Chandra Nandni 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra goes to save the kid,Roopa gains conscious and says god this Chandra,now look all my clothes are dirty but I should find Chandra first. Maharaj about to kill Nandini and the kid,Nandini prays god please save the kid,Chandra steps in,Nandini shouts for help, Chandra fights them all and injures the maharaj,and releases Nandini,Nandini rescues herself and the kid,maharaj says Chandragupta maharaj I’m sorry please forgive me,Chandra says is this a mistake to forgive you,I will forgive you on one condition from now you will look after the security of the villages nearby and if any mishap happens I will hold you for all of them.

The kid unites his parents,parents thank Chandra,chandra looks at Nandini and smiles,Nandini thinks chandra came here to save me it means he does feel for

me.nanidni and Chandra on their way back home,Nandini thinking about how Chandra came to rescues her,chandra asks what happened Nandini,Nandini says Chandra actually thank you for saving me and the kid,chandra says don’t thank me because I didn’t come there for you but I came only for kid, I had no idea that I would find you there too ,I was looking for you too but I chose my rajdharma before patidharma,Nandini says you are a king and that’s your duty and thank you for it, you made the right Decision.

Padmanand and Amartya on escape,Amartya says maharaj I can’t walk anymore and magad army is behind us,Amartya says wait and cuts his hand to divert soldiers, and says maharaj please jump and hide in that pit,padmanand says I’m not coward I won’t hide,Amartya says please maharaj try n understand the situation. Amartya and padmanand hide.soldiers look at the blood marks and get diverted and leave.padmanand says this Chanakya always defeat me, now I take a oath I will kill Chanakya first before magad attack,Amartya go find Chanakyas weakness.

Chandra sees Nandini asleep, and says oh she has wounded her leg I need to apply medicine I should apply without waking her up,Chandra closes his eyes and takes her pants up,Nandini says what are you doing,Chandra says you asked me to do this you are wounded after all,Nandini says look where am I wounded I am all good,Chandra says you are so weird,you said if I don’t help you will go and ask some other men for help and also you hugged me tight because you were scared,Nandini says please,Chandra says girls die to hug their handsome king, Nandini says and how did I hug,Chandra says this way and hugs Nandini,both have a weird feeling.

Nandini says I did nothing of all you said,Chandra says you really have lost it,Roopa says oh she saved this attack too, Chandra thinks Nandini is moved with the attack may be so she is behaving weird and that touch what was that feeling,Nandini thinks that hug feeling was something else,Chandra thinks the touch was so unforgettable.

Nandini and Chandra perform the land Pooja,Helina and other family members present their too, Chandra and Nandini as a part of ritual take part in agriculture activities. Helina gets very jealous,Chandra thinks it’s so good to see Nandini this way,this is nandinis true nature that makes me fall for her,this is what has seen when I saw Nandini first time,Nandini thinks Chandra is so different I wish I could stay with him for ever not as king and Queen but just us.

Chandra says Nandini you aren’t that bad just your toes weird behaviours but,Nandini says yes but you are monkey,Chandra says Nandini not again,Helina thinks this Roopa I will not leave her. Kanika Ma says Nandini I have always seen hatred and now I have seen love in Chandras eyes just because of you and if you really take me as your mother never leave Chandra and leaves,Helina walks in and says this is what you were asked to do and holds nandinis hand tight,Nandini says helina what’s wrong why are you doing this,helina sees Roopa hiding out.

Chandra says helina what is this , is this a way to behave with ruling queen, Helina says Chandra her father made plans to attack us, thank god archarya was wi us or else we wouldn’t be here now,Chandra says Helina leave her that’s it,Helina leaves her and says so tell me as a ruling queen what will you do, Nandini says I know pitahamaharaj is punishable but he was there for his daughter and what was snatched from him,Helina says this was her plan to come here and keep you engaged and attack us,Nandini says no Chandra I didn’t participate in any plans,Helina says liar,Chandra says helina she isn’t lying,she was 24 hrs with me ,Helina says you are making mistake by trusting her.

Pre cap: Chandra says even I’m the king here you can’t scare me,Nandini says please did I ever trouble you ,Chandra says yes this is my question when you could trouble me why didn’t you,Nandini says because ,Chandra says yes Nandini because.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Jayani

    Chandra Nandini: Nandini applies the tilak to Chandra. Chandra has fallen in love with Nandini. He holds her hand and sinks in her eyes. Chandra gets current by Nandini’s touch when she applies tilak to him. Chandra and Nandini are coming close. Nandini gives him clothing accessories. They get friendly. Chandra hears some music and turns to look around what’s happening. He checks his ears. He tells Nandini that he can hear music. Nandini asks how can he hear music. Chandra says nothing, I just felt some song is playing. Chandra hears Yeh Laal ishq….. Nandini does not believe him. Even Chandra can’t believe what’s happening. He has to realize his love for Chandra. He checks his Kaksh and gets clueless about the background music. Chandra does not know this music ringing in his ears sign that he is in love. Keep reading. I copied it frm 2day’s spoilers.

    1. But Chandra will drink the poisonous medicine made for Chaaya by Roopa or someone which Nanthini would get the blame for etc… This love sequence will not last longer

      1. How do u know?

      2. Saw on Spoilers

  2. It’s good that Chandra saved Nandini in time and both are feeling love for each other.

  3. Nice episode .. ?? C &N pair so cute . waiting fr d precap

  4. ????????????????
    This epi was toooo gud
    CHANDRA saved NANDINI on time
    and they are feeling love for each other

    Waiting for tomorrow

  5. So strange that he never bothers to ask her how she got kidnapped! Isn’t that a very important detail? He would then know she disappeared the previous night itself and there was someone else in her place.

  6. Priyashree Chakraborty

    Chandra’s character is portrayed as quite foolish. Can’t he at least see the nails of Roopa & Nandini? Doesn’t it bother Chandra that sometimes Nandini’s nails are long and sometimes short? Roopa proudly flaunts her long nails and plays with her locks.Even when there was no injury on Nandini’s knees unlike Roopa’s scratch marks how could he then just remain a dumbo?? Couldn’t he point out the difference? Moreover how come Roopa manages to wear similar dresses like Nandini everytime . Does she have a time machine to see the future what dress Nandini is going to wear next and then she also manages to arrange for the same dress and ornaments… height of fiction !!! Writers please insert some logic in the story. We really love this show please don’t drag it like a chewing gum…Bring this Roopa chapter to an end and bring in some interesting plot… Please !!!

    1. Very very true. I literally thought that Chandra could see that there is no injury on Nandini’s leg and get doubtful. But to my disappointment nothing as such happened bcoz Elta’s Chandra is dumb and foolish unlike our real Samrat Chandra Gupta Maurya who was very wise and intelligent. They showed his intelligence only in one instance where he found out who is guilty for the fall of Dhurdhara. Later on he became dumb i think 🙂

      1. Even finding the culprit for making Dhurdara fall was not Chandra’s idea but Chanakiya’s. Chandra initially blamed Nanthini 😛

  7. Please put an end to Roopa’s character

  8. Please put an end to Roopa’s character.

  9. yes but chandra will declare death to nandni he will order to bried alive on wall lets see who will nandni save tthis time

  10. Nice episode

  11. Disgusting…….. Chandra cannot find which is rupa and which is nandini? Not only nails differ them even there behaviour differs …..right ? Y Chandra cannot trying to find out????????? ?

  12. I think we cannot expect someone (including Chandra or Avanthika) to think that Nanthini will have a Twin sister from out the blue moon.

    In reality, when someone around us act differently, we do not think or assume that that person is not the same one, but we come to a conclusion that that person has changed or mentally affected (as Nanthini is portrayed in this show).

    Chandra and Nathini married to take revenge on each other. They have not yet confessed their love towards each other for them to really understand each others’ feelings. Chandra is confused with Nanthini’s behaviour. He was a strong king but Love has weaken him. We have to understand from the title of this show that this story is not about ‘Chandraguptha Mauriya’ but about ‘Chandra Nanthini’. Illogical scenes are unavoidable. Chandra not noticing Nanthini’s nails is common as normally men are not too good in noticing differences (no offence) on a woman.

  13. Nice episode….????
    Loved it…..???
    Thanks for the update Tanaya di…??????????

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