Chandra Nandni 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says Madhav if you know all about love answer few questions of mine,he says sure,Chandra says what should one do if your loved ones hate everything you do,how will you convince her,Madhav says bhaiya you get no ideas because you don’t think by heart,and when you will you will know,Chandra says but what should I do,what have you done to Malti that she never leaves you apart,Madhav says I share everything with her,take her advice,let her participate in every work of mine,Chandra says my good brother,and thinks now I will do this with Nandini and take her along with me to Magad rounds.

Nandini bathing,Chandra walks but seeing her stands behind the cover ,Nandini asks who is it,and gets out of bath and covers herself,Chandra says it’s me,Nandini says I haven’t accepted

you nor your friendship how dare you,Chandra says don’t take me wrong I need your help and advice for magad,Nandini asks why me,Chandra says because I can trust just you in such matters,few farmers are being treated wrong,Nandini says your soldiers can take care of it why me and thinks I know this is just his game and I won’t let him do ,this Nandini says I’m busy,Chandra thinks what will I do now,Nandini says are you there or you left,Chandra says I won’t leave until you say yes,Nandini says no,Chandra says yes and tricks Nandini to saying yes and says then I shall wait for you,Nandini says no I won’t and slips into Chandras arms.

Nandini with bindusara playing,she sees Chandra go with his friends disguised, Chandra signs her to join him but Nandini says no and leaves,Chandra thinks if she truly loves me she will come with me. Padmanand is informed that Chandra with Madhav and Gopal have left mahal,malayketu says this time I will kill Chandra,padmanand says this time I will kill Chandra,I will go with my selected soldiers no one shall accompany me,Chandragupta mourya I’m coming.

Malayketu with Chanakya says Acharya today I shall take revenge,tonight padmanand will attack Chandra and I know what I have to do, chanakaya says malayketu i told you padmanand is the reason behind your fathers death,malayketu says I know just somehow inform Chandra about padmanand approaching him and then I shall kill padmanand,chanakaya says ok malayketu I will do this for you and thinks now Chandra is safe.

Chandra disguised with Madhav in market checking with stores and farmers,Chandra says we are out after so long lets make use of it,Chandra waiting for Nandini,Gopal says concentrate here she won’t come,Chandra says no nothing,madhav says Nandini bhabhi will come surely.Chandra says and what if she doesn’t,Gopal says now that depends on how strong your bond is. Nandini says Malti look how uneasy bindusara is,Malti says because you are uneasy,Nandini says what do you mean,Malti say is know you what to meet jijaji,Nandini says no I won’t,and Chandra is so wired keeps arriving in front of me in weird outfits,and what will people think,Malti says you worry about people and so don’t want to meet and anyways there’s some strong bond between you two,Nandini says I don’t want to talk you always take Chandras side because you are married to his brother.

Nandini gets a message from informer,she says Malti I need to leave look after bindusara and leaves in disguise,padmanand and his troop in market disguised looking for Chandra,Nandini pulls Chandra,Chandra says I know you will come,Nandini says I had to because,Chandra says because you accepted my friendship,Nandini says no Chandra but,Chandra says shhh you have given me my biggest gift thank you for coming and keeping trust in me,Nandini says Chandra please listen,Chandra says when you are here let’s spend time,Nandini says enough look at this look at this message pitahamaharaj and his army is here to attack.

Padmanand sees them,Chandra says stay here and gets into fight with them,padmanand and Chandra get into fight,padmanand says today i shall kill you,chandra says today you again backstabbed,padmanand throws soil into Chandras eyes and about to attack him,Nandini gets into rescue of Chandra and stops padmanand with her sword and says before him you will have to kill me,padmanand says Nandini you know i want his blood,Nandini says then kill me,padmanand says get away,Nandini says look at your greed you are here to kill your daughters husband,padmanand says by killing him I get my throne,Nandini says I thought all you love most is me,but you,padmanand says get away or else I will forget you are my daughter and about to attack Nandini,Chandra stops him.

Soldiers say maharaj padmanand Magad soldiers have arrived,a soldiers pushes Nandini and she is hurt,padmanand runs away ,Chandra rushes to Nandini says don’t worry I won’t let anyone hurt you. Chandra and Nandini alone,Nandini upset,Chandra walks to her and says today you were very brave, and you came why,Nandini says I came to give you message,Chandra says so me,Nandini says I came for Magad king and bindusara father,Chandra says it’s me all are same so we are friends,Nandini says no it’s not and I don’t want to talk,Chandra says but I do,because I could see how worried you were for me,thank you and would like to gift you,ask me for anything in your life and I shall give it to you.

Pre cap… padmanand handcuffed brought in Sabha,Nandini in tears,Chanakya says tomorrow morning padmanand will be sentenced to death in front of whole Magad. Nandini in tears says Chandra please let me meet my father once.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Why cant they drag chandra nandini for few more weeks? They dragged stupid tracks for long time. Again nandini is crying. Now apama will give clue abt padmanand shevwil be relieved. Again frustrating tracks will start. I dont like this serial.

    1. Agree completely with you CNfan93,. They want to kill Nand so quickly whilst hanging on to Apama. Fans are already so frustrated with apama but we have to continue to watch her yet again. Why can’t she be punished once and for all. How can she still enter Helena’s room and no guards can see her. What about the dasis who are around Helena? Why can’t the spies let Chandra know what is happening around him.
      The writers forget how to keep the storyline strong enough. They bring in slack characters like Cholie with her stammering stunts which is so irritating to watch and handle. I was so grateful, I was spared of her in today’s episode. I wish she does not show up again.
      With the Chandra and Nandini’s romance slipping in each other’s arms. It is also getting a bit boring and tiresome to watch the same scenes repeatedly. The writers and directors need some new romantic scenes.
      Rajat and Shweta outdid the action scene today. It was amazing. Rajat is excellent in sword fighting and it was a pleasure to watch him. That was the best scene in today’s episode and the part where Nandini is staying at the cliff. It was a nice pleasant scene of two souls meeting each other and Chandra appreciating Nandini to save him.

      1. Agreed CN Fan, all the viewers are so frustrated that Apama is still around n roaming around the Mahal. She is still going to bring a lot of friction between CN.

      2. Its really disgusting 2 see Apama in d mahal…..pls pls pls makers its a request frm not only me bt also frm all d CN fans those who don’t like d presence of Apama and Helena in btween CN dat “ISSE JALDI MAHAL SE BAHAR KARO NAHI TO ANARTH HO JAYENGA, ISSE ISKI KARMO KI EK ACHI SAAZA DO, NAHI TO YEH AUR BHI ANARTH KARKE BATHENGI”……

      3. Yes, chloe is so irritating .Hers is the worst comedy I’ve ever seen.Youre right about another thing – why are chandra and nandini always slipping into each others arms.We have had enough of this scene being repeating from time to time.

      4. Jayani

        Wat u ppl r nt realising is dat nandu has INVISIBLE ROLLER SKATES… She walks wid d roller skates vn she thinks dat her leg os paining nd she cs?, she runs wid d roller skates nd den she dusn’t stop herself nd she ends up falling in his arms… Or sumtyms dere wud b water 2 help her???… Dat’s wat even my mother says, everytym dey wud just luk into each other’s eyes, or mostly fall on each other… My mother, where ever dere is water, she wud go nd slip nd fall down???… Everytym nandu falls, dat’s d only thing dat cums in my mind… But I feel chloe is nt dat bad after all… Sum jokes is required, coz its very boring widout any jokes dese days… Moreover, v get 2 c helu also in a fun way… Getting shashi???… Dat’s d best part

  2. Finally after so long after waiting Nandini’s father is caught and sentenced to death in today’s precap.Can’t wait till tomorrow

  3. Story full of love scenes, love dedication also precap awaited since beginning. Nandin saving Chandra from her father fantastic.

  4. If they want to kill someone they can kill apama but not nand it’s so soon and sûre nandhini can’t forgive so soon chandra

    1. Jayani

      I just want apama 2 get out first nd den nand

  5. satya sarathi sarkar

    may be I shall be wrong, but I think NAND not going to dead so soon, in today’s episode at the last scene chandra promised that one thing which nandini will beg to him, he will give her. I think nandini may beg her fathers life to chandra, and chandra may not kill nand, but give a life time jail to nand. and from there he may escape . It is totally my guess. I think no one nandini will kill her father,

    1. satya sarathi sarkar

      so NAND took a group photo wid all the members of chandra nandini on his last day of shoot, so that means nand will now going to be killed.

      1. Yeah, I saw that as well. He is a good actor and handsome as well. It is sad that he is leaving. Good Luck to him. I wish he acts in Tamil movies.

      2. Jayani

        @Satya bhaiya, I don’t want nand 2 go… I will miss badly… Pita -putri prem… I just luv dis pita – putri pair…

        @Vany akka, arpit ranka has dun many tamil movies… U can find it in dis link…

      3. Oh thank you Janani for letting me know 🙂

  6. satya sarathi sarkar

    and who were telling nand is a good father ,praising him and comparing wid chandra , look what is nand going to do , kill his own daughter. now he is so greedy for his crown, he trying to kill nandini!!!!! what a shame!!!!! may chandra hurted nandini many times, but he never tried to kill nandini!!! I love the scene where nandini saved his husband from his father, and chandra also saved her wife from his father in law!!!!! nandini always proved that she is a perfect wife, but now chandra also shown that is trying to be a perfect husband.

    1. I did support Nand, as he was a loving father but now he is too greedy to take over the Kingdom.
      I do love the scene where Nandini save Chandra from her father. Look like Nand will be executed or Nandini will try to stop Chandra from killing him. Since Chandra did say to Nandini, u can ask me anything in your life, i think she might ask Chandra to imprisoned her father instead of killing him.

      1. Jayani

        Mayb ur r8 padma akka… Dat m8 happen as well

    2. Jayani

      I guess ur r8 bhaiya… I did support him even now b4 I saw dis comment of urs… He WAS an ideal father but now I feel, I was wrong… I can’t believe dat MAHAPADMANAND is doing such a thing… Ready 2 sacrifice his own priy putri for d throne… M sure ? is just using dis as an advantage 2 make place in nandu’s heart but dat’s nt possible

  7. satya sarathi sarkar

    the scenary and visual effects of the last part of the episdoe is sooo beautiful!!!!! now all the things is going superb in chandra nandini, good job makers!!!! only thing makers can extend or drag this track for some more weeks, Now in one episode they have shown one week’s story.

  8. satya sarathi sarkar

    seeing nandini sad for her father the way today chandra consoled nandini is so amazing, he totally changed nandini’s mind by teasing her and asking her why she came there. good job chandra, now all things u did right, now just punish the apama and helena.don’t gave pardon them.

  9. satya sarathi sarkar

    and again a chandra nandini fall scene !!!!!! the way they falling on each other just awesome!!!! every time it looked new, fresh, they need a write a book how different way a wife could fall on to her husband and how the husband can catch her and give her a romantic look.

    1. Satya, hv u counted the number of times Nandini fall on Chandra, i hv lost count but i can remember she fall n pull the curtains three times. Maybe the Mahal is very slippery. Anway the fall is a nice scene which we will enjoy as both of them has a beautiful chemistry.

      1. No no d mahal is not slippery bcoz there r many people who also walk on those paths but dey didn’t fall on each other whereas N always falls (not only dat, N also fell on C when dey were in d piplivana with d villagers)……..
        N have a problem in walking with C & he needs 2 cure dis as she is his wife……..
        Anyways bt i just like dat scenes & d sword fighting scenes a lottttttt…….

      2. Jayani

        Which was d third tym akka??? I remember only 2… First ven she was attacked by dat assassin who was sent by nand during dat thula dhaan nd d other 1 was ven d first dose of poison was given 2 her in dat kheer by apama

    2. Jayani

      True bhaiya… But d buk will hav many ways… Mayb lyk those buks which hav 365 amazing inventions or 1000 species in tropical rainforests… Sumthing lyk dat…

  10. satya sarathi sarkar

    how much time the characters bathed in the serial, in every episode we could see minimum a one or more bath scene constantly!!!! I think makers save the bathroom expenses of the all actor and actress specially RAJAT and SHWETA. MAXIMUM scenes they were in the hammam or bathing.

    1. Jayani

      True… Dey r trying 2 save deir water xpenses… Nd for helu also… Making dem more radient by taking bath wid milk nd turmeric also… Even for bindu

  11. satya sarathi sarkar

    as usual today again chandra won debate wid nandini, to make agree nandini for a nightwalk the way chandra told “yes no yes no” and got her yess, the total scene is really funniest and superb, rajat and shweta both nailed it. No 1. dramebazz chandra. TODAY is the another best episode!!!

    1. Jayani

      True bhaiya… I agree wid u

  12. satya sarathi sarkar

    after so long time I saw some real sword fighting between chandra and nand. As Rajat is master in sword fighting but today nand also fought well. I demand more fighting scenes of chandra.

  13. Yesterday’s episode was nice. Loved the romantic scene. Madhav was so sure that Nandini will come to see Chandra. Who sent the letter to Nandini that Chandra is in trouble, is it Malayketu or Chanakya.
    Yesterday there was no evil cats roaming but in precap i saw Apama. I think she must hv given information about Nand hiding to Chandra.So Apama is pardoned by Chandra?.
    Apama n Helena not given a proper punishment, she was sent off like a Royal Queen, How come she is not chained or even like VK where they put the wood around the head n handcuffed. We are not satisfied, only the makers knows.
    Today will be a sad episode as we can see Nandini in tears n hoping Chandra will console her.

  14. At last Nand is going 2 die……..i m relly vry hapy 2 see dat another person is going 2 die who doesn’t want d relation of CN……..
    So chanakya came 2 magad now, where will dat Magasthenes go now !!!!!!!!
    Eagerly waiting fr 2day’s epi as bcoz C will try 2 confront her……..and d qus is whether C will let N 2 Nanda fr her last visit 2 her Pitamaharaj or not ???????


    I dont know what happen to all of u ????? when the sad track was going on then everyday I read minimum 100 comments daily, but when the happy time back and chandra nandini romance started then I read only a 19-20 comments, it is very painful for me. SO every one like to blame chandra but when he doing some thing good then why not much applaud he get ????

    1. Earlier, everyone predicted what was going to happen next.Now, we don’t know what to predict so I guess that’s why less comments.

  16. Guys, this show is soooooo stupid!!! Honestly! All this serial shows is bath scenes or rape scenes! Nandini didn’t even defend herself everytime she was accused of something. All she did was depend on Chandra to help her! I use 2 think Nandini was an independent woman who could fight for herself, but now, she just proved me right! All C does is act like a good king from the outside, but from the inside he spends most of the time making nandini jealous!When C was using helena 2 make her jealous, she just sat there and cried like a baby. nandini could have ignored all this and act like it didnt bother her a single bit! she just satisfied chandra’s ego by showing her tears! Plus this track is super boring!! First chandra was angry wid nandini, nandini sad, now nandini upset wid chandra, and chandra trying 2 win her trust back! U know if u guys like 2 watch a good history show, i reccomend watching chakravatin ashoka samrat. it 100 times better than this bullshit show! WROST HISTORY SHOW EVER!!! Sorry 2 hurt CN fans!

  17. Are the producer and writers rushing in to end the serial because they have no more ideas left?Earlier they used to drag irritating stories.All of a sudden, when we’re beginning to enjoy this serial again everything is happening so quickly.Nandini has yet to become chandra’s friend, will her fathers death bring them closer or they’ll drift apart? Let’s not forget, theres another villain- Malai.

  18. Satya sarathi sarkar

    Where are shree,nabanita,aparna,jayani,Jay,behi

  19. Very Very Nice episode….??

    Liked it………????
    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

  20. Jayani,
    Curtains scene- First time she was attacked, Second time when she was with Bindu, the poison scene when she was holding the curtain n almost fainted but Chandra save her, 3rd time is the bathing scene when she fall on Chandra with the curtain.
    But with Bindu, the curtain did not fall off

    1. Jayani

      It’s actually JAYANI akka nt JANANI, but it always happens wid ppl… So dat’s ok

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