Chandra Nandni 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini wakes up in morning and sees Chandra starring at her and asks why are you starting,Chandra says I was just,Nandini looks at the clock and says oh god,Chandra says nothing of this happened,Nandini says I’m late,ma must be so angry,I have to go bathe and make arrangements,talk about it with ma,Chandra says I was about to wake you up for this but you looked so innocent and beautiful while bathing I couldn’t wake you up,Nandini says because of you I’m late,Chandra says why blame me if you look so beautiful while you a sleep what’s my fault anyways I was thinking see today’s day will be a tough one so I thought let her sleep for some more time and Nandini I hope you will pull out this day will you be scared,Nandini asks why will I be, I know it will be tough but I

will make it,Chandra but forest has very dangerous animals but you aren’t less then them you always have proved it and there’s something else too maneaters but I know you are strong,Nandini says Chandra however difficult it be it be I will make it to end,Chandra says how about security after all you are a queen,Nandini says no need and I will talk to you later because of you I’m so late and leaves.

Chandra thinks Nandini even I want you to complete this pooja and ma will be very happy. Nandini making arrangements,Malti walks to her and says you look upset did jijaji say something,Nandini says no this Malayketu makes me so worried for binudsara I mean I know all are here for him there are guards but still you know I’m his mother,Malti says and I’m his masi like a mother don’t worry I will look after him you focus on your pooja,I won’t separate him for a minute.

Madhav says Chandra bhaiya where has you relation status reached,Chandra says Nandini is upset,Malti says women always are go talk to her,Chandra says if it was war I would easily had but Nandini,Madhav says gift her and she will be very happy and you need no words,Chandra asks nice but what should I give,Madhav says flowers ladies loves flowers,clovie hiding and listening to all this,Chandra asks dasi to get Nandinis favourite flowers,dasi gets it and Chandra says go give it to Nandini,Madhav says bhaiya you will spoil everything you should go gift her,Chandra says tight let me go and leaves,

Clovie with flower,dasi stops her and says these are wrong flowers,clovie says I’m taking it for queen Helina shut up or else I will ask her to behead you. Clovie says queen Helina these are king Chandras favourite flowers and makes ornaments out of it and helps Helina wear them,Helina says but these are itchy,clovie says may be these are wet so,Helina says Apma ma look I’m wearing Chandras favourite flowers ornaments how am I looking,Apma sees her skin turned red and starts laughing,Helina says why am I not looking pretty,Apma says these are itchy flowers look at yourself in mirror,Helina gets angry over clovie and runs behind her.

Chandra walks to nandini with flower ornaments and hides them behind him,and says I came to check whether you have arranged for everything,Nandini says yes I have,Chandra says no one thing is missing,Nandini says let me go ask dadi and about to leave,Chandra stops her and says no need, touches her neck,Nandini asks what do you mean,Chandra says we are so close friends that you have always done so much for me Magad and my family and in return I’m doing this so please don’t thank me,Nandini says I’m Magad sister daughter and it’s my duty to serve it but what gift did you get me.

Chandra shows her the ornaments,Nandini says very beautiful where did you get these from,Chandra says I made them,Nandini says no ways,Chandra says ok don’t believe but can I put these on you,Nandini says agreed you made them and yes,Chandra puts the ornaments over,Nandini,both come very close to each other,nandini asks is something else missing too,Chandra says no its complete perfect like you.

Panditji gives brief about pooja and says this pooja brings peace in the city and queen has to fast whole day and bare footed go get gangajal and bathe the shivling and perform Abhishek,and now I shall hand this Kalash to maharani,Nandini says Panditji I shall perform this Pooja and walks to him,mora Chaya upset,mora thinks but I had clearly stated Helina in letter,Helina and Apma act as if unaware,Panditji places Kalash over Nandinis head,Apma says Helina look mora is burning in fire now time for act two,now Nandini will leave for pooja but will never return,Helina surprised,Magad cheer for Nandini.dadi very happy.nanidni proceeds for pooja.

Mora thinking about Nandini words about asking Chaya to leave mahal and then performing pooja,Helina walks in and says yes ma,mora says am I just rajmata to you or you do consider me as your mother,Helina says ma I respect you more then my own mother,and I also know you love me too,mora says then why didn’t you talk to me about pooja that you didn’t want to perform it,why did you ask Nandini to take over,Helina says what ma you choose me,why didn’t you tell me,in fact I was so upset that you never give me a chance,mora says what are saying I sent you a letter,Helina says I received no letter,mora says who dare challenge my decision,Helina says who else then Chandra, I mean may be he didn’t want me but Nandini to perform pooja,after all he loves her a lot, you know it too, in Malayketu matter as well,p Chandra supported Nandini even if he had to break his promise towards Chaya,mora says no ways he is my son,Helina says I hope so I should take leave and leaves,mora says Chandra will never break my trust I should talk to him and goes to see Chandra.

Mantri says maharaj isn’t in room,he isn’t in mahal,mora asks where did he go,mantri says on,y Chanakya Acharya knows it.mora meets Chanakya and asks him where is Chandra ,Chanakya says I’m sorry it’s security reason I can’t tell you,mora says I’m his mother,it’s very important I should know it,Chanakya says I know but you should promise me you won’t share this this information,mora says yes,Chanakya says he is with queen Nandini to guard her so that the pooja is performed without any hurdles and she returns safe.

Mora thinks this means Chandra changed the letter for Nandini,no Chandra you shouldn’t have done this,mora leaves angry.
Nandini walking barefooted in forest, Chandra covered in leaves keeping an eye on her and says acharya was right it’s my duty to guard you. A man covered in blanket also keep an eye on Nandini and he sends a snake on her way.

Malti playing with bindusara,pandugan looks at them and says Chandra Nandini both aren’t in mahal today I shall kill binudsara I just have to divert this Malti. The man says this snake is the most dangerous and it’s one bite and maharani Nandini dead,Chandra sees they snakes approaching Nandini.

Pre cap : Apma says let’s see who saves Nandini,Nandini is hit by arrow on her leg. Nandini in water to fill the Kalash and doesn’t come out,Chandra calls out her name.apma says Nandini won’t return in this mahal nor in Chandras life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Day by day Moora’s relation with CN is becoming worst. Nandini’s life is in danger however Chandra is there to save her but will Malti be able to save Bindusar from Pandugrath ?

  2. Bahubali concept, bare foot, pot , walking..

    Very funny.. all r copying Tollywood movie concepts ..

  3. Horrible precap… chandra nandini scene was awesome in todays episode… they both looking very adorable n cute especially nandini after dat flower ornaments??.. i cant tolerate dis rajmata moora any more… she s over acting for silly n small reason.. she tries to throw out nandu from mahal n chandras life in another way for her daughter chaya i thnk… plz tell someone to her dat better she should join hands with apama n helena to attack nandu… daily daily she increases her torture towards chandra n nandini… i dont knw wat will happen after chandra n nandini’s return??? Meanwhile dis pandugrat s another problem for both of them… oh god… save them from dis devils… i wish they (chandra nandu n bindusar) should go out n live their lives peacefully with chandra’s foster mother n father without dis non sense ladies interruption n enemies….

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Seeing Moora’s face I also very much worried about what will happen next when Chandra Nandini will come back in Mahal. Now Moora thinking that it’s chandra who changed the letter but when Chandra will deny that then again she will open her dirty mouth with blasting of bad words towards Nandini.

      1. Xactly bhai… she never thnk abt others, she starts cursing nandini first thn will act like nthng done wrong… i consider her as daughter hw can i do dis to her, believe me chandra with her fake tears… after dis chandra also stands for his mother, n he strongly believes her, i wont make any mistake dis time bla bla… but nw chandra u should open ur eyes n see wat ur beloved mother doing to nandini for her selfish reasons… kovama varudhu??

  4. It is very ridiculous and annoying the way this Moora is behaving, just for the sake of nandini didn’t accept Malay to enter it doesn’t mean she has to show her attitude to nandini and her son for god sake he is her son she has to know him in and out but she is doubting him what type of a mother is she unacceptable, she is behaving like a illiterate lady total dum head, and Helena how dare she blame chandra for changing the letter it’s her disgusting mother of evil’s work and she blaming chandra what an idiot her mother is playing with her own daughter’s life but this dum head doesn’t know about it. Apama is very confident that nandini will be dead 100% and will be assuming that she not come back to palace or in Chandra’s life what a fool I think because of consuming lot of wine these Greek fools dum heads are all ways dum and annoying. Apama is going to have a shock of her life after seeing nandini safe and secure back in palace and in Chandra’s life that would be a nose brake for her and we all know that Helena is a comedy price without her mother she is nothing just joker. At seeing and all happened in the jungle with nandini Chandra will tell chanakya and they might thing that the incidents which took place in jungle is not accident it’s all planed and it’s done from inside palace so here after chanakya might start is investigating he will for sure will have 100% doubt on Apama and malayketu so they will have a plan.
    Chandra is very much in love nandini no one can separate them not even his own mother he might sacrifice his king duty’s and can take nandini and bindusar and leave the palace this will be a big slap for her and how much ever Apama, Helena or malayketu try to separate them but they will win and come out more stronger and there love is their strength. Chandra loves nandini to the core the way he supports her is so beautiful and mind blowing, not like forcing or showing off like Helena she says she loves him but to me she wants to control him now that’s what her mother wants too she (apama) has other intentions like she might want her husband to rule magad and chandra as a puppet in the hands of her dum daughter which even Helena doesn’t know what her evil mother is up too, after giving waring by chandra and by chanakya this lady I don’t know what type of character is she and still doing the same thing she things what ever you both say or warn me I don’t care I eliminate nandini at any cost this time but she don’t know her death is awaiting for her the impending DD’s death,Nandini’s, murder attempt and now again she is using Moora, chaya as her robot with her stupid daughter again trying to kill nandini what Gust’s she has for sure this time chanakya is going to po finish her in such a way she wouldn’t have dreamed in her like like this punishment now that how they have to pay her back with full damakaaaaaa

    1. I like yr comment too, hope Chanakya n Chandra will investigate, waiting for Apama n Helena to get punishment.

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Excellent comment!!! I also eagerly waiting for the day when Apama will get punished then only Drudhara’s soul will get Peace.

    3. I totally agree with u shalini… makers should read dis comment…

  5. Everyone occupied on their own terms. No one worried about Bindusar’s security…Moora not ecen worth to be called a woman. No woman will dare to call another woman who brings up the child astheir own as step mother..she crossed the limit. The thread of the story is so disgusting..are the writters paying attention to the mass audience? The writers need to understand the cn serial has audience all because of rajat n swetha.Pls. Dont demage ther reputation as artist. Now what the hell dadi doing? Why is she silent? Why doesnt she have the power to control moora. If moora can go against dadi’s word…why not nandini? Why is moora begaving like idiot? Why dadi still in palace…y cant she order action against moora..chandra the king n the son cant go against his mother..nandini..acharya one can do so…the only woman who can control moora is dadi i wanted dadi maa to behave as the real queen and take care of family issues rather thsn just winking her eyes on nandini chandra romance? Nandini can be a warrior princess that doesnt mean she just need to accept plp blaming her…she has to answer in a witty yet intelligent way which will make her stand out as a wife or greatness..but here nandini is always crying …typical bahu wont have cried the quantity which nandini must have. Moora can be rajmata..but nandini is the queen of maghad..chaya cant behave as such with ruling queen..writer i sprinkle some mist pls wake up..dont copy scenes from bahuballi or historical movies..the intial plot of cn was too good..the way hatred turned into love..those scenes were so good that we literally turned huge hmm..literally irritating..i guess the writer must have changed..instead of copy scenes aaramb will surely pour some idea…

    1. I like yr coments but Moora will always don’t listen to Dadima advice. She is stubborn headed.

      1. Not only stubborn she s egoist… datsy she s doing dis, purposely she avoids nandini for pooja n selected helena.. moora known abt apama n helena, but why she supports helena nw only bcoz of nandu stands against malayketu… this thng shows hw cheap moora s… she dont deserve dis rajmata post… just give dis to dadi ma… she’ll make good decision to nandu n magad…

  6. All acted very well. But y don’t Nandini have good hairstyle. And this mora really annoys me. Also Chaya. As someone said y Nandini not giving nosecut. CN.make a cute pair .

  7. CN pair was sooo cute….ths time writer should not make nandu to forgive moora …helu s tryg to fill dds place but canot….after cn return to palace moora wil create a big issue but thy wont investigate the maid whthr she have given r whom she have gave ….just thy blame nandu fr performg pooja……

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      When true face of Malayketu will come out then Chandra should put Moora in a jail for another 20 years like Nand.?? As we know about Nandu’s nature she will forget all insults and again forgive Moora. I still remember in Roopa case when Chandra trusted her and Nandini said in her mind that I don’t care what the world saying anout me, only ur trust is important for me.

  8. Behi

    Till now I thought that all Mora did, is a plan but today I made sure that Mora is going to be the next villain in mahal. I guess apama will catch red handed soon and Nandini’s future enemy is Mora. The way she got angry when people shouts jay Nandini, she remineds me as Ruqaye baygum in Jodha Akbar. jealousy turns Mora as a devil and she will make troubles for Nandini and Chandra
    But I really hate Mora, she is a real dumb she is not as smart as Apama.

  9. Love yesterday episode expecially CN romantic scenes n Chandra was just admiring Nandini beauty n he did not wake up early to get ready for her prayers. I did not expect the CURTAIN is up again, Chandra shd have thrown it away.

    Apama n Helena their plot is always working. Facial expression of Moora is errupting, her eye makeup looking fierce on her n she beccome more evil .

    Again Madhav give tips to Chandra. I love the way Chandra help Nandini to wear the flowers jewellery, it was just memerzing n thier eye lock scene so close. Both couples in Cloud Nine.
    Satya i am happy, waiting for this scene.

    Precap is always horrible but Chandra our hero will save Nandini.

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Ha ha ha, U said well Didi, again the curtain returned in its place and U said right that I was just waiting for the romantic scene it was a memorable moment for me. The starting scene also very nice. The way chandra was looking his sleeping beauty only Rajat can do such scenes.

      1. Yes, even I wasn’t happy to see the curtains back. I think C put it back because of Nandini….?

  10. Savithri V Ramani

    My god I am worried about little bindusara.This Moora is a big idiot and has invited trouble.she and her only daughter should get punishment from acharya. The worst enemy Apma should be thrown out.waiting for nandini safe return

  11. Padmini, yes!!! C and N romantic scenes were beautiful, I loved it. Chandra loves Nandini so much. In the future, when Aoama is caught and punished…,Mora and Hell will plan to separate CN because Mora has started to hate Nandini. I can’t believe that this is the same woman who touched Nandini’s feet and asked for forgiveness. Why does she hate Nandini all of a sudden..,,,

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      According to me, Moora is the most harmful terrorist In Magadh.

    2. No aditi always she (moora) s acting in front of everyone.. she s a timing user when she needs to apologise someone she’ll do dat without hesitation after dat she shows attitude towards them… this s her real color, thank god chandra brought up from good heart i mean his step mother, father n acharya… she’ll be d big enemy of chandra n nandini in future…

    3. Aditi, During the track of Roopa itself i did not trust 2 person that is Moora n Archarya. Archarya is a changed man now, maybe he is reading a lot of love stories of Seeta n Rama.

      At that time the security in Mahal is not safe especially this Apama, Sundama n Roopa so i was thinking they are getting help from inside Mahal, so i suspect Moora or Archarya is involved. Anway, just guessing.

      Maybe she is not happy with Chandra very close to Nandini. Mother in law is jealous.

  12. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Today I have watched a Photo where I saw Nandini in a new dress. Yellow blouse and green lehenga. Finally the makers listened our request for new costume for cast.

    1. That’s great news for us Satya !

    2. Satya thambi, finally Nandini has new dress n they also change her hairstyle,much better.
      The makers must be reading our comments.

  13. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    And also for Siya ke ram fans, Aasish Sharma will come back with another histroical drama as raja prithvivallav. Shooting is going on.

    1. NABANITA626

      Yea saw it today in YouTube…

  14. I think Chandra will be in shock when his evil mother start questioning him regarding the letter which she sent it to the dum Helena, yesterday it was so annoying to see how Helena was pretending as if she doesn’t know any thing even if rajmata keeps her index finger in Helena’s mouth she doesn’t even know to bit it ridiculous and later she blaming chandra for changing the letter oh really helena.
    Makers are really wasting the talents of the leads I feel sorry for them they are wasting time and their energy as well, writers have to thing in very different way not copy
    They have know how to use or put friction as well as historical truth in to one and give the best which I am sure will be great
    The story is about Chandra Gupta Maurya the great they should not show him so dumhead or weak I am sure Chandra Gupta was a brave and intelligent king he love his people and magad, the writers should not give much importance to the evil characters we know nandini’s character is imagination not real but they have show in such a way the viewers will be delighted, to watch it
    And as for Malay till now no such tricks or plots he has started to do but we have to Waite, chanakya might have kept secret spy’s for him so in this way chanakya might come to know that Malay is not alone he has a partner in crime and that is Apama, this time Helena:s true fave might come I front of chandra he might even get to know that even she was involved in DD’s death along with her accused mother who is coming freely in the palace which is annoying and no justice has been given to DD so sad, proper justice should been given to her because of these two evils DD lost her life for god sake she was pregnant with a child bindusar had to suffer the poison effect and nandini with no fault of hers she suffered a lot by chandra for not trusting her then banished her, later brought her as a daimaa for bindusar, and the great rajmata and chanakya disliked nandini back in palace later they treated her in a most baddest way were she lost trust on chandra which is sad till now rajmata couldn’t see the differences between nandini and Helena sad she didn’t not understand her own son’s character then were will she thing about others for her only her daughter and stupid Malay is important not her son’s happiness she not even bothered about her grandson’s like which in stake. She might even tell chandra to step down as Magad king & hand over the responsibility to her pet son-in-law she is insane wow great they have to keep a sky size statue for being a dumbest rajmata in magad
    Chandra has to take nandini,bindusar and go to his Forester mother and father and lead a peaceful like with interference of the evils that will be nose cut for the great rajmata and Helena, she thinks if nandini is eliminated she can lead a happy life with Chandra well you keep dreaming and your mother this time her checheckmate is for sure by chanakya she is one said right to her daughter that even thousands of chanakya can’t think or find out the problem which is playing now oh really Apama in your dreams not thousands just one single chanakya is enough of you to checkmate you mark my words your destruction this time is granted we all wish you good luck for your nosecut

  15. Stupid serial in the name of history. Every positive character will change according to cvs. One day they were every smart , kind hearted , etc … other day they will act as damn stupid, 0% IQ, not even think once. nothing different in this serial compared to others like always herione as to suffer until serial end. no logic , dont have own brain(copy from other epic movies). they should not make fun of historic character. And every disappointing logic sorry no logic (ha ha ha) anyone can enter mahal anytime can do anything there will be no guards around(funny know). Dadi , rajamata,chaya, malti, madhav , daasis …. there are so many people around cant they watch bindu in shift basis??? or all should be with bindu all time… bindu was already kidnapped and attacked. so secuirty should be tight know. dont know why everytime bindu was with one person. cant they together take care of bindu. Dont know what they do 24 * 7… hope they(rajamata,chaya..) are busy in cleaning, cooking , wahsing(ha ha ha ha). Great made fun of history… applauses.

  16. I agree with you rajmata says she has all rights on bindusar after DD oh really where were she when bindusar was suffering from the poison effect, she talks all big big words right to nandini, if nandini wouldn’t have come in bindusar’s as daimaa he would have died long back because of nandini’s motherly love bi ndusar survived. Helena was just pretending in front of chandra as she is taking care of bindusar she was the one who had bad intentions towards the child and saying that it would have better if this child died along with his mother in her womb what type of a women is she.Helena will never give a motherly love which nandini is given unconditionally to bi ndusar even though nandini is his stepmother but she loves him so much she even can sacrifice her life for him bindusar is very fortunate and lucky to have a mother like nandini that’s why even DD gave the responsibility to nandini and not Helena is a selfish person not even once she has taken care or even have the courtesy to come and ask about the well-being of the child this shows she is only back of the posts of important queen and later maharani of Magad which she is not going to get for sure, but what I think is if Chandra comes to know the real face of Helena what he will do? Then coming to Moora she is most foolish person in the palace because she doesn’t have patience, which a queen should have her thinking and understanding of her son or daughter in law’s is pathetic I have no words to describe for her she thinks good people are bad and bad people good oh come on lady I think daimaa is better than this lady, who ever tells her she blindly believe it. No Chandra will have a shock of his life as his mother will question him regarding the letter. I feel very sad for Chandra and bindusar as a mother still she didn’t understand her son’s intentions she lacks in motherly quality and for bindusar she didn’t understand or worried for her own son were will she concerned for her grandson she already brought the accused in mahal who any time can kill the child oh this lady is out of her mind already there are three accuses in the mahal accused no one Apama accused no two Pandu accused no three Malayketu we can now add one more in this list accuse no four bindusar’s grandma rajmata who know in future she will be no one

  17. Thanks for written update
    CN is good show but due to nonpromotion from PH AND CHANNEL and PR and weak STORYLINE show is not GETTING deserved TRP. RT is TALENT is not GETTING it’s DUE. PLEASE we fans REALLY LOVE CN AND RT. Some MIRACLE SHOULD happen

  18. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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