Chandra Nandni 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra thinking angrily about Nandini at the terrace and immediately says to himself that it is not the right thing your doing because you hate Nandini the most and that you even don’t like to talk to her and by the time Chaya comes there and says that this is surakshasutra for durdhara but Chandra says that she is not here she says this ritual is to be done by husband to his wife so this is for you to tie to her wrist and she says that she saw Nandini and when she asked nandini said that she has forgotten Malay a long time ago and then Chandra moves to Nandini and by seeing Chandra she asks him why is he here then Chandra replies that I am here to give you good wishes for your future life and this is a gift from me and the final time I say that Malay cannot be yours because only me sister

is his priority now and then he leaves. When he leaves she says to herself that I will not use these gold coins because it is the last gift from you and then she leaves the castle.
When she is moving out she remembers all the time spent by her with her father. Where Chandra is thinking that he should have not sent her from the castle at this time of storm then a dasi comes and says that dadi is back from here journey and is not very well he reaches to her room and he finds that she is really in bad health and is asking for Nandini and then dasi goes to avanthika and asks about Nandini she says that she is gone forever from this castle and to give this message to Chandra when dasi tells this to Chandra he might he’s out from there to his room and says to himself that she is so mad that she can even move out from here in the morning and Rajmata moves there and says that where is Nandini then he says that she is gone forever and then rajmata says that bring her back she is our daughter in law before she is your enemy and better you get her back and she moves out there Helena says to her mother nandinis return is not possible then why should I lose my good sleep then her mother warns her that is is right time to get in everyone’s heart go and help there then Helena gives dadi her medicine but she says that she will have medicine from Nandini only and not from anyone else.
Nandini moving in bullock cart in heavy stormy night she dreams that Chandra is in cart to bring her back but she wakes up and remembers that Chandra had abandoned her and the cart stop at a place to have dinner but she says that she has no more key for this dinner so to take is back and by the time Malay comes there and pays for her dinner and she have her dinner.

Nandini trying to move away from Malay and he trying to come close to her and then she hits him with a stone and when she turn around ahe finds Chandra seeing all this

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. wow very nyc episod………. it’s realy
    awesome ???????
    nandni is so cuit……. but chandr ka feeling nandni ke prati wow kya bat hai
    nandni ki rone se……. chandr ka anshu
    very cool……………….

  2. It’s time for chandra to ponder over the character of nandhini

  3. It was a good episode today and precap seems to be quite interesting. I could nOt see it today but written update explained it soooo well.

  4. Thank you tanaya

  5. I cant see nandini in pain.

  6. Preethi12345

    hey bhagwan!!! hope chandra realises the fact that nandini hates malay after seeing this incident!!!!

    1. Chandra has no brain…and common sence.,.he cant understand nandini..,

      1. yes u are correct
        I think he believe malaikettu again
        and hate nandini

      2. Ya U R absolutely right, he has no sense

      3. chandra will always listen to chanakya … he won’t listen or understand others.

    2. sahi mein yaar…..

    3. Thats true..he will not understand Marino nd hate her..

  7. I hope 4 d better things in between… lets c…

  8. Very,.,,poor and* bakwas* episode….

  9. AparnaPrasad

    I wish chandra watching al des is real and not nandini dreaming or wishing dat he wud cm to help… poor nandini… wr s d heroism maan… chandra common power up mann. Save ur lady?????

  10. Jayani

    Finally… Malay’s true colours will b shown 2 ?… Really happy abt dat nd dis m8 bring ? nd nandini 2gether… I hope sooo… But accordance with d spoilers,it says dat nandini leaves nd roopa cumes in place of her, etc (Available in friday’s pg), (Can’t type 2 much coz my hands r paining lyk shit after practicing d drums for r republic day☹)… So which is true??? D spoilers or d precap which was shown??? Nd sry for d bad word (if it is considered 2 b)… Eagerly waiting for 2morrow’s epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

  11. Thanks to Grandma that Nandini and Chandra will unite. As per precap confusion of Chandra will clear and he will again start to love Nandini. Duplicate Nandini is still mystery and may create problem to Nandini.

  12. one request
    can u pls update scene by scene and in paragraphy format
    pls dont feel bad or upset that im sayng this
    its just an opinion

  13. Ancilin Dinisha

    Thank you so much for the written updates of chandra nandni ….please continue writing.

  14. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hii guys i know pretty about this show soo cute and sweet love story this is. I liked it.
    Specially nandini and Chandra
    Yr rajat tokas kitna acha dikhta h. He is doing fabulous.
    By d way I’m new here can i join u guys? ?

    1. Jayani

      U can himanshi di?

    2. Rajat sirf achcha dikhta hai, uski voice suit nhi karti aur dialogue delivery usse bhi bekaar hai

    3. kabhi kabhi to Rajat koi serious scene ko comedy bana deta hai bcoz of his feminine voice

  15. Will Malayketu be exposed, or somehow manage Chandra. Duplicate Nandini may be another confusion for Chandini.

  16. AparnaPrasad

    I dnt want chandra to again blame nandini fr wat she did… d serial slot is smwat nw similar to pardes mein hai mera one believs naina evn aftr she s being attackd by veer… dnt gt me wrng sayng abt pardes here. I jst wry abt chandra and nandini… pls go hug her chandra.. she realy needs u

    1. Jayani

      I don’t think ? wud HUG nandini coz his conscience wud stop him even if he wanted 2… But s… He MIGHT save nd start lyking nandini but completely not sure of d second part… Waiting for 2dya’s epi… Hope it’s gud…

      Jai Siya Ram

      1. No jayu… Roopa wl kidnap her ryt.. Chandra s nt dr . Maybe she s imagining… BT I saw a promo of Chandra and nandini sleeping together …Like after she s reading and fell asleep and fall on Chandra. If it’s roopa she don’t like studying like nandini ryt.. is Dr roopa realy? Cz as far shown nandini herself from her room from her bed s roaming around WD weird character…

  17. Chandra Nandhini is such a nice and romantic story. I can’t understand Hindi but I watch the episode and read The written updates. It’s very useful for us to understand the scene. Tq tells updates. Chandra and Nandhini’s chemistry really works out.

  18. P recap scene, malay ka such chandra jan jayega ya phir malay chandra ke aankho pe nayi galat pati bandhega, then nandini again suffer same thing.

    1. That’s what gonna happen swati…

      1. Jayani

        Even I think so aparna di…?

  19. i hate you chandra

    1. Jayani

      Me tooo…?

  20. hi friends, yesterday episode was very tragic episode, when chandra will know the truth of helena and malai, coming to precap i hope chandra get to know the truth and has to concern for nandini. looking forward to today episode.

  21. Chandra wont see malayketu molesting nandini.It will be nandinis dream.She will be unconscious after this and malayketu will leave her in this state and Roopa will enter the palace as nandini.Todays episode will be awfull .

  22. But it’s been too much problems and misunderstandings yaar… I think ekta shud give it a break… At least like a mirage.. maybe for a few days at least.. show some bondings btwn Chandra and nandini… Malaiketu wl NVR b found out… Nor wl b helena…

  23. Duplicate nandini is actually her ‘badi maa’ Sunanda who is doing some black magic.. who is behind her smoking, slaaping Helena etc. I dont like Rajat tokas as Chandra at all. His acting is poor. Voice is bad and so his dialogue delivery.

  24. Himanshi shrivastava

    Hi yasmin how do u know this? I mean precap says something else! But may be u r right the same old crap is going to happen I guss. As aparna said.
    Well thanx jayani for ur welcome??

  25. Hello Himanshi di.I guessed it di.I liked todays episode .Finally chandra confessed his love .But roopa will ruin everything.

  26. Wow!!!! ??????
    Chandra is feeling for Nandini! ☺☺☺☺☺☺

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