Chandra Nandni 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Gurudev is dhananand son saunand

Chandra Nandni 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya about to enter his room,Nandini stops him,Chanakya asks you here,you should be in function now,Nandini says it’s about Chandra and very important,Chanakya says don’t hesitate let’s get in and says stop I smell oil here and checks the floor also has stones which may catch fire when rubbed and says let’s go we need to alert Chandra as well and both leave.

In Ravan dahan function,Panditji begins with ritual,Helina says I don’t think Chandra won’t be here so let Bindusara initiate,mora says yes it’s no use to wait for Chandra Nandini,Bindusara lights the arrow and aims it,the Ravan bursts in fire,Chanakya walks to them and starts looking for Chandra and then informs Bindusara about the plot,a burnt man falls if the Ravan,Chanakya goes check,and

asks where is Chandra,mora says even dharma is missing,Bindusara says this isn’t maharaj nor dhrama,Chandra says I’m here,Chanakya walks to him and asks are you alright,Chandra says this man shall answer,bheemdev and Mohini recognise that man,Chandra says thanks to Bindusara he came to me.

( Bindusara to Chandra,says pitahshree this is dharmas bangle and she is missing since last night and she Hasn’t left mahal too,Chandra says this means there is some plot planted,I’m with you dint worry,Chandra and Bindusara start looking for dhrama and see the two men and follow them,and attack,one of them consumes poison,Bindusara asks him where is dharma,he says idol and dies,Bindusara remembers finding dharmas bangle near Ravan idol and in blood,Chandra says go save dharma and remember no one should learn about this.

Bindusara saves dhrama and she faints saving there is some plot,Bindusara asks dasi to take her in room and ties the poison consumed man there,Chandra gets the other man and arrests him.)

Bindusara asks him who are you and who sent you,he says Magads real king. Amartya says to Gurudev you are now eligible for Magads throne and so I crown as king,dhanand putra. The man informs Chandra and family that he is sent by dhananand son,Magads real king.

Doctor says dharma you need to take all medicines on time,Nandini says I’m with her don’t worry,and says dhrama thank good you are fine,dharma says till you are with me,no one can harm me,Charumati and Bindusara walk in,doctor leaves,Nandini applies her medicine,Bindusara in tears and remembers his childhood days with Nandini,Nandini leaves and smiles looking at Bindusara.

Charumati says let’s go Bindusara,dharma says thank you for saving me u why did you,instead you could get rid of me,you hate me,my presence,Bindusara says because I didn’t want to see you die,Charumati leaves his hand,Bindusara says if you would die at once,how would I enjoy seeing you die everyday,I saved you for my happiness,Charumati smiles,dharma says that day won’t come when I would breakdown,Bindusara and Charumati leave.

Bheemdev says to Mohini,now they know who our enemy is, we need to be alert,Mohini say something,Mohini says they could catch because you weren’t in Chandras body like now go into his body,find what Chandra and Chanakya are planning and stop them from planning ahead,Bheemdev says you are right,Mohini says just be alert because you are facing Chanakya,he is master mind and remember we need to keep them away.

Nandini says this all is making me very scared,I have to talk to Chanakya,Chandra to Chanakya,thankgod Bindusara learnt about dhrama otherwise it won’t be good,and we have to get saunand,Chanakya says I have sent soldiers to seal the secret ways and security is increased,an informer comes and informs that work is done,Chanakya says now go find where these two men came from,I know saunand must have changed his place but still this is to show that we are behind them as they think,Chandra says acharya I want saunand,Chanakya says sure I will,Bheemdev enters his body,Chanakya says to informer meet the man near the hills and tell him what I want,Chandra stops him and says we need to send someone else,Chanakya says i cant send you,Chandra says I want to send you,because on,y you can get it quickly,and accurately,the plot by Amartya,and about Magad I will look in your absence,so you should proceed.

Chanakya says you are right Chandra,sending someone else will just get us information but If I go I can take quick actions too,will proceed right away,Chandra says sure.

Pre cap… Chanakya is informed that saunand has sent two men to Magad.
Chandra asks Guards to arrest Mohini and she keeps pleading.
Helina asks Bindusara that it’s time he should be thronged Magad king.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode. Culprits detained, main conspirators Amartya and Gautami’s son exposed, Dharma rescued, Acharya is safe. Nandini couldn’t discuss problem of Chandra with Chanakya but Helena is playing her mind game, intresting to watch how Bhimdeo is exposed.

  2. Gpk484

    Varae Vaah!
    What an episode !?
    Now we all know atleast some of the answers ..
    Yet Nandini should get her memory !…that’s pending right !
    Well coming to today’s episode…
    Bindusar is getting sympathy towards Dharma
    Which is Okay To my liking… Somewhat …mmm

    Nandini did a great move by speaking with Chanakya !
    And also Chanakya thankfully is shown in the episode of today’s
    Which is highly appreciated….
    Also he’s planning on! And taking steps ….
    Good to class !…
    Now only makers…
    Improving the episodes towards viewers likings !
    That’s very nice !…
    Now coming to most intense part
    That’s precap ….
    Well what can I say ! ???
    1st scene
    Chanakya informed that two men has been sent to Magadh by Saunand !
    That’s average only !
    Now 2nd
    Chandra asks Guards to arrest Mohini and she keeps pleading !
    Well that’s unusual for expectation !
    If mohini gets arrested then bheemdev cannot interchange souls without her help !
    Hmm, the questions are
    Why the hell is he doing this ?
    Is he doing this as real Chandra ? Or possessed one ? Not confirmed ! ?
    Or if she misbehaved with Chandra’s body thinking that bheemdev psycho is inside of him or what !
    But the actual truth is he’s not inside
    So Chandra asks guards to arrest that mohini psychic !
    Mmm too many predictions questions based on tomorrow’s episode by seeing the precap of course
    Then the 3rd one actually
    It’s the quiet known one
    That’s Helena asking Bindusar to dethrone Chandra !
    Well that’s kinda boring right?
    Well 2nd precap is my preferred one !
    1st & 3rd one it’s not as much as interesting as the 2nd one when compared side by side
    Well by this
    conclusion is,
    It looks promising ! Well enough I guess so
    Hope I see Chandra slapping Helena in tomorrow’s episode!…. I’m curious about it !
    That Saunand is waste !
    He’s not as powerful villan as padmanand was to Chandra ?
    Coming to the point I think they’re ( makers )
    Gonna make this fast !
    I’m saying this due to today’s episode speeding !
    So I think they’ll finish it off very fast for good
    Or there might also be some dragieness !
    Oh i know that God only knows oh damn !
    I think they’ll finish it off because there is no more story to continue this serial
    Better they end well by combination of Chandra Nandini living happily lovingly forever

    *THE END*


    1. Gpk484, Nice comments, agree with u Precap 2
      Maybe today Helena will get a slap which we are eagerly waiting

  3. Do not know Why suddenly Bindusar thinks about his childhood days with Nandini when he does not like her. Had anything changed in the story I did not watch or what I don’t know.

  4. Savithri V Ramani

    Today episode is fantastic.both Bindu and Chandra acted as mourya king and saved Bindu has got tears when he remembered his childhood days with nandini.too touching again the black magic part irritating and waiting for bhimdev arrest .please show Chandra as a intelligent king and make the viewers proud of him

  5. Not bad episode after such a long time, story moving ahead n fast.
    Nandini did not managed to speak to Archarya about weird behaviour of Chandra.
    Bindu has some feeling about Dharma, since Charu with Bindu, his conversation to Dharma changed as if he is not interested. Bindu has a memory about childhoods about Nandini, i only see sadness on his eyes but not tears, maybe getting a bit of feeling towards Nandini.
    Waited for the slap scene n was disappointed Helena did not get slap from Chandra(Bheemdev). Maybe today.
    I love Chandra n Bindu chemistry, now they show the intelligence of Chandragupta
    Wah, Nandini wore a very beautiful dress, new constume for Divali.
    Precap Mohini get caught, Helena wants Bindu to be King, maybe after getting slapped from Chandra

  6. I like your last line.She wants bindu to become king after getting slapped?

  7. this episode had almost everything. A true diwali treat. Now I don’t want this to end. I want to see Bindusar and Dharma story

  8. I saved you for my happiness – bindu was right here but dharma didn’t understand what he was saying. Because of charu, he couldn’t express his real feelings. Father son duo was great today.We haven’t seen an episode as great as this for a long time and it’s really refreshing to our soul.

  9. Don’t knw wat 2 say guys. Story moves fast. Don’t knw wen helena s gng to get caught?. Or thy won’t prove her real identity on end also. Still apama s missing in d show don’t knw thy gng to reveal t to bindu or not. Sonanand mind corrupted by amartya likewise bindu by helena and apama. Its Ntng wrong in it. Helena got tight slap from possessed chandra tats gud 2 see in precap. After nandni speaks with helena she ll confronts him for his deeds after tat oly she got slap from him. Mohini arrested maybe this ll show by next week oly. Chanakya scene also by next week oly. Today thy r gng to show nandni, helena and bheemdev scenes oly. S padmini agree wit u, bindu acting in front of charu lik he s not liking dharma. And without any reasons he got nandni flashes?. Maybe d way she takes care fr dharma he got her childhood flashes. Y helena asks bindu to dethrone chandra?. If tat hppns then she ll not be a queen anymore. Hahah. She always says I’m d mukhya maharani here. She can’t say tat anymore. She can say her as ex-mukhya maharani for her happiness.

    1. Arpkishore, agree with yr comments, the way Nandini was taking care of Dharma, Bindu got back his old memories how she took care of him. He is missing the motherly love n when he lost that he became an angry, frustrated n so much hatred had been build up.
      If Helena wants Bindu to dethrone Chandra, u are right Helena can’t be Mukhya Maharani, who knows when Bindu starts to love Dharma n she become Mukhya Maharani. Definitely Helena starts plotting against Dharma.

    2. Gpk484

      Yeah ! Arpkishore it’s absolutely smokin!…
      To see Helena getting slapped
      And also I’m gonna record that particular time lap and going to see that 1000 times ????
      Satisfying you know !?
      Well yes Bindusar is changing day by day !
      Let’s hope for the best of Chandra Nandini
      Scenes !…
      Peace out ! ✌️

  10. Todays ep is nice. After a looooooong time we satisfied a bit at least… The writer should practice to mix the +ves and -ves equally. He is giving the -ves very elaborately and shortly ends the +ves. Thats y the viewers are disappointed. The writer should understand that we are tolerating all the nonsenses only to see the +ves. Thank god Nandhini chose Chanakya to share about Chandra instead of Helena. I feared once again after seeing the precap. Please… stop showing the evil winning always… We can’t see more.

  11. We are eagerly expecting a severe punishment for Greeks(Helena, Apama) for their unforgivable deeds against the greatests Mouriya dhinasty. Why showing our rajmatha as dummy piece? Is Greek smarter than Indian? Apama is evil but very shrewd. But our rajmatha has no brain it seems and she does nothing.

  12. BindhuDharma scenes are very interesting nowadays. Bhindusara hinding his love on Dharma. The act is good. Want more BindhuDharma love scenes(Obviously not fighting each other). Guys… (who don’t know about this history) for your great surprise, I read in Indian history that the Greatest Emperor of Mouriya Dhinasty, the Great Ashoka Chakravarthy, who is remembered for the Ashoka pillars and edicts, who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent, is the grandson of Chandra Guptha Mourya and the son of Dharma and Bhindhusara.

  13. dilse diltak fan

    Yeah star in agreement with ur comments

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