Chandra Nandni 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra is hit by his baba for not getting more coins n says I have spent so much on this boy who will return me that money,ma tries to stop him,Chanakya walks in n says I will pay u, I will buy ur boy, n Chanakya pays all the money he has,ma tries to stop him n says Chandar don’t u love ur ma,Chandra says ma I don’t like this love, keep this money n baba won’t hurt u anymore n says to baba dare u hit my ma, I will kill u if u touch her n acharya tell me what can I do for u,Chanakya says u have to what u just said n that is keep love away from u n ur heart away from ur brains n says from today I’m ur everything n ur aim is magad kingdom,ur body n my knowledge n we will change magad n ur heart shd never over come ur actions n kautalya Niti taught to u by me will invent new

Bharat b Chanakya n Chandar will be one from today.

Amartya rakshas teaching prince of magad archery n padmanand watching him act, Nandini aims the bulls eye, padmanand gets very happy n says see Amartya my daughter will rule over Bharat, she is more intelligent then my son n so u will teach her too,Amartya says sorry my principle don’t allow me too,padmanand says I will kill u if u say no, padmanand says for my Nandini I’m her everything n so I will teach her,n walks away with her.

Nandini takes padmanands blessings n says u are my guru now. Chanakya to Chandra, value knowledge before everything,even before love. Nandini says pitamaharaj for me love is everything n with this love i will rule over Bharat.

Bharat ma – Chandra n Nandini were unaware that soon their respective thoughts were going to unite.

Nandini defeats padmanand, n so does Chandra defeats Chanakya, Chanakya says good aim but u shd aim the heart n so attack n says now u have to walk on these lotus leaves over water,go practice, Chandra starts practicing n says this is so impossible, Chanakya throws stone n says see it drowned bco this doesn’t have speed n then throws a stone in speed n it dances over water n passes the bank,Chanakya says be like this stone n till u master this u won’t sleep,remember speed is very Important n for a warrior speed matters a lot.

A grownup Chandra sees magad soldiers torturing praja n steps in n fights them,while doing so he makes one weapon of all the soldiers javelin,n fights them. Chandra frees trapezoid people,they thank Chandra. Chndra hears foot steps approaching them n takes swords n keeps at the persons neck. Chanakya is informed abt Chandra n his act, Chandra says I thought he is soldier but I stoked when I realise it is maliketu,Chanakya slaps chndra n says why didn’t u kill n says u I asked u to be with Chandra but u went after him like a coward n Chandra I sent u to save adivasi, u did save him but ur maliketu tried to take credit n so he is punished today n he will get no food.

Chandra having food with other students, his mate who is prince says I won’t leave u alone, he receives a love letter from princess n says see I get letters but this Chandra, when I go back whole army will be in my foot n Chandar will have no one.(maliketu- mate)

Chandras friends ask him don’t u fall for women, Chandra says love, I hate this word n never fall for it, Nandini hears her sister in laws talk abt her wedding n runs in angers away from castle, soldiers n servants run behind her to stop her,Nandini runs n jumps into a well. Padmanand is informed abt Nandini jumping into well after hearing abt wedding,padmanand says shutup how dare u say this abt my daughter, she will never do such thing, I can’t live without her,n sees her in front all wet, Nandini smiles, padmanand hugs her n says why did u jump,Nandini says pitahshree I jumped in water to save a lamb, padmanand says why did u do so n that to save a lamb, Nandini shows tamarind n says I went to get u these, padmanand gets very happy n says this is my daughter she loves her father a lot.

Nandini says to her bhabhi I will never marry , I will stay with my father,bhabhi says never u have to marry,Nandini says to marry I have to love someone more than my father n that’s not possible. Chandra says if ever I marry that decision will be from brain n not heart, Nandini says marriage decision will be taken from my heart after all it’s love.

Pre cap : Nandini says to padmanand , if u wish I will marry but on one condition, the man has to defeat dharam bhaiya is swords.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Asum episod i just loved it……. nice moves n a brillinat action was been demonstrated today?????

  2. Niharikamalhotra

    Adham khan…spectacular…..
    Well first of all….I saw my I mean our rajat after 2+ years on my TV screen…
    N what a entry maaan….
    Well,abt that slap…I was saying… Y always he,but waah waah chanakya baba…good gyan….
    N what a entry by nandani, well it was totally similar to jodha’s entry….
    Then,she was running for peacock, here for a goat…n seriously, tamarind??????
    N what what what,adham khan,he he,ekta mam….oho,again in against of rajat… Ooff!
    Well,nice khalataka,now,day by day,I can digest chanakya’s acting….
    N m happy to see old preeta of EDKV in this series (the girl who is playing the role of her SIL)….
    Totally copied…!!!!
    Sorry,but I only watch this for rajat, n many of us…
    Well,hiiiii,WO bhi bada waala,guys m here maan NA maan,I m yr mehmaan types…I really wanna join u all…
    As m new,not yet,but I know nothing…
    So,could u tell me abt uuu….
    Hi,this is kittu….

    1. Dear niharikamalhotra certainly

  3. Vanshika

    OMG superb episode.. Haye ram Chandra hates love n this Nandini m unable to understand, lets see what happens next..
    Can anyone tell me abt Amartya Rakshas.

  4. Day by day story getting interesting and hiii to all

    1. Hi samyukta. You are right. Nice to see Rajat !! He looks dashing!! Nandini too has an aura

      1. Hi Bella this show seems to be now very interesting.all the big actors all r good

  5. Abhi142

    Nice episode……..loved it…..By HEART and BRAIN…love father daughter bonding… sadly he is only gud to his daughter……overall awesome episode ….getting interesting day by day…..??????????


    Today’s episode was really exciting…
    Honesty speaking i enjoyed a lot watching today’s episode, n i m in love with the character named Chanakya…… Brilliant acting, prefect expression…..!!

    1. In love with his acting? Or Chanakya?

      1. EDWARD

        Dear bella ovio wid his acting..

  7. I don’t understand 1 thing why Chanakya teach him against love??….????
    Nandini ‘s acting is really good?
    And Rajat…..??? his entry is mindblowing????
    Chetan is also here


  9. Wow this serial is really good and I loved it.

  10. how chanayakya knows chandras full name

  11. wonderfull episode iam unable to understand nandhini

  12. Angelk1

    Today was an amazing eps. Both of them refusing love…that i have to see. I wonder how her father will react to his daughter marrying chandra. They will probably fall in love, but the father will put words in her head to kill chandra

    1. Tiyasa

      Hi, glad to see u

      1. Angelk1

        Lol same here

  13. Absolutely fantastic episode.
    Nandini tum aise nahi keh Sakti hoki tum apne papa se zyaada Kisi se pyaar nahi kar Sakti ho.Tum Chandr se bhi pyaar karogi.Just wait & watch.?

  14. I like this Jodi very much?

  15. wow finally chandra and nandini have grown up . awesome episode . eagerly waiting for the next episode

  16. I cant believe the entry of nandini is similar to Jodba bai…. she run to save pigeon and now nandini run to save goat ……. hate and love also similar to jodba Akbar.
    ekkta should and must realise that her shown is being watch by miilion of people around the world and the history must not a fake one. We are hope to see the true fact about chandragupta life . There are a lot of researcher in India who is actually open a blog talking about chandragupta history but why ekkta is just making up something which never happen.

    Mahabaratha and siya ke ram should the fact and incidents from Rishi Valmiki incident and
    some shoots may be imagination from the director or writes but bottom line the truth are still maintain . We are seeing the story line from the eyes of Sita and it is very brillant .

    But Chandra nandini is all made up and nothing is true there.

  17. Oh my God …..i am so sorry , typo error and spelling mistakes , pls. accept my sincere aplogizes and next tiime i will make sure not repeat.

  18. This update is so bad… Everything is looking like incomplete

  19. It’s Ok Spunas.Kabhi kabhi Ho jata hai.
    I think un chote bachon ne Chandr aur Nandini ka role acha nibhaya?????

  20. Prettypreeti

    OK this Chandra nandini is lil interesting.I was feeling very cool seeing the promos.
    And dis is good.
    Preeta bhi hai.
    It is interesting story

  21. Agree nazneen. Those two children ‘ s acting was very nice. Kudos to them. I hope the serial shows atleast somewhat correct history. Let’s see what will happen next.

  22. Maharani advaita

    Hi guys. My name is advaita and I am a history teacher. I have seen various historical serials and i n my point of u chandra nandini is best in terms of detailing etc….. love u lot chandra nandini

  23. Maharani advaita


  24. Welcome Advaita mam to our family ?

  25. Cynthia

    I am confuse of one thing… How does shepard’s wife knew Chandra’s real name. By thinking logically, Moora decided his son’s name should be, Chandra. And the shepard’s wife found him lying down and also named him Chandra. So how come shepard’s wife and Moora’s thinking are the same?

    1. NABANITA626

      In chandra s neck mura (C handras mother)wear him a paindent signed half that …..

      1. Cynthia

        Thanks very much di, are you a bengali?

    2. NABANITA626

      Sorry for late reply Cynthia….
      .and yea I am a pure bengali from kolkata……but why?And how do you know that?

      1. Cynthia

        I saw it on Skr and I can speak Bengali too.

    3. NABANITA626

      O realy…..but how sis?I mean by seeing your name it not be understood that you are a bengali……
      I give you just a superfast reply.just see time ☺

  26. I am history lover and registered myself under the Blog of “Discovering Mughal Raiput and Mauryan history. we research and discuss only actual event took place from various books written by famous writters. The origins and early life of chandragupta mauryan ( 324/21-300/298 B.C) has been clearly puslished. This section has been created to discuss about the mauryan empires with focus on the info of mauryan Emperors.

    The Buddhist sources like ‘Mahavamsa and Dipavamsa” has given fully true evidence took place. Anyone interested you have log in and read. I am from malaysia and we want the true incident took place and not false details and just because the directors wants TRP rating on top therefore they are making more ” love scences” with thier won creation
    We are still searching about the wifes of chandagupta’s and in Jain writes , it was cleary mention the name of Durdura and we are still searching from Greek or other books.
    What i understand and not sure how true it is , Chandragupta married helena greek princess and deeply moved on her rate beauty and loved her very much and this happened after the death of his first wife ( durhara) .

    I am just sharing the details and hope i did not offernded anyone here. I believe history should be true incident.

    What suprise us most of the scenes in jodba akbar was actually true incidents happened in 15th century and if you anyone wants to more then go in log ” mariam Uz zamani blog” and you will read more beautiful events took place . It is in actual love story of Jodba and Akbar.

  27. Maharani advaita

    Should i tell a truth to u

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