is alive and to bring him here, we have to open the gates as he wont allow the marriage of his daughter, once he comes we will kill him. Chandra says okay.
There nandini is looking outside her balcony, she thinks of something and goes to lobby. There she sees soldiers outside and to distract them she throws her gold leg band. Soldiers hear the sound and think someone is there and they go to find. Nandini sneaks slowly to the open area, there some servants are dressing up sweets to be sent in chandras room, they go after the arrangement is done. Nandini removes something from a drawer and keeps it inside the sweet plate and goes. Helena sees this and gives a cunning smile.

Precap: Helena tells Chandra that he shouls go in nandinis room, Chandra says no. Helena says you should because nandini has kept a secret gift for you in the sweets plate and I think you want to see it, Chandra says all she does is make plans to kill me and if its that then I will go and see what gift is in that plate.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. nice!! thanks for written update!

  2. Ur update do saves my curiosity, u knw?

  3. Helena= rukaiya begum
    Durdhara= saleema begum

    All ekta’s shows are one and the same

  4. yo are right, even kasam is also begining story is same like kis desh mein hai meraa dil

  5. While copying her shows with same storyline ekta should have make sense.. At least history should not b deteriorated in such a manner..the female lead is totally a fictional character.. Not well portrayed at all..Shweta can’t look like a princess nor she has the grace n dignity Paridhi has..Paridhi has set such high standards of royal looks beauty n dignity nobody could match..her shudh Hindi dialogue s n her soothing voice made people believe in jodha..the so well portrayed characters of jalal n jodha n fabulous chemistry btwn them made the show immensely popular.. Here nothing of exist s..rajat doing so well but he should have a proper female lead..storyline seems poor..direction also..only rajat can save the show.

  6. Maharani advaita

    Nice episode . Helina …….. what a charechter

  7. good episode ! Shweta has portrayed the role of nandini brilliantly. Chemistry gets better everyday between rajat and shweta..

  8. Cool.Ekta should have some sense to select Sweta for the character.

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