Chandra Nandni 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina says Apma ma what all is this happening, Apma asks what did clovie troubled you again,Helina says not clovie but my life has,I always am tested,I hate malayketu the most after nandini,and he is back in the mahal,he betrayed me and his presence reminds me of that,Apma says look he is your past and what should matter now is that we need to separate Chandra Nandini and malayketu shouldn’t matter,now calm down it isn’t good for your beauty,Helina says ma how can I forget what he did to me,if Chandra wasn’t with me then and I thought with help of malayketu I will create differences and Chandra will be mine, Apma says forget the past now,Helina says how ma,how could you forget that I don’t forgive and forget the one who betray me.

Malayketu walks in saying even I

didn’t forget you,and how shall I when my enemy is so beautiful,why do I need friends,Helina gets very angry and throws glass at him,Apma says Helina calm down,Helina says what is he doing in my room,Apma says malayketu isn’t our enemy but our friend,Apma says why do I have to explain you everything,try and control your anger,you and me can do things which malayketu can do for us by staying in this mahal,and he will separate Chandra Nandini ,and when you have a common enemy ,you need to join hands and now we need to get rid of nandini and we can get rid of malayketu anytime.

Malayketu you says Helina your anger is your beauty,Apma says malayketu stay in your limits you will be called when we need you and isn’t forget I got you here,malayketu smiles and leaves.

Panditji says rajmata in every five years this Kalash pooja is done where a Queen of mahal has to fast and barefooted get gangajal in mahal and then with it she has to perform pooja of lord shiva,and rajmata will perform that queens pooja later and this spiritual pooja ends and now you have to choose a queen for this pooja,dadi says Helina and Nandini both are eligible choose wisely,mora says tomorrow Magad shall learn my decision.rajmata hands dasi letter.

Nandini asks dasi where is Nandini,dasi says he is with rajmata,Nandini says ok and walks in the told direction and sees Malayketu playing with bindusara,Nandini gets angry and takes him back and says don’t dare touch my son,who gave you permission,mora walks and says I allowed,nandini says ma but he was one who tired killing my son,mora says I know but he was trapped into it and he has apologised for it and I’m binudsara dadi I can take care of him,do you take me under your doubts as well.

Chandra walks in and says ma what are you saying,mora stops him and says I’m talking to Nandini it’s not good to interrupt always,Nandini answer,Nandini says ma I can never do this,mora says then accept it I trust malayketu and somyou git to trust him,Nandini says I’m sorry it’s impossible as a mother,mora says you aren’t his real mother Nandini but step mother,durdhara is her mother,after her it’s me who has right over him,nandini says ma if law made relations then you would never take your enemies daughter as your own,and allow her in this mahal,ma I learnt from you to think with Heart,mora says but it’s unfortunate that now I see a daughter in law and remember now you are t a daughter but a daughter in law.

Nandini upset in tears thinking about morals words,Chandra walks in and sees Nandini upset and says I’m sorry I couldn’t repair this curtain didn’t do it alone let me help you,Chandra sees she is lost,and says I loved it last night without this,and when you slept on my shoulder wow and when all night we slept hugging each other ,nandini unaware what Chandra is saying just keeps saying yes and Chandra says when last night when you kissed me and so can you kiss me again,Nandini asks what kiss,what impossible,Chandra says last night you did,everything and you said yes now,nandini says no I wasn’t aware,Chandra says I know you are thinking about ma,nandini asks how do you know.

Chandra says I’m your good friend I can read your mind,Nandini says Chandra you know,I didn’t feel bad when ma accused me because it’s true I’m bindusara step mother but I felt bad when she called me daughter in law as if I lost my mother,Chandra says mothers anger is like camphor disappears instantly,and as time passes ma will forget this and no one can be upset with you for long,and now what about last night do you remember,Nandini says enough Chandra nothing happened and leaves.

Clovie stops dasi,and says no one can see queen Helina she is resting,Apma says give me letter dasi and leave,Apma reads the letter and says I shall give go now,dasi leaves,clovie says Apma queen you can go in,Apma ignores her and goes in,Apma says Helina you are sleeping when time is in our favour,Helina says ma my head is aching be clear,Apma says Helina rajmata has letter for you tomorrow will be Kalash pooja and you shall perform it,Helina says great,Apma says now we see the difference,Helina says ma I have no interest in pooja and all but this pooja i will surely participate because rajmata chose me,Apma says no you won’t because nandini will,Helina says but ma I have been chosen,Apma says Helina nandini will perform this pooja and rajmata will misunderstand it as nandini forced Chandra and so he made these changes,Helina says but in this letter it is clearly stated as Helina,Apma says have you forgotten your mother can imitate anyone’s handwriting.

Nandini in tears Chandra walks to her and asks what’s the issue,nandini says rajmata wrote me this letter,Chandra says look ma is upset so may be she has done this in anger,nandini says ma has chosen me for Kalash pooja I’m so happy,Chandra says see didn’t I say ma will forgive you just give her some time.

Apma says Nandini with this game of mine you won’t just go away from Magad but also loose that special corner from everyone’s heart because you aren’t as experienced player as I am and so you shall surely loose this time.

Chandra says Nandini do you know if I had to choose between you and Helina who would I choose,I mean who would have such fate as mine who has two wives whichever you choose the other one will be upset and then if it’s Helina the Kalash pooja Kalash would be on my head then in pooja,Nandini smiles,Chandra says but sill I will always choose you because you deserve it,Nandini gets happy and hugs Chandra,Chandra shocked,Nandini asks why are you starring at me,Chandra asks what did you just do,Nandini says I hugged my friend now bye I have to make arrangements for pooja,see dadi ask her all rituals get ready for fats and leaves.

Chandra says Nandini this was a sign that one day you will accept me so than you for getting me back to life.Chanakya calls Chandra to meet midnight and says a king has many problems and dangerous awaiting,Chandra asks what are you pointing at,Chanakya says tomorrow’s Kalash pooja,and Nandini will leave for it and it goes through a dense forest and has lot of wild animals and so it’s necessary that she comes out safe.

Apma says Nandini will proceed for pooja but won’t return,she should be buried somewhere in dense forest,I guess that’s not difficult,Chanakya says Chandra it’s a kings duty to guard her queen along with people also,not because she is your ice but also because she is queen to her people.

Apma says Nandini should die,it shouldn’t be a big problem to kill her in that forest but remember it should look like she got tired and died,the man says this time Nandini will die. Chanakya says Chandra you should accompany Nandini and remember neither Nandini nor Magad should know about you being with her.

Pre cap… mora says Helina why did you ask Nandini to participate in place of you, you should have spoken to me,if you didn’t want to.
Chandra says Nandini you should be accompanied with soldiers for security purpose,Nandini says no need I shall go alone,Nandini in forest and is hit by arrow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Moora’s attitude towards Nandini is just like modern saas bahu relation. Apama has planned to kill Nandini but after Acharya’s advise Chandra will surely save her. Nice to see that Chandra’s believe is bringing Nandini close to him.

  2. How Moora is giving Bindusar on Malayketu’s hand and telling Nandini a step mother, she has become mad to see the happiness of her daughter and ignoring the intention of Malayketu.

  3. I dont understand why Nandini is not giving back to Moora? I understand Nandinis charactee but she did fought with chandra when he did not trust her. Sameway she should not forgive moora. If moora and chandra not equal to Nandini then why she feels bad if moora hurts her? She has to tell right infront of moora and chayas face that all must be serving nandini for entire lifetime for giving her punishment which she was not supposed to go through bcoz moora easily told that nandini is enemysdaughter and just daughter in law. Nandini, pls stop being good to everyone. Remember Good girls go to heaven but Bad girls go to where they want to. One more thing for makers, now only everyone understood nandini but again you brought conspiracy and all started hating nandini. This is even ok but you should improve C & N relationship. By this time they should ve been united. You can show all these boring saas bahu drama agter C & N is united.

  4. Ha fed up with Nandu’s behaviour.She was introduced as warrior princess but no where she is showing her potentiality.
    @Nandu give a tight slap to Bura(Mora)
    @Mora are you a mother or devil how come u trust Malai and give Bindusar to him Shame on u chi chi??
    @makers stop showing Nandini as cry baby show some courage and self respect in her role
    @Apama u r far better than Bura

    1. Ohhh how funny Moora se Bura……………..

  5. Chandra nandhini part was super.. as usual dis irritating moora gone mad, she s feeling happy for her daughter n in blindfold stage… Chanakya, ur doing great job… malayketu n apama u both also shameless lyk moora, still he admiring helena in front of her mother n she (apama) using him… wat kind of ppl really they r… i meant apama helena malayketu drama queen n chaya… disgusting… dis non sense moora insisting nandini as step mother n daughter in law for her… ufff…. she trusts malayketu more than nandini… foolishness… again apama goes to d extent of killing nandu… better chandra supports nandu n chanakya helps them… good overall…

  6. Apma is going to have shock of her life when nandini arrives safe and secure, she has to scratch her head and think that how is it possible she’s has come back alive. I think Chandra might catch that person who tried to kill nandini and might ask him who sent him to do this job, from this incident chanakya and Chandra might make security very tight in and out side the palace, they might get a clue from this incident. Apama’s over confidence might get her into her own web which she is that this time she will win but I think it’s not possible and she is thinking that at any cost she will separate Chandra and nandini and kill her. Every now and then Apama is reminding Malay that she is the one who brought him inside the palace but I think Malay might one day betray Apama by helping chanakya to expose her chanakya might brain wash or might get a clue against Malay so chanakya might use this in very clever way this is my point of view I don’t know what makes are up to or chanakya might make a plan by telling Chandra and nandini to leave the palace life long along with bindusar this might be a tight slap for rajmata, chaya, Helen and Apama Malay might enjoy because it’s happening in his favour this might be chanakya’s plan this is my point of view

  7. Behi

    What did mora did for in the past as a mother? She weren’t a mother for nandini, never ever!
    I guess the same as VK’s drama, they show that all things mora did, was a plan. But I deeply from my heart, that this was not a plan and once again Mora feel shame

  8. Nora’s attitude towards Nandini is appalling. A selfish cow. Nandini saved Bindusara’s life. Nandini had taken the blames. Mora denying Nandini as Bindusara’s Mother.
    Mora is Rajmata, who is blind to the security and safety of the Mahal, Chandra and Bindusara.

  9. Moora crossed all limits she proved that that never like nandini at all cgm should say something to his mom and remains moora that nandu is his queen he shoud give officially thé title of” mother of the heir” to nandu and give some right to her too

  10. today the part of cn alone beautiful….cn expression s sooo cute….in all story one evil wil be there wit d mask f goodness nd foolish comedy piece here its moora u blo*dy how can u talk lke ths to hr wat u have done to bindu u canot even stop his cry nd pain fr past one yr..u forgot nandu nly cured bindusar…please rajamata dont do ths nonsense tmr ,today itself iam shortage of words to scold u..enough…..

  11. Satya Sarathi Sarkar I agree with your comment from yesterday. We have been feeding negative comments about CN when Chandra was rude towards Nandini. Now that he has changed I agree we do not comment about his positive attitude towards Nandini.
    I cannot agree with you more and do accept my flaw regarding this.
    In the interim, I also would like to comment that this show is about Chandragupt Maurya and his achievements as a King and his love story with his wife which initially started off with hatred but we are only shown negative tracks with villians including the family members only focussing on how to get rid of Nandini. In saying this, the negative tracks keeps going on and on and then in just half an episode everything is cleared off. How illogical is that. The viewers get drained watching negativity for weeks and weeks and then like 5 minutes everything gets cleared and again the same thing is repeated.
    I understand where you come from too Satya Sarathi Sarkar and cannot disagree with you. The love story is taking forever for Chandra and Nandini to confess her love. Helena gets away with everything and it is frustrating that Chandra never suspects her. We know she is the wife but she should be analysed by Chandra and Chanakya and made aware of her actions in the Saba just like Nandini is always facing and answerable. Why is Helena exempted from been questioned by Chandra?
    However even if we overlook the script, viewers are here only and only for RAJAT TOKAS. If it were not for Rajat this show would not be appreciated with such poor script and week storyline.The X factor is missing in heaps!!!

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Dear friend, U don’t need to explain me why U not liked the show or commenting negative about it. Yesterday my message only for Shree, because she was little upset for the negative comments about Chandra Nandini, so as a friend and fan of Chandra Nandini I encouraged her and said don’t be effected by negative comments. She shouldn’t get effected when she liked the chemistry of Rajat and Shweta and also the serial. I have no issue for the negative comments of U, because it is your personal view of point and U always has right to stop watching the show when it not entertained U.

  12. Yesterday episode is not that great. More than half the serial is taken by the evils.
    Oh my god this Apama is super intelligent ideas n she can changed the letter from H to N, n she easily copy other Rajamata writing, anyway she also did this to DD letter. What is Moora thinking, lost her baldy mind n she can give Bindu to Malai, why her brain went KUKU(nuts)
    Where on earth Mother in law will accept Daughter in law as they own daughter,impossible maybe 2 percent. I can’t stand this Mother India Moora or the great Rajamata, how dare she raise her hand to the King, poor Chandra is lost in between this two ladies.
    Nandini, quickly get yr own child, everytime they will say you are a step mother to Bindu, even earlier episode Chandra says to Nandini that u did not give birth n Bindu is not your child. Anway Nandini did not feel hurt about step mom but sad that she is Daughter in law for Moora.
    Now I love Nandini hairstyle, not pointing so high n always hitting Chandra head. She use back her old clothing n did not use her scarf to cover her head. She look nice without it.
    Finally, we got a bit of romantic scene, Nandini hugging Chandra , he was stunned n felt very nice ,wondering will she is getting closer. As usual l she says is freindly hug, hmmmmm.
    Archarya gave a good idea to Chandra n he need to protect her when she does the Pooja.
    Precap: Chandra will come as green Avartar n protect Nandini I am not sure of this attitude of Moora, is she pretending to be a villian or why sudden change?

    1. Padmini, even I want Nandini to have her own child. This Mora is a disgusting person..,,no matter how much Nandini loves Bindusar..,she’ll always be only his step mom. Today, even she realized that and Chandra didn’t even correct his mom….

  13. The only silver lining in today’s episode is CNs romance and Chandra’s 100 watt smile.The rest is boring.

    1. Roopa, I completely agree with you. I love the way Chandra was flirting with Nandini….and Nandini’s tight hug to Chandra was the BEST !!!!! She was caught so she tried to cover it by calling it a friendly hug….that was not a friendly hug Nandini….it was a love hug…,,Mora’s behavior crossed all limits….calling Nandini Bindusar’s step mom…I was a little disappointed with Chandra, why didn’t he say something to Mora..,,..Does Mora want to make Bindusar motherless
      again? How dare this Mora raise her hand against the king, even if he is her son….

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        And the expression of chandra when Nandini hugged him was millon dollars !!!!??

  14. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    It seems like again The makers starting to fool us by showing precap. I didn’t expect we have to wait one More episode to watch the sizzling chemistry of Chandra Nandini. But it’s ok at least we saw tight hugging scene , so we can wait for one more episode. I think makers stored today’s episode as a special gift for Chandra Nandini fans on Rajat Tokas’s birthday.

    1. I m just waiting 2 see C as a leaf man…… 😀 😀
      I 2 day we will see him as “Green Leafy Admi” 😉 😉 ……………….

  15. Chandra sometimes is very scared of Helena, like if he spends some time with nandini and if Helena comes to know about it he things she might blast at him or start distorting thing in her room as usual this is her habit, and why chandra has all re might to see and spend time with nandini and is not answerable to any one it’s his wish. and nandini has that right too after all she is his lawful wedded wife, till now why didn’t chandra or chanakya question Helena regarding her responsibility which she is wearing on her head just for name sake. Malayketu’s entry is not liked by her and the past incident is still hunting her but what type of mother is this Apama I feel pity for Helena because of her mother she is going to loose everything
    Why dadi is quite she knows who brought the idea to the great dum head rajmata ml
    regarding Malay dadi can easily inform this to chandra, Apama things the game which she is playing now is very entertaining for her this lady is destroying her own daughter’s life
    Nandini should be the old Furious, brave courageous and a very intelligent one not listening to what ever Helena tells her she should be like her sister Roopa who handled Helena in her way of style which was the best and still cannot forget that slap which Roopa gave to Helena wow now this nandini should give a tight slap to her evil mother apama and Helena. Now is the right time for chandra to have a doubt on Helena but only when dadi reveals the truth to chandra

  16. !!!! GOOD MORNING MY FRIENDS !!!!!

    Did u all know dat 2day is our fav C’s bday i mean RAJAT TOKAS’s bday…….
    may b dis year also SBS is going 2 celebrate his bday…….whatever it is, bt i think he is very upset with d death of his pet Leo…….
    Bt i m wishing u here- have a nice day & may god bless u…..

    1. Long time no see, Nick.Where were you?Happy bday, Rajat.How old is he?

      1. from 2day he is 26 di……

  17. Yesterday’s epi was good……bt d only thing i liked dat d expression of C when N hugged him……It was really awesome……& he is really a dramabaz King of us…… 😉

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Welcome back brother, Suswagotom!!!! Tomake khub miss korchilam vai. Tomar exam kmn holo????

      1. 1st term er exam akhono shuru hoyeni………24th theke……i was absent bcoz of d last preparations of d exam…….& obviously for maths………. 😉 😉

  18. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Today is my superstar Rajat tokas’s birthday. I wish him many many happy returns of the day. When I was in class 4 or 5 then I saw him first time in Prithiviraj chauhan and I became a fan of him from then. Then I watched his Dhram Veer. But actually he came back with a bang with Jodha Akbar as Jalal. After that now with Chandra Nandini. Every time Rajat proved himself as a great actor. And every time he gave a popular jodi or pair which always will be remain in heart of fans as Rajat- Mugdha, Rajat-paridhi, and now Rajat- shweta. Best wishes for him!!!

  19. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    After watching Moora’s treatment towards Nandini I am thinking why Chandra not saying anything her then it striked in my mind then Moora again may be start drama of Hunger strike and seeing that Nandini also start same Hunger strike. For this Saas- bahu hunger strike Chandra also have to Starve. It’s better to be silent atleast then chandra can eat something and also feed something Nandini also.???

    1. Satya, your comment is too funny, LOL. Poor Chandra….he is caught between 2 women he loves and can’t live without…,

      1. Very poor condition of C, “SAS-BAHU DRAMA KE UNDER FAS GAYA……..BECHARA!!!!!” now only chanakya can help him bt he is silent now……….

  20. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Moora said after Durdhara it’s her right on Vindusaar, because she is dadima of him. I’m happy that she not said that After Durdhara it’s Helena’s right on Vindusaar.☺ If she is claiming her right on vindusaar then she should give some time to vindusaar also. I rarely saw her with Vindusaar.Being not capable of taking proper care of Vindusaar that’s why Nandini could enter as a Dai maa of vindusaar in Mahal so her innocence proved in dd murder case.

  21. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    All these things now Moora, Apama and helena are trying to do are making the relation of Chandra Nandini more stronger and back nandini’s trust on chandra. Now in every episode Chandra treatment towards Nandini is pleasant to watch. That’s how a Man always respect and support woman. The recent track is very similar to Earlier Vk track but the only and the major difference is Chandra and Chanayka is now with Nandini.

  22. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I am just imagining the scene as chandra told nandini that when you slept on my shoulder wow and when all night we slept hugging each other ,nandini unaware what Chandra is saying just keeps saying yes and Chandra says when last night when you kissed me . If this truely happen in future ??????? As we know some days earlier Nandini not allowed chandra even to touch her but now she hugged Chandra. So nandini also not want restrict in only eye lock scene !!!!??

    1. kuch zyada hi nhi bak raha hai bhai tu?

      isiliye, ek ladke ko itna bakbak nhi karna chahiye.

  23. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Today’s seeing Malayketu’s attitude it seems that Apama done a great mistake and brought her own danger by helping him to back in Mahal. May be in future some thing will happen that both Apama and Malayketu get caught and then Malay will do something so that he can come out from that but Apama will be trapped. As Apama always trapped other people now I want that she herself should taste how it feels. Sometimes negative negative can be positive.

  24. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

  25. Jayani

    I had found a link abt d double century hit by Chandra Nandini… Must read

  26. After some episodes the writer may make
    C & Chanakya to be against of N so that
    the makers can show another 200 episodes. The writer has damaged the image of king cgm by snowing Moora raises her hand towards king cgm.It means
    Moora is powerful than cgm and the king is dump.What a pity.This is a historical drama and not a family drama.Chanakya was the reason behind cgm to become a great king.So the makers should see that Cgm and Chanakyas caractors should not be damaged.

  27. Mora has no right to insult Nandu calling her bindu’s stepmom. Mora is a stupid, silly and irritating figure in the show. I feel bad for Hindu, he has got such a selfish grandmom. For sure, Mora must have been a good woman in reality, but the makers are showing her in such a negative way.

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