Chandra Nandni 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mora says Panditji get me vishk as kunḍali, dadi asks why, mora says because I want Chandar and vishakha to get married, dadi says chandra will be happy only with nandini , mora says no ma , chandra hates her and now vishakha will help him move on, dadi says look into chandras eye you will see live for nandini,mora says not again ma no more nandini and leaves,dadi says I wish you could have understood chandras feelings.

Chandra makes a sketch of himself, nandini says its still incomplete, chandra says I don’t think it is tell me, nandini says wait and gets bindusaar and puts him on chandras lap and says now the painting will ve completing, artist says right maharaj if you allow, nandini says magads present and future are in a pic, chandra thinks what are you nandini for a moment you

make me happy and then sad. Nandini says do think about vishakha, chandra says and if you are wrong, nandini says no I wont , vishkaha walks In and says hello bindusaar, Chandar says come vishakha let me give you a tour of mahal.

Vishakha says how beautiful is your mahal, chandra says Thankyou, tell me about your mahal and city, vishakha keeps telling like see this sign I had this when I was hose riding and there’s a secrete lane in the mahal for emergency exit but I use hide and my parents use to get so worried, vishakha thinks me and Amartya knew you will ask me and so I had taken all information from vishakha.

Dasi says maharaj this is from mantri, nandini keeping an watch on them, chandra thinks this is the information I asked to get about vishakha and says dasi call everyone in sabha especially nandini.

Chandra says today’s sabha is because bindusaar nanny is suspicious about vishakha and thinks she is here to kill me, vishakha says nandini why are you doing this, maharaj I’m here for help and nandini even after being in this state because of your father, anyways if nandini thinks I’m fake ask nandini to get real vishakha, nandini says stop acting, chandra says nandini I didn’t call you to insult vishakha instead I trust her and not you, helina says ma what all is this, apma says even I’m new to this, chandra says nandini you are the bad person here and all know it here and even today you are proved wrong and so not a word against vishakha, first durdhara and now her, enough of it stop it.
Apma says helina perfect timing just wait and watch.

Apma says maharaj I saw nandini meeting gautami and heard them talking about gautamis son, chandra says so that son was gautamis in kaling, apma says nandini use to stay with gautami in kaling and now gautami is with parmanand and so I think they are upto a big plan.

Nandini spying in vishakha room and gets a paper she hides it, vishakha walks in and says why are you here, nandini says u was here for medicine for dadi, vishkaha says ok,the paper falls down, vishakha gets the medicine, nandini acts and says vishakha actually I was here to say sorry and falls in vishakhas feet and says I’m so sorry and picks the paper, vishakha says don’t do this its ok, nandini says ok and about to leave, vishakha says stop what are you doing.

Nandini asks what vishakha, vishakha hands her the oil and says medicine, nandini says Thankyou and leaves. Nandini says chandra I was coming to see you, see its the paper I was talking about, chandra says first you tell em whom did you meet yesterday, nandini says how did he know about, chandra says let me tell you, you met gautami and she has a son how did you hide that, and now not a word, you saving a women how tried killing my baby, nandini Says bhabhi is changed, chandra says no this is because you are with padmanand and this paper I don’t trust you and tears it and burns it.

Nandini aus ok dong listen to me, yes I hide the truth because the baby is innocent and trust me not me but vishakha is plotting against you.

Pre cap : Chandra Infront of everyone says ma i will marry vishakha.
Nandini says chandra I wont leave until I reveal vishakhas true face.
Chandra hugs nandini and says I trusted you the most.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hi friends,after reading all these comments,I want to share my opinion I am a big fan of CN bcos of the lead most of the comments this show is compared to JA .Ok but I feel this story is interesting than JA bcoz of lead pair chemistry .if we see Jodha character,she is dominated every where while here irrespective of story track ,the couple is attractive and cute probably their age group is matching.This is my opinion but I am not supporting the story line for last 10 episodes the script is horrible and Chandra is shown as a villain but after watching the precap,I felt happy as the makers seems like accelerating this track ,after all this week is the end of this IPL season .

    1. NR8

      I agree! I thought I was the only one who thought Shwetha is better suited for Rajat than Paridhi! Jodha’s character although being good, giving and nice, was also very bossy and arrogant. She used to get really upset if he spent time with his other wives including his childhood best friend Rukaiyya. Nandini is very different and is never that possessive and dominating. The fact that she is bearing so much pain just to protect DD’s child is proof enough. C & N have a very good chemistry. Their playful scenes seem so natural, like they are soulmates. That friendly, teasing atmosphere was not there between J &A. I wonder when we will see that chemistry between C & N back again! Will be a long time to recover from all this pain that Chandra has caused…both for Nandini & the viewers. Aghhhhhh

      1. Jodha was dominating right but she had self respect which nandini dont have that is the problem . At least bit of self respect is needed when you re educated , warrior princess . But yes …i agree Shweta suits him more . and they look very cute together. Infact they are hot together. Shweta and Rajat jodi have made us stay and watch the show and tolerates all nonsense .

      2. ya u r rt thr chemistry awesome especially funny ,teasing echother,nd loving echother without expressing straightly….sooo cute bec of all ths i have addicted to ths serial….but aftr thr reunion thy wil show maturity in their love …..

      3. i agree but nandu mrethn her selfrespect she is doing her duty by protecting her child as a mother nd saving his husband as a wife ….chandra s going in wrong path so it is duty of nandu to bring her husband to good path but she should not forgive him easily ……
        in jk jodha nt have many responsibility lke nandu …
        i feel sad fr nandus pity condition she didnot any supporter in mahal all r against her nd she canot even take shelter fr her father where jk is different jodha has supporters in mahal nd also her father
        cn nd jk r different story nly vk track is same but it need as per history…..

    2. satya sarathi sarkar


    3. satya sarathi sarkar


  2. Good things come in pakages…..always…. remember….

    Go ahead Ekta di….

    When all problems will be solved….
    guys, u will really praise the work
    …..and just watch it , logically by finding the links…any of u r questioning about the close scenes, i want to say them that there was a long time gap for Chandra and Nandini (after the solving of Roopa and Malti related problems…..and specially keep it in mind, it was this intimate relationship that created pain in Chandra and Nandini’s hearts when Chandragupta had been to war for a long time….as instructed by Chanakya…)

    Now, there shouldn’t have been any Vishkanya in Jodha Akbar, yet it was added to make it interesting to the audiences…..

    Just look, Chandra himself is getting close to “Vishakha” only when Nandini is there…..bcz, he wants Nandini to feel the same pain, which he felt, as he thinks, from her…….

    In fact, its a fight between Nandini’s lover “Chandra” and Durdhara’s friend “Chandra”…

    And, i request those guys, who are not getting interest or who want only happiness, especially in the life of a ruler, or who r using abuse words , plz don’t watch it….but don’t disrespect it….and continue watching, after u get the Happy track update here…

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

  3. Ur anger is actually ur love for the show….

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

    1. rt we r not hating serial r chandra we want c&n back we love thr pair more…lke concept f cn serial as u said our hate is love

  4. AparnaPrasad

    ???????how dare he touch nandini… I know de r d leading pair still Ian gtng so angry for nandini hugging him back.. I hate it.. u may think I have gone crazy for everyone might be waiting for such good shots. Idk feminist in me making me hate dat scn and Chandra.. feels like he s not supposed to touch her or come close to her.. damn I have gone mad.. thank u Ekta.. u wish dat we just dream of nandini cz after giving his approval for marag WD vk y wud he hug nandini and say dat he trusts her d most? Che… God. A normal gal like me can’t bear a man like ds even if he is d prince charming . A princess,warrior a queen…. So ashamed of u nandini if u really forgive him. Even though sometimes d background music say.. mantri to house dasi to husband, mother while cooking,and ramba in bed … I only gov value ti ds lines if and not if men treat women likewise… Nt fr such dump fox lik chandra.. cunning yet dump

    1. NABANITA626

      If it is a dream of NANDINI so ok….
      But if chandra realy touches nandini how can she tolerate?in the previous episode we have all ready saw him to push nandini…….

      1. AparnaPrasad

        She al tolerate yaar. No matter how long he insults her.. idk y she luvs him so much.. during d beginning of serial while nand ws lookin fr a groom fr nandini acharya sed d person who nandini weds nw if de hate eachodr al tak eachodr life but if luv de al give der luvs.. its not applicable to chandra. Why is day? Wen nandini hated chandra she has tried killing him in numbers and nw wen she luvs she r ready to even die for him. Chandra in other hand wen he hated her dint try to kill her.. nd wen he luvs her nt even ready to trust her. Did nandini marry d wrong guy?

      2. @aparna. well saidddd….

    2. cool it is really dream bec if chandra trusted her surelly he wil not hug her his guilty feeling wil not allow him nd also words wil not come ,nly his tears can speak tat time…

  5. Nonsense ……the actual series of Jodha akbar was much better then CM. Rajat tokas pair with Paridhi sharma is much much super than swetha . Swetha is just trying to act like paridhi.
    Rajat does not need to do a lot of intimacy scence with paridhi but their silent language , movements, eyes contact, smile and reaction and many more can make the viewers feel the true love they have as husband and wife in JA.
    Basily jodha as paridhi brings a lot of wife’s real chacather and shows Akbar to change to be real human.
    The writers here gone carzy and trying to copyright the same story from JA and interuputting into CM. Pari does not need high make over to show her loveliness she is pretty , cute and very much talented actor compare to Sheta.
    Swetha needs a lots of exposing and she is doing ll sort of scenes to attract the audience.

    Dont compare pari with swheta. Both brings different way of skills but the best ever jod is still Rajat and Pari.

    Rajat real wife age is 5 years older then him so what is in the age.
    I dont watch CM because i stop watching after knowing most of the episods are similar to JA and the worst is Ekka kappor spoilt the image of great King CM and the actual history she chnage to suit her liking.
    We are from other country and thank god we knew the histroy we else i will be thinking helena is 1st wife of CM which is not in real life of CM
    Further more helena is not cruel person if you guys know the history.
    Not sure why Historians remain silent for spoling CM the great king real Character
    with this kind of serial.
    We enjoy watching Sivaji Rao , Jansi ke Rani , JA and other wonderful historial serials but but this is one of the worst serial we even knew.
    It show CM has nothing to do but always with womens . Do you think the Kings eaiser push thier queen is fronf of others? Do you think other queens can easier enter other Queens room?
    When durhara is pregant the writer did not show the real effection between chandra and durhara but always with nandini and even the writers stupidly make chandra walk away to be with Nandini because of some incident.

    If you guys read the actual event of JA from book of Arkbarnama , they are real event where Akbar spend most of his times with Jodha or heer kumari and the best is Akbar himself make annouce that Joaha is his queen and he even spent with ther during war because he wanted to be her all the time

    There was even events when rukaiya show not a good corial with Jodba and this proves so read the actual event writer.

    Sorry and i dont intend to make anyone feel bad but we from malaysia felt very bad watching this serial .

    1. tq god u stopped watching serial …dont compre cn &jk….rajat nd swetha pair were awesome thr funny ,teasing scene canot match wit jk in jk nly love nd hate no funny scenes… cn nandinis makeup was so light even though she is so beautiful…….atlast ths s serial not book to show exact histor if u want u can read frm book…iam a history student i never compare book wit serial ths s entertainment show thy just took something frm histry nd giving us nice treat ……as per history if thy show dd died earlier nd helena came after long so nly hero wil be present no heroine nd love,drama….so thy created fictional character nandini……..jk was different real history helped serial to show exact wat it is but here need some masala…..
      sryyyyyyyyy iam great fan f cn so…..please…

    2. NABANITA626

      I can not understand why swetha basu prashad will try to act like paridhi????????????
      You may not be known to this fact that swetha basu prashad is an child actress and got the national prize in her 8 year age…..
      No doubt paridhi sharma is also a very good actress and I am also a fan of Hodge akbar…..
      CN is a historical love drama serial,rajat tokas is a common factor and many charecture are same as like ja but it’s not mean that the relation between them is same……..
      ?From the first of the jodha akbar serial we can see jodha is a very ideal charecture,but on the other hand Nandini is a very chirpy,naughty type charecture….so the two charectures attitude must be different,thats why the equation between jodha and nandini with their respective husbands has huge difference…………
      ?you are telling of history….so let’s give you an information…
      But EKTA MAM took this adaptation to the JA before,now she being the charecure in original position……..
      ?can you tell me one historical serial name which completely follow the history?
      Never……because may be its possible in cinema but in serials to attract people for trp that must be added some masala in it…
      You are saying of JODHA AKBAR, In that serial that is shown that SALIMA BEGUM and AKBAR had n PHYSICAL RELATION and no CHILD at all.but actually history is that AKBAR had two child with salima
      1.shahzadi Khanam (who is 3 months younger than sallim)
      2.shahzadi Murad…
      So where is the history?
      ?last of all its easy to extract history of 1500-1700 are,but CGM story is about 200-300 Before Crist..
      We also dont hurt you at all but you have to understand this matter………..
      I hope from next time You will think once before comparing them…..

      1. NABANITA626

        ???sorry for so many typos??

    3. satya sarathi sarkar

      HA HA HA,oh my god it looked like tug of war between shweta and paridhi sharma fans who can take RAJAT TOKAS,

  6. NABANITA626

    I am sure the vk has surely done some magical power to chandra….because chandra is not so loose charecture…still he had not touch Helena for how can he attracted to the vk by her beauty?

    1. satya sarathi sarkar


    2. on starting i also thought lke u in bath scence wen he stared at vk….but makers changed my thought……

  7. NABANITA626

    Do you remember guys one thing……
    In the 3-4 episodes before when NANDINI is finding the Snake page in the lab (I think) nandini heard chandra to tell someone(the person is covered with blanket)that to alert or spy on someone.when nandini asked it to chandra,chandra does not give any reply……….
    So there is a possibility that Chandra had known to everything……

  8. fade up yaar,pls reunite Chandra Nandini sumhow..

  9. Hey nananita di i m so happy to see ur comment after many days .I was missing u a lot.btw hw were ur exams di.

    1. NABANITA626

      I was also missing you sis….realy happy today to see your comment…….??????

  10. Nd i agree with u nabanita di.

  11. AparnaPrasad

    And it’s realy nice to see u Yasmin,nabanitha together. Its been so long ryt since a gt tgthr of comments.. nd Jayani use to comment nd was wondering wat hapnd to u both

    1. NABANITA626

      Yes I am also thinking about JAYANI and yasmin…….from yesterday .and got yasmin sis….today
      But where are you JAYANI today??????????????we,aparna di ,yasmin and all of the member of this group…missing you????

  12. R8 Aparnaprasad di nd nabanita di i m also nt seeing jayanis comment missing her a lot.

  13. Banshika Dash

    I guess chankya has told chandra about vishkanya that’s why he agreed to marry vishkanya and not telling his plan to nandini but nandini after proving her innocence should leave the palace and continue her life as chandra did .
    Nandini should return the mangalsutra n leave let chandra come and ask for nandini’s hand n ask her to come back.
    And this would be never proved that Nandini didn’t kill dhurdhara bcuz when bindusar became the king Helena was the rajmata

    1. Correct and mind it, it was Chanakya who was blamed in history for Dhurdhara’s death and he was sentenced to death for this. This is how Chanakya died so Helena might escape from this but in this serial the actual killers were Helena and her mother so they might change the story.

  14. R8 Vani di i also read that chankya was blamed for dds murder.

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