Chandra Nandni 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durdhara with Chandra, Chandra says I have to carry Nandini no ways, durdhara says nice,Chandra says if it was you I would carry you till magad but Nandini,durdhara says for dadi you have to do it anyways I’m sleepy and you too go rest you have to carry Nandini tomorrow,Chandra says durdhara is this your plan,durdhara says I will call dadi if you do this,Chandra says ok I’m leaving and goes,helina walks in and asks durdhara where he went,durdhara says I don’t know I’m sleepy good night.helina walks to fruit basket and picks up knife and app,e,durdhara gets scared and shouts,helina says what’s wrong with you,give me your hand,durdhara scared gives her hand ahead,helina Holds it and smells and asks what perfume you use its good durdhara says I don’t remember and


Chanakya address soldiers says you should be aware that no one gets to know you are soldiers,Chandra asks dadi where is temple,dadi says look up there,all see the temple and are shocked,Chandra says this is just its so far ,dadi says you are my Barve child cmon do it,durdhara wispers Chandra scared,Chandra says I know you are behind it,durdhara says chandra cmon being it dadi is waiting,Chandra says ok Nandini come,Nandini walks to Chandra,Chandra hesitatingly moves ahead all smile but helina gets very angry,dadi pushes Nandini to Chandra and Chandra holds her from falling,dadi says now cmon start climbing.

Chandra picks Nandini and both proceed climbing,durdhara claps,helina gives her cold look,durdhara says mosquitoes God,Nandini says careful you will drop me,Chandra says stop moving and why are you so heavy,Nandini says what kind of soldier you are,Chandra says I will drop you,Nandini says you are coward you can’t even put me down go ahead and didn’t you eat foods it’s so hot here walks quickly,and my hair stop pulling it,Durdhara thinks helina is so angry watching them together save my heart God please.

Nandini and Chandra reach mandir,Panditji says please come in and let’s being the Pooja, and maharaj please starts the Aarti and maharani please join him,both perform the rituals,Panditji says this is hard worship and by completing it you have proved your love towards maharani and now Devi ma will always bless you and now apply sindoor and your Pooja will be complete.nandini says I will do it on my own,Panditji says no maharaj has to do it,Chandra applies sindoor and remembers their wedding.

Dadi later says Chandra Nandini I’m so happy you two fulfilled my wishes,and now just one more thing, Chandra says yes dadi tell me,dadi says it’s our ritual that newly wed bride cooks sweet for family,Nandini will you cook kheer for us, helina thinks why is Nandini given all the importance don’t we matter.chachaji says on both weddings we have arranged an celebration,dadi says good Nandini now cook for ceremony itself,dadi and everyone leaves, Chandra says Nandini I have always seen swords and books I hope you aren’t scared of spoon,ha line hears and thinks I will take care that her kheer tastes good and smiles.

Nandini goes in kitchen and starts working with help of dasi,she asks later dasi yo leave and starts cooking,durdhara walks in and says wow smelling nice shall I help you,Nandini says thank you I will do it,Nandini makes a special bowl for dadi and leaves with durdhara, helina walks in and asks dasi to go and get some pickles from her room and adds something to dadis bowl and says now let’s see how does dadi like her kheer.

Chanakya and Chandra discuss their plan,Chanakya says they will attack during ceremony and this is best time to trap padmanand and so no mistakes .

Pre cap : dadi says wow Nandini the kheer is very tasty you made me so happy,helina is shocked.
Dhananand walks in and attacks.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Mona146

    Give some importance to durdhara also. Dont make her a joker.

    1. Mind your words she was never shown as a joker. To be correcting you she’s the one who gets the most importance

  2. Super episode climbing scene is awesome ❤ waiting for next episode……….. ?

  3. Durdhara is a generous character,give some importance to her also.she is not a dasi or joker.

  4. Durdhara is a generous character.give some importance to her also.she is not a dasi or joker.

    1. Who made her a dasi or joker? As a matter of fact Chandra respects her the most among all of his wives and if you remember that Chandra also told Durdhara; that he had been in Nandini’s place. He would have taken her to Magadh. Agreed that Ekta Kapoor has twisted the history but can’t we see this as 20% history and 80% folklore. Who has imposed a compulsion in you to watch this. You are watching it by your own wish. Every writer and producer/director has his/her level of thinking, and we must respect that.I am not asking anyone to stop expressing your views but I am just using this platform to sensitize you to look at the hardwork and effort that goes behind putting up a show on screen.
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Natasia Veerasamy

    I like Durdara very innocent character

  6. chandni awsum???

  7. nice epi…..thnx for written update!!!

  8. Love this epi. Love you both chandni.

  9. Want some romantic scenes of chandra and durdara, she is very good than nandhini,??

    1. True. …i totally agree

  10. i totally agreed with pavi and others, the importance mus tbe given to durhara and not nadnini. We know this is fake story , durdara was first wife of chandragupta maurya and helen is the last one but just to make spicy , the writers is trying to match with the story line of Jodoh Akbar . nandinin acting is average but durhara is better . I dont know if the writter is adding other fake line to make nandini pregnant instead of durdara .

    I rather watch JA again , because rajat tokas and paridhi sharma acting becomes real and and thier acting was real super. swetha prasad acting not that too appreciate. . PPl are waiting for thier romance scene and i believe they will show even bold scene because swetha prasad is very daring acted where she does number of roles in movies with a lot bold scenes .

    Everyone is waiting for romantic scene because this is what ppl wants. too sad , there are not many action scene of changdagupta maurya and chankaya for war scenes , it is now shown more on the wifes and for no reason helena chacather become worthless .
    Bottom line chandra nanadini is nothing of chandragupta maurya it is just imagination of the writters and ekta kappor.

    Ashish Sharma as chandramughpta earlier serial was much better unfortunately it was close down. ………

    Sorry i am here not to make others upset with my sentences , i love history and any histiorical serials , it always makes me excited but this serial just makes many of Malaysian fans upset because the directors makes the real character of durhara as a joker .
    How can nandini always have special treatment then other wifes? not right? because of the titile is chandranandii, then why bother to have helena and durhara , dont was te time.

    I real wishj ekta kappor get her writes to research the real incident of chandragupta maurya and about his wifes instead of telling the whole world a super fake about chandra nandini when such incident never took place.

  11. I think in the next episode they should make Chandra and durdhara s*x

  12. Hi friends,I am a follower of this show.After watching these no. of episodes,I felt very bad about the continuous fiction work of show.No doubt artistes and their performance is upto mark.Only thing is is it necessary to take famous historical figures into this drama?Great teacher Chanakya and greatest student Chandragupta have their own impact on Indian History.Even today Chanakya lessons are followed by most of the companies.But why why these characters are taken for this drama.Is there any message from this show? If the makers want to show lobmve-hate relation instead of taking these names they should create some folklore/fairy tales.sorry to comment but great personalities are shown dummies inthis show.If it is a historical drama makers should show some great things otherwise this generation may take whatever shown

  13. And Chandragupta fought against Dhananand.Who is this Nandini.There is a movie named Chanakya -Chandragupta in Telugu where the history is nicely portrayed.If makers are in search of story better they follow that movie

  14. There are various ways to rise trps don’t always show villains in wives.A king has so many responsibilities.Can you think out of palace,king-how he ruled -what reforms he made-role played by his wives in his achievements
    Etc. My opinion Rajatt is best option for this role.He is looking very strong,handsome in this role .Actresses playing his wives roles are also pretty

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