Chandra Nandni 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandini begs to let her and the kid go where as the kidnappers and maharaj are busy in their Pooja. Chanakya asks soldiers to be very careful and alert,the elephant is brought in,and says I’m from Kashi and here is gift from Kashi naresh I’m mahamantri there,Chanakya checks the permission letter and looks at the elephant and examines it and says mahamantri we are happy to have you here and magad welcomes you. Baby shower ceremony begins,maliketu gifts Chaya and says I will be pleased if you accept my gift,Chaya says you filled my life with love and happiness you accepted my baby and me,maliketu says Chaya this is our baby don’t talk so Ill,Chaya says yes it’s our baby thank you, parvatak king says maliketu I hope all is good here,Maliektu says yes our plans are safe and

doing good,my false love for Chaya has secured my plans.

Durdhara says mora ma what will you give me in my baby shower,mora says you will know it in your baby shower,Helina says mother I want to leave it’s so boring,mother says fool stay here and be good to everyone,it’s very important if you want to be the ruling queen,mora leaves and durdhara says ma that evil cat I will not include her but Nandini will manage my baby shower ,helina says what,durdhara says no no not you,I meant those cats in Greek,I should gift Chaya now and leaves,mahamantri waiting for everyone to leave and go bed so that he can attack on royal family.

Chanakya says rajmata now as a ritual we need to perform Arti of every gift and the special gift is from Kashi let’s proceed to rajbhavan now,mora says acharya I want you to perform the Arti you are the right person for this ritual,Chanakya performing Arti of the fake elephant, and he purposely lights its tail,everyone is surprised to see him do that,the elephant starts burning in fire,maliketu says acharya why did you do that,Chanakya says you will see the truth,the men inside start shouting, mahamantri trying to escape,Chanakya asks to catch him,Chanakya had seen an entrance door on elephant and found it suspicious and so had asked soldiers to put oil on the elephant.

Chanakya says so Mahamnatri I know you aren’t from Kashi,who are you,maliketu says he is nands man bhadrasal,Chanakya says send nand message that your mission is successful,mahamantri with bow and arrow sends the message through bow and arrrow, Chanakya says put him behind bars and soldiers start finding nand, Amartya says maharaj bhadrasal is trying to send us some other message he had to send arrow in east but sent in west,we need to step back,padmanand says oh no Chandra you survived this attack of mine too.

Roopa steps out dressed in flower ornaments and says lets go to riverside I want to have some sweet fruits there,few villagers come to ask Chandra for help, Chandra says I will come soon and goes in,Roopa says fools he is maharaj Chandragupta how dare you ask him help to just save calf stuck get away,Chandra thinks what’s wrong with Nandini why is she behaving so weird.,Chandra says villagers come lets go,villagers says sorry maharaj we found help and leaves.

Roopa goes inside hut and closes the door and removes the flower ornaments,Chandra is surprised with her behaviour and asks what are you doing,Roopa says my back is so itchy I think I should give up my clothes,Chandra says okay I shall stay out,Roopa says what if I need help can’t you stay with me,Chandra thinks what all is this happening,Roopa says you are my husband why are you so shy,Chandra please remove this strap my back is so itchy and holds his hand and makes him hold her waist,Chandra says Nandini enough of your double behaviour I don’t like this,Roopa thinks I hope he didn’t get to know the truth,Roopa says I just need your help,Chandra says I shall ask ma to help you and leaves,Roopa says don’t give up keep going.

Chandra thinks why is Nandini behaving this way and the way she behaved with villagers god it’s dangerous to leave her alone I should be with her. Roopa on her way to find Chandra slips on grass and injures her head and falls in bushes. Chandra starts looking for Nandini.

Chandra hears some villagers crying because they lost their son as he is being taken away for God sacrifice,Chandra says what which maharaj took him, I won’t allow this in my Rajya,I promise I will save your kid and goes to rescue the kid and sees mangalsutra of Roopa fallen on grass and says oh what is this doing here but I have to save the kid before looking for Nandini.

Pre cap : Chandra says yes Nandini you hugged me very tight,Nandini says me not possible,Chandra says the girls here die to hug handsome king that’s me,Nandini says oh really how did I hug you,Chandra says this way and hugs Nandini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episde.but sad because these happy moments will end soon.

  2. It’s nice that wise chanakya saved Magadh from Nands attack but Nandini is still in problem.

  3. As per precap it seems again Roopa gone, Nandini on…

  4. Please increase its repeat telecast..

  5. Oh god that stupid roopa I hate her .. She s a evil ?? waiting fr d precap ?

  6. It seems there is a communication breakdown between the fans and the writers of Chandra Nandini. Why is the writer so obsessed with the Roopa Character? It has been weeks, fans are requesting for her to be finished but alas… deaf ears….!!!
    When will Chandra’s character become a strong one that when he speaks no one will raise a voice against him. At the moment they keep showing Chandra the King who only listens to others and takes his decisions.
    Please show some positive aspects of kingship and let go off all this Helena negativity and Roopa as well.
    The village scenes are pleasing for once without much of Helena and her mother but in saying that again Roopa is brought in between Chandra and Nandini. How long before she will be found out by Chandra.
    We are not getting any new promos either. Writers, why aren’t any promos shown? Any good reason behind this. Fans would like to know and in addition why are all the telecast been cancelled. Any valid reasons behind this? Fans keep requesting for something and as punishment, we get no promos and the telecasts are cancelled. Wow… how polite to treat the fans in such a manner….

  7. You are right CN Fan. I wonder how many times Nandini will be kidnapped by Roopa and Chandra saves Nandini. In the precap shown I think its Nandini, this means he saved her for the second time. Will she be kidnapped again coz saw in some spoiler that Roopa will be in the Mahal with Chandra as Nandini. Pls makers stop showing Chandra so foolish who is unable to distinguish between his wife however a lookalike is the other person. Very disgusting to watch it. But I must say Shweta is a good performer in switching between Nandini & Roopa’s character

  8. Nice precap

  9. plz increase the repeat telecast of chandra nandini.

  10. Will Roopa s story end ?

  11. Nice episode….????
    Loved it…..???
    Thanks for the update Tanaya di…??????????

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