Chandra Nandni 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandra as bheemdev kills a dasi in her lust.

Chandra Nandni 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra tells doctor,she is imaging different things,doctor asks like,nanisni says I see red faced monkey,doctor says okay I need her blood,may be someone has mixed something in her food,Nandini says I see no one,I’m fine,Chandra says we need to treat you don’t go,Chandra confuses Nandini saying her nose is crooked and doctor slowly takes her blood samples,Chandra says your nose is fine let’s go,Nandini says maharaj has headache too give him medicine,Chandra says I’m fine let’s go.he,Ina says I need to change the samples before they find anything.

Chitra says Bhadra,Bindusara is so rude to Dharma,it was so unfair for dharma,Bhadra says he is not like this he is good man but why does he hate so much,Chitra says right why don’t you talk to him,he is your

brother,Bhadra says sure I will,he is Magads future king and before we leave I will talk,Chitra asks where,Bhadra says parvatak,Chitra says but you never wanted to leave,Bhadra says pitahshree needs me,Chitra says tell me you are hiding something,Bhadra tells Chitra how Chandra behaved,Chitra says I cant believe may be something is wrong talk to mamishree,Bhadra says no need if he wants us to leave we will and don’t share this with anyone.

Chandra in corridor,bheemdev enters his body,and says today I need to get to the point,he sees dasi and says I shall work on mission later first this dasi and calls her,and puts hand on his shoulder and says come to my room and leaves,she says okay,and follows him,Chandra closes the door,and walks to her,she pleads Chandra not to come close to her and says my husband is waiting for me,Chandra pushes her on bed,she pushes Chandra away,he says how dare you push a king and pulls her close and cuts her throat,bheemdev says oh no bheemdev what did you do,and if someone learns about it then.

Dharma getting dressed,Bindusara walks in,dharma says I stay here couldn’t you knock and enter,Bindusara says will you tell me how to behave,and out there you were all about wife,showing off,dharma says I don’t need to show off I am your wife,and you cant behave with me the way you behave with all other women and you think I’m trapped here,no you are mistaken,not just me but even you are here stuck with me,and where will I go right,yes I have no place to go but I have no fear to loose anything and so this dharma will never surrender to you so you will have to climb the temple with me in your arms.

Bindusara pulls dharma close and says I can kill you,dhrama says you won’t,for you troubling me is most important and if you don’t how will you live the rest if your life. Doctor says if this blood sample turns black that definitely means she is drugged,and leaves,Helina says that will never happen and replace the sample with hers,doctor walks in and asks how may I help,Helina says I’m having headache please help, doctor gives her medicine and she leaves.

Mohini says how many times I told you to control your lust,if Chanakya learn about this we will be in trouble,bheemdev says I lost control and dare you talk to me in this tone,Mohini says lost control you killed her,how can you,Chandra says help me if you want to and chokes her and says or else leave,Mohini says I will help and says don’t worry we will manage this body and hide it and anyways it’s Chandras body but did anyone see you get her in,Chandra nods no.mohini says good let’s hide her body.

Nandini meets Chitra and asks what’s wrong,Chitra says it’s my last night in Magad so couldn’t sleep,Nandini asks what,Chitra says we are leaving for parvatak,and Bhadra isn’t happy at all,it’s maharajs order,Bhadra takes you as your mother too,please try and understand his condition,Nandini says this is unbelievable,Chandra loves Bhadra a lot he can never do this to Bhadra,Chitra says may be because he married me,Nandini says that’s not possible I will talk to Chandra and leaves.

Mohini says help me I alone cant move her body,Mohini covers her body and asks bheemdev to check if anyone is coming,both together about to hide the body hear Payal voice and get in again,Nandini enters the room,and sees Chandra in anger and tensed,Mohini hiding,Nandini asks what’s wrong why do you look so tensed,Chandra says headache,How come you here,Nandini asks why did you ask Bhadra to leave,Chandra says right,he has to learn that this isn’t his state and he belongs to parvatak and parvatak needs him,and his father too,Nandini says let him stay here some more time and later he can rule,Chandra as bheemdev thinks I have to say yes or else she will find it odd and says yes as you say,Nandini says thank you and hugs him and sees blood on floor.

Pre cap : Chandra in bath with Mohini,Nandini see steam and is shocked,he says why so shocked she is your step and like a sister.
Chandra says Nandini why didn’t you come I was waiting for you in humam,Nandini says step back,I feel so ashamed of myself that I fell in love with a man like you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. If it were not for Dharma and Bindusar I would skip this episode. for the sake of them I endured it. I don’t understand what they are doing with Chandra. They should just allow for his character to leave than belittle the samrat

    1. Sheena, look like Bindu n Dharma scene are getting better

  2. Writer.. please don’t spoil the image of a greatest Indian historical character like this. Cann’t tolerate the nonsenses. my heart is boiling.. Why do you hate the greatest chakravarthy this much? and this time also Helina wins. Most irritating.. By watching CN serial surely we’ll lost hope in being good and learn how to win easily by doing evils.

  3. Nkemakonam jonah

    Dis film shuld end is knw longer interesting d writter dont knw wat he/she is doing…

  4. What a crap story, why nandini is finding it odd of his behavior and in the precap he is very close with that mohini and says that she is her step sister yaksss so disgusting and later he is normal even Chandra is not finding it odd why can’t bhadra reavel it Chandra when he is normal and for God sake where the hell is Chanakya
    Mmm Helena changed the blood sample of nandini and keept hers was that blood nandini’s let’s see hope Chanakya is watching this toucher too can’t take it any more

    1. Shalini, Crap story better to end, getting so bored.
      Sometimes what is in the makers mind,day by day getting messier.

      1. Gpk484

        I agree with you !…

  5. Sorry for the error people it’s why nandini is not finding it odd I have missed the word not

  6. Pls dont spoil chandra’s character

  7. Dharma Bindusar nok jhok is on. It’s good Chitra told about Chandra to Nandini, cunning Helena again succeeded to hide her act against Nandini. May blood clue of dasi give Nandini some hints.

  8. Dz show is becoming a bore, I don’t know what the writer are thinking I will check back after one week to know if they have got a story line

    1. JENNY, Nice comment check back after 1 week.

  9. Star plus wasting there money and our peak entertainment time

  10. Oh my the storyline is getting messy. They make the kiNg look so bad. Helena is always winning w her plot. It’s getting boring now. Used to love this program. Quitting this program…

  11. I can’t tolerate and unable to see chandra misbehaving in Beemdev’s role. Pls stop this non sense to continue watching this historical saga. I can’t tolerate the precap where Nandini is regreting for her love. What is happening to the pre plan which was made Mohini and Beemdev staying in mahal. What chanakya Apma Mora and Dadi doing. Chandra’s acting was good but still we cant watch this pathetic storyline. Pls maker’s have mercy and show us soon Helana getting caught.

  12. Shame on ekta kapoor n star plus, for airing this crap, they r making fun of our Indian history, Chandragupta Maurya was the great king these ppl r just insulting him.

    1. Khan exactly said. Our History is at stake with this show. Do not understand how these writers still have a job!!

  13. I did enjoy watching CN till now. It’s so very messy. Nandini always the victim. What is happening with Archariya? Thought he was going to reveal the truth about Nandini’s identity, Why is Helena destroying practically every ones lives and nothing done about it.

    1. Precious I agree with yr comment. Story going out of track n boring

  14. Too much negativitey, since Deepavali is on Wednesday, at least the makers can give us a nice positive scenes, like celebrating Deepavali n also more CN romantic scene.
    The soul of the great Chandragupta will be wondering what is happening, his soul need to find the makers n choke their throat like how Bindu does to Dharma.
    Not bad those days, also they have blood testing, great discovery. When are they going to stop this kalajadu part,(Black magic). Chanakya is missing, he is suppose to spy on Bheemdev n Mohini motives?
    It was not interesting episode, precap is totally disgusting.
    Wishing everyone in this group Happy Deepavali n to all my freinds n also the missing freinds like Satya thambi,Aditi, Jayani,Jai,Nick, CNN1fan,SPD, n others whom i miss out. Have a nice celebration, tomorrow i will be too busy in cooking,prayers, visiting temple n immediate family.

  15. Disgusting! When cgm meets ekta kapoor in the hereafter, she will get a nice slap from him.The writers of this serial deserve death sentence from cgm.

  16. What bullshi!!!
    I had started watching this serial thinking I’ll get to know more about our great ruler.i know 100% history will be boring.But here there’s no history at all.
    For a stupid crap story line like this they should not have taken the names of historical persons;that too about one of our greatest rulers.Any imaginary names would have been enough.
    Even in this 21st century who hasn’t heard of chanakya soothras.But thanks to this show I’ve just realised chanakya and his student chandragupta are complete fools not fit to rule our great country.
    It’s high time the government takes action to stop such serials which completely demoralizes our ancient history.

  17. Savithri V Ramani

    Thank god everybody is of the opinion that the story insult the great warrior king and also too much negativity.the comments are worth reading compare to the serial

  18. Gpk484

    Lame ! Writers it’s better if you go & f*** yourselves up !
    Yeah ! What I told was correct !
    They really messed up cute couple characters
    I really got frustrated with upcoming episodes precap
    Shit crap storyline
    As others told Bindusar and Dharma’s
    Scenes are getting better !
    And now coming to the title characters that is Chandra and Nandini so where the hell did Chanakya went is he is swimming in the swimming pool or is he doing any political work that is way too important than any other work that is running right now ! Oh come on writers we are not at all fools now you have just made a mistake by losing 1 fan that is me so now I am a hater of the show !???
    There is no improvement in success of good ones
     only the evil is prevailing day by day in the upcoming episodes so we was exhausted frustrated annoyed and what else the words that will come in my mouth oh dammit it’s better if you end the show because the most lovable couples Chandra Nandini
    Now they are very frustrating for me to watch because you have ruined Chandra’s character and nowadays nandini’s character is the worst of all worst than helena’s character because she is very fool acting I am not complaining about Shweta Basu Prasad but I am complaining about her role in it no offence
    So guys what I am trying to say is Nandini’s role is totally destroyed and it’s a great frustration to watch her role because always crying no improvement in her memory what’s the purpose for watching this episode there is no profit I mean there is no happiness Evil prevails episode by episode so viewers will get bored frustrated annoyed and what else so now I’m a hater for this show but seriously I am telling that it’s not a curse but it can be a curse you might think that everybody will now stop watching the show day by day because storyline is going like shit crap riding on a horse back !
    Now I don’t care whether Chandra Nandini will be together or not because I am quitting this show now I am moving on to English serial that is flash or Supergirl actually kind of both you know guys there’s one thing English serials away to better than Hindi serials because it’s not about language it’s about storyline try to think about it I am not complaining about language no offence guys I am saying no offence so don’t take it anything personal I hope you all understand what I am trying to say so Chandra Nandini good bye now I will be still coming to this website checking that how many of them are still Chandra Nandini episode fans and what and all shit crap story coming I mean in upcoming episodes ! ??☹️?…

  19. Actually, they should choose nandini instead of cgm for black magic concept..then it will be little good to watch…I can’t accept the great worrier is simply running behind all women ??..chanakya and cgm knows that bhemdev/mohini both are dangerous for magad..then how can they simply giving full freedom to them!!! No logic seriously ??

  20. Why bindusara want to do like this with dharma who is kind and beautiful and he thinks that dharma is a bad woman who loves her sister husband Kartikeya but I think now it’s time to get the truth about Helina and charumati

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