Chandra Nandni 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini saying I find vishakha very weird why is it I have to find, dasi walks in,Dasi says please have this kheer, its specially for you, nandini opens the bowl and finds nothing but turns bowl and finds a note, reading meet me at shiv temple its about chandra, nandini thinks this may be acharya and covers her with blanket and leaves and says I have to be alert this is surely about his security, I have to find the person.

Vishakha gets ready in her best,to attract chandra and says vishakha you are so pretty and attract and Chandragupta will surely fall for you and I have a gift for him to make this night a special one , she gets a snake and consumes its poison and her eyes turn green, she says this poison will end chandra tonight.

Nandini says God knows what plotting is going on in this

mahal, apna sees her walk covered and says I have to find it and gies wake up helina and says nandini is in mahal and upto something, helina says what now, apma says come fast don’t be lazy but cover themselves and leave.

Chandra in his room, vishakha walks in with bindusaar, and says see I got you to your father, chandra says all well, vishakha days your son is so naughty he doesn’t let me sleep whole night and wants to play with me and also scratched me today, chandra says he pulls my hair, vishakha says you have made him naughty, chandra says is it show me where dis he scratch.

Vishakha in seductive way show him her scratch on her neck and says touch it and holds chandras hand and says I feel on fire with your touch and rests her head on his shoulder and says maharaj you are so charming and I get lost in you and gets close yo chandra, bindusaar starts crying and chandra gets distracted, vishakha gets angry and walks to bindusaar and tries ṭo calm him down, chandra says I will come back later and leaves, vishakha says oh no I have to do something.

It starts lightning, vishakha rushes to chandra and hugs him from behind, and says maharaj please don’t leave me alone I’m so scared, chandra removes her hand and looks at her, vishakha hugs him again and says I’m so scared maharaj please don’t leave me alone, can I stay here tonight, chandra says sure I will go in other room, vishakha says ouch my leg its hurting, chandra lifts her in his arms and takes her to bed.

Nandini goes to shiv temple, helina and apma keeping watch on her, gautami calls nandini, nandini asks bhabhi all good why are you here and why didn’t you reply to my letters are you upset with me, gautami starts crying and says pitahmaharaj Aga abducted us and he now wants my baby to be the king and I am unable to save my baby, nandini says I will help you don’t worry, gautami says I’m not here for M but for chandra and bindusaar they are in danger save them, the girl in mahal as vishakha is vish kanya and the real one is with me kidnapped by your pitahmaharaj, nandini says now I know have all this makes sense now, my son is danger bhabhi, gautami hugs her and says I have to leave, helina and apma see gautami and think why is she here, apma sags we should think about how to use this against nandini come lets go.

Vishakha pulls chandra close to her starts seducing her, nandini walks to chandras room and sees them very close, nandini says chandra,I need to talk right now. Chandra says don’t you know you need permission to enter kings room, nandini says I want to talk to my husband in private, vishakha says nandini is right I should leave, Chandar holds her hand and says stop you don’t have to go, nandini will talk here in your presence, vishakha says its personal and a husband wife issue I have to go and leaves .

Nandini says don’t you think you are getting to close to vishakha, Chandar says you don’t have ṭo tell me, nandini says I have proofs that she isn’t the real vishakha but a disguise sent to kill you, chandra says you and your games, nandini says I swear on bindusaar, chandra says stop don’t pull my son into it, nandini says he is my son too, Chandar says no he is not and why are doing all this, nandini says I cant see magad loose his efficient king and bindusaar his father and if you love them do inspect about vishakha and leaves.

Pre cap: mora says dadi I want Chandra and vishakha to get married, dadi says chandra loves nandini and can only be happy with her.
Vishakha says maharaj if I’m not real vishakha ask nandini to get the real one here in sabha.
Nandini falls in vishakhas feet and says please forgive me and slowly pulls a paper.
Nandini says look this paper this is the one that was torn from the book by vishakha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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