Chandra Nandni 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini gets kheer for dadi,dadi says wow serve me the kheer,helina thinks now I will see how does dadi like your salty kheer, Nandini serves envy one kheer,dadi says first I will taste and tastes the kheer, dadi looks at Nandini and says wow very tasty,helina is surprised,dadi says you made me very happy Nandini and now everyone can proceed,helina thinks how is this possible I had mixed salt,helina eats her kheer and its salty and feels sick and runsaway.durdhara had seen helina add salt and so exchanges the bowl.

Durdhara says dadi Nandini has passed with great marks and now she has to be awarded,dadi says very correct go get the silver box from my room,dadi opens the box,and gives Nandini bangles and says I made it for you as your wedding present,Nandini sees bangle and this reminds

her of the kadha her father had given,dadi asks why are you so emotional,Nandini says nothing just, dadi hugs Nandini and consoles her,and says Chandra come here give her this bangle,Chandra says but you gifted her,dadi says I’m asking you so do it,durdhara says to mora my our plan worked.

Dhananand with his few soldiers enter the celebration,Chandra steps to Nandini and holds her hand and gives her the bangle,everyone busy in celebration,Nandini missing padmanand and says I wish you were here with me,padmanand and dhananand walk in the celebration and attack,Chandra says guard the ladies with a protection ring,seeing padmanand all get shocked,Chanakya and Chandra smile to each other,Nandini shouts pitahamaharaj and rushes to him,but before she reaches him,Chandra walks in between,padmanand says this time you won’t win,I will take my daughter,Chandra says you are mistaken I got you here with my palms,all ladies are taken out except Nandini,Chandra and padmanand battle each other,dhananand atta ms Chandra from behind,Nandini says no stop all this bhaiya,Chanakya says attack dhananand,padmanand gets Nandini , Chandra says make sure NAND doesn’t escape.

Padmanand and Nandini trying to escape, mora holds nandinis hand and stops her,and says she is my daughter in law now and you can’t take her away,padmanand says she was forced,mora says you force people I don’t, soldiers, take Nandini away inside,Nandini says pitahamaharaj they will kill you please leave, I don’t want to lose you,please go, padmananad says mora please take care of my daughter and leaves, Nandini breakers down and started crying, mora hugs her and consoles her.

Satyajit with ladies, and says I have to go out and help other,Chaya says no stop,you can’t fight,he says this is my family too and walks out,he,Ian says foolish man,durdhara says God please take care of everyone even Chandra and Nandini,helina says fool that Nandini is behind all this,durdhara says sorry God please Save Chandra. Satyajit helps Chandar from back attack,dhananand sees him and goes and attacks him, Chandra says he is innocent don’t,dhananand says there are no rules in war,Nandini says no stop please don’t hurt Satyajit he is innocent,dhananand pushes Nandini And kills Satyajit,Chaya sees him and faints.

Chandra gets very angry and atta is dhananand,Nandini shouts please stop,Chandra injures him badly and kills him,Nandini sees her brother die in front of her eyes.

Pre cap: Chandra to Nandini says I will kill your father and even God will shiver seeing his death and the pain your father gave my family now you will face its consequences and pushes her,helina sees this and gets very happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Pavi96

    Poor nandhini! Show some love sequences between durdara and chandra??

  2. Mystery

    He kills satyajit…oh god now chaya will get against nandni….oh god…

  3. Oh no. Now chandra will be more angrier with her.even chaya will hate her.

  4. Amalina

    Oh god plz don’t make Nandini against Chandra’s family! She’s innocent ?, oh god, the world needs to learn that in order to avenge someone attack him/her. Don’t attack their families because they’re innocent ? and they didn’t do anything to you! Now we’ve the same problem here with Nandhini because she’s innocent and her father is the criminal. So her father should be directly attacked and punished and not nandhini! For the last time, NANDHINI IS INNCOENT AND SHE SHOULD’NT GET ATTACKED OR PUNISHED AFTERALL SHE’S INNOCENT ?! Only Mora gets this. She understands Nandhini and even after enduring all of Padamanand’s tortures, she isn’t punishing Nandhini but helping! Mora and Durdhara are the only limelight of this show!❤️️❤️️❤️️

    1. Vanshika

      Same feeling here dear.. Love durdhara so much, but bad luck is she’ll die soon

  5. nice epi…..thnx for written update!!!

  6. Priyashree Chakraborty

    I like Moora’s character a lot !!!

  7. Good to see so much fans of “Chandra Nandini”. I like it sooo much…..Mahabharat, Siya ke Ram & now the best…..”Chandra Nandini”….Thank u, Star Plus….?

  8. Chandra Nandini is so amazing! I love Siya Ke Ram, Mahabharata and now this “Chandra Nandini” I miss Siya Ke Ram, I wish it had more episodes like Mahabharata!

  9. Hi guys, this is pinku…. can i join ur group….

    1. Amalina

      Yes of coz, welcome!????

  10. hey guys I’m arundhati. can i also join your group.

  11. hi this diva can I join ur group

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