Chandra Nandni 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mora says if Chaya cant stay here even I won’t,Helina thinks ma was right this war would be a big one,mora says Chandra you proved it,your mother isn’t important to you,but your wife is,you don’t need your mother ,all that matters is just your wife and her wishes and remember if Chaya leaves even I won’t,dadi says mora,mora says ma I won’t stay here and insult my self,Chaya says right ma who cares about us here,if we leave form here we can live our life as per our wish and don’t need a queen like nanidnis permission for everything.

Nandini says ma please don’t leave,I won’t go against you,Chandra is nothing without his mother ,ma I beg of you don’t go,Chandra say something,Chandra says ok malayketu can come back,Chaya has tears of happiness,Helina

says this Nandini spoils all the plans. Nandini gets food and says ma please have something,mora says I will have fooled only from my son hand and not by you,Chandra walks to mora,mora smiles and has fruits.

Helina says Apma ma nandini spoilt everything,clovie go Stand there and not in front of me and ma why are you smiling,you are so happy,rajmata didn’t go,Nandini and her drama I’m tired,Apma says wining is enjoyable when there’s some struggle,we will have fun,because we will win,don’t worry,Helina says ma we wanted to create difference between rajmata and Chandra,Apma says there is a difference and now we will make it deep.malayketus entry will increase this difference.

Nandini talking to bindusara says,rajmata is Chandra mother so how caN I let her go away from her son,but my worry is still there,Chandra walks in and cuts some fruits,Nandini asks,Chandra when did you come,Chandra says just now,now come I’m very hungry,Nandini says no you go ahead,Chandra says no we shall have together even ma had her food and both give each other fruits,Nandini in tears,Chandra wipes her tears,Chandra says thankyou Nandini for stopping ma,Nandini says Chandra but bindusara,Chandra says I know but I will promise malayketu won’t be allowed near our room,Nandini says i know I trust you but I’m his mother and it scares me,Chandra says don’t worry I’m here and I won’t let anyone allow hurt my son and if they dare they won’t be let alive.

Chandra says acharya don’t you agree with Nandini,why didn’t you say anything,Chanakya says I do agree with Nandini,Chandra says then why the silence,Chanakya says because we need to keep our enemies close, malayketu will try killing bindusara but here in Magad,me you and Nandini are present to take care of bindusara and we can give rajmata proves that Malayketu isn’t trust worthy and also Chayas promise will be fulfilled,this mahal will be malayketus jail.

Mantris not happy with Chandra decision,malayketu walks inside the Sabha,Chaya very happy,malayketu says Magads king and people I’m thankful that you all gave me a chance and I would like to accept something I did try killing Yuvraj bindusara, Chanakya says so malayketu you are saying you were part of the kidnap,malayketu says yes Acharya,Amartya provoked me in doing this as a revenge for killing my father but before I could kill Yuvraj,maharaj and Nandini saved bindusara,Chanakya says you could be thrown out of Magad for this,Malayketu says yes I know but I don’t want to start this chance with a lie.

Mora says malayketu I’m happy that you proved we didn’t make a mistake,and now as per new rule , you and Chaya can be given a chance for your marriage, would you like that,malayketu says rajmata Chaya was the best thing in my life,because of Roopa I was trapped,I learnt about it when I went against Chandra and joined padmanand and if Chaya has no problem, I would like to have this chance,mora says Chaya do you want this chance,Chaya says yes ma,Chandra says ok,malayketu shall stay with us in this mahal.

Chandra says as this is my rule,Chaya should get a chance,and if this makes her happy I’m okay with it and malayketu you aren’t allowed to go near bindusara until you prove yourself,malayketu says yes I accept it.

Malayketu covered in blanket walks in Chandras room to bindusara and with his knife says your death will complete my revenge and stabs him,the blood falls over Nandini face,and she wakes up scared shouting leave my son,Chandra holds her and says it’s a night mare see he is fine,Nandini walks to bindusara and hugs him,Chandra says dont worry since you were thinking about this so you went through this,Nandini says this is very difficult for me,Chandra says I know but don’t worry relax I’m here,and why are you starting at me,Nandini says you crossed LOC,Chandra says what could I do you shouted so loudly I got scared.

Nandini puts binudsara to sleep and says I’m fine now you can go to your side now,both get confused,Nandini says what are you doing and in this confusion the curtain falls on them and and both stare into each other,and try get out,both get out,Chandra says tonight lets Manage tomorrow I will get it done. Both go off to sleep.

Pre cap… Nandini reads Chandra a letter sent by mora and says see this letter ma wants me to do this pooja,Chandra helps Nandini dress for the pooja.
Mora says Helina I sent a letter and asked you to get ready for pooja,if you didn’t get it how dare go against me,Helina says who else other than Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Mora should be banished from magad.

  2. Padmini, how many times the curtains have fallen on nandhini?

    1. Jayani

      2day 4th tym di?…

    2. Roopa, i think this is the fourth time, first is the guy attacked her sent by King Nanda to kill Chandra, second is when she is holding baby Bindu n she almost fainted, third when Chandra came to see Nandini n she slip, now the fourth in the bedroom.
      Yest’s i was thinking about this scene

      1. wich guy r u refferg in 1st pt?yodha…..

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Ohh u remembered all falling scenes,? so Any fan when need any information about Chandra Nandini then u can help him.

      3. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        One more scene I remembered but it was not curtain but a tent. When Chandra leave Magadh to take nandini’s side and he was trying to stand the tent but couldn’t due to Storm then Nandini also went to help him and tent fall on them.

      4. i too thought sathya…..tat scene was d most beautiful among all….

    3. Wonder how many more falling curtains and slipping before nandhini professes her love to chandra?Not to forget, the falling tent also!

      1. I just remembered the falling tent, that was very nice episode. What about the lizard

  3. Malayketu is back. Moora and Chaya are happy despite unaware of coming problems. Malayketu may expose Pandugrath during his attempt to kill Bindusar to prove his loyalty.

    1. Jayani

      True bhaiya… But dat’s a gud thing also in 1 way, coz dey atleast know abt Malay but dey don’t even know dat Pandu is 5n nd he wants 2 kill Bindu nd ?

    2. u guessed rt,all wil believe malai nd blame nandu fr supportg hr brothr…..

      1. Same !!!!!!

  4. Oh god!! i cant tolerate dis mother india drama queen moora’s talk n her presence… she s irritating a lot… n u chaya, wat type of lady ur???? Ufff…. plz chandra n chanakya do something for bindusar n nandu’s safety… dis malayketu n pandugrat r dangerous n will try to harm bindusar n nandu… still they didn’t take any step to find who tried to kill bindusar last week… moora ur feeling proud for malayketu’s acceptance of bindusar’s kidnap ryt!!!… actually its shame, ur allowing grandson’s kidnapper with pride… why cant u understand dis simple thng… plz keep her (moora) away from bindusar… bcoz she s acting… again if helena provoke moora against bindusar in future she’ll definitely try to harm bindusar without feeling guilty… non sense…
    Precap: chandra n nandini looking very cute… dis non sense lady n helena’s talk makes me irritate…

  5. Mora should be left in an uninhabited island. I can’t tolerate her any more.

    1. Yes, she should be banished!

    2. Jayani

      True Aliya di

  6. Now we have got à New villian moora & chaya both are so stupid, thé show Turn like family drama show not as a hystorical show. Don’t know know how many villains can leave in this mahal if makers bring back roopa character thé mahal will be full and we must change thé country’s name

  7. Hi this is my second comment, according to me malayketu may pretend to be very much in love with chaya and try to brainwash her (chaya) and his mother in law to gain more trust. He may even try to make nandini as the culprit in front of them with help of two evils in palace, Apma’s over confidence may trap her into a web. I am sure Chandra, chanakya and nandini may keep an eye on malayketu who is doing over acting which is very bad for him actually one day it may trap him in his own web. This time for sure Apma’s pending punishment will be given chanakya and for Helena he (chanakya) might get back the important title which she is wearing on her head for so long which is of no use, till now she hasn’t done anything for the welfare people in or out side the palace which is annoying and ridiculous no responsibility were as nandini she doesn’t have any crown but she does her duty as mother, as a daughter in law, as a sister in law , as a friend and as a queen too which very much proves that nandini is right person to have that crown not that Helena

  8. Guys..vr tired of commenting whichis never absorbed.on top too irrtating to see unwanted romance btw chadra n nandini. The simple solution to all problem s throw nandini out of chandra’s room. Bring helena and let chandra n helena lead ther life n have baby which will make helena to focus on her baby..y nandini always wanted chsndra by her side n doesnt wanted a life with him..too too annoying..
    i started watching Aarambh…i was completly mesmerized by tge screenplay, vfx etc..i am damn will win all awards..guys just watch yesterdays episode of aaramb..the main leads r killed by each other by passionate love…the writter is simply superb..i wish cn team get the idea frm aaramb writter..i stopped watching cn…i feel rajnesh is too dashing to handle 🙂
    Chandra nandini is simple saas bahu type..the creativity is lost..on top nandini is shown brainy n chandra the idiot..our grt king image is ruined..pls shown chandra the great. He was fair with helena too..thrw nandini out..i wanted warrior princes..not the crying princess

    1. after long time u r commentg but we not expected in ths way……i also saw the promo f tat serial ..the actress is frm our state TN…i didnt see any episodes…i cannot take my eyes frm rajat &swetas pair even if its bore…

      1. No HOPE for Chandra Nandini show anymore until the writers wake up from their dead sleep!!! I feel so bad for my favourite talented actor RAJAT TOKAS,
        Even Nandini’s DOUBLE DECKER WIG is so frustrating, ANNOYING and an eyesore.
        MOORA is more than annoying. Her speech, dialogue, tone, makeup, her character all round is frustrating. Cannot stand this woman.

      2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        @ shree, I agree with you !! The main usp of Chandra nandini is Rajat and Shweta chemistry. It crossed 200 episode only because the powerful acting of them. Even when they potray their hate or anger on each other then also they looked stunning together. Some time the show needs X factor inspite of a good story.

      3. Shree..rajat n swetha can bring aura to the character if scripting is good. But they are totally demaged by very poor script though they are outstanding award winning plp. Yes aaramb cast karthika nair is from the sunday episode of aaramb..i am damn sure u will be jaw struck..wat a script and wat a performance. My irritation is on the script of cn..def not on swetha or rajat. At the same time rajnesh soft yet bold look is too much mesmerizing.. the bahuballi writer nailed it…i wish cn team wake up or rajat n swetha walk out..

    2. dont loose hope even in vk case its vry bore in startg nd thn it gets interested atlast…so watch it……

    3. Yes, Sunday’s episode of Aarambh was a mesmerizing one, which makes Rajneesh, a favourite. I like Rajat so much and I hope CN team will come with a good script to show off his skills..

    4. Yes, Sunday’s episode of Aarambh was a mesmerizing one which makes Rajneesh, a favourite. I like Rajat so much and I hope CN writers will come with a good script to show off his skills.

    5. JJ Excellent comment. Can’t be more precise !!
      Writers wakeup for GOD’s SAKE!!!
      I do not comment anymore to avoid writing negative points all the time but this has crossed all the limits with the writers. They must be changed ASAP.

  9. moora stupid u always lke ths,u lke helena to perform pooja…u avoided food by nandus hand u done rt u didnt have any qualfction to feed by hr……u feeling proud of malai accepg his crime who joined hand wit ur lfe enemy nanda against cn nd tried to kill ur grandson but u want nly happiness of ur daughter u behaving as selfish mom not as rajamata u allowing terrorist in magad fr ur own daughter u didnt thk abt people,in future wen u comes to know the truth nd if u ask nandu to call u as ma thn i wil pour acid into mouth….

    1. Behi

      Your last sentence made me laugh??? I agree with killing that stupid mora, I really wish that they dont put the story together by showing that mora has a plan behind her acting, we want mora out

    2. U r funny…i wish u can throw some on the script writter too..hope u burn his many villan.title should be Sangam of villan – the Meghad
      poor chandragupt

    3. I like yr last line, i will pour acid into M mouth, so funny

    4. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      But shree, as per government rule openly sell of acid is banned now, so how will u get acid??? I think u should try some insecticides or phenyl then all the dirtyness of Moora’s mouth will be clean.

      1. Jayani

        ???… Bhaiya dat’s so gr8… I hope Shree akka can get a gallon of phenyl nd v can pour it in moora’s mouth nd just incase v must carry a funnel as well so dat even if she moves it won’t fall out?

      2. Satya, you are so funny. Hahaha

  10. Behi

    The more I like the plays of rajat, shweta and the others, the more I hate the transcript. I am tired of repetitive story, Apama does whatever she wants and Chandra, Nandini and Chanakya just try to scape the troubles. Actually I stoped watching the show and am following the updates, the storyline got so annoying, rajmata’s stupidity makes me sick, mqybe it’s a plan of her to catch helena red handed(maybe) but it is so unreasonable. In this show the villains are always 1 step ahead of Chandra, this show a weak portray of great king.
    And I have a question, why no one didn’t mention malays plan about malty and madhav. Didnt they remember he tried to ruine portrays of Chandra and show him as a perverse man?

    1. ya…if thy remember malti case also nothg use ,moora nd chaya supported him to give a sec choice…so no issues both irritatg lady want malai even after known the truth f bindus kidnap….

  11. Nkemakonam jonah

    Mora u will regret dis

  12. Why this stupid Mora wants Hell to perform Pooja….In the future….I won`t be surprised if she asks Chandra to throw Nandini out of the Mahal and consummate his marriage with Hell and have a baby with her. I think this where this track is going…but I`m sure that Chandra will choose Nandini….However, Chandini`s friends mode needs to end soon and they should start their life as husband and wife. The writers` are dragging it….I`m also tired of this silly, childish romance between C and N….the writers` keep writing similar romantic scenes for them…..N slips and falls/Chandra catches her and they have a romantic eye lock/they apply medicine for each other`s wounds. Am I missing anything ? In fact, they wrote better scenes for VK and Chandra during the previous track. I don`t get it….

    1. Aditi, Nothing is impossible, this stupid Moora might do that to separate CN. Nandini did not allow Malai to Mahal, she made it as a big issue.

      1. Padmini,, yes, this Mora is going to be the biggest enemy for CN….she is already supporting Hell and will try to get Nandini out of Chandra`s life. Looks like it`s Mora`s turn to try to separate CN. Now, everyone in the mahal except Chanakya are against Nandini……but Nandini has Chandra on her side so not to worry…

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Wait some days sister, there so many enemies in Mahal, if CN start serious romance then any one can harm Vindusaar. And as in precap ur childish romance may be going to adult romance tonight.

      1. LOl, Satya brother…..can`t wait for that…..I`m dying to see their love confession scenes….

  13. Mora is not using her brain. After all the pain and suffering,Nandini went through, one would think that enough is enough. Mora even asked for Nandini’s forgiveness. Has She forgotten every thing that Malay did, just because of Chaya. Not forgetting that he is a traitor.
    Stupid Mora and Chaya?

    1. The love for her daughter n she is jealous of CN as a couple, her brain not functioning. Ungrateful lady, how many times N saves her son n grandson. Look like she is supporting Helena

  14. satya sarathi sarkar

    Today’s episode started with Moora’s ugly face which I am not wanting to see but the episode ended with a precap which I am wanting to see many more times. After seeing dumbness of MOORA and CHAYA I think chanyka should start treatment of MOORA and CHAYA immediately .EVEN when truely Pandugarth was mentally handicapped then also he not acted like these dumb ladies. The real mentally sick patients in the Mahal are MOORA AND CHAYA.

  15. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    I am not afraid of Malayketu is back on Mahal, but afraid of Witch moora what is going to done now. Actually I am not getting any word to describe this evil lady. Some days earlier she looked that Nandini fighted with Kidnappers and brought back Vindusaar in Mahal. But now she hating nandini and supporting Vindusaar’s kidnapper Malayketu!!!! What a shameless lady u are?!? Today chandra should not stop Moora and Chaya. They wanted to leave magadh then he happily can throw out them. The biggest enemies of his and nandini’s life removed then.

  16. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Thank god Chandra is now with Nandini. Moora wanted that helena should done the pooja but may be Chandra will do something that Nandini will do the pooja. In this way he will give suitable reply for both helena and moora.

  17. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    At least now Some changes are seen in Nandini’s get up. And according to me the height of ” Burj khalifa” of wig on Nandini’s head is made little shorter now. And Nandini’s flower jewelries are also looking stunning in precap.

  18. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    After seeing the hot precap I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. I think Padmini didi’s plea working now. Today’s chandra nandini’s fruit eating, curtain fall scene also awesome. After mental torture of moora these romantic scenes are something that gives relief to me.

    1. Yes, Satya agree with yr comments, n hoping their romantic scene will take longer n
      they shd start their couples tract rather than being freinds for how long. I was thinking that Rajamata wants Helena n Nandini to do this prayers,horrible Moora never knew she can go this extend., What prayers is this, is it the auspicious month from July 17 to Aug 17, for the female goddess. Very auspicious day today, need to go to temple. Will pray for all my freinds.

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        So nice of u Didi, please pray that chandra will kick out Moora from Mahal. That’s will be best gift for us.

  19. iam waitg fr tmr epi… see their sizzling chemistry……

    1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      I am too eagerly waiting for today’s episode for watch a hot sizzling romantic scene. I am just thinking what shall I do when I watch chandra preparing Nandini with flower for pooja . ???

    2. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

      Another thing I am eagerly waiting for Chandra’s greenish avatar also to protect Nandini in jungle.

  20. This show is becoming so annoying, mora and all, repeated stories line always, why can’t nandani and chandra have real relations as husband and wife or is it how d kings and Queen of old cohabit?

  21. Nice episode but makers pls stop the nonsense of Moora,Chaya,Helena,Apama n Malai, pls focus on CN love story. Tired of conspiracy, never seem to end.
    Nandini is daughter in law, Moora can never accept her as daughter, now for her eyes she is enemy, so sad that she did not accept food from N.
    I just hate this Helena n her evil mom n their stupid dialouges, make my ears pain.
    Why Malai n others keep bringing Roopa case but not Malti molestation case?
    Look at Rajamata, she is the biggest Rajadrohi for supporting,accepting Malai n Chaya was melting seeing Malai, with all kind of eyes expression.
    Hoping Chandra n Chanakya will able to catch all culprits in Mahal. Sweet romantic scene ,curtain falling down again. Yest’s Nandini got new outfit, this she will use daily until we get bored.
    Precap, nice romantic scene again, i like this N hairstyle. Pandu with his evil plan n Helena blames Chandra for not receiving the letter

  22. CN Latest track spoiler.

    Chandra Nandni​: Nandini (Shewta Basu Prasad) discovers Pandurath’s revenge intentions against Chandra (Rajat Tokas)
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus historical show Chandra Nandni is going to take major turn.
    Chandra has brought Nandini’a brother Pandurath to Magadh while Pandurath pretends to be out of his mind and thus Nandini takes care of him.
    Chandra also gives his assistance to Nandini and takes utmost care of Pandurath which makes Nandini happy.

    While Pandurath is doing all drama and is fine but has returned to take father Padmanand’s death revenge from Chandra.
    Nandini will soon discover about Pandurath’s intentions and will also try to stop Pandurath from going against Chandra and asks him to forget revenge.
    Nandini against brother Pandurath
    While Pandurath is determined and takes major step killing Chandra which Nandini can’t let happen and kills her own brother.

    Nandini kills her brother Pandurath saving Chandra from him, while everyone is astonished seeing Nandini’s this step.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes​.

  23. Writers wake up PLEASE… Everyone’s comments proves this show is not a historic show but a worst saas bahu family drama. The only important aspect of this show is RAJAT TOKAS. We all know why fans are tolerating this show. I lost interest long time ago and feel so sorry for a talented young actor who’s hard work is going to total waste.
    Our Great King is overshadowed by his wife who knows everything better than the King himself. Nandini can save the King and the prince but the guards cannot do their job. She is the super intelligent woman smarter than the GREAT CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA and CHANAKYA.
    Chanakya was the most important and intelligent backbone during Chandragupt’s reign and this show is practically an insult to Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya.

  24. Savithri V Ramani

    My god .All villains are in the manual and sleepless night for nandini.Now malayaketu a ill start his drama and put the blame on pandugrath.Already started in pins issue with Mancini Moora has proved that she is also one among the real mother in law idiot

  25. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

    Yesterday I saw that Chandra nandini became no 1 Indian show in UK. Congratulations team chandra nandini.?,

    1. i too saw iam so happy ,i dont know why fans r losing hope…in every serial there s nly one villan frm starting to end ths the trend fr many yrs but why thy hatg cn alone….all fans want cn to find prblm so early thn there wil be no story,prblm should get solve wen it reach d peak…..malai,nanda,amartya r d villans in history f real cgm so the writers also revolving around thm………….makers can give attractive new clothes to lead pair nd can take their romance to next level as aditi said…

      1. Satya Sarathi Sarkar

        Yess shree, I also very passionate about Chandra Nandini. U are not like them who are continuously saying they loose hope on this serial and always pointed negative things about serial. I agree that there is some lacks in story but that doesn’t mean Chandra nandini is worst serial.
        There were many such scenes which actually really brought tears in my eyes. But who are critising now they never said about that good scenes. I remembered when chandra behaved rudely with Nandini everyday they comment about it but when chandra behaving good and change himself as a good husband then not a single comment about it. And now they are saying the romance is looking boring or childish. I wonder if the romance of Chandra nandini bored them then which type of track delightful for them ??? I think this show not suitable for them and it’s better that they stop watching the show. And shree don’t be sad if u follow Instagram Facebook or twitter page of Chandra Nandini u already know the fan followers of the show continuously increasing. So Shree, don’t be effected by the comments of those CN haters who always comment negative about it. So be happy I am sure CN continue to delight fan like u.

      2. I totally agree with u drs… actually am excited abt todays episode… chandra nandini getting close day to day… i wish they should end their friendship n should start new lyf… their trust also increasing… so i wish they both should be one for other to face anything…

    2. Yes Satya, The show is very popular here, most of my friends watch this show 🙂 I hope the team make a visits to UK for a promotion 🙂

  26. Mora, for name sale she is saying Nandini as her daughter but deep down her heart she is not a true Mom to Nandini. She is the first person who always go against Nandini and hurt her through her words . One small request to writers . When Malaiketu’s true face got revealed please make Mora and Chaya to feel ashamed . Also Please don’t let Chandra and Nandini to forgive them so easily. Irrespective of telling so many things they both didn’t even care about anything. Even Malaiketu says the truth but Mora says good and encouraging him to stay with chaya. This clearly shows she didn’t even care about either Chandra or Bindhusar life. Really not worth to be Rajmata. Great insult to this role. I hate this character deep down the heart who never even care about her children but suddenly act as though she is very caring. Hate u Mora. Worthless

    1. Yes SJ, Moora’s character is just worthless. Cannot agree with you more.

    2. Jayani

      True SJ… Fed up wid dis female… Uff

  27. when malaykethu’s real face was revealed i feel put him to jail with the two uther culprit who provoked chandra to invite malay inside the palace. chaya, and mora both need malay inside the mahal and simply says that once they realised he is doing anything harm towards bindhusara they definitely take off their wish back. what an easier decision, so they are giving that much importance to chandra and bidusara’s life… please get rid of those two culprits along with malay, and apama.

    i love helena because she is not that much dangerous without apama, only apama make her more villain otherwise she is not having that kind of brain with full of cruelty… and she is too funny also, her individual plays makes the viewers laughing…

  28. cant put up with this irritating idiot mora

  29. As per moras wish, Helena will go to the temple to perform pooja.Thinking that Nandhini is the one who went to temple, pandugrat will try to kill bindusar and nandhini would see this.I predict this is whats going to happen based on the 2 precaps previously shown.

  30. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Moora blames Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) for disrespecting her orders, Chandra (Rajat Tokas) in dilemma

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus show Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra’s family will start breaking apart completely as Helena and her mother Apama make sure to create a deep rift between Nandini and Moora.

    Moora had always thought of Nandini as he daughter but Helena uses Malay and Chhaya’s marriage issue to create a rift between Nandini and Moora. Moora is upset as Nandini does not want Malay back in the palace and she threatens to leave the palace along with Chhaya. However, Nandini takes back her stand and allows Malay to enter the palace although she knows that Malay is dangerous and can harm Bindusar. Malay returns to the palace and pretends to be repentant for all his ill acts in the past.

    However, Apama is sure that Malay’s return will further destroy Nandini’s relationship with Moora and Chhaya. Moora makes it quite clear that she has not forgiven Nandini as yet. Viewers will get to see that Nandini will make every attempt to win back Moora and Chhaya heart once again. However, another twist will come up as the Pavitra Kalash Sthapna ritual will be organized and Moora will want Helena to this ritual as she is Chandra’s wife. Moora will send a note to Helena asking her to do the ritual but Nandini will get this note instead of Helena.

    Nandini will be happy thinking that Moora has accepted her back once again and she will do the ritual in place of Helena. However, Moora will be angry at Nandini thinking that she disrespected her orders once again. How will Moora and Nandini’s rift get resolved? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

  31. Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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